How To Replace Internal Bike Cable and Housing

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Items Required To Replace An Internal Cable + Housing

  • Cable Snips/Pliers
  • Fresh Housing
  • Fresh Cable
  • Housing Ferrels
  • Cable Tips
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • 5 mm Allen Wrench
  • Zip Ties

Steps For Replacing Internal Shifter Cable + Housing

Please Note: Process may vary slightly for brake and seatpost cables and housing.
  1. Snip the cable from the derailleur end, leaving it as long as possible.

  2. Release the cable housing from the bike by snipping zip ties. Take into consideration the frame and routing configuration of your bike. You will be removing the housing from inside the bike frame, while leaving the cable itself. This will help you guide the fresh housing through the frame. On our example bike, the cable is routed through the downtube.

  3. Remove the old cable housing by pulling it through the downtube.

  4. Slide the new section of cable housing over the cable. Continue to feed the cable housing through the frame, using the existing cable as a guide until it comes out the other end.

  5. You can now remove the old cable from the new cable housing, pulling a bit of excess housing through so it does not slide into the frame.

  6. Remove the old cable housing from the shifter.

  7. Insert the new cable housing into the shifter.

  8. Place a ferrel onto the cable housing end and feed the new cable through the cable housing and frame.

  9. Connect the cable to the rear derailleur.

  10. Make sure the cable housing is securely fastened to the frame using zip ties.

  11. Trim off the excess cable, leaving about 1.5".

  12. Using pliers, clamp a cable tip over the cable end so it does not fray.

Voila! You are now set with fresh cable and housing. Shred on!

Disclaimer: This guide to replacing your internal cable housing is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as a "Do It Yourself" guide to bike adjustment or maintenance, nor as a substitute for professional advice and service. Always have your bike serviced and inspected by a certified bike technician.

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