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The 8 Best Splitboards of 2020-2021

If you never had the "pleasure" of making a DIY splitboard, let us paint a picture for you. Take your favorite pow board and draw a straight line down the middle and cut it in half - it doesn’t seem right, and it’s so easy to get wrong. It’s easy to wax nostalgic about the good ol’ days, but this is one thing we truly don’t miss. There is now a glut of factory splitboards to pick from, and 2021 has some of the best offerings to date. The top brands have produced the most durable and technologically advanced splitboards on the market. They’re lighter, faster, stronger, and more stable than in years past, and they’re not going to get waterlogged by a hasty epoxy job.

Now we’re not gonna sugar coat it. Splitboarding is hard. It can be frustrating, dangerous, and disappointing. There is a legitimate learning curve, especially if you have never set foot on a pair of skis. On top of all this, it’s expensive! We’re talking $750 and up for a new split, then you’ve got bindings, poles, skins, and other backcountry gear...

BUT, you already know all of this, yet here you are. That’s because you’ve either heard about or experienced a good day splitting. One day on a splitboard can be life-altering. As you gaze across a valley at those poor “sheeple” riding lifts to tracked-out snow, you prepare to drop into untouched pow with your best friends in tow. If you’re as addicted to this feeling as we are, then you are sure to find the best splitboards of 2021 here to make your splitboard dreams come true.

Jones Solution Splitboard 2021

Best 2020-2021 all splitboards

If you’ve got a powder problem then Jones has certainly got the Solution to fix it! If there is any brand out there to trust right out of the gate on backcountry snowboarding gear, it’s gotta be Jones. Jeremy Jones, the AK and backcountry legend is at the helm of Jones Snowboards, and you know he and his team are logging countless hours refining these things on burly terrain, overnight trips, and in all kinds of conditions.

The Jones Solution Splitboard comes in a range of sizes from 158cm to 169cm, as well as a women’s specific version sized 146cm to 156cm, AND a kids' version for those backcountry groms. A few wide versions mean you can up your surface area without sacrificing the maneuverability of a smaller ski, too. If you often find yourself on well-traveled skintracks, you’ll be happy to hear that the Solution comes equipped with “Inner Edge Traction Tech”, meaning you have multiple contact points on all 4 edges when you are in tour mode.

In the shape department the Solution is a pretty standard Jones pow/all-mountain shape. A hybrid camber/rocker profile is paired with a slight taper from tip to tail. It’s made stiff to hold up to abuse and to maintain stability during ascents. In addition to a few other Jones exclusive features, the Solution features a Quick Tension Tail to be used with Jones skins. This eliminates the need for traditional tail clips on skins, saving you time and precious weight. If you are looking to log lots of miles in all kinds of terrain on a reliable craft, the Solution is one of the best all-around splitboards for 2021.

FeaturesRocker Original Price
Karakoram Ultra ClipsRocker/Camber/Rocker$899.95

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Lib Tech Split BRD Splitboard 2021

The best 2020-2021 splitboards

It’s about time that Lib Tech got in on the splitboard game! Based in the Pacific Northwest since basically the beginning of time, or at least since 1977, Lib Tech and Mervin Manufacturing have been producing some of the finest snow-sliding craft the world has ever seen. It’s no surprise that their first foray into the production splitboard world is a doozy. If you are trying to fly uphill and on the way down, the Split BRD is the ultimate co-pilot.

Featuring a textured black top sheet to reduce snow buildup, and an all-over print bright orange base, this thing is as clean looking as it is built. The Split BRD comes standard with Karakoram clips, a set back stance, Magnetraction on the outside edges, and a C3 camber profile. It’s made for pow but can easily get you down the cat track or groomer in style.

Word on the street is that this is one of the lighter splitboards on the market, too, and reviews have been overwhelmingly positive thus far. It also comes in a 151cm length, which is rare for splitboards. This means it could be a really good choice for a smaller rider. As always, this Lib Tech board is produced with virtually zero hazardous waste in the great state of Washington! If you’re carpooling to the hill, eschewing lifts and resort amenities, and making sure to pack out what you pack into the backcountry, you might just make the Lib Tech Split BRD the greenest orange board ever made.

FeaturesRocker Original Price
Karakoram Ultra ClipsC3$899.99

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Arbor Coda Camber Splitboard 2021

The best 2020-2021 splitboards

If you think about it, a day splitboarding is much like a dance. First you have to assess the tone of the day. Are you keeping it mellow below the treeline, or is it going to be a full-on big mountain day? You have to stay in sync with your equipment. You must trust your steps. The top of your line is the crescendo, but the descent is what we’re really waiting for. This is where the Arbor Coda comes in, to carry you gracefully back the way you came, grinning ear to ear as you bash and slash to the beat.

The Coda is a no-frills, serious terrain killing machine. The stiff-flexing American black walnut PowerPly and Highland Split Core make for stable skis on the ascent and an aggressive ride down. This is not to say that you can’t lap to your heart’s delight in hippy pow or trees, it’s just that the Coda wants more if you can handle it. Coming in at the lower end of the splitboard price range, this is one of the best splitboards for the money. Use your savings on a super light pair of bindings, or for a few more trips to the hill!

The Coda is set up with Karakoram Ultraclips, but like all the boards on this list, any pair of split bindings and hardware will work. Finally, the Coda has a number of environmentally friendly construction techniques thrown in. This is definitely a trend throughout the industry, but Arbor has been at the forefront of this since the late 90s, respect!

ShapeRocker Original Price
Environemntaly Friendly ConstructionCamber$749.99

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Jones Women’s Dream Catcher Splitboard 2021

The best womens splitboards of 2021

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! That’s what they say right? Jones takes this adage seriously with this year’s Women’s Dream Catcher Splitboard. Built atop the extremely popular Dream Catcher shape, this ride is equipped with a directional rocker profile, a medium flexing V-core, and a set back stance. It’s meant to perform predictably all over the mountain, but obviously it’s best enjoyed in the deep stuff.

Adorned with a dreamy early morning mountainscape, you’ll be motivated to keep pushing when you look down at your feet on the skintrack. Staying the course is made extra easy by Traction Tech 2.0 and Inner Edge Traction Tech, meaning you have additional edge contact points all the way around each ski. Not to bog you down in tech, but Jones won’t quit! The Dream Catcher has a Sintered 8000 base for max speed and durability, and a quick tension tail to cut down on weight and time on your ascents.

As is the case with a number of the other boards on this list, the Dream Catcher has got a lot of eco-friendly tech embedded in it’s construction. You’ve got recycled abs sidwalls and recycled steel edges, an Eco-Plastic Topsheet, and it’s all held together with bio-resin, which eschews the use of traditional petroleum-based epoxy. Phew, that’s a mouthful, but we think it’s important and exciting and is one of the reasons the Dream Catcher is one of the best women’s splitboards of 2020-2021.

FeaturesRocker Original Price
Traction Tech Inne & Outer EdgesRocker/Camber/Rocker$749.95

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GNU Gorp Splitboard 2021

The best 2020-2021 splitboards

Splitboarding is hard. Did we already say that? Probably, but the fact remains. Sometimes you need a little pick me up and that’s where some good old fashioned Gorp can come in handy - The GNU Gorp to be specific! Granola, nuts, raisins, and two skis on your feet will get you to the top of your line! Following Lib Tech’s first foray into the split world, GNU certainly didn’t want to be left behind on the skintrack.

Featuring many of the same features as the Lib Tech Split BRD, as profiled above, the Gorp is a top of the line split machine. Constructed from 95% Paulownia wood with Aspen structure beams thrown in, this splitboard is one of the lightest on the market. With a C3 camber profile and a set back stance, the Gorp is ready to rip whatever you’re prepared to hike to. If you have to take it on hardpack or a cattrack, you’ve got the reliable edge hold of Magnetraction all the way around.

Featuring an understated black and white topsheet, a paint splatter base, and a few simple branded stamps, you can be known more for your riding than your loud gear. As always with Mervin Manufacturing products, this is one of the most eco-friendly splits on the market. If you’re always the different one in your crew it’s time to get weird on a Gorp in 2021!

FeaturesRocker Original Price
Eco-Friendly ConstructionC3$899.99

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CAPiTA Neo Slasher Splitboard 2021

The best 2020-2021 splitboards

If Neo actually opted for the blue pill in the Matrix instead of the red, he might have found himself aboard this craft, ripping literal dream pow well into his golden years! I mean, saving the world is great and all, but we would be hard-pressed to take the honorable route if the alternative was endless laps on the 2021 CAPiTA Neo Slasher Splitboard.

The Neo Slasher combines all of CAPiTA’s recent sci-fi board tech with some of the shape and core elements from the much-beloved Charlie Slasher. You’re looking at a hybrid camber/rocker profile with an early rise nose, a set back stance, and a significant taper from tip to tail. Throw in their exclusive “Hyperdrive” base and you’re standing on one mean splitting machine.

If saving the world IS actually your thing, you can’t go wrong with CAPiTA. Their Mothership production facility in Austria runs on 100% clean energy, and their boards are produced with 98% percent locally sourced materials. Not to mention opting for leg power over lift power. I guess you get to have your pow and slash it too!

FeaturesRocker Original Price
Hyperdrive™ BaseRocker/Camber/Rocker$749.95

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Yes Optisplitstic Splitbaord 2021

Best 2021 splitboards

“Yes! Absolutely! Let’s do this! Let’s gooooo!” We all have one of these friends - the ultimate frother - the first person at the trailhead - the one who goes a bit bigger than the rest of the crew. If this sounds like you, or someone you know, you might want to look into the Yes. Optisplitstic Splitboard. This is Yes.’s first production splitboard, and they really came out swinging.

Built on the popular Optimistic chassis, this board is made to seriously float. It has a wide waist width, a slight taper from tip to tail, and a super wide nose. If you have to take it on hardpack, the “Underbite” edges will make sure you can rip back to the lodge, and if you wax up regularly, the Sintered True base will get you there quickly.

Offered in two sizes, a 159cm and a 165cm, most riders will opt on the smaller end, but it’s nice to see something out there for the taller and bigger riders as well. Working with Eagle Pass Heli Skiing and Spark Bindings during the production phase of this board, Yes. has made triple sure that everything is going to work as planned when it really matters. If you want to try out something a little different and are one of those “ultimate frothers”, the Yes. Optisplitstic could be your best choice for a splitboard in 2021.

FeaturesRocker Original Price
UnderBite edgesCamber$999.95

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Arbor Women’s Swoon Splitboard 2021

The best 2020-2021 women's splitboards

Contrary to its namesake, you certainly will NOT be going head over heels when riding the 2021 Arbor Swoon Splitboard. More like head over hills, if you get what we’re saying! Featuring Arbor’s System Rocker and a medium flex profile, the Swoon is perfect for staying afloat in pow. It’s subtle shape means it's at home on harpack, and you’ll have stable and easy to maneuver skis on the ascent.

The Swoon IS an Arbor, so you know they’re throwing in some wild wood tech as well. Featuring a Carbonized Bamboo Powerply and a Highland Split Core, this board comes from the woods and yearns to return to them. Think silent untracked tree runs as far as the eye can see. You’ll feel connected to your board, to nature, and to the stoic evergreens around you.

Speaking of evergreen - and we know we are harping on this stuff, but it’s just so exciting! - the Arbor Swoon has recycled steel edges, is infused with Bio-Resin, and comes waxed with Wend natural wax! The Swoon is easy on the planet, but also relatively easy on the wallet. Retailing for $699.99, this is the most affordable splitboard on our list. Now we know that still may sound pricey, but knock a few lift tickets and overpriced lodge meals off your season and you’ll be well on your way to breaking even!

FeaturesRocker Original Price
Carbonized Bamboo PowerplyRocker$699.99

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