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2024 Santa Cruz Hightower 3

Santa Cruz Hightower 3 Mountain Bike

The Mountain Bike, Distilled

The newest version of the Hightower remains one of Santa Cruz's greatest hits of engineering - now further refined and bottled into their most all-terrain of bikes. Big on wheels, medium on travel, short on fuss, this is the do-it-all model that does it over and over again thanks to a versatile balance of geo, spec and durability. If you’re not looking for extremes, just something extremely good, the Hightower is your elevator.

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Santa Cruz Hightower Key Details

29" Wheels

150mm Fork / 145mm Lower Link Mounted VPP Rear Suspension

Size-Specific Chainstay LengthsSize-Specific Layup Stiffness
64.5° Head Tube Angle / 76.4° Seat Tube Angle (Size Large, LO Setting) The Glovebox & Tool Wallet
Lower Link Flip Chip

C & CC Frame & Reserve 30 Carbon Wheel Options

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXLLifetime Warranty on Frame & Bearings

Carbon C & CC Frames

A minimal weight gain of approximately 250 - 280 grams (0.6 lbs) for the C frame over the CC due to the different grade of carbon used. Whether you're riding a carbon CC or C frame, you get exactly the same legendary strength and stiffness because Santa Cruz uses exactly the same manufacturing facility and techniques.

Lower-Link Mounted VPP® Suspension

VPP is based on the patented principle of having two short links rotating in opposite directions. This system provides huge design flexibility, allowing Santa Cruz to manipulate shock rates to the intended purpose and character of each model; from short travel endurance bikes to World Championship winning DH machines. This redesign mounts the shock lower on the bike, making for an even better ride quality.

The Glovebox & Tool Wallet

Seal whatever you want to carry on your ride inside your downtube. Secure and easy to access, the Glovebox™ comes with a dedicated Tool Wallet and Tube Purse to help organize your stuff. Simply cavernous!