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The 10 Best Men's Snowboard Boots of 2022-2023

By: Stew Langner: Snowboard Buyer | September 14, 2022


Whether you like your boots firm or soft, lace or boa, built for hiking the sidecountry or just lapping the park, evo has the lowdown on the best snowboard boots for the 2022-2023 winter season. These 10 snowboard boots models feature legacy profiles that have proven themselves year after year, as well as new innovations from some of the most respected companies in the game. Whether it’s a spring day with your squad, a solo pow mission, or anything in between, this list will help make sure you’re dialed in to make the most out of your days on hill. Key features to focus on when choosing snowboard boots include preferred lacing system, outsole composition, and overall responsiveness.

New This Year:

Trends this year center around ultimate comfort with a locked-down fit, thanks to BOA systems. A variety of configurations allow BOA to fully lock you in place or complement your laces with a targeted hold for ultra-response and comfort.

  • Video Script
    Hi, I’m Tommy from evo with our picks for the best snowboard boots of 2023. A new Season of snowboarding boots is upon us. In this video we’ll discuss some of the best boots we think are worth checking out. Brands are adding more double boa boots to their lineup to meet rider demand for simple adjustment and easy mornings in the parking lot. Heat moldable liners are also pretty much standard in mid to high-end snowboard boots. We recommend visiting a boot fitter and getting the boots that fit you best. So hit that like button and let's get into it! The K2 Hanford Snowboard Boots bring atomic power to the slopes. They’re all about solid, all-mountain performance thats comfortable right out of the box. Constructed with a mid stiff flex and super customizable fit, your heel will stay locked in place allll day. Along with a dual zone boa, Liner laces provide a third point of customization so you can pressure your edges and lay out deep carves without your feet sliding around. All in all, the Hanford is a great everyday boot for those looking to get serious about their riding. According to our bootfitters, K2 tends to run wider in the toe box while fitting true to size in the heel. If this sounds like you, put these on your short list. Next on the list is the DC Transcend Snowboard Boots. They’re extra stiff and have the DC style you love, for aggressive everyday riding. Beyond its super tweakable double boa, the Transcend features a STORMPROOF™ Storm Flap, which zips over the top of your foot to keep out water. Vibram outsoles provide grip and SUPER FABRIC™ adds longevity for season after season of riding hard. Inside, 3M Thinsulate insulation provides warmth. Plus, a harness hugs your ankle and heel to provide support and lock you in. We recommend the DC Transcend Snowboard Boots for riders looking to push their limits. With a stiff flex, customizable liner, and double boa for a secure hold, these boots are one of our faves. The Vans Encore Pro Snowboard Boots are best-selling all-rounders that offer great fit out of the box. Their versatile performance for both freeriding and freestyle makes them the preferred choice for women who can do it all and do it well. Now with a Smartwool insulated UltraCush V2 liner and All-Trac rubber soles for warmth and security, the Encore Pros have the classic Vans look with all the performance you deserve. Salomon Echo Dual Boa Snowboard Boots Next up is the Salomon Echo Dual Boa Snowboard Boots. All new for the Twenty-Twenty three season, the Echo is a stiff, powerful boot for aggressive riders that want great response. They feature Mountain GOAT and Contagrip® outsoles that provide long-lasting durability and traction. Whether you’re an advanced rider looking to get the newest tech or just want a pair of boots that will last, the Salomon Echo Dual Boa is one to watch. Made with eco friendly materials and sleek neutral colors, these are awesome boots that anyone can get behind. The Thirty Two STW Double Boa Snowboard Boots connect you to your bindings with maximum comfort and minimal drama. We love this boot for how affordable it is, but also how it offers a performance fit for less experienced riders. A quick pull internal lacing system makes it easy to get on the mountain quickly, and a comfort harness keeps your feet securely in place while you’re honing your skills. With a soft flex, the STW is extra forgiving when you fall. We think everyone deserves a quality fit and sturdy boot no matter what their price point is. The Thirty Two STW Double Boa proves that good things do come in small packages! The K2 Trance Snowboard Boots are all about solid, all-mountain performance. They accomplish this task with a mid-stiff flex pattern and top-notch heel hold. K2 has placed a premium on durability, so this boot is built to last. For riders who go hard on their gear, this one’s for you! K2 put a tough rubber outsole on high stress areas like the toe, so you can kick snow off your board to your heart's content. Harshmellow™ dampening softens your ride underfoot. The Trance is perfect for intermediate to advanced riders who find themselves in need of repairs more than once a season. Do yourself a favor and Strap into the Trance, we think you’ll be hooked. Alright, those are the boots to look out for! Whether you’re ballin on a budget or looking for something that will last, our favorite snowboard brands are serving up the goods. If you need more help, our experts love talking about gear. Visit us online, book a boot-fitting appointment, or give us a call, we’re always happy to help. Hit the subscribe button to stay updated on the newest gear and drop any questions in the comments below. And remember, even the highest-end snowboard boots are still cheaper than most ski boots! Thanks for watching. See you in the mountains!

    Vans Aura OG Snowboard Boots 2023

    Vans Aura OG

    Simple, lightweight, and effective. The Vans Aura OG Snowboard Boots provide the durability and performance you need out of an all-mountain boot, but with a pared-down design that doesn't distract itself with all of the bells and whistles. The single Boa system will have you dialed in for a good time, and a forgiving flex and super comfortable liner will help you get the most out of any style of riding.

    FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price

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    DC Transcend Snowboard Boots 2023

    DC Transcend

    All mountain performance, classic style: the DC Transcend Snowboard Boots are a stiff and performance-oriented boot for everyone ready to get out there and send it. The Transcend features a Response III Liner with Thinsulate insulation for warmth and security, and a Dual BOA® Fit System so you can stay locked in. Aerotech ventilation helps wick away sweat on pow days, and a zip-up storm flap prevents slush from seeping in. The DC Transcend Snowboard boots are truly out of this world.

    Responsive as the day is long, if you’re a rider who charges the whole mountain and demands performance out of your boots, the DC Transcend snowboard boots are going to keep the stoke high all season long.

    FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price
    StiffDouble Boa®$399.95

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    Ride Jackson Snowboard Boots 2023

    Ride Jackson

    The Ride Jackson Snowboard Boots pair all mountain capability with everyday comfort that won't leave you hobbling at the end of the day. The heat moldable Intuition™ Support Liner ensures a close, personalized fit, while the fast and easy Boa® closure makes hopping in and out second nature. Complete with Flex Lite 2.0 Soles and both internal and external J bars, the Ride Jackson Snowboard boots take your riding from the steep and deep to pak laps and groomer zoomers with ease.

    FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price

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    K2 Maysis Snowboard Boots 2023

    K2 Maysis

    The K2 Maysis Snowboard Boots are K2's best-selling option for good reason. They're crazy comfortable, easy to adjust, and provide dialed, predictable performance. Built around the power of the Boa lacing system, these boots have one coiler for the outside and another for the liner, letting you get your foot snugly locked in and your fit completely customized. To add in some extra comfort, they come pre-equipped with Intuition liners and vibration-dampening Harshmellow midsoles, making this sweet all-mountain boot just about as value-packed as you could ask for.

    One of the best bang-for-your-buck snowboard boots available, the K2 Maysis packs a heavy punch of responsive comfort thanks to Intuition™ Control Foam 3D Liners and TX3 Boa® Laces. If you’re looking to charge groomers, boost side-hits and slash apart the whiteroom, the K2 Maysis has your back.

    FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price
    StiffDouble Boa®$329.95

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    Ride Lasso Pro Snowboard Boots 2023

    Ride Lasso Pro

    Do you love the fit and feel of the Lassos but wish they had a little more juice? A little more oomph? The Ride Lasso Pro Snowboard Boots have exactly what you're looking for, serving up a stiffer flex on the same fit you know and love. They feature an Intuition™ wrap liner and H4 Boa® Coiler Fit System for real-time response, and Ride's all-new Impacto™ Elite Insole to absorb big hits and chattery snow. From the steeps to the half pipe, the Lasso Pro delivers the goods.

    Ride’s IN2GRATED™ Construction results in an ultra-light silhouette with a small footprint. If you’re looking for maximum response and a boot that is going to keep your feet warm all day long, these techy liners and Heat Reflective Foil are the answer.

    FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price
    StiffDouble Boa®$399.95

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    Salomon Echo Dual Boa Snowboard Boots 2023

    Salomon Echo Dual Boa

    If you're on the hunt for new boots, you might as well help the planet out too. The Salomon Echo Dual Boa® Snowboard Boots are made for all-around versatility with eco-friendly materials from the inside out. The dual Boa® system is extra supportive and easy to use, and the fully heat-moldable liner provides the most dialed fit of any boot around. The MTN GOAT and Contagrip® outsoles provide long-lasting durability and traction too, so you can keep these boots out of the landfill for many seasons to come. Durability meets eco-friendly design in the Salomon Echo Boots. With Fit-to-Ride construction, the Echo boots will provide the perfect, comfortable fit right out of the box in a lighter and more compact footprint.

    Kevin, Outerwear & Bags Buyer: "The Echo is the boot for the all mountain rider that doesn’t want to think about their feet hurting or their boot falling apart. No compromise in material or construction. A perfect medium flex that will support you across the whole mountain."

    Read Salomon Echo Dual Boa In-Depth Review

    FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price
    StiffDouble Boa®$429.95

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    K2 Boundary Snowboard Boots 2023

    K2 Boundary

    Pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone has never felt so comfortable. The K2 Boundary Snowboard Boots are dependable all-mountain boots with a medium flex and a ton of features to help you stay in control while you explore the wilder sides of the mountain. The Intuition Control Foam liner is as comfortable as they come, and the Boa coiler keeps your foot locked in for extra performance. Topped off with Harshmellow midsoles for shock absorbing powers, these boots will have you crushing it harder than ever before.

    FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price

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    Burton SLX Snowboard Boots 2023

    Burton SLX

    Looking for a light, streamlined, and versatile lace-up boot? The Burton SLX Snowboard Boots combine Burton's top tech and best materials in a design that's led the industry for a while, and won't quit any time soon. You get the superior LIFE+ Liner, classic Speed Zone lacing, and top-shelf fit and response in a sleek package that's right for any day on the mountain.

    The Ferrari of snowboard boots, the Burton SLX comes revved up with Speed Zone lacing for quick and easy adjustability on hill. ReBounce Cushioning dampens impact, while the Vibram® XWing Outsole maximizes traction and board feel for advanced to expert riders who demand responsiveness and quick control.

    FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price

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    thirtytwo TM-Two Jones Snowboard Boots 2023

    thirtytwo TM-Two Jones

    A new split-friendly design for riders who don't always straightline 60-degree spines, as well as more playful sorts and those with smaller frames, the thirtytwo TM-Two Jones Snowboard Boots are based on the tried-and-true TM-Two boot with a flex of 7 out of 10 (the MTB is a 10). A walk mode collar and grippy Vibram® sole make getting to the goods a reality rather than a hope, and a smooth zip-up gaiter keeps the front of the boot clear of snow and ice. Get it so you can get there.

    The all-new thirtytwo TM-Two Jones Snowboard Boots are the perfect option for advanced to expert riders looking to expand their mountain exploration. The full-length gaiter keeps snow out, and the Vibram Outsole keeps you grounded the whole way up.

    FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price
    StiffTraditional Lace$424.95

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    K2 Hanford Snowboard Boots 2023

    K2 Hanford

    The K2 Hanford Snowboard Boots are all about solid, all-mountain performance. They accomplish this task with a mid-stiff flex pattern, customizable fit, and top-notch heel hold. The boot uses a double reel Boa system on the outside and a quick-pull harness on the liner to keep your feet locked in place, letting you pressure your edges harder and lay out your carves deeper than ever before. The K2 Hanford Snowboard Boots are the perfect blend of a freestyle feel in a stiffer silhouette. With the free flex of TX3 Boa® and K2’s Harshmellow™ dampening, these boots are a perfect balance for all-mountain ripping.

    Tommy, IT Support Technician: "Although it might not be the stiffest boot on the K2 line up, this boot isn’t afraid to show off its playful feel. When put to the test, it can really press onto the edges of any board, and the response you get when snapping from edge to edge makes connecting turns and bobbing through tree runs feel like second nature."

    Read K2 Hanford In-Depth Review

    FlexLacing SystemOriginal Price
    StiffDouble Boa®$359.95

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