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About evoTrip:

Combining your sports passions with traveling makes for the ultimate adventure. Join us as we travel the globe skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and more with our evoTrip adventure travel packages. For years we’ve explored Japanese powder, Chilean peaks, and many other breathtaking destinations. We’re happy to invite you to join us on these adventure travel vacations.

evoTrip extends our core value of “Invitation,” bringing together like-minded travelers to exciting outdoor destinations. Not only do we help bring people together, taking care of the logistics for you, but we bring a little evo style to the party. We’re all about the communities that adventure sports like skiing and snowboarding create, through evoTrip we seek to explore these communities globally. 

Planning a skiing, snowboarding, or mountain biking trip halfway around the world can be a complicated task, let alone navigating once you arrive. Book your outdoor adventure trip with evoTrip, and we’ll use our years of experience, and on-the-ground employees to remove all of the headache. Our travel trips are not planned to the minute, however, meaning that you will still have the autonomy to make the adventure your own. Choose your destination and learn more about these awesome adventure travel packages. 

The LOGE Camps Experience

Inspired by the surf, climbing and camping culture of the 70's and the relaxed energy of a road trip with friends, LOGE inspires people to get out and explore together. LOGE finds forgotten motels near their favorite towns and trails and brings them back to life with a variety of ways to stay like hotel rooms, hostel bunks, and campsites. We've partnered with LOGE​ to fully outfit their locations with performance demos, fun rentals, and other gear amenities for surfers, mountain bikers, skiers, and snowboarders to make the most of your trip. From fire pits to free live music, LOGE delivers a welcoming outdoor adventure-focused experience at each of its locations.