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The 10 Best Snowboard Bindings of 2022-2023

By: Stew Langner: Snowboard Buyer | September 14, 2022


We’ll be real with you. If you buy a pair of snowboard bindings, from a major brand, that’s been made within the last few years, you’re not gonna have a bad time. Gone are the days when one pair of binders felt like bear traps, while others you were afraid your boots would literally fly out. In this modern era, it’s a game of comfort, style, and dialing in the level and type of performance you want out of your equipment.

New This Year:

For 2023 your favorite binding manufacturers are back with old classics and new spins on proven tech. Comfort, dampness, suspension, and asymmetrical fits are at the forefront of these offerings from Union, Jones, Bataleon, Nitro, Burton, and Bent Metal. Whether you are buying your first pair of snowboard bindings or grabbing the final piece of the puzzle for your 8 board-quiver, we promise you can find something here to up your performance on hill in 2023.

  • Video Script
    Hi, I’m Tommy from evo, here to talk about the snowboard bindings we’re most excited about for 2023. Bindings are the unsung hero of your snowboarding setup. A great pair of bindings helps bring the best out of your board, so it’s worth taking the time to find the right ones for you. This year sees a bunch of awesome new models, some exciting new tech, and some seriously jazzy colorways. Let’s get into it: here are our top picks for Best Snowboard Bindings of 2023. We start our list off with a brand new model for 2023 - the Union Atlas Pro. If you’ve been paying attention to Union’s lineup over the last few years, you’ll know that there are already two versions of the Atlas. The Atlas Pro is designed to slot in the middle of the collection between the OG model and the high-end Atlas FC. This Atlas Pro takes the FC and switches the super stiff Forged Carbon highback for a softer Stage fourteen Duraflex highback. That awesome Exoframe five-point-oh ankle straps and Forged Carbon Gas Pedal remain, but with a slightly smoother and less aggressive feel. The Atlas Pro is a great choice for expert riders who want a powerful and responsive ride, but don’t need the stiffest binding under the sun. Next up is the Burton Lexa X. Just like the Atlas Pro, this is an amped up version of an existing Burton favorite. It’s aimed at all mountain riders trying to squeeze a little more performance out of their gear. The Lexa X adds premium straps and hardware to a stiff Nylon Composite Baseplate, along with a Heel Hammock highback. Burton’s Heel Hammock is awesome: it adds reinforced rubber material around the boot heel to boost suspension and response. This is a binding that you can trust to keep you locked in, no matter how rowdy your ride gets! It’s not often that something truly revolutionary comes along in the world of snowboard bindings, but Nidecker have done it with the Supermatic. This model is the first binding to feature their all new Drop In Technology, an innovative entry system that allows you to drop your boot in without bending down to adjust the straps and buckles. Getting in and out of the binding is super easy. As you recline the highback, the straps are actively lifted out of the way. When you step in, a heel pedal activates the closing mechanism to lock everything in place. When it’s time to go, hit the lever on the side to unlock and lift your boot right out. Simple! As well as being crazy convenient, the Supermatic offers a stiff flex and a responsive ride, making it a great choice for advanced riders looking to make life a little easier. If you're after a binding that nails all mountain capability, look no further than the Ride CL-6. This versatile binding is an awesome choice for riders who like to do a bit of everything - from freeride to freestyle. The CL-6 is built with Ride’s bomber C-Series Performance Chassis and a buttery smooth Slimeback™ urethane infused highback. This construction hits the sweet spot of flex and style, meaning the CL-6 is powerful enough for demanding freeriders, without feeling too stiff to throw around in the park. The Union Ultra comes in both men’s and women’s styles, with several awesome unisex colorways. For 2023, the Ultra has undergone a total redesign that makes it one of Union’s most advanced bindings to date. The all new S15 Ultra Duraflex Highback uses a molecular bushing that improves the flex of the binding, for a spring loaded feel as you ride. Similar technology is used underfoot to eliminate vibrations and cushion hard landings. We also love the new Forma X Ankle Straps. This new strap design pairs Union’s responsive exoframe construction with a padded interior for all day comfort. The new Union Ultra is one to watch out for! We close out with a fresh take on a bona fide classic. The Burton Cartel X is a stiffer, more responsive version of the Cartel. This one gets a beefier baseplate and Burton’s Heel Hammock Highback for improved precision. The Cartel X is billed as an all terrain binding, and we think it’s a great choice for riders who don’t like to feel limited by their gear. It has more than enough power for high speed riding, with FullBED cushioning and a zero forward lean option for maximum comfort when you’re going big in the park. Alright, that’s the list. Now go forth and shred, my friends! If you need more help, our experts love talking about gear. Visit us online, in-store, or give us a call, we’re always happy to help. Subscribe to our channel and drop any questions in the comments below. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you on the chairlift!

    Union Ultra Snowboard Bindings 2023

    Union Ultra - Men's & Women's

    Ride the rails, stomp the jumps, and show off your freestyle chops in your Union Ultra Snowboard Bindings. Utilizing Union's all-new s16 Duraflex Highback and a super damp baseplate, you'll feel ultra-cushioned on landings, ultra springy on takeoff, and ultra-ready to take on whatever the day brings.

    New from Union this season the Ultras have a laundry list of tech advancements that you won’t find from any other brand. Greatly improved torsional flex means you’ll truly be feeling fluid on hill. Great for freestyle and park riders, but also a pair of bindings that would shine painting creative and smooth lines in the backcountry. Additionally, this season Union is offering the Ultra in Women’s specific fit, size, and colorways!

    Flex RatingStyleOriginal Price
    6.5 out of 10Freestyle/All-Mountain$299.95

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    Jones Orion Snowboard Bindings 2023

    Jones Orion

    When the snow turns to slush and the features are poppin', reach for the Jones Orion Snowboard Bindings and feel out of this world tweakable performance. Designed for freeriders who stomp it, pop it, and lock it, the Orion has a ton of cool features. Skate Tech transfers your energy through the Hanger 3.0 for great response, and comfort flex ankle straps make long days hiking the park a little more fun. And a mid-flexing high back helps you be the star on jumps and rails by moving with the groove. Get your feet in the Jones Orion Snowboard Bindings and blast off into the park-ratosphere.

    Flex RatingStyleOriginal Price
    MediumFreestyle/All Mountain$379.95

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    Bataleon Blaster Asymwrap LTD Snowboard Bindings 2023

    Bataleon Blaster Asymwrap LTD

    Free yourself from binding-related limitations with the go everywhere, do everything (more tweakable) Bataleon Blaster Asymwrap LTD Snowboard Bindings. Made to tackle the whole mountain with style and pizzazz, the Blaster Asymwrap gives riders the confidence to charge hard into side hits and get funky with their tweaked-out airs. With agile heelside responsiveness and a more surfy control thanks to the combination of an AsymWrap chassis and mid-stiff FullBack highback. Each aspect of the Blaster can be easily adjusted for a custom fit — from the base to the padding, to the forward lean — and the LTD model comes with an evo exclusive colorway for added style points.

    The medium-stiff flex paired with all that customizable adjustability means you can truly use these binders for any sort of riding you want to do. For the intermediate to advanced rider who wants maximum versatility and predictability, the Blasters will get you there!

    Flex RatingStyleOriginal Price
    5 out of 10Anywhere!$329.95

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    Nitro One Snowboard Bindings 2023

    Nitro One

    Toss your trail map out the window and get the Nitro One Snowboard Bindings on your board, pronto. Park or pow, there's no need to worry about terrain choice because these bindings are built to handle whatever you throw at them. Combining the flex and feel from Nitro's finest freestyle bindings with the durability and fit from their freeride collection, the Nitro One Snowboard Bindings are a true one-stop shop for the rider who wants it all.

    Nitro rates these at a 6.5 out of 10 on flex, which is a nice middle ground. And coming in 5 truly distinct colorways means you may actually buy more than ONE pair for your quiver! Best for the rider looking to ride the whole mountain without much fuss. Dedicated rail riders and Ak Heli-Boarders may want to look elsewhere, for everyone in between these may just be your everyday go-to.

    Flex RatingStyleOriginal Price
    6.5 out of 10Anywhere!$279.95

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    Union Atlas Pro Snowboard Bindings 2023

    Union Atlas Pro

    A new addition to the beloved Atlas line, the Union Atlas Pro Snowboard Bindings bring ultra-high performance and rapid response to your all mountain ride. Zoom around with chunder-busting force thanks to a super stiff chassis and ultra-lightweight Stage 14 Duraflex highback, which provides superb power and dampening. Forged carbon gas pedals shave over 10 grams off of the regular Atlas model. The Pros are lighter, a touch stiffer, and come equipped with the Exoframe 5.0 straps, which provide for an even more locked-in feel than the standard, and already incredible, standard Atlas Bindings.

    If you've ever wanted to become one with your snowboard, now is the time. Pick up a pair of the Union Atlas Pro Snowboard Bindings and feel the power flow through you! The Atlas Pros fit aggressive riders who put a lot of force on their boards. Freeriders, all-mountain chargers, and even boardercross racers will love these new bindings from Union.

    Flex RatingStyleOriginal Price
    9 out of 10Freeride/All-Mountain$449.95

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    Burton Lexa X Snowboard Bindings - Women's 2023

    Burton Lexa X - Women's

    The Burton Lexa X Snowboard Bindings bring the pro to the people, with a stiffer flex than the regular version and all new highbacks for improved precision, response, and power. They're built with stiff nylon composite Re:Flex™ baseplates, cushy FullBED footbeds to dampen vibration, and grippy Heel Hammock construction to keep your heels locked in tight, even when your supersonic straight line turns to chunder and chop. Any line, any conditions, any day, you can trust the Burton Lexa X Snowboard Bindings to handle it in style.

    Offered in three unique colorways, you can get the Lexa X’s that fit best with your kit while pushing your riding toward your outer limits. A medium-stiff flex rating means these bindings are fairly versatile, but they match well with a rider who rides with power and speed through any terrain they choose.

    Flex RatingStyleOriginal Price

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    Bent Metal Stylist Snowboard Bindings - Women's 2023

    Bent Metal Stylist - Women's

    It's not hard to figure out what the Bent Metal Stylist Snowboard Bindings are all about. With a selection of designs from sleek black to funky retro, they're certainly stylish to the eye. And with a softer all-mountain flex and powerful uni-body chassis, they enable riding that lets your own kinetic steelo shine. These bindings are dripping with style and jam-packed with performance, destined for days of creative riding on all aspects of the mountain.

    The Stylists are another do-anything go-anywhere binding for those who ride all kinds of terrain. For hard carving, you can dial up the easy-to-use forward lean Revolutionary Cube and wrench those straps down super tight. Dial it all back for buttery park laps in the spring. These bindings can truly suit any rider, from beginner to advanced. Anyone looking for a good-looking, medium flexing, binding is gonna be happy with their purchase here.

    Flex RatingStyleOriginal Price
    6.5 out of 10All-Mountain/Freestyle$279.99

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    Ride C-6 Snowboard Bindings 2023

    Ride C-6

    If you're after a binding that's nailed on for all mountain capability, look no further than the Ride C-6 Snowboard Bindings. These versatile bindings hit the sweet spot in flex and style, treading the line between freeride support and freestyle suppleness for do anything, go anywhere rideability. Laid up with a bomber C-Series Performance Chassis and buttery smooth Slimeback™ urethane infused highbacks, the C-6 is the all mountain slayer you've been waiting for.

    Flex RatingStyleOriginal Price
    MediumFreestyle/All Mountain$279.95

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    Ride CL-6 Snowboard Bindings - Women's 2023

    Ride CL-6 - Women's

    If you're after a binding that's nailed on for all mountain capability, look no further than the Ride CL-6 Snowboard Bindings. These versatile bindings hit the sweet spot in flex and style, treading the line between freeride support and freestyle suppleness for do anything, go anywhere rideability. Laid up with a bomber C-Series Performance Chassis and buttery smooth Slimeback™ urethane-infused highbacks, the CL-6 is the all mountain slayer you've been waiting for.

    We love the reversible ankle strap, where you can choose between a more aggressive feeling hard charger setup, or a more relaxed feel when you're looking for some laid-back riding. After all, it's always nice to mix things up depending on the conditions.

    Flex RatingStyleOriginal Price
    6 out of 10Freestyle/All-Mountain$279.95

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    Burton Cartel X Snowboard Bindings 2023

    Burton Cartel X

    The Cartels have knocked it out of the park for well over a decade, and few people would argue that they're anything but bona fide hall of famers. They're not content to kick back and cruise into retirement with their feet propped up on the book of snowboarding lore, though. The all-new Burton Cartel X Snowboard Bindings slap a new highback on an old favorite for a stiffer, more precise flex, improved response, and more power than you thought possible. Amazingly, there's never been a better time to snag a pair of Cartels, and these ones have the X factor you're looking for.

    Pro tip: snag a pair in the cream/graphic colorway for a perfect matching retro look with this year's Burton Deep Thinker or Free Thinker!

    Flex RatingStyleOriginal Price

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