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The 9 Best All Mountain Snowboards of 2020-2021 - Men's & Women's

What is an “All Mountain” Snowboard anyway? Aren’t all snowboards meant to be used on a mountain? And if you’ve got any adventurous spirit in you, aren’t you going to find yourself in every nook and cranny of your local hill? The answer to these questions is obviously “Yes!” - BUT, sometimes you want something that’s going to take everything you throw at it in stride. Sometimes you need a board that can stand up to the abuse that an entire mountain can actually deliver, be it in some powder, or a lap through the park. The best all mountain snowboards can handle it all.

If we’re speaking in generalities, all mountain snowboards are a bit stiffer than average. They aren’t going to have any wild or exaggerated shapes, swallowtails, or gimmicks. They just work. They’re tried and true. This is not to say that this year’s offerings aren’t completely updated. They’re chock full of the latest and greatest board tech advancements. Maybe they’ve got something akin to “good bones,” or they’re riffing on a classic. With all of these styles, and more, we’ve collected our picks for the best all mountain snowboards of 2021.

Jones Frontier

Best 2020-2021 all mountain snowboards

Ready to open up new zones, vistas, and peaks, but still want to have a ripping time on the way back to the car? Look no further than the Jones Frontier Snowboard. This medium flexing, hybrid rocker/camber board comes in a variety of sizes - including four wide versions for you big-footed fellas.

If we’re being honest, the Frontier’s sweet spot is gonna be found in the deep stuff. It’s got a rockered AND a spooned out tip and tail, a set back stance, and a burly mountain peak painted right on the top sheet. But when it gets a bit firmer you can rely on the progressive sidecut and the Traction Tech 2.0 edges to keep you grounded. The Frontier might even hold its own on a park jump or two, but we’d steer clear of any gnarly down rails if you’re aboard this steed. So, in total, we’d say that the Frontier is one of the best all mountain snowboards for 2021, with a tilt towards powder and freeriding.

If you’re lucky enough to be on a Frontier this year, you can also rest assured that you’re on one of the most environmentally friendly shred sticks available. Using Bio-Resin, an Eco-Plastic Top Sheet, recycled steel edges, and a number of other carbon and waste reducing technologies, Jones boards are at the forefront of performance and responsibility.

ShapeRocker Original Price
Directional TwinHybrid Rocker/Camber$479.95

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Burton Custom

The best 2020-2021 all mountain snowboards

Whether you're waxing nostalgic about an old Jussi Oksanen part, or you just watched Red Gerard put down a triple cork at X-Games, you might be wondering what this Burton Custom Snowboard is all about. Simply put, this is a classic shape that’s been around for what seems like forever. It has adorned the feet of many of the greatest snowboarders of all time at some of the most legendary events of all time. So there’s no way this could be the board for you - or could it?

Do you like predictability and power underfoot? Does true camber make you salivate for park jumps, cold groomers, and stomped powder landings? If so, hear us out. Offered in a 150cm length all the way to a 170w, the Custom can accommodate bigger riders with ease. It’s aggressive flex pattern and twin-ish shape means it stands up to abuse whether you are riding regular or switch.

While the shape and general concept of the Burton Custom may have been around for a while, it’s been updated with many Burton-specific advancements over the years. It’s lighter and stronger, due to reduced swing weight in the tip and tail, the use of super lightweight wood in the core, and Carbon Highlights integrated into the fiberglass layers. It’s got the channel mounting system for ultimate stance freedom, and it’s fast, built on a super-dense sintered base. We don’t know whether you can catch lightning in a bottle, but Burton has done it’s best to catch it in a board!

ShapeRocker Original Price
Directional TwinCamber$599.95

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Salomon Assassin

The best 2020-201 all mountain snowboards

The 2021 Salomon Assassin Snowboard is truly an all-terrain killer - meant to be ridden in every corner of your local resort, and beyond. Similar to the Burton Custom, the Assassin is almost a true twin shape, with a directional flex pattern and a centered stance. It’s got a hybrid camber/rocker profile, and a medium-stiff flex rating. This balance makes it one of the best 2021 all mountain snowboards, and lets you choose your own adventure.

Utilizing novel and eco-friendly materials like bamboo and cork, the Assassin sets itself apart with board-construction innovations. Bamboo veneers are used in conjunction with traditional fiberglass to improve strength and reduce waste. Where rubber is generally used for dampening and edge protection, Salomon has introduced waterproof cork. Put a cork in it! Wait though, we aren’t actually done here, we just really wanted to say that.

For riders looking for that one board to rule them all, the Assassin could be it. It’s available in a good number of lengths, as well as a couple of wide versions. You can play around here, sizing up or going wide for powder or backcountry or going a bit short for resort and park focused riding. Or just keep it right in the middle and ride it all!

ShapeRocker Original Price
Directional TwinRocker/Camber/Rocker$499.95

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Season Nexus - Men's & Women's

The best all mountain snowboards of 2021

Season is a new brand founded by Austin Smith and Eric Pollard, two Pacific Northwest professional snow sliding athletes. They’ve pooled their experience, knowledge, and expertise to create a brand where snowboarding and skiing are equals, products never expire and service is included. Austin has been involved in putting amazing board shapes on snow for years and the trend continues with the Nexus. The board features progressive shaping, with the width and stance changing depending on the model length to support all riders, both men and women.

A board that is designed to perform anywhere and everywhere you take it, the Nexus features a medium flex originating with a paulownia and poplar wood core for a playful and poppy ride. Entry rocker with camber between the feet, as well as 6mm of taper and a 2mm stance setback set you up for success across the entire mountain. A black sintered base will make sure you're one of the fastest riders on the mountain, while the 360 wrap ABS sidewall ensures a damp and stable ride when you reach Mach speeds.

A huge bonus is the service aspect that comes with Season Eqpt. boards. The Season Pass, a service partnership with evo, will let you get the most out of your purchase. If you buy Season Eqpt. this season you'll receive a lifetime of service from evo. A stainless steel tail insert for durability, and a simple yet aesthetically pleasing board graphic that stays consistent year to year also ensure you'll maximize the number of days and seasons you get on the Nexus. It's always exciting to be on the ground floor of a new beginning, now is your chance.

ShapeRocker Original Price

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Capita Mercury

The best all mountain snowboards of 2021

If your palms are sweating right now, don’t be alarmed. Even the most hardened life-long shredheads get hot and bothered looking at the 2021 Capita Mercury Snowboard. This thing has got more tech under an unassuming veneer than you can shake a stick at, AND it’s produced in Capita’s Mothership facility, which uses 100% clean energy.

Let’s break it down. Again, we’ve got a twin-ish shape featuring a hybrid camber/rocker profile. There’s a directional flex and an ever so slightly set back stance, but there’s nothing wild going on with the outline. No swallowtails or blunt noses. No, the devil is truly in the details on the Mercury.

We’ve got a “New Age Directional” sidecut featuring “Death Grip”, “Holysheet” fiberglass laminates, “Amplitech” flax fiber woven with carbon, and a “Magic Bean Resin” holding it all together. And that’s not all - A “HyperDrive” base and a “PLT Topsheet” complete this sci-fi snowboard sandwich! There isn’t enough room to describe each of these features in-depth, so you’ll have to trust us when we say this isn’t just marketing mumbo-jumbo. Capita has truly deconstructed the board building process, and then re-imagined and refined every step from the ground up. This is the sort of result you can expect from a brand that has complete control of it’s manufacturing process. Maybe you too can get a glimpse of that “complete control” when you step on the lively, all-terrain Mercury in 2021.

ShapeRocker Original Price

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Jones Dream Catcher - Women's

The best 2020-2021 women's all mountain snowboards

Good powder days are fleeting. Your adrenaline and anticipation are up, it’s a mad dash across the whole mountain to your favorite zones, and you and your friends exist on an almost delusional plane of joy and excitement. When the day is done it’s hard to even remember all that happened, you just know you want it to happen again tomorrow. If you, like many of us, live for these sort of days, then the Jones Dream Catcher can help you capitalize on them.

The Dream Catcher is a sized down, women’s specific version of the Jones Frontier, which was profiled above. This means you’ve got the same powder hounding, medium flexing, hybrid-rocker-camber stomping machine as the Frontier, but in a slightly smaller package. It loves the deep stuff, can hold an edge on hardpack, and could even survive a park lap or two - though this is definitely not it’s sweet spot.

Now before you go claiming this is just a Frontier with a different graphic slapped on, take a closer look at the specs. The Jones crew are nothing if not perfectionists, and the numbers don’t lie. Even though the Dream Catcher has some overlap in size with the Frontier, the tip, tail, and waist measurements differ significantly. This means the geometry of the board is different, and we’d make a solid bet that everything else is tailored in this manner is well. Now sleep tight, and dream of 2021 powder delights. Package it all up and this is one of the best women’s all mountain snowboards of 2020-2021.

ShapeRocker Original Price

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Gnu AntiGravity C3

The best 2020-2021 all mountain snowboards

If your wallet is feeling a tad light, but you still want to launch into 2021 on a new all-mountain snowboard, the Gnu Antigravity C3 is your ticket. You’ll be floating in the most peculiar way on powder snow and groomers too. A few extra dollars in your pocket for spendin’ on some tin cans - if you catch our drift. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist a little Bowie reference!). Long story short, it’s one of the best all mountain snowboards for the money.

The Antigravity isn’t exclusively powder-focused, but we can call it “powder-leaning.” It’s got a blunted tail, a set back stance, and a slight taper. The waist width is just on the north side of average, so there is the potential to play around with size depending on which direction you want to go.

If groomers are your thing, the medium flex and aggressive C3 camber/rocker are your friends, giving you crazy edge hold and power out of turns. While the Antigravity might not have all the buzzy tech of some of the other offerings on this list, it definitely gets the job done. All you have to do is read reviews from years past, we couldn't find a negative one anywhere. In fact, we’re firm believers that boards are meant to be ridden, not babied. At almost $200 cheaper than the most expensive board on this list, you won’t be afraid to ding this thing up, give it some love taps, send it into space even.

ShapeRocker Original Price

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Niche Hawthorn

The best 2020-2021 all mountain snowboard

This Niche snowboard is completely recyclable! We don’t have any clever one liners that can beat that intro. It’s an amazing feat that is still in it’s beginning stages, but one that we believe is worth backing. The Utah-based company is actually at the forefront of researching and producing brand new eco-friendly board building techniques with high-tech collaborators. We encourage you to go to their website to read all about their zero-waste process.

Now on to the board itself! The 2021 All-Mountain Hawthorn is going to be one of the most playful all mountain snowboards on this list. It’s based on the stiffer Maelstrom board in the Niche line, but mellowed out for a smoother and more approachable ride. Again we’re seeing a slightly tapered shape with an early rise nose, a set back stance, and an about average waist width. The subtle but elegant topsheet graphics are perfect for storm days or riders who like to fly below the radar. The artwork is also printed with water-based inks, another way to reduce their environmental impact.

Even though Niche has carved out their own eco-friendly identity they’re not afraid of collaboration or outside ideas. The Hawthorn comes equipped with a version of Magnetraction for extra edge hold and carvability. If you’re interested in backing an innovative, environmentally conscious, US-based brand, then you should have no hesitation to make the switch to Niche!

ShapeRocker Original Price
Directional TwinRocker/Camber$479

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K2 Dreamsicle - Women's

Best 2021 womens all mountain snowboard

Now what we’ve got here is what we call a “snowboard.” Looking like a classic from the past, the K2 Dreamsicle comes in a deceptively simple package. This brand new, all-terrain, all-mountain offering from K2 is built on hidden, updated, and proprietary tech. It’s soothing colors and retro popsicle shape may lull you into a relaxed state of nostalgia, but you’ll be singing a different tune at the bottom of your first run, no matter what the conditions are.

The beating heart of this new craft is the Rhythm Core, which is uniquely shaped and tailored to complement the mechanics, geometry, and riding style of female snowboarders. Also featuring a directional rocker profile, the Dreamsicle is flat between the bindings, and rockered in the tip and tail. With a slightly set back stance you can float in deep snow, and edge to edge transitions will feel fluid on groomers and in the park. And you know they’re throwing carbon in there too, making this dreamy little number lively and fun under your feet.

Instead of thinking vintage, think reissue, with ALL the latest bells and whistles. A member’s only jacket that’s updated with gore-tex, a Dre album that’s remixed by the Dr. himself, X-ray specs that actually work, you get the gist. Make your all-mountain dreams a reality on the 2021 K2 Dreamsicle!

ShapeRocker Original Price
Directional TwinRocker/Flat/Rocker$399.95

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