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The 10 Best Women's Base Layers of 2022-2023

By: Sarah Ziffer: Women's & Kid's Techwear Buyer | November 4, 2022


The key to any good layering system is the base layer. That’s the foundation for the entire system and can make or break your ski or snowboard outfit. A good base layer has two main functions: it provides a warm, comfortable barrier between your skin and your insulating layer, and it wicks any moisture you produce away from your body so that it can evaporate. That second function is often overlooked, but it’s very, very important. Even when it’s really cold out, we produce moisture by sweating, and if our base layers don’t wick that moisture away, we’ll end up uncomfortable and shivering. The best women’s base layers do this by using synthetic and natural materials, like merino wool, to keep you warm and dry.

New This Year:

And this year, women's base layers have gotten even better. More brands than ever before have figured out how to make soft, comfortable wool base layers. And, instead of making a few standard sizes that don’t fit most people very well, baselayer manufacturers have tweaked their fits to have more plus size options, and more base layers especially tailored to women’s bodies. So, if you’re looking for new long underwear, we’ve got a great new base layer just for you on this list.

Oyuki Hitatech Funnel Neck Longsleeve - Women's

Oyuki Hitatech Funnel Neck Longsleeve

Developed specially for those who prefer a synthetic performance garment, the Oyuki Hitatech Funnel Neck Longsleeve top is super warm with superb moisture-wicking properties. It comes in two cute colors, with a looser fit that moves easily with your body.

MaterialStyleOriginal Price
93% Polyester / 7% SpandexTurtleneck$74.95

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Oyuki Hitatech Pants - Women's

Oyuki Hitatech Pants

The Oyuki Hitatech Pants are constructed from a material that effectively draws sweat away from your body, keeping you dryer and warmer. Designed with a four-way stretch and chafe-free seams, these base layers move with you for unrestricted mobility. They breathe well but will keep your legs warm and cozy through a long day of riding lifts or touring.

MaterialStyleOriginal Price
93% Polyester / 7% SpandexTights$64.95

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Kari Traa Rose Wool High-Waist Pants - Women's

Kari Traa Rose Wool High-Waist Pants

Add a boost of warmth to your wintertime wardrobe with the Kari Traa Rose Wool High-Waist Pants. These all-merino wool cozy underwear are comfortable to wear in nearly any condition thanks to flatlock chafe-free seams and super soft fabric. If you’ve ever used wool base layers you know how big of a difference they make, and these are some of the nicest wool tights around.

MaterialStyleOriginal Price
Merino WoolTights$99.95

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Wild Rye Olivia Onesie - Women's

Wild Rye Olivia Onesie

Get rid of pesky gaps where cold air and snow can breach in the Wild Rye Olivia Onesie. This merino wool base layer features a good back zip for easy entrance and exit. Thanks to its buttery soft fabric that wicks moisture and keeps you warm, it'll be even harder to resist that sweet mid-winter pow. This onesie is one of the most comfortable and cozy base layers in the world.

MaterialStyleOriginal Price
Merino WoolOnesie$229

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MONS ROYALE Cascade Mock Neck Top - Women's

MONS ROYALE Cascade Mock Neck Top

The MONS ROYALE Cascade Mock Neck Top features a temperature-regulating, odor-resistant Merino blend fabric and a mock neck style for extra warmth. The mock turtle collar provides extra warmth and a seal against snow and cold.

MaterialStyleOriginal Price
81% Merino Wool / 12% Nylon / 7% ElastaneMock Turtle$119.95

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Kari Traa Voss Cashmere Mix Long Sleeve Top - Women's

Kari Traa Voss Cashmere Mix Long Sleeve Top

Treat yourself this winter to the soft and cozy Kari Traa Voss Cashmere Mix Long Sleeve Top. This warm, wicking, and breathable base layer features eco-friendly merino wool cashmere, and a slim fit that's optimized for active activities in cold weather. This top works just as well going out for a night on the town as it does for a day on the slopes.

MaterialStyleOriginal Price
Merino WoolLong Sleeve Top$150

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Burton Midweight Pants - Women's

Burton Midweight Pants

A good day on the hill starts with comfort, and comfort starts with your base layer. With the moisture-wicking, odor-resistant Burton Midweight Pants, you've got all your bases covered. They’re just as comfortable as they are stylish, perfect for anyone who knows that to feel good, looking good helps.

MaterialStyleOriginal Price

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Smartwool Merino 250 Baselayer Bottoms - Women's

Smartwool Merino 250 Baselayer Bottoms

Upgrade your baselayers to something warm, luxurious, and made of natural fibers with the Smartwool Merino 250 Baselayer Bottoms. A slim fit with an elastic waistband keeps the fit dialed, with a next-to-skin feel and breathability that only merino wool can provide. Flatlock seams and an interlock knit keep everything cozy and chafe-free so you can focus on your adventure in the mountains and beyond. Smartwool is synonymous with comfort and performance, and this base layer is no exception.

MaterialStyleOriginal Price
Merino WoolTights$110

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evo Ridgetop Merino Wool Midweight Crew Top - Women's

evo Ridgetop Merino Wool Midweight Crew Top

Taking on-mountain comfort to new heights, the evo Ridgetop Merino Wool Midweight Crew Top features a pure 190-gram merino wool construction that consists of ultra-fine fibers for a silky smooth feel and natural climate control. With an attention to detail by way of low profile thumbholes and a backpack-friendly raglan design, the evo Ridgetop Merino Wool Midweight Crew Top is essential for dedicated lovers of the mountains. It’s simple, understated, and so, so comfortable.

MaterialStyleOriginal Price
Merino WoolLong Sleeve Top$79.95

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Airblaster Merino Ninja Suit - Women's

Airblaster Merino Ninja Suit

The one-piece merino baselayer to rule all others. Wearing the Airblaster Merino Ninja Suit is like your skin won the comfort lottery. Stretchy, soft, and naturally odor-resistant, the Airblaster Merino Ninja Suit makes it easy to decide how you want to layer for a long day at the hill. A long, convenient zipper around the waist helps you to avoid the ants-in-your-pants hurried dance when nature calls, and thumb loops at the cuffs help you keep the fit on point even when charging super hard. It’s shocking that something so stylish and comfortable can be so high-performing as well.

MaterialStyleOriginal Price
55% Merino / 37% Tencel / 8% SpandexOnsie$239.95

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