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The 10 Best Snowboard Step On Bindings & Boots of 2022-2023

By: Stew Langner: Snowboard Buyer | September 15, 2022


If we’re being honest, we didn’t expect a resurgence in the step-on/step-in style binding market. But Burton has always been an innovator, and that legacy continues to this day. Over the years many binding and boot manufacturers have tried to varying degrees of success (and failure!) to figure out this problem. After designing a completely new step on bindings and step on boots system from the ground up, Burton has finally cracked the code. Their Step On system has all the convenience of previous iterations of this technology, with none of the functionality issues of years past.

New This Year:

Now that the Step On system has proven itself, other boot brands are beginning to offer options compatible with Burton Step On bindings. If you’ve been a lifelong DC or Nitro boot user, but are sold on the speed and ease of Burton’s Step On innovations, you can now have the best of both worlds. This is a list of the best Step On gear for 2022/2023. We’re certain that after researching buying snowboard bindings you can find a combo here that will have you clicked in and riding before anyone else in your crew!

Burton Step On Snowboard Bindings 2023

Burton Step On Bindings - Men's & Women's

Pair these bindings with some Step On Boots to experience the simplest, most straightforward setup on the mountain. With the Burton Step On Snowboard Bindings, you can (surprise) just step right onto your bindings. They're crazy intuitive, and they give you a perfect connection to your board for easy all-mountain stylin'. No straps, all shred.

A medium flexing binding with Burton’s Re:Flex FullBED Cushioning System, you’ll be seriously surprised at the all-day and all-terrain comfort this system can provide. As is the case with most bindings, forward lean is still adjustable on Step On setups. Dial it up for more aggressive turning and heelside initiation, and dial it back for a more relaxed ride. The Burton Step On bindings are the best product for those looking for a more convenient way to ride their local resort in any and all sorts of terrain.

Flex RatingBinding FeaturesOriginal Price
Medium18% Short-Glass / Nylon Composite Baseplate$299.95

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Burton Step On X Snowboard Bindings - Women's 2023

Burton Step On X Bindings - Women's

The Burton Step On X Snowboard Bindings are your ticket to first tracks all over the mountain. The step-on entry system is convenient and quick, and the toe hooks keep your foot secure in any terrain. Carbon baseplates and hi-backs are responsive and stiff, and the Re:Flex cushioning will keep your legs happy from first chair to last. The Re:Flex system makes these bindings ultra versatile too, so you can slap them on any board in your quiver without worrying about mounting compatibility.

Flex RatingBinding FeaturesOriginal Price
Stiff50% Carbon / Nylon Composite Baseplate$439.95

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Burton Step On Escapade Snowboard Bindings - Women's 2023

Burton Step On Escapade Bindings - Women's

A step up from the basic Step On, the Burton Step On Escapade Snowboard Bindings are a bit stiffer, adding performance to their outstanding comfort and ease of use. With all the cushioning and convenience features of the original Step On, plus the Kickback Hammock, and a slightly more aggressive ride, these binders are ready for pow, ice, or park. All-mountain riding doesn't need to include fiddling with your straps, ever.

If you add up all the time you've spent at the top of runs, squatting, plopping down onto your rear, de-icing buckles, and wasting energy on your strap bindings, you'd have an extra pow run per year. If you include all the time you wait for your crew to do the same, well, send them this link too. It's time to ditch the straps!

Flex RatingBinding FeaturesOriginal Price
Medium +30% Short-Glass / Nylon Composite Baseplate, Hammock Highback$379.95

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DC Control Step On Snowboard Boots 2023

DC Control Step On

All the performance with none of the hassle! The DC Control Step On Snowboard Boots provide warm, waterproof, and supportive performance with a moderate flex while also pairing seamlessly with Burton's game-changing Step On® interface. Add in a newly improved BOA® fit system with H4 Coiler Dial for "dialed" in, foot-hugging security that's easy, quick, and better than ever.

Flex RatingLacing SystemOriginal Price
4 out of 10Boa®$389.95

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DC Judge Step On Snowboard Boots 2023

DC Judge Step On Boots

The longtime team favorite DC Judge Step On Snowboard Boots merge cutting-edge tech with the effortless convenience and performance of Burton's Step On® interface. Equipped with DC's premium R3 liner with 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation, plus Aerotech ventilation, the Judge Step On Snowboard Boots don't just give you the performance to take on the entirety of the mountain, they also ensure you're comfortable while you do it.

These boots use Double Boa as their lacing system, but they aren’t overly stiff. We’d consider them more of an All-Mountain or Freestyle offering rather than something you’d want on your feet in AK or at the top of an icy boardercross course. As always with DC, your throwback-style points will be through the roof wherever you decide to ride. Best boots ever? You be the judge.

Flex RatingLacing SystemOriginal Price
6 out of 10Double Boa$419.95

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Nitro Profile TLS Step On Snowboard Boots 2023

Nitro Profile TLS Step On Boots

Since the dawn of snowboarding, we've dreamt of a better, smarter way of attaching ourselves to snowboards than straps, ratchets, and buckles. It goes by the name 'Step On', and it's just as simple as it sounds. The Nitro Profile TLS Step On Snowboard Boots are the first Nitro boots with Step On compatibility. That means you get the superior comfort, fit, and performance you've come to expect from Nitro, with the added convenience and speed of Step On technology.

These boots are rated at an 8 out of 10 on the stiffness scale, but they feature a removable Tongue Stiffener if you want to change your approach. They feature Nitro’s exclusive TLS Twin Lacing System so you can dial in your fit extra snug. These Step On boots will be best for a somewhat aggressive rider, though they do have a degree of adjustability here that makes them a bit more versatile. If you’ve used and liked Nitro Boots in the past, and are transitioning to Step On bindings, these could be the best fit for you.

Flex RatingLacing SystemOriginal Price
8 out of 10TLS Twin Lacing System$429.95

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DC Mora Step On Snowboard Boots - Women's 2023

DC Mora Step On Boots - Women's

The days of unloading the chair only to have to sit down and strap in are behind us. Now it's time to elevate your experience with your new Step On bindings with the top-of-the-line DC Mora Step On Snowboard Boots. Here with an improved Dual Zone BOA Fit System for better durability and an even more flawless fit, the Mora Step On Snowboard Boots lend the performance needed to ride at the highest level. Stiff and responsive, while simultaneously warm and comfortable, thanks to DC's premium R2 liner and 3M Thinsulate insulation, these futuristic snowboard kicks were made to handle harsh conditions and whatever terrain you throw their way.

Coming in at a 7 out of 10 on the DC flex scale, the Moras are going to suit intermediate and advanced riders best, though we will say some of that extra stiffness is simply to counteract the lack of straps on Step On bindings. If these are comfortable, and they fit you well, you’ll likely have a good time in the Mora’s wherever you wanna ride!

Flex RatingLacing SystemOriginal Price
7 out of 10Double Boa$399.95

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Burton Ion Step On Snowboard Boots 2023

Burton Ion Step On Boots

It makes sense that one of the most responsive boots on the planet would have a Step On option: what's the point of instantaneous inputs and maximum response if it's all going to be lost in the slop of straps? The Burton Ion Step On Snowboard Boots eliminate the hassle of straps and let you have a real sole-ful connection with your board. Just step on and slide off. The Ion comes in a firm flex with extra heel retention from the Snugger Strap, so just because it's super easy to use, don't think for a second that it's not a responsive, high-performing all-mountain boot.

A hybrid lacing system incorporates Boa as well as Burton’s patented low-weight and ultra-fast Speed-Lacing. The Step On Ions are stiff, light, and aggressive, and are best for riders looking to get the ultimate performance out of their Step On system.

Flex RatingLacing SystemOriginal Price
8 out of 10Boa + Speed Lacing$589.95

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Burton Felix Step On Snowboard Boots - Women's 2023

Burton Felix Step On Boots - Women's

Bid farewell to fiddly straps and the forced up'n'down squats routine before every run. The Burton Felix Step On Snowboard Boots offer the unrivaled convenience of the Step On system along with all the comfort and performance you need to shred your best this season. Driven by comfort and tuned for response, the Felix Step On Snowboard Boots offer an Imprint 3 Liner and a women's specific cuff that provides you with a broken-in feel straight out of the box. With their mid-stiff flex and Dual Zone Boa System, feel free to go for it while reaping the rewards of the Step On connection.

Additional features include a DryRide Heat Cycle lining which is warm and breathable, plus an Aegis Antimicrobial Coating to keep your dogs extra fresh. Fit, lacing style, and aesthetics are the game here. This medium flexing boot can work for any level rider on almost any terrain but is best for those looking to explore the whole hill without a need for extreme looseness or racing-level aggression.

Flex RatingLacing SystemOriginal Price
6 out of 10Double Boa$459.95

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Burton Ruler Step On Snowboard Boots 2023

Burton Ruler Step On Boots

The Burton Ruler Step On Snowboard Boots are the kings of the hill when it comes to comfort and ease of use. They feature an Imprint 2 heat moldable liner to get the fit just right, and a Sequence Boa system to keep you locked and loaded. The medium flex is comfy and freestyle-ready, and best of all, the Rulers are part of Burton's Step On system, which means they're made to be paired with strapless and simple Step On bindings for impossibly easy on-the-fly use. Welcome to the future, my dudes.

Flex RatingLacing SystemOriginal Price
6 out of 10Boa$339.95

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