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The 10 Best All Mountain Snowboards of 2021-2022 - Men's & Women's

If you ever find yourself wanting to throw 3 or 4 boards in your truck to go ride, or you feel suddenly uninspired by the quiver you’ve amassed over the years, it might be time to upgrade to a new all mountain snowboard. All mountain snowboards are just that; boards designed to excel in a wide range of terrain and snow conditions, allowing you to explore the whole resort on a single steed. They’re not park boards, they’re not pow boards, they’re just BOARDS, and you can take them anywhere you please! 

Our list of 2022’s best all mountain snowboards includes 10 shred-sticks from 8 top snowboarding brands. From higher-end price-point rides like Lib Tech’s T. Rice Pro to the affordable Salomon Wonder, you’re bound to find something here that fits your style and your budget. While no exaggerated shapes, swallowtails, or fully-rockered bananas are making this list, some of these boards do have what we might call, “inclinations.” The Burton Cartographer’s slightly exaggerated nose profile is paired with a touch of taper for those looking for the deep stuff. Meanwhile, the Capita Mercury’s almost-twin shape and mid-flexing tendencies mean it could easily be at home in the park.

We think these boards are going to be best for riders looking to explore their entire home resort, but who don’t want to worry about switching setups all the time to get the most out of it. Another perfect match would be the rider looking to travel to ride. If you’re going somewhere for a couple of weeks and there’s only room for one, a solid all mountain snowboard will cover as many bases as possible! So put your reading glasses on and let’s dive into the best all mountain snowboards of 2022.

Season Nexus - Unisex

Best 2021-2022 all mountain snowboards

A relative newcomer to the snowboard and ski world, Season is coming out of the gates hot with a super clean, limited line of snowboards and skis. Rather than beat you over the head with 30 different models that change graphics every year, Season is bucking the trend by only offering a select few board models. In their directional models they offer the Aero for hard snow, the Forma for soft snow, and at the nexus between those two boards is, well, The Nexus. 

The Season Nexus is a classic, do-anything, all mountain snowboard. It’s got a slightly exaggerated nose profile, a pulled-in tail, a set-back stance, and a touch of taper. Underfoot is true camber with a bit of entry and exit rocker to keep you afloat when the going gets deep. The flex profile is categorized as medium, so again, right in the middle for maximum versatility. Rounding out the Nexus is a Paulownia/Poplar wood core, and a super-fast sintered base. 

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Season Equipment’s “Season Pass” benefits. If you buy one you get free belt waxes for the lifetime of your board, free full tune-ups every fall, and 30% off of any repairs needed, all through evo. This is, along with the timeless graphics and focused product offerings, one way that Season is looking to up their sustainability quotient. The longer a board stays in use, the better for your bank account and the environment. Sign up for a win-win with this year’s Season Nexus Snowboard!

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Capita Mercury

Best 2021-2022 all mountain snowboards

Strap in kiddos, we’re blasting off to outer space on the 2022 Capita Mercury Snowboard! The Mercury is a high-end directional twin designed for anyone searching for the best all mountain freestyle snowboard. While the shape and overall look of this board are fairly understated, don’t be fooled, this thing is packed to the brim with top-of-the-line tech and subtle tweaks to make it wildly versatile in all types of terrain.

Let’s start with the basics. Capita rates the flex on the Mercury at a 6.5 out of 10. For us, that’s perfect. The FSC Certified Panda Core is composed of Poplar, Paulownia, and Bamboo. It’s strong enough to hold up to hard carving and big landings, but it’s not going to feel like a 2x4 when you are buttering around on groomers or taking laps through the park. The Mercury has traditional camber underfoot, with rocker past the outside of the bindings. Ride powder in the morning, and then blast side hits in the afternoon! When it gets icy Capita’s DEATH GRIP sidecut means you have additional contact points to hold an edge. We could go on and on regarding the tech in this thing, but we encourage you to dive into the details on the product page and see for yourself.

Finally, we want to mention Capita’s ongoing commitment to sustainability in its manufacturing process and products. From using Bio-Resin and recycled components in as many boards as possible to the creation of their own 100% clean-energy production facility in Austria, lovingly named The Mothership, Capita truly puts their money where their mouth is. Grab a Mercury, save this planet, and launch off to others from your local hill. 

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Directional TwinRocker/Camber/Rocker$599.95

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Salomon Wonder - Women's

Best 2021-2022 all mountain snowboards

Do you ever find yourself staring longingly at the trail map to your local mountain, and wondering when you’ll have the guts to tackle that double-black, or black, or even that particularly intimidating blue square run? Well, wonder no more! The Salomon Wonder Snowboard is here to help! 

The Wonder is an affordable, medium-soft flexing, directional-twin offering from Salomon that still comes with some high end features, like a premium stone-ground sintered base. That’s a nice treat when it gets flat or slushy, so you’ll continue to cruise smoothly while your buds get sticky. The Wonder has a flat area between the bindings, camber under them, and rocker towards the tip and tail, and the Aspen Select core is forgiving without sacrificing the ability to pop off lips and bumps. Though this board will float in powder, it’s most at home in varied conditions, bouncing from park laps, to groomers and side hits, with maybe the occasional steep and featured pitch thrown in.

The Salomon Wonder is best suited for beginner and intermediate riders looking for a do-anything, go-anywhere ride beneath their feet. This could easily be a dedicated park board, as it’s almost a true twin, but the directional flex and rocker in the tips beg for a dip in those powder-filled trees. This season when you're ripping with a smile on your face it’ll be no wonder that you’re on a Salomon Wonder Snowboard from open ‘til close! 

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Directional TwinRocker/Camber/Rocker$399.95

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Burton Cartographer

Best 2021-2022 all mountain snowboards

Get ready to memorize your local trail map like the back of your hand and explore new zones in uncharted territories! Introducing the Burton Cartographer Snowboard, a daily driver with a penchant for finding the white room. Whether you’re packing for a trip across the globe, or just sticking to your home resort this winter, the Cartographer is one of the best all mountain snowboards to pick in 2022.

Medium-flexing, medium-priced, and with a medium-taper, the Cartographer achieves maximum performance with aplomb. Burton has packed a ton of features into this affordable ride. You’ve probably already noticed the slightly exaggerated nose and setback stance, so you know this board is meant to float. It’s got camber underfoot though, and ultimate stance freedom thanks to the Burton Channel System, so you can still rip groomers and the park. If you’re trying to catch some air, the Super Fly 800G Core is light, poppy, and strong. A high-end sintered base rounds out the package, assuring that you won’t come up short on that gap you’ve been eyeing up.

Also worth mentioning is Burton’s exclusive Infinite Ride tech. Essentially, Burton overbuilds their boards, and then pre-breaks them in for you on a special machine. This means the Cartographer will flex and pop the same on day 100 as it did on day 1! If you are looking to chart a course across the entire resort this season, the Burton Cartographer could be for you.

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Directional TwinRocker/Camber/Rocker$469.95

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Nitro Dropout

Best 2021-2022 all mountain snowboards

We can honestly say that we are deeply excited about the 2022 Nitro Dropout Snowboard, and not just because of all the puns we can make about dropping out of school to ride pow. The first thing you may notice about this board when compared to the rest of this list is its shape. This thing is meant to ride the deep stuff. The big floaty nose, set-back stance, and notched tail just scream, “Pow Day!” But the Dropout is actually super versatile, playful, and approachable for those who don’t want an overly aggressive or specialized ride.

We’ve got a 7 out of 10 on the Nitro flex scale and camber underfoot, but Nitro have some tricks up their sleeve to mellow that out. Cam-Out Camber dials down the camber near the tips for a more playful ride, and it’s blended with Nitro’s most forgiving sidecut, the Dual Degressive. This pairs a smaller radius in the center with two larger radii in the tip and tail, making this board playful when you want it without sacrificing edge hold when you’re on rail. Nitro’s Powerpods extend the board width under the bindings to accommodate bigger-footed riders and add additional contact points when turning. The Dropout has a cool blend of high-performance and approachable features, making it good for seasoned riders and those just starting to venture into advanced terrain.

We have to wrap this up with the fact that Nitro just announced that their entire board line is Climate Neutral! Working with ClimatePartner, Nitro did a full audit of their production process, and are offsetting their entire carbon footprint while they continue to seek improvements and efficiencies utilizing what they’ve learned. Good on ya Nitro! And good on you too if you grab a Nitro Dropout this season and start using those sick days wisely!

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Burton Yeasayer Flying V - Women's

Best 2021-2022 all mountain snowboards

We’re pretty sure this board gets its name from the reactions it will get after you ride it in soft snow for the first time, “Oh YEAH!” If you’ve been struggling to ride that soft and fluffy stuff, or you just want a super flowy and playful feeling under your feet, the Burton Yeasayer Flying V Snowboard could be for you. After you’re done hooting and hollering let’s get into the gritty on this exciting new offering from Burton. 

A true twin snowboard in flex and shape, the Yeasayer is going to be a predictable ride in all kinds of conditions. If you want to ride it switch, learn butters, or hit boxes, it will excel in all those areas. The Flying V rocker profile is interesting; it features rocker between your feet and outside of them, but areas of traditional camber under your bindings. You’ll have crazy float and a catch-free ride, but still be able to lean into a turn when you need it. This profile paired with the Scoop tip and tail, which lift the edges a bit off the snow means this thing is going to be smooth like butter! Finish this puppy off with a light and poppy Super Fly 800G Core and this will be your go-to board any day of the week.

We think the Yeasayer Flying V is an amazing all mountain snowboard for those looking to learn to ride the whole hill, especially if you live somewhere it snows a lot. By that same token, if you feel like your current setup is a touch too aggressive, bouncing you around, or requiring too much effort for minimal rewards, then maybe it’s time to chill out on a Yeasayer Flying V!

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True TwinRocker/Camber/Rocker/Camber/Rocker$479.95

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Yes. Standard

Best 2021-2022 all mountain snowboards

When something is “standard”, it generally means that thing is normal, average, or typical. But when something is THE Standard, that means that it sets some sort of precedent. It’s tried and tested, it’s used by everyone in the know, it exceeds in most situations. Obviously, we think the Yes. Standard Snowboard fits that second definition to a T. 

The Standard is an almost true twin snowboard; centered stance, symmetrical flex, with no taper. Just a touch more nose than tail makes it what Yes. calls a Directional Volume Twin. This, combined with rocker in the tips and tails, means the Standard will float in pow when needed. A 7 out of 10 on the flex scale means it strikes a balance between playful and ultra-aggressive. It will hold in most types of terrain you throw at it, though we wouldn’t make this our go-to rail board. The Standard has a Midbite outline, meaning there is a narrower section in the middle of the board for edge-to-edge response. But the width under your boots is unaffected, making it ok for riders with bigger feet (check those waist width specs!). 

Rounding out this package is a high-end sintered base, a Poplar, Paulownia, and Bamboo core, and clean, understated black and white graphics. We think this board would be perfect for those looking to take their freestyle skills to the whole mountain, or who like to keep their groomer runs playful and poppy. Set the standard, be the standard, grab a Standard. Yes.

ShapeRocker Original Price
Directional TwinRocker/Camber/Rocker$499.95

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Lib Tech T.Rice Pro HP C2

Best 2021-2022 all mountain snowboards

First and foremost we gotta get the obvious out of the way. You know who Travis Rice is right? It’s all good if you don’t, but if not, it’s high time to do some research. Arguably the GOAT of backcountry snowboarding, Travis tackles Alaskan lines, giant cheese wedges, Natural Selection courses, and has even been known to step to massive park features in his day. But, despite evidence to the contrary, he is indeed a human being who sometimes just likes to rip his local resort. With that said, his local resort happens to be Jackson Hole, and that’s exactly where the 2022 Lib Tech T. Rice Pro HP C2 Snowboard comes in... 

Wow, that’s a lot of words there, so let’s break ‘em down. 2022: That means it’s from the future, man. Lib Tech: legendary board builders with sustainably focused manufacturing processes. T. Rice: see above. Pro: one of Travis’s pro models that he helped develop. HP: High-Performance baby! C2: Rocker between the feet, and camber under the bindings. 

That covers the name, but we need to keep going. This is a true twin snowboard with a centered stance and symmetrical nose and tail – meaning you can land, ride, and take off switch with ease. It has a medium flex for maximum versatility, and of course, comes standard with Magne-Traction to help you hold an edge on icy terrain. Oh, and the graphics are predictably out of this world. If you want to slay the whole mountain, from big park features to rugged peaks, the Lib Tech T. Rice Pro HP C2 can help you get there.

ShapeRocker Original Price
True TwinCamber/Rocker/Camber$599.99

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Jones Mountain Twin

Best 2021-2022 all mountain snowboards

We can’t blame you for not associating Jones with freestyle or park leanings. After all, it was founded by none other than Jeremy Jones, the ultimate backcountry slayer. He rides set back, stiff snowboards meant to handle the gnarliest of terrain. But it’s a new era, and the Jones pro team actually has a ton of freestyle and park background. It’s no wonder they demanded the Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard to take that playful feeling out of the park and across the whole hill!

The Mountain Twin is indeed a true twin snowboard. A centered stance, symmetrical flex, and zero taper design mean this board rides switch just like it rides regular, if you’re into that sort of thing. This is the best all mountain snowboard category though, so this is not a rail board. It’s medium-stiff flexing, and it prefers to keep its edges sharp. It has a progressive sidecut and Traction Tech 3.0 that provides extra contact points along your edges, so it loves to lay into turns. Rocker outside of the bindings means you can still float in pow, and spinning off jumps is a touch easier as well. 

The Jones Mountain Twin is the perfect ride for those park rats that are all grown up or have graduated to more natural big mountain terrain. On the flip side of that, we might actually choose this board over a dedicated park ride when the features get big or icy. That firmer flex and responsive edges are going to behave a lot better on a 50-foot table than your noodle rail board. Go ahead, let your inner trickster shine, hop aboard a Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard and take your skills to every sort of terrain.

ShapeRocker Original Price
Directional TwinRocker/Camber/Rocker$499.95

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Lib Tech Cortado C2 - Women's

Best 2021-2022 all mountain snowboards

Leave it to a Seattle-based company to name a board after a coffee drink. If you don’t already know, a Cortado is an espresso mixed with an equal amount of steamed milk to cut the acidity. They’re pretty good, and if you go somewhere that doesn’t know what one is, you may want to go somewhere else. The Lib Tech Cortado C2 Snowboard actually follows that drink formula. An energetic, and powerful feel is mellowed out by key features on this supremely capable all mountain snowboard.

Let’s look at the core ingredients here. We’ve got a medium-stiff Aspen and Paulownia core, overlaid with Triaxial and Biaxial Fiberglass. A slight taper, a setback stance, and an elongated nose tell you that the Cortado is ready to take on deep snow, while the C2 profile has a good degree of rocker between the feet, and mellow camber out toward the tip and tail. A gentle early rise in the nose helps in the float department when the snow gets deep. Throw in Magne-Traction for edge hold, and an eco-friendly base and topsheet, and you’ll be buzzin’ on every type of trail.

Again, we gotta mention Mervin Manufacturing’s commitment to the environment. They make their boards in Washington state at a zero-hazardous waste facility on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. If you want one of the best all mountain snowboards in the game, the Lib Tech Cortado C2 Snowboard is the right purchase. 

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