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The 9 Best Powder Snowboards of 2021 - Men's & Women's

It’s about to be 2021, that’s like, the future maaaan. If you don’t own or haven’t ridden a powder-specific snowboard yet, then you are most certainly living in the past. This style of board has exploded in popularity over the past decade, and for good reason too. Virtually every brand offers at least one powder-focused shape in their line, and most have multiple options to choose from.

This year’s fresh crop of rippers, floaters, blasters, and cruisers is anything but monolithic. Every option here on our list of the best powder snowboards of 2021 brings something unique to the table. We’ve got deep swallowtails and blunt tails, we’ve got short & wide boards as well as more traditional lengths, and there are a mix of flex, outline, and camber characteristics to boot. The days in which you could slap a wide nose and some rocker on a board and call it good are gone. It’s a new era and it’s time to mount up!

An increasingly common theme in recent years are powder snowboard collaborations with renowned surfboard shapers. This trend is a key to what unites these rides. Though they may differ significantly in shape, just like many surfboards, they are all designed to shred our favorite type of frozen water - untouched pow. Whether you are looking to draw big smooth lines on an open face, or slash tight turns through trees, you are sure to find something here to help you choose the best powder snowboard to surf the white wave with much more finesse than your standard craft.

Jones Mind Expander

Best 2020-2021 powder snowboards

We’re not going to make the pun you want us to - no Grateful Dead references or trippy taglines. You see, we would rather think outside of the box in 2021, and ever since we started riding this board our minds have just really expa… uhhh, darn, walked right into that one. In all seriousness though, you WILL be seeing your home mountain in a completely new light after strapping into a Mind Expander, it’s that different.

Designed in collaboration with legendary surf shaper Chris Christenson, the Mind Expander has a full rocker shaper modeled after Christenson’s super smooth surfboards. This, combined with a significant tip to tail taper, and the Jones-exclusive 3-D Contour Base 3.0 provides insane float in even the deepest of conditions. You’ll be tossing buckets while carving top to bottom runs in no time, brah!

The Mind Expander comes in a full size range, and it isn’t quite as wide underfoot as some of the other offerings on this list. You can size down a bit, but don’t overdo it. It’s got a medium-flex with a slightly soft V-Core to increase maneuverability, and a stiffer tail for stability and pop. As with all Jones snowboards there is a long list of eco-friendly tech that we are fully in support of. If you are looking to progress your powder riding while channeling a more surfy vibe, we encourage you to step aboard the Jones Mind Expander in 2021.

StiffnessRocker Original Price
Medium"Rock Out" Hybrid Rocker/Camber$449.95

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Bataleon The Surfer LTD

The best 2020-2021 directional snowboards

You know what this thing is for, we know what this thing is for, and everyone in the lift line is gonna know too. A full-on, heat-seeking, top-of-the-line, powder-hounding missile, that’s what The Surfer LTD is. Featuring an insanely deep swallowtail, a wide, rockered, and spooned out nose, and the absolute best tech money can buy, you’ll be the envy of all your friends on powder days. That is of course if they can catch you as you throw up massive clouds on the way to the parking lot.

Coming in a super limited-edition of only 150 boards worldwide, you better be quick if you want to snag one of these bad boys. And you’re not just buying rarity either. The Surfer LTD comes equipped with a Super Ultra Light Woodcore, carbon tubes for edge to edge power transfer, and AirRide technology to dampen vibrations when you hit the chunder. This all sits atop a Nano Speed S base, which is the same type of base that Olympic ski racers use, no joke.

The Surfer LTD only comes in a 154cm and a 159cm, so one of those sizes has got to be right for you, and the hefty price tag has got to be as well. But hey, YOLO right?! Plus, if you use the included neoprene travel case religiously, and only ride this thing when it’s really meant to be ridden, you’ll be reaping dividends for years to come from your very sound investment. The complete package means that this is a very condition-specific board, but this is a list of the best powder snowboards afterall. For riders on a tighter budget, Bataleon makes the regular Surfer that still packs a performance punch, but leaves out some of the bells and whistles.

FlexShape Original Price
MediumDirectional Tapered, Swallowtail$1,199.95

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K2 Wildheart - Women’s

The best 2020-2021 women's powder snowboards

Ladies, be careful with this board. If you let your guard down you might find yourself reaching for the K2 Wildheart every day of the season. Powder days will be especially hard - attempting to act like you’re not having more fun than everyone else may produce a sharp desire to leave the crowd behind. A solo hike hand in hand with your Wildheart will seem like your best escape, or actually, with at least one buddy and with the proper gear, but you get the gist.

The 2021 K2 Wildheart is seriously what we’ve been waiting for. It’s a classic short and wide shape, built on the K2-exclusive, women’s-specific Rhythm Core. This construction is uniquely shaped and designed to complement the mechanics, geometry, and riding style of female snowboarders. The board is tapered a bit, and setback as well, but the rockered and wide tip and tail means you can ride or land switch with ease. It’s not too stiff, not too soft, it’s juuuust right.

While made with powder in mind, the Wildheart could easily be a daily driver. It eschews any of the exaggerated shapes of some of the other boards listed here for a more subtle and nuanced approach. If you’ve been feeling hemmed in or uninspired, now is the time to grab a new board, and the Wildheart is one of the best women’s powder snowboards of 2020-2021.

FlexShape Original Price
MediumDirectional Tapered, Volume Shift$479.95

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Season Forma - Men's & Women's

The best powder snowboards of 2021

Season is a new brand founded by Austin Smith and Eric Pollard, two Pacific Northwest professional snow sliding athletes. They’ve pooled their experience, knowledge, and expertise to create a brand where snowboarding and skiing are equals, products never expire and service is included. Austin has been involved in putting amazing board shapes on snow for years and the trend continues with the Forma. The board features progressive shaping, with the width and stance changing depending on the model length to support all riders, both men and women.

A board with a shape that looks like it could perform equally well in water and snow, the Forma is designed for those in search of the perfect powder turn. It features a soft to medium flex originating with a paulownia and poplar wood core for a playful and poppy ride. Entry rocker with camber between the feet, as well as 10 mm of taper and a 7.5 mm stance setback, set you up for success in even the deepest of days. The board has a wider than normal width across all sizes, with the volume shift allowing a rider to size down compared to their normal board size. A black sintered base will ensure you can maintain good speed through low-angle pow, while the 360 wrap ABS sidewall ensures a damp and stable ride when you get into chunder or heavy snow while exploring off the trail. The smaller sidecut radius translates to fun and snappy turns coming in handy on tight tree runs. But don't let the Forma's powder tendencies fool you, this board also begs to lay out some soul carves on a hard pack trail.

A huge bonus is the service aspect that comes with Season Eqpt. boards. The Season Pass, a service partnership with evo, will let you get the most out of your purchase. If you buy Season Eqpt. this season you'll receive a lifetime of service from evo. A stainless steel tail insert for durability (which is especially important on swallowtails), and a simple yet aesthetically pleasing board graphic that stays consistent year to year also ensure you'll maximize the number of days and seasons you get on the Forma. It's always exciting to be on the ground floor of a new beginning, now is your chance.

FlexShape Original Price
MediumDirectional Tapered, Volume Shifted Swallowtail$599

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Lib Tech Lost Retro Ripper C3

The best powder snowboards of 2021

Adorned with incredible art by Katsushika Hokusai, the Lib Tech Lost Retro Ripper C3 would be a perfect partner for a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, and is, don’t get it twisted. The board was born stateside, however, as the brainchild of Washington based Lib Tech board builders and Lost Surfboards founder Matt Biolos.Mix these influences and the Retro Ripper will certainly have you laying into turns like you’re at Lower Trestles.

Coming in a single 166cm size, this board is made to bash, slash, and burn through serious lines. If we’re being frank, if this is your first powder-board rodeo, you might want to look for something a little bit more modest. With the elongated shape and aggressive C3 profile, you’ll need to know what you’re doing to pilot the Retro Ripper properly. Think deep snow, big open lines, and powerful riding. Though the swallowtail will help you sink your tail and float that nose in pow, a crisp bluebird morning on groomers could unlock another side to the Ripper.

As usual with Lib boards, the Retro Ripper is produced with minimal environmental impact, and features a ton of Lib-exclusive tech. If you’ve got a big trip planned or if you’ve just got big plans at your local hill, the Lib Tech Lost Retro Ripper C3 Snowboard has got the guts to get you there. For advanced riders looking for pure powder performance, this is a top choice.

FlexShape Original Price
MediumDirectional Tapered, Swallowtail$649.99

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Rome Stale Fish

The best 2020-2021 powder snowboards

What’s that smell? Oh, that’d be your stanky style once you step on the Rome Stale Fish Snowboard. It’s not a throwback, at this point the short and fat powder board is a tried and true shape. There was a good deal of skepticism about these shapes when they first hit the market, but most of us are well and truly converted at this point. Whether it’s your first foray into the downsizing universe, or you’re already living the squat lifestyle, the Stale Fish is a great option for a versatile powder board.

You likely know the drill by now. We’ve got a significantly wider waist width than average, a big, rockered nose, and a balanced combination of rocker and camber under foot. What we love about the Stale Fish is that it can be anyone’s favorite board, regardless of how long they’ve been riding. With a medium flex profile and a forgiving shape, this board will be a blast when the pow starts to melt and we get into those gloriously sunny spring days. This versatility makes the Stale Fish a great first powder snowboard.

A word to the wise, the 153cm WILL float you! That’s going to be the sweet spot if you’re an average size rider. Size up if you generally like a much bigger board, or down to the 148cm if you are on the smaller side. Whatever route you choose, throw a few rooster tails out there for us back at the shop!

FlexShape Original Price
MediumShort & Wide, Directional$449.95

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Jones Hovercraft - Women’s

The best 2020-2021 powder snowboards

Getting lost in the woods never sounded so attractive, until now. The 2021 Women’s Jones Hovercraft Snowboard makes your escapist tendencies totally acceptable, admirable even. Featuring an FSC certified wood veneer topsheet, this board may be classically styled, but it is absolutely loaded with alien level technology for a precise and powerful ride.

One of the most exciting features is the 3D Contour Base 4.0 shape. featuring 7 mm of spoon bevel in the nose, 4 mm in the tail, and a 2 mm deep Speed Channel between the tail edges. Pair this with the directional rocker/camber flex profile, and you’ve got a mean, lean, pow-slashing machine. Though the Hovercraft has a slightly wider waist width than normal and is certainly at home in powder, that doesn’t mean it can’t be your go to board on hardpack. It’s not so exaggerated in shape that it can’t rip the whole mountain, but we’d take a pass on too many park laps.

Coming in at a 7 out of 10 on the Jones flex scale, this board is best suited to somewhat experienced riders. We’re not saying it couldn’t be fun for a beginner powder fiend, but to really take advantage of the shape and tech underfoot you’re going to want to push it in the steeps and the trees.

FlexShape Original Price
StiffDirectional, Blunt Nose$549.95

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Arbor Clovis

The best 2020-2021 powder snowboard

It’s ok, you can stop fighting that primal urge! Get back to your roots, commune with your powder ancestors aboard the Arbor Clovis Snowboard. This is the preeminent Mark Carter’s chosen steed for tackling big lines near Jackson, so you know it’s a serious rig.

The Clovis has a classic shape, featuring a notched tail, a big nose, and a slight taper from tip to tail. The board sits atop a parabolic camber profile, which means the camber is mellower towards the tip and tail. Good for stability and pop, with added freedom and float near your contact points. Under the beautiful American Black Walnut Powerply topsheet, you’ll find a relatively stiff, but still lively board. Even though the Clovis is on our best powder snowboards list we could easily see it as an all-terrain killer as well. Groomers specifically will quiver in its presence! Ideally, this would be a great board for bigger and more powerful riders, or those looking to push their turns to the limits.

Speaking of limits, Arbor is at the leading edge of eco-friendly board construction tech. The Clovis has recycled steel edges, a bio-plastic topsheet, and comes waxed and ready to rip with Wend natural wax! So you can be happy with your purchase in more ways than one.

FlexShape Original Price
StiffDirectional, 1cm Taper$549.99

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Salomon Pillow Talk - Women’s

Best 2021 women's powder snowboards

We’re sorry to say that you won’t be finding this year’s Salomon Pillow Talk Snowboard in your local linens department. Of course, we know you’ve got a different sort of fluffy stuff on the mind. And when the day is done, and you’re packed up and cruising home with buds, you can wax poetic about all your powder feats. Designed in collaboration with legendary ripper Wolle Nyvelt, the Pillow Talk is certainly more than meets the eye.

What we’ve got is a slightly tapered, medium-flexing, centered-stance board. It’s got the Rock Out Camber profile, so there’s ample float, but it maintains good bite on turns. There's a slew of other tech thrown in as well, all meant to provide a consistent but exciting ride. If you’re looking closely you might notice something a bit strange going on with the sizing. The Pillow Talk comes in a 145cm and a 151cm, but the waist width and tip and tail are actually wider on the smaller size. This is intentional, don’t fret! Rather than simply sizing up or down, think about what sort of terrain you’ll be riding. Looking for float and maneuverability in tight trees? Grab a 145cm. Going to be going a bit faster, and maybe hitting up more groomers in between pow slashes? Opt for the 151! Whatever route you choose, we are sure you’ll be whispering sweet nothings to the Salomon Pillow talk in no time.

FlexShape Original Price
MediumTapered Twin, Directional$449.95

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