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The 8 Best Splitboard Bindings of 2022-2023

By: Stew Langner: Snowboard Buyer | September 28, 2022


With splitboarding becoming more accessible to push snowboarders’ riding into new zones and boundaries, binding technology continues to push the limits and create a more similar feel to traditional strap bindings. Whether you are choosing your first splitboard setup or want to finally rip that line you’ve been eyeing for years, the responsiveness and customization of splitboard bindings provide a variety of options to ensure you’re not sacrificing anything on the climb up or the ride down. There’s more to splitboard bindings than just filling the void of something to complete your setup, whether it’s a responsive highback, forgiving straps, or easily changeable tech, make sure you’re dialed in with the best splitboard bindings for your next season of off-piste exploration.

New This Year:

The 2023 season features a wide variety of bindings that continue to push splitboard binding innovations, with lighter and easier-to-use technologies. More unisex sizing options allow for accessible splitboard bindings for all.

K2 Farout

K2 Farout

Waiting in lift lines is so 2019. The future is liberated. Get out of the bubble of comfort and security and tracked out mogul fields and some dude in a brightly colored jacket telling you to slow down. Get far out with the K2 Farout Splitboard Bindings. They're lightweight and techy for the way up, and burly and responsive for the way down. The money you spend on these is the last lift ticket you'll ever have to buy, and it gives you full access to the biggest resort in the world.

SystemWeight (Pair)FlexPucks IncludedOriginal Price
Voile1673 g7/10No$440.00

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Spark R&D Arc ST Splitboard Bindings 2023

Spark R&D Arc ST

The moderate-flexing Spark R&D Arc ST Splitboard Bindings, ideal for freestyle-oriented backcountry riders and lighter bodies, get a slew of improvements for the new season. The most significant, as indicated by the "ST" in the title, are upgrades almost anywhere there is friction during the skinning action - bindings with the "Smooth Touring" moniker have "overmolded" components with low-friction plastic over an interior metal structure, making them smoother, quieter and more durable. The Asym Rip 'N' Flip highbacks are also re-designed for better fit and functionality, and the pivoting action at the bracket is much improved with "ST" tech added. If your idea of splitboarding is more surf than huck, check out this well-thought-out design before you pull the trigger on a binding system.

The Spark R&D ST Splitboard Bindings provide the sidehit-seeking, pow-slashing, rut-laying freestyle feel that’s perfect for variable conditions, as well as days when the powder stars align. A budget-friendly option that will allow for the playfulness advanced riders crave, the Spark R&D ST bindings may have you thinking twice about how many skin tracks you can actually set in a day.

SystemWeight (Pair)FlexPucks IncludedOriginal Price
Voile1256 g5/10No$429

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Spark R&D Surge ST Splitboard Bindings 2023

Spark R&D Surge ST

Endorsed by hard chargers everywhere, the Spark R&D Surge ST Splitboard Bindings have undergone a sufficient change to warrant an upgrade to "ST" - smooth touring - status. Spark's overmolding process puts low-friction, high-strength plastic over existing metal components to reduce friction and increase durability pretty much anywhere the binding moves, making touring smoother, easier and quieter. Still the stiffest of the Spark offerings, the Surge ST also has a re-designed Asym highback and overmolded ST Whammy Bars where the bar meets the baseplate. A no-compromise approach to the riding after the approach.

The Spark R&D Surge ST Bindings have been a staple in the game thanks to their ‘ride anything’ design. Variable conditions? The chassis and highbacks fight chunder to maximize board feel and predictability. Powder day? The surfiness from comfortable straps and an asymmetrical highback allow for easy-flowing pow slashes. Oh and don’t get us started on the ease of transition from touring to boarding…

SystemWeight (Pair)FlexPucks IncludedOriginal Price
Voile1378 g7/10No$459

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Karakoram PRIME NOMAD ​+ Split Interface Splitboard Bindings 2023

Karakoram PRIME NOMAD ​+ Split Interface

The most versatile binding in The moderate-flexing Karakoram's product line, the Karakoram PRIME NOMAD + Split Interface Splitboard Bindings deliver in every touring environment. With a solid chassis feel and a slightly stiffer highback flex, the Prime Nomad is set for all-day or all-week missions into Gnarnia and beyond). Smooth, light, quick, and easy to transition, this binding comes alive out of bounds.

The Karakoram Prime Nomad+ Binding is designed for advanced-to-expert riders who are comfortable exploring new terrain, but also demand versatile equipment that can deliver in any condition. Thanks to a blend of forgiving and responsive flex patterns, the ease of transition makes these splitboard bindings the ultimate package for out-of-bounds destruction.

SystemWeight (Pair)FlexPucks IncludedOriginal Price
Karakoram1300 g8/10Yes$699.95

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Burton Hitchhiker Splitboard Bindings 2023

Burton Hitchhiker

Part of getting to those epic BC lines is having a kit that is up to snuff and the Burton Hitchhiker Splitboard Bindings will be a major piece in that puzzle. Boasting a burly, yet lightweight aluminum baseplate designed by Spark R&D for climbing convenience and descending confidence. A dual position, single wire ramp adjuster changes angles on the fly when you climb. Going up is half the fun and when going down, fully adjustable straps will lock down your boots into a high-performance, single-component highback in a flash. If you're ready to break out of the confines of the resort and want gear you can rely on then give the Burton Hitchhiker Splitboard Bindings a ride.

The Burton Hitchhikers perfectly blends the worlds of splitboarding with traditional strap bindings. Featuring arguably the most comfortable out-of-the-box straps, the Hitchhiker splitboard bindings balance Spark’s tried and true track record with the proven flex and performance of Burton highbacks and straps.

SystemWeight (Pair)FlexPucks IncludedOriginal Price

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Union Explorer Splitboard Bindings 2023

Union Explorer

The Union Explorer Splitboard Bindings are your ticket to the skin track, constructed with Union's tried and true technology that brings all the power and precision you need for a great day. While other splitters are complaining about harsh baseplates and input lag, you'll feel like you're on a set of regular downhill bindings popping, jibbing, and carving with ease. Their lightweight and strong construction sacrifices nothing on the downhill. So much so that Union includes an adapter for your solid. Go out into the backcountry knowing you have top-notch hardware, Union-tough materials, and a smooth feel in the steep and deep.

The Union Explorer Splitboard Bindings provide a great option for advanced riders who are looking for a freestyle-feeling, budget-friendly binding that will allow them to dip their toes (or toeside edge) into splitboarding.

SystemWeight (Pair)FlexPucks IncludedOriginal Price
Union1620 g7/10Yes$399

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Spark R&D Surge ST Pro Splitboard Bindings 2023

Spark R&D Surge ST Pro

Spark took the ready-to-rage Surge ST binding and went over every component with a fine-toothed comb looking for ways to improve performance and drop weight. The product of that effort is the new Spark R&D Surge ST Pro Splitboard Bindings, and they're a thing of beauty. When you can't afford to give up performance going uphill OR downhill, and you're going deep enough for every gram to count, the Surge ST Pro is the way to go.

SystemWeight (Pair)FlexPucks IncludedOriginal Price
Voile1240 g7/10No$629.00

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Karakoram PRIME X ​+ Split Interface Splitboard Bindings 2023

Karakoram PRIME X ​+ Split Interface

Karakoram PRIME X ​+ Split Interface Splitboard Bindings are for taking fun very seriously. The Prime X is machined form 7000 Series aluminum for durability, weight, and efficiency concerns, with AirPod ankle and Airstrap Toe Straps for the quickest reactions. These bindings have the feel and power of a traditional binding, made for big mountain ripping at the end of far-flung approaches. If you're serious about your skin track future, the Prime X is the name of the game.

SystemWeight (Pair)FlexPucks IncludedOriginal Price
Karakoram1100 g7/10Yes$899.95

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