How To Bleed SRAM Hydraulic Disc Brakes

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Items Required To Bleed SRAM Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Dot 5.1 Fluid
  • 2 Syringes
  • Bleed Block
  • T10 Torx
  • 5 mm Allen Wrench
  • 2.5 mm Allen Wrench

Follow These Steps To Bleed Your SRAM Brakes

  1. Remove the rear wheel.

  2. Remove the brake pads using the 2.5 mm allen wrench.

  3. Install the SRAM Bleed Block.

  4. Use the T10 Torx to remove the bleed fitting screw on your SRAM brakes.

  5. Fill 1 syringe with DOT 5.1 Fluid and thread into the bleed fitting.

  6. Bleed the air out of the caliper by applying a suction and compression method so air bubbles rise to the top and out of the brake caliper.

  7. Level out the SRAM brake lever and remove the bleed fitting from the lever. Thread your second empty syringe into this fitting.

  8. Ensure both your syringes are threaded and that the brake lever is above the caliper.

  9. Begin to flush fluid through the system while keeping an eye on air bubbles in the line. Push fluid through until no air bubbles are left.

  10. Remove the caliper side syringe and replace the bleed fitting with the T10 Torx.

  11. Clean the caliper with Isopropyl Alchohol.

  12. Remove any remaining air bubbles from the brake lever by applying a suction and compression method.

  13. Remove the lever side syringe and replace the bleed screw using the T10 Torx.

  14. Clean excess fluid off your SRAM brakes with Isopropyl Alcohol.

  15. Remove the Bleed Block and replace the brake pads.

  16. Re-install rear wheel.

  17. Repeat the process for the front brake.

Voila! Your SRAM brakes are now bled and ready to shred.

Disclaimer: This SRAM brake bleeding guide is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as a "Do It Yourself" guide to bike adjustment or maintenance, nor as a substitute for professional advice and service. Always have your bike serviced and inspected by a certified bike technician.

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