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The 8 Best Men’s Snowboard Boots of 2020-2021

Let’s be real here. Boots don’t get the same sort of excitement going as hardgoods do. A new board gets your heart pumping. New bindings have you fantasizing about crazy carves and presses. New boots? Well, we know we need a pair when our socks are soaked at the end of the day. BUT, have you ever had a really bad pair of boots? Something way too stiff, or way too tight, or three sizes too big? If you have, you know how unbelievably important a well-fitting, comfortable, and supportive boot is.

This list of the best snowboard boots of 2021 pretty much covers the whole range of what you could want in a boot. From flexible freestyle focused kicks to double-boa, ultra-responsive, and aggressive stompers. What you need to think about is the type of riding you want to do, how you prefer to tighten your boots, and of course how much you’re willing to spend. Oh, and they’ve gotta look good with the rest of your kit too, but that’s a given!

Laces, straps, cords, zippers, velcro, boas, and combinations thereof. Memory foam, urethane, Vibram rubber, etc. etc. etc. Between the six brands represented in this list, the materials and construction techniques truly run the gamut. There is no ONE best snowboard boot here, but there is one best boot here for YOU. So put your reading glasses on, grab a pen and paper, and start taking notes. The best 2021 men’s snowboard boots are here for your scrutiny!

Vans Hi-Country and Hell-Bound

Best 2020-2021 men's snowboard boots

Looking like they just stepped out of Tron the movie, the Vans Hi-Country and Hell-Bound Boots are some of the most versatile kicks on this list. And Tron is actually an apt comparison here, because they’re retro, and futuristic. These Vans boots actually feature traditional lacing as their primary support system. It’s just that you can barely recognize it behind the other features designed to keep you comfy and dry.

In addition to the laces, the boots have an interior V3 harness around the liner, and a Powercuff velcro strap on the exterior top of the boot. You can fine tune your support depending on how hard you crank these three things. But the feature that really sets the Hi-Country boots apart from others are their variable flex properties. These boots come with removable tongue stiffeners - two for each side - that can either be added or removed depending on the sort of riding you want to do. A bonus is that as days on hill start to take their toll, you can add these stiffeners back in to extend the life of your boots.

If you’re not convinced by now, take a second to think about the brand itself. Vans has been making footwear since like forever and snowboard boots since the 90s. Their team is stacked with insane talent who deliver top of the line video parts year in and year out. So take a chance on the Vans Hi-Country and Hell-Bound Boots in 2021, you won’t be disappointed!

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Burton Ion Boa

The best 2020-2021 men's snowboard boots

If you want your riding to be electric, or are in search of elemental and timeless style, the Burton Ion Boa Snowboard Boots might fit the bill. You knew there would be a Burton boot on this list somewhere, and the Ion stood out this season. After many years at the top, Burton still makes some of the best-fitting, most comfortable, and highest-performing snowboard boots on the market.

The Ion resides near the top of the 2021 Burton Boot line, and there’s a hefty price tag to go with that position, but you’re not just buying the name here. The Ions feature a Dual-Zone Boa System with a lifetime warranty on Boa parts. These are stiff boots, but there’s some wiggle room there. Go easy on one or both of the Boa zones for a touch more forgiveness on snow. If you are someone with bigger feet, Burton Shrinkage tech means these boots have a smaller footprint relative to size than almost any other brand. Pair that with the fact that Burton actually makes specific half-size shells, as opposed to some brands that pair a smaller liner with a bigger shell to reduce production costs.

There’s a whole ton of other tech and comfort extras on these Ions. The Life Liner, ReBounce Cushioning, and Sleeping Bag Reflective foil will keep you comfortable, warm, and dry for your upcoming 100 day season. But go take a look for yourself, and maybe a grab a pair while you’re at it! Oh, and throw on those holographic Ions if you really want to get otherworldly on the slopes this year!

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Ride Lasso Pro

The best 2020-2021 men's snowboard boots

Has anyone ever told you to “grab life by the horns”? Well, now you can with the Ride Lasso Pro Snowboard Boots! Sit down, lace up, and strap in, partner. The Lasso Pros are an aggressive, supercharged version of their popular Lasso boot. They feature a double Boa lacing system and an intuition liner for maximum support and all-day comfort.

In short, these things are meant to be abused. If you are someone who likes to stick with the same pair of boots for multiple seasons, or if you spend a lot of time on the bootpack or the skintrack, the Lassos could be your best buds for years to come. They’ve paired with Michelin Tires to produce their lightweight and durable Summit Sole. Ride has also placed premium synthetic materials in high-abrasion zones to increase the usable life of these boots. They also have a full rubberized toe cap which reduces the overall profile and improves overall durability.

Not to be outdone by Burton, Ride also uses 1 to 1 lasting for every size and half size. Additionally, they are claiming the shortest length performance boots on the market due to their In2grated construction. Falling right in the middle price range on this list, the Lassos would be a good investment for those who really push their equipment to its limits. Take it all together, and you have some of thebest snowboard boots for the 2021 winter.

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DC Travis Rice Boa

The best men's snowboard boots

DC has been in the game for a long time, sponsoring legendary riders such as Devun Walsh, Travis Parker, Eddie Wall, and of course Travis Rice. What’s good enough for the GOAT has got to be good enough for you right? In fact, for some people, the DC Travis Rice Boa Snowboard Boots might actually be too much of a good thing. These things are serious business, meant to tackle serious terrain and features.

These boots come in at a 9 out of 10 on DC’s stiffness scale, they’ve got a double Boa lacing system, and an internal ankle harness as well. Equipped with a Black Aerotech Liner, which ventilates and insulates, the T. Rice boots are ready to bag any peak or lay into the firmest of cord on cold mornings. If you are getting technical, the Asymmetrical ANTI DRAG Outsole reduces toe and heel drag, and overall boot profile. This way you are catch-free at the most critical points of your descent.

We won’t sugarcoat it, if you are just learning to link turns, or are looking for a playful day in the mini park - both good things of course! - then these boots are not for you. On the other hand, if you are a rider who pushes their equipment to the brink, the DC Travis Rice Boa Boots can open up another dimension in your repertoire!

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thirtytwo Lashed

The best 2021 men's snowboard boots

Now one for all you freestyle freaks out there! The thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots are a tried and true classic, updated and upgraded for the 2021 season. This medium-flexing pair of park stompers are reasonably priced, and could be a great fit for pretty much anyone looking to up their game without breaking the bank.

Equipped with a traditional lacing system, there’s nothing complicated here that could potentially go wrong at the worst possible time. An added bonus is no added bulk to your shin or ankle areas. Blow a lace? Grab a new one and you’re good to go. New for 2021 is a rubber outsole making sure you are locked into your binders, and STI Evolution Foam underfoot for a light and comfortable feel.

The Lashed boots come with heat-moldable Intuition liners, are produced in true half sizes, and ship with customizable heel hold inserts. If you put in just a little time you may end up with the best fitting boots you’ve ever owned. Though these boots don’t come with all the bells and whistles of some of the other offerings on this list, they’re here because they work when needed. The thirtytwo Lashed Boots would be perfect for a rider who likes to cruise the whole mountain, and prefers a park lap or two to boot!

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Vans Hi-Standard Pro

The best men's snowboard boots of 2020-2021

Two words - Arthur Longo. If you don’t know who that is then we suggest you do a deep dive into his video parts and video series Side Hits Euphoria. The Vans Hi-Standard Pro Snowboard Boots are a minimally-featured, medium-flexing, traditional-lacing, and affordable boot offering from Vans. But just because they aren’t overloaded with Boas, gaiters, or extra straps doesn’t mean they don’t absolutely rip on snow. As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

This is not to say that the Hi-Standards are totally spartan in their tech. Their V2 Ultracush liner features merino wool from Smartwool, and they’re heat moldable. The Waffle Pro sole is light, flexible, and durable. This is great news for people who want to hike a bit in addition to riding lifts. Additionally, the Hi-Standards have an improved heat retention system meant to keep you going from open to close.

We did a bit on the history of Vans in the description of the Hi-Country and Hell-Bound boots above, so we’ll skip that. But we do have to mention the classic styling of these hogs. Quite simply, they look good. The Arthur Longo colorway is particularly pleasing, and will add just a bit of flair to your step! Grab a pair of Hi-Standard Pros, and make a bee line for the biggest side hits you can find!

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K2 Boundary

The best 2020-2021 mens snowboard boots

Stuck in your comfort zone? Hemmed in by ropes and closed signs? Step into the K2 Boundary Snowboard Boots to push through your limits! As is the trend on this list, we’ve got another double Boa boot for you. It’s medium-stiff flexing, and ready to rip. The Boundary comes in three colorways as well - black, brown, and black and white with a touch of cheetah print! If you’re a speed demon you might want that extra little flair!

The Boundary is truly a do-everything boot, landing right in the middle zone between loose and surfy and burly and technical. Depending on what you plan to ride you can customize your support with the internal 3-point harness, and the double-zone boa. Equipped with a heat-moldable Intuition liner and Harshmellow Dampening underfoot, you’ll feel like you are riding on clouds all freaking day!

K2 boots come with HDR Premium Synthetics, which we encourage to read more about. Essentially, it means these boots hold up to tons of abuse. This material is up to 8 times more durable than traditional polyurethane material used in the past and in other brand’s boots. The Boundary boots will be great for anyone looking to get the most time and versatility out of their footwear on hill. Go ahead, take a risk, duck some ropes, grab a pair of some of the best men’s snowboard boots for 2021.

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thirtytwo STW Double Boa

Best 2021 mens snowboard boots

Shred The World! Surf The Waves! Stand Tall Wombat! Wait, that last one doesn’t quite work. Though wombats are cute and very adaptable to differing conditions and landscapes, so maybe it does work? In any case, the thirtytwo STW Double Boa Snowboard boots will have you contemplating the whole hill while you’re strapping in. These boots represent a sort of anomaly on this list. They’re double boa equipped, but they are a soft flexing boot, and relatively affordable as well.

Like many others on this list the STWs come in true half sizes, so you won’t have any slop or needlessly large boots if you are 9.5. They also feature a heat-moldable liner, and super light cushioning throughout, so no worries in the comfort department either. If you are dead set on carving your super stiff board on ice-cold groomers, only ride super-pipe, or are headed to Alaska, we might skip this offering. Beyond those conditions though, these boots are perfect for someone who likes a flexible boot with the added convenience of Boa.

If you still aren’t convinced or have never tried thirtytwo before, just head on over to their website and look at their team. Jeremy Jones, JP Walker, Scott Stevens, Halldor, just to name a few. If these guys can do what they do in these kicks, then you’ll have no issues for sure!

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