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How to Choose a Park Snowboard Setup

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Picking out the perfect park & pipe setup is dependent on the style of riding you’re keen on. While overarching characteristics like a twin shape and a symmetrical flex pattern are exhibited in most freestyle boards, there are a number of other variables to choose from so you can best accommodate your riding styles and needs. For simplicity’s sake, we’ve generalized and placed riders into 3 categories based on where they spend most of their terrain park time:

Remember, these recommendations are not set in stone. Everyone has their own unique style and gear preference!


If you’re a tripoding trickster who sees every stump, exposed rock, and sidehit as a feature, then you just might be a “jibber.” Riders with this unquenchable creativity and knack for turning otherwise flat surfaces into heavily buttered playgrounds are best served by gear that features these characteristics:


Short Length
This allows the rider to more easily maneuver the board with less swing weight through spins and flips.

Soft Flex Rating
This indicates a soft and ‘buttery’ core construction that allows the board to bend to your will and lock onto rails and features.

Fully Rockered or Flat Profiles
Rockered tips and tails provide you with an extra level of forgiveness. These profiles also tend to be more maneuverable and easier for sliding boxes and rails without catching an edge.


Soft Flex Rating
Allows for more ‘forgiveness’ through imperfect landings and enables the rider to ‘tweak’ their tricks without consequently tweaking their knees.
"My favorite jib boards aren't completely reverse camber, but flat in the middle with a little bit of reverse camber above the front and back bindings. They are stiff in the middle so if you are landing off a big drop or trying to ollie over something you get the support and pop you need to feel comfortable. And with reverse camber in the tip and tail they are still easy to press and butter. I always prefer a twin for my freestyle boards."
- evoCollective rider Brandon Cocard


Like Ricky Bobby, you were born to go fast — into and off of jumps, that is. Whether it’s the halfpipe, the pro-line jumps, or some other finely sculpted take-off, snowboarders who send it big, fast, and far tend to favor setups with:


Regular Length
This board might be the same length or a bit shorter than what you might right outside the park/pipe. A slightly shorter length makes the board easier to maneuver and lowers the swing weight during flips and spins, but it’s also important to have adequate length for stability at speed.

Moderate to Stiff Flex Rating
Slightly stiffer, higher energy cores provide better edge hold and pop for higher speed take-offs and landings.

Positively Cambered Profiles
A cambered design offers reliable edgehold to carve off of the lip and put down big, fast-spinning landings. It also delivers much better ‘pop’ than non-cambered boards.


Moderate to Stiff Flex Rating
A stiffer flex allows you to put down the landing gear after big spins and flips without worrying about washing out. Stiffer bindings also provide enhanced energy transmission resulting in a much more responsive and precise feel.

Enhanced Shock Absorption
Look for extra EVA foam and support padding to help dissipate the forces of impact on big air landings and compact snow surfaces.

"I'm a big fan of camber. It's more responsive, easier to pop and ollie, and it handles all types of conditions great."
- evoCollective rider Kimmy Fasani

A Bit of Both

For the remaining renaissance riders who are looking to partake in a blend of both jibbing and jumping, a snowboard setup that exhibits hybrid characteristics will serve you well. Versatile and capable in all aspects of park and pipe riding, look for a snowboard and binding setup that exhibits:


Average to Shorter Length
Depends on personal preference; shorter boards will spin more easily while longer boards will provide more stability on jump landings.

Moderate Flex
The preference for stiffness (or lack thereof) varies from rider to rider, however most riders looking to get solid performance on jumps as well as rails/boxes opt for a medium flex rating.

Hybrid Rocker Profiles
While also a matter of personal preference, hybrid profiles like Rocker/Camber/Rocker or Camber/Rocker/Camber allow riders to combine the benefits of camber, flat and rockered profiles.


Moderate Flex Rating
Soft enough to provide new-trick forgiveness yet still capable of delivering responsive energy transmission when needed.
"I look for a board that is more stiff in the tip and tail so that the board is responsive for jump take offs and landings, but I also like having some torsional flex between my feet so the board is still playful and fun on rails."
- evoCollective rider Kimmy Fasani


*A note on selecting Park & Pipe snowboard boots: When deciding on a pair of snowboard boots, it’s worth noting that jibbers tend to favor softer flexing boots for comfort and forgiveness. Pipe and jump line fiends, on the other hand, frequently prefer stiffer flexing boots for more precise edging and better support on big landings. Remember, a softer flexing boot does not mean it should fit loosely. evo recommends you work with a bootfitter in order to achieve the perfect snug fit.

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