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2024 Juliana Wilder

2023 Juliana Wilder

Go Wilder

Saving weight means little without retaining an appropriate level of stiffness and responsiveness too. The Wilder takes all the acceleration and out-of-the-saddle sprint qualities of a carbon XC race rocket and fuses that with a rear-end that still rails corners like a hardcore trail bike.

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Juliana Wilder Key Details

29" Wheels

120mm Fork / 115mm Superlight Suspension

Size-Specific Chainstay Lengths67.1° Head Tube Angle / 75.1° Seat Tube Angle (Size Small, LO Setting) 
Room for Two Water BottlesSizes: S, M, L
C & CC Frame & Reserve 28|XC Carbon Wheel OptionsLifetime Warranty on Frame & Bearings

Carbon C & CC Frames

A minimal weight gain of approximately 250 - 280 grams (0.6 lbs) for the C frame over the CC due to the different grade of carbon used. Whether you're riding a carbon CC or C frame, you get exactly the same legendary strength and stiffness because Juliana uses exactly the same manufacturing facility and techniques. At 1857g (w/o shock) size medium, the Wilder is the lightest bike Juliana's ever made.

Superlight™ Suspension

289g lighter than VPP™, Superlight™ doesn’t use a lower link or an additional pivot somewhere out back—the seat stays actually flex a small amount. This amount is part of the secret sauce of the Juliana and was developed through countless revisions, designs, and hours in the saddle to strike the perfect balance of flex, damping, and durability.

Room for Two Water Bottles

Two water bottle mounts inside the front triangle to support those all-day pedalfests.