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The 9 Best Women's Snowboards of 2020-2021

The women in the snowboard community can be found all over the mountain and at all ability levels. Whether beginner or expert, focused on dropping the biggest cliffs in the backcountry, throwing hammers in the park, or perfecting the perfect turn, the 2020-2021 selection of snowboards has a wealth of boards for ladies to choose from. These boards are all purpose-built for women riders on the latest and greatest tech, with cutting-edge shaping that makes turning more dynamically intuitive than ever and camber profiles that maximize both float in soft snow and carving ability when things are a little firmer. The shaped and engineered cores utilize multiple wood species, carbon, and even kevlar to ensure both refined flex patterns and bomber durability. Finally, a variety of bases all have smooth glide and consistent speed in common, no matter what snow conditions you might ride.

We are excited to see that every season brings new options and deeper refinement to both the form and function of women’s snowboards. Helping you find the perfect board, whether you are a progressing rider or a seasoned pro, is at the core of what we do. These featured boards are designed for and by some of the most accomplished women on snow. Seeing the ways in which these women rip the whole mountain on these boards, we think that they can help you continue to explore new areas of your own riding, too. We can’t wait to see you on the mountain showing all of the lines that these snowboards help you to create.

The Salomon HPS – Annie Boulanger

Best 2020-2021 women's snowboards

Salomon pro rider and Full Moon crew member Annie Boulanger is a powerful force of nature in the backcountry. Her signature board, part of Salomon’s Hillside Project collection which is designed by fellow team rider Wolle Nyvelt, is the perfect vessel for her powerful slashes and graceful blasts. A surfer in the Summer months, Annie’s snowboarding is heavily informed by her big wave obsession, and her board is the progressive backcountry powder surfer that you would expect it to be.

Central to the design of the HPS – Annie Boulanger board is the Powder Camber bend with an elongated rockered nose and camber between the feet. This shaping supports both powerful turns and seemingly limitless float in soft snow. The stiff (4/5) flex and tapered directional shape allow for authoritative carving. Bamboo and cork sidewalls combine responsive edge hold and dampening. A Fine Stone Finished Sintered EG base is exceptionally durable and lightning-fast. We recommend this board for the powerful, aggressive rider who focuses on storming the burliest lines in deep snow. If you are an experienced rider looking for a board that you can destroy blizzards worth of snow with, we think that the Salomon HPS – Annie Boulanger is one of the best women’s snowboard for you.

TerrainAbility Level Original Price
Freeride, PowderAdvanced-Expert$649.95

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Arbor Veda

The best 2020-2021 women's snowboards

Arbor Collective team rider Marie-France Roy builds her backcountry line-smithing out of toughness and cold smoke. She’s a frequent highflyer alongside her Full Moon crew teammates, putting out some of the most progressive riding around. Her pro model snowboard is as versatile as she is. We love it for its confidence-inspiring anytime, anywhere design and approach to snowboarding. We think that you will love it for its sheer dependability and the creative opportunities that it will unlock in your riding as a result.

The Veda is a directional board with slight taper, supporting both float in the powder and forceful carving on groomers. Arbor’s System Camber parabolic rocker joins forces with their Uprise Fender lifting of the edges at the contact points for smooth turn transitions while still maintaining poppy spring on jumps. The mid-flexing Highland II Core of select lightweight paulownia maximizes nimble attack. The Sintered Plus base is a midweight material that is fast and durable and easy to repair.

We think that the Arbor Veda is the perfect board for the experienced rider who wants to smash freestyle lines in the backcountry or dominate any and all terrain in-bounds. If you want a quiver-of-one, then we recommend this board as your ideal choice for dropping hammers in all conditions.

TerrainAbility Level Original Price
All-Mountain, Freeride, PowderIntermediate-Advanced$499.99

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Burton Yeasayer

The best 2020-2021 women's snowboards

Put simply, we think that the Burton Yeasayer is an ideal all-mountain board for the progressing rider. It is an affirmational companion, positive in its empowerment of growing your skillset and helping you to create new opportunities on the mountain. It’s a board that allows you to focus on perfecting your technique while searching for your next favorite zone or that secret spot that you’ve heard rumors about.

The Yeasayer’s mellow, medium-flexing twin shape with Scoop 3D shaping in the nose and tail is perfect for easy turn transitions. Burton’s flat top bend with flat from binding to binding transitioning to rocker outside the feet yields a mellow, playful ride. A Super Fly 800 G dual-species core features both Dualzone EGD perpendicular grain positioning along the edge and Squeezebox Low core profiling for a tuned flex and consistent edge feel. The extruded base is ideal for low maintenance while still maintaining glide and maximizing graphical pop.

If you are looking for an approachable board to explore every inch of the resort while progressing your riding, then we recommend the Burton Yeasayer. We love its forgiving flex and shape in combination with Burton’s high-end tech. It’s a board that rewards pushing yourself and which forgives the mistakes you might make along the way.

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Season Nexus

The Best 2020-2021 snowboards for women

Season is a new brand founded by Austin Smith and Eric Pollard, two Pacific Northwest professional snow sliding athletes. They’ve pooled their experience, knowledge, and expertise to create a brand where snowboarding and skiing are equals, products never expire and service is included. Austin has been involved in putting amazing board shapes on snow for years and the trend continues with the Nexus. The board features progressive shaping, with the width and stance changing depending on the model length to support all riders, both men and women.

A board that is designed to perform anywhere and everywhere you take it, the Nexus features a medium flex originating with a paulownia and poplar wood core for a playful and poppy ride. Entry rocker with camber between the feet, as well as 6mm of taper and a 2mm stance setback set you up for success across the entire mountain. A black sintered base will make sure you're one of the fastest riders on the mountain, while the 360 wrap ABS sidewall ensures a damp and stable ride when you reach Mach speeds.

A huge bonus is the service aspect that comes with Season Eqpt. boards. The Season Pass, a service partnership with evo, will let you get the most out of your purchase. If you buy Season Eqpt. this season you'll receive a lifetime of service from evo. A stainless steel tail insert for durability, and a simple yet aesthetically pleasing board graphic that stays consistent year to year also ensure you'll maximize the number of days and seasons you get on the Nexus. It's always exciting to be on the ground floor of a new beginning, now is your chance.

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K2 Cold Shoulder

The Best 2020-2021 snowboards for women

The K2 Cold Shoulder is a modern take on the traditional, directional all-mountain board. It is a do-it-all cruiser second to none. A confident, mid-flexing board designed to tackle everything on the mountain with a combination of float and pop.

The Cold Shoulder’s Directional Combination Camber has slightly more rocker in the nose, camber between the feet, and a shorter rocker in the tail. This introduces a bit more powder float into the all-mountain design story. The Tweekend tip and tail continue the nose and tail rockers out to the ends for more float and stable, locked-in pressing and buttering. The Rhythm Core is designed specifically for the mechanics and geometry of women riders. The Sintered 4000 Base is fast, durable, and absorbs wax readily.

The K2 Cold Shoulder is our first choice suggestion for the progressing intermediate or advanced rider looking for an all-mountain board that maximizes directional turning performance and float. If you are fortunate enough to ride mountains with good amounts of snowfall and are looking for a board that can support your groomer cruising everyday domination while also opening up more possibilities in powder, then this is the board for you.

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Jones Twin Sister

The best 2020-2021 women's snowboards

As a brand, Jones has a core identity steeped in the highest consequence lines. Their boards never stray far from that purpose, even when they make an all-mountain freestyle twin. The Jones Twin Sister is that twin.

The Twin Sister’s Camrock profile joins the yin and yang of camber in between the feet and rocker outside of the bindings with their 3D Contour Base 2.0 spooned shaping in the tip and tail. This combines groomer edge hold with powder float and silky-smooth edge transitions. The twin stance and Progressive Sidecut allow for switch take-offs and landings interwoven with dynamic edge control and carves that accelerate through the arc of the turn. The FSC Control core features 2:1 paulownia to poplar ratio and V-Core core profiling for a softer targeted flex in the center of an otherwise mid-stiff (7/10) board. The Traction Tech 3.0 edge profile bites in all conditions, and the Sintered 8000 base with a blend of Ultra High Molecular weight polyethylene and carbon is extremely durable and has unstoppable speed.

We have the Jones Twin Sister marked as one of the best women’s snowboards for all-mountain freestyle riders who don’t want any limitations in taking their expression all over the mountain. It’s an all-conditions freestyle wild child that is at home spinning and popping forward and switch in big terrain and little, both inside the boundary ropes and somewhere way out beyond them, too.

TerrainAbility Level Original Price
Freestyle, All-MountainIntermediate-Advanced$499.95

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CAPiTA Birds of a Feather

The best women's snowboards of 2020-2021

The Birds of a Feather is CAPiTA’s injection of pure freestyle in an all-mountain board. It has been a best-selling, award-winning board for multiple seasons, and this is the latest and greatest version of it, throwing all of the latest wizard freestyle tech that CAPiTA has to offer into the mix. We recommend it season after season as the women’s board that can bring freestyle options to every run down the mountain.

The Birds of a Feather features CAPiTA’s Resort V1 Profile with camber from binding to binding, flat outside the bindings, and a touch of rocker at the contact points leading to CAPiTA’s Wah-Pow! Flat nose and tail kicks. Its Mid-flexing (5/10) Dual Blaster Ashpop Core with poplar strips fused to Ash throughout the insert area and along the rails matches power and durability with light weight. Carbon Fiber Boosters in the core increase snappy pop and power for take-offs and landings. Fortress Kevlar Bound Sidewalls tie the top and bottom of the lay-up together and increase the strength and durability to eleven. The Quantum Drive Base with higher density ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene has better wax absorption for higher speed. We recommend the Birds of a Feather for the intermediate or advanced rider who finds herself wanting to play around with every side hit and creatively illustrate her lines all over the mountain with freestyle flair.

TerrainAbility Level Original Price
Freestyle, All-MountainBeginner-Advanced$459.95

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Ride Psychocandy

The best 2020-2021 womens snowboards

The Ride Psychocandy is all-new this year and based on the paradigm-changing volume-shifted design found in the Ride Warpig. It is designed to be ridden a few centimeters shorter and a little bit wider than a traditional all-mountain board, yielding a more nimble board that is crazy good in tight trees and spinning through the park while maintaining stability at speed.

The Psychocandy’s Directional Rocker has reverse camber in the tip and tail and is flat from binding to binding. This bend combines with a setback stance and a medium flex for easy float and edge transitions. The tapered Bi-Radial Sidecut has 10mm of taper from tip to tail and enables a wider waist that doesn’t require width in the rest of the board, maximizing stability without sacrificing edge response. Double Impact Plates under the bindings protect against breakage Carbon is featured widely in the core and the sidewalls, with Carbon Array 5 and Carbon Infused Glass maximizing edge response and pop, while Carbon Slimewalls produce dampness that doesn’t sacrifice dynamic feedback. A Sintered, Stone Ground Race Base made from high-end sintered 4000 Ptex is durable, hard, and fast. The Ride Psychocandy is for the advanced or expert all-mountain rider who wants an especially nimble board for her all-mountain adventures. If that’s you, we think that you’ll love it.

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Lib Tech Dynamiss C3

Best 2021 womens snowboards

The Lib Tech Dynamiss C3 Snowboard is what happens when Lib Tech designs a board for all of the women out there that are bringing freestyle riding to every inch of every mountain. It is a backcountry launch machine that is equally at-home in the resort dropping our jaws and eliciting whoops from us on the lift.

The Dynamiss features C3 camber, which is Lib Tech’s most aggressive profile aimed at power and control, paired with a manageable medium flex. The Original Power (OP) Construction core of 75% aspen and 25% paulownia is both strong and lightweight, able to handle whatever you dish at it. The sidewalls feature birch internal construction wrapped in sintered ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that extends into the tip and tail for impact deflection. A Magne-Traction edge profile grips in all conditions. The top and base art is by PNW snowboarding legend and long-time Lib Tech pro rider Jamie Lynn. If you know, you know.

The Dynamiss is the perfect choice as an aggressive board for the powerful rider taking her freestyle flow to both higher-consequence backcountry terrain and also slaying all options in-bounds. It is aimed at the more-advanced shredder, rewarding deeper skillsets with dynamic pop and predictable strength.

TerrainAbility Level Original Price
All-Mountain, FreerideAdvanced$499.95

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