How To Setup & Convert To Tubeless Mountain Bike Tires

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Items Required For Tubless Tire Conversion

  • Tubeless Compatible Tire(s) - This includes, but is not limited to Schwalbe and Maxxis Tubeless Ready and Schwalbe Tubeless Easy Tires.
  • Tubeless Rim Strip Tape
  • Tire Sealant
  • Tubeless Valve Stem

Follow These Steps to Convert to Tubeless Tires

  1. Apply the rim strip tape, starting next to the valve, crossing over about one spoke hole.

  2. When you cross back over the spoke hole and valve hole, leave a couple inches of overlap and cut off the excess.

  3. Use scissors, a small dental pick, or a knife and poke a hole for the valve stem.

  4. Insert the valve stem into the rim through the pilot hole in the tape and install the locking nut. Tighten the lock nut securely for a proper seal.

  5. Begin installing the tire onto the rim, starting with only one bead.

  6. Flip the tire over and begin installing the second bead, leaving about 1/3rd of the bead un-seated.

  7. Pour in the proper amount of sealant. The amount varies based on the sealant brand you are using.

  8. Install the rest of the bead.

  9. Inflate your tire. Depending on your tire/rim combination, a floor pump may work, but an air compressor is even better.

  10. Pro Tip: Remove the valve core from the valve itself for better airflow. Your tire should seat the rim more easily this way.

  11. Once the tire is seated, you must replace the valve core. Remove the compressor or pump nozzle, using your finger to block the hole temporarily, then quickly thread in the valve core and make sure it's tight.

  12. Check tire pressure, refill if necessary, and go ride!

Voila! Your tires are now tubeless! Enjoy riding with lower tire pressure and less chance of flatting out!

Disclaimer: This tubeless tire conversion guide is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as a "Do It Yourself" guide to bike adjustment or maintenance, nor as a substitute for professional advice and service. Always have your bike serviced and inspected by a certified bike technician.

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