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The 10 Best Snowboard Bindings of 2024

By: Landon Harmon: Data Specialist | October 01, 2023


We’ll be real with you. If you buy a pair of snowboard bindings, from a major brand, that’s been made within the last few years, you’re not gonna have a bad time. Gone are the days when one pair of binders felt like bear traps, while others you were afraid your boots would literally fly out. In this modern era, it’s a game of comfort, style, and dialing in the level and type of performance you want out of your equipment.

New This Year:

The 2024 horizon for snowboard bindings is marked by exciting redesigns and fresh entrants, promising an elevated boarding experience. The spotlight is on the redesigned Union Force and Trilogy bindings, which have been refined to meet the nuanced demands of modern snowboarders. Additionally, the introduction of new models from K2 adds a fresh narrative to the bindings spectrum, showcasing a blend of innovation and reliability. For those embarking on their snowboarding journey, buying your first pair of snowboard bindings is a crucial step, and the 2024 lineup provides a diverse range to cater to individual preferences and riding styles. These advancements are about enhancing the connection between the rider and the board, ensuring a seamless transfer of energy and control. The continuous endeavor to refine and innovate in the industry ensures riders have access to gear that complements their riding style while pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the snow.

Union Ultra Snowboard Bindings 2024

Union Ultra

From jumps and rails, to pillo poppers and fallen logs in the trees, the Union Ultra Snowboard Bindings are your ticket to freeride magic. Union's S15 Ultra Duraflex Highback uses a molecular bushing that improves the flex of the binding for a responsive feel as you ride. Every piece of the Ultra acts as a suspension system for your feet. The Ultra helps eliminate vibrations underfoot and cushions your landings, so you can be ultra prepared to send new features and tricks.

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Season Universal Snowboard Bindings 2024

Season Universal

The Season Universal Snowboard Bindings are the perfect daily driver for riders who place equal value on performance, function, and longevity. The simple, no fuss design features a medium flex for all mountain capability and premium materials engineered for maximum durability. Available in gender neutral sizing, the Season Universal Snowboard Bindings will ensure a comfortable, high quality snowboarding experience for years to come.

Chris, Store Supervisor: "The Universal Bindings will compliment a rider who simply wants a quality binding they can trust and and wants to just get out and ride. It's versatile, timeless, and straightforward in performance."

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Burton Step On Genesis Snowboard Bindings

Burton Step On Genesis

A step up from the basic Step On, the Burton Step On Genesis Snowboard Bindings are a bit stiffer, adding performance to their outstanding comfort and ease of use. All-mountain riding doesn't need to include fiddling with your straps, ever. The Step On Genesis is lighter than your last binding, more comfortable than all your friends' bindings, and simpler than every binding before it. Donate your strap bindings to charity, Step On is the future!

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Arbor Hemlock Snowboard Bindings 2024

Arbor Hemlock

Redesigned and ready to rip, the freestyle-focused Arbor Hemlock Snowboard Bindings are better than ever. Their re-engineered symmetrical highback has 5 degrees of lateral pre-rotation for freedom of movement, and Arbor's System X baseplate connects you directly to your board for increased response while you're hitting tricks. Whether you're cruising for side hits or lapping your favorite rails, the Arbor Hemlock Snowboard Bindings are sure to be a park fave.

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Union Force Snowboard Bindings 2024

Union Force

Life moves fast, and you have to keep innovating to keep pace with the best. That's why the legendary Union Force Snowboard Bindings have been redesigned from the ground up. Union has put their most cutting edge technology into these bindings, and the results are spectacular. Newly engineered highbacks, baseplates, and straps come together for a ride that delivers better comfort, response, and durability for everyday all mountain riding. A knock-out!

Todd, Customer Care Representative: "I've always loved the Force bindings but I really loved the 2024 version. Union brought back the OG toe strap and upgraded the highbacks. If you're an at least an intermediate rider or better and looking for a go everywhere do everything all-mtn binding, I would definitely consider the 2024 Force bindings for your everyday setup."

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Ride C-6 Snowboard Bindings 2024

Ride C-6

If you're after a binding that's nailed on for all mountain capability, look no further than the Ride C-6 Snowboard Bindings. These versatile bindings hit the sweet spot in flex and style, treading the line between freeride support and freestyle suppleness for do anything, go anywhere rideability. Laid up with a bomber C-Series Performance Chassis and buttery smooth Slimeback™ urethane infused highbacks, the C-6 is the all mountain slayer you've been waiting for.

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K2 Bond Snowboard Bindings 2024

K2 Bond

The K2 Bond Snowboard Bindings are an all new offering that leans hard into sustainable manufacturing processes. Think highbacks and straps made from castor beans, and footbeds made from scrap sugarcane. That would be awesome enough, but the fact that they absolutely rip, too? Say no more. If you want to shred with a clean conscience, the K2 Bond Snowboard Bindings are the only way to go.

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Bent Metal Transfer Snowboard Bindings 2024

Bent Metal Transfer

Experience the pinnacle of versatility with the Bent Metal Transfer Snowboard Bindings. Designed to adapt effortlessly to any terrain, these bindings are perfect for riders seeking a single pair for their entire quiver. Seamlessly transition from park sessions to powder slashes, showcasing your skills in both booters and backcountry. With a powerful, mid-flex profile, they excel in freestyle and freeride pursuits. Embrace the boundless possibilities with the Bent Metal Transfer Snowboard Bindings.

Katelyn, Customer Care Supervisor: "Cool colors/graphics, comfortable baseplate and highbacks which were easy to adjust. I'd recommend these to an intermediate rider looking to step up from softer bindings for more responsiveness."

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Nidecker Supermatic Snowboard Bindings 2024

Nidecker Supermatic

Strap in, strap out, strap in, strap out. It's a drag, isn't it? The Nidecker Supermatic Snowboard Bindings change the game with a revolutionary drop in design that makes it easier than ever to get going. The all new configuration combines traditional straps with a reclining highback and automatic closure system. Simply drop your boot in from above, step down, and a heel pedal automatically snaps the highback and straps shut to lock you in for the ride. With a medium stiff flex, the Supermatic bindings offer fantastic precision and response, and you can use them with your existing snowboard boots. What's not to love?

Tyese, Customer Care Representative: "Overall, I was impressed with the design and technology behind these bindings. They are quick entry/exit bindings that still have straps over the foot for added support. While being a bit heavier than most bindings, they provide a stiff and responsive ride, great for any intermediate or advanced rider. This versatile binding with cutting edge technology will take anyone’s riding to the next level."

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Jones Meteorite Snowboard Bindings 2024

Jones Meteorite

The Jones Meteorite Snowboard Bindings have spent eons careening through time and space for one simple purpose: to shred pow on planet Earth. They're stable, comfortable, and precise, with a medium-stiff flex for added support and Skate Tech technology that transfers energy directly to your edges. These bindings are a great choice whether you're tricking, hucking, or trucking.

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