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The 10 Best Ski Bibs of 2022-2023

By: Kevin Katsafanas: Men's Techwear Buyer | November 1, 2022


Love them or hate them, the bibs are here to stay. Offering just a bit more coverage than regular ski pants, ski bibs first rose to popularity among powder skiers who often find themselves waist-deep in fluff and need a way to make sure the cold smoke doesn’t find its way down into their long johns. But in addition to offering that added powder protection, the best ski bibs also are exceptionally comfortable, with on-the-fly adjustability and no riding up, slipping down, or feeling tight when you’re bent over. And last but not least, there's the undeniable fact that they just look cool. When you’re searching for the perfect ski bibs, some factors to consider are what kind of temperatures you normally ride in, what your layering systems look like, whether you’re primarily going to be riding lifts or earning your turns, and finally, what your price point is.

New This Year:

This year, that search just got easier, no matter what your preferences are. While ski bibs have historically catered a bit more to the hardcore skier crowd, we’re seeing a big move for more options for everyone this season. With a great selection of high-quality entry-level bibs, insulated bibs, stretchy touring bibs, and of course, high-tech powder bibs, we’ve got something for everyone, no matter your budget or desired features.

Flylow Baker Bibs

Flylow Baker

The Flylow Baker Bibs have become something of a cult favorite in the world of winter warriors out to slay the deepest pow. These workwear style bibs are burly and reinforced to stand up to years of hard riding in rugged terrain, but still lightweight and breathable enough to slog out miles of skin track. They're equipped with cross-ventilating thigh vents and tons of useful pockets for beacons, tools, snacks, and essentials. Gear up like a local in the Baker Bibs.

If you want the OG, this is it. The Baker bibs are a tried and true favorite with legendary durability and a signature style. This year they're back with a fresh array of candy-coated colors so every kit can find a piece that will pop.

InsulationConstruction/WaterproofingOriginal Price
Shell3L Waterproof / Breathable$419.95 - $429.95

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The North Face Freedom Bibs

The North Face Freedom

A TNF classic, The North Face Freedom Bibs keep it real with DryVent™ 2-layer construction, a substantial bib with comfy suspenders, and inner thigh venting to let off some steam on the bootpack. Lock in your freedom to venture further and never get snow down your backside again with The North Face Freedom Bibs.

Simple, stylish, and effective, the Freedom bibs are an easy rec to a wide range of riders. They offer awesome value and all of the features of a classic ski pant, but with added coverage for the bib crowd.

InsulationConstruction/WaterproofingOriginal Price
Shell2L DryVent$198.95

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Oyuki Goshiki YamaPro 3L Bibs

Oyuki Goshiki YamaPro 3L

With the mission of creating backcountry outerwear essentials that remain simple and effective throughout time, the Oyuki Goshiki YamaPro 3L Bibs came to life. Engineered to move through the deepest of deep, the 20K/20K YAMAPRO™ Always Dry Technology is what keeps you out pushing powder for as long as your heart desires. Meanwhile smartly integrated pockets and reinforcements ensure seamless functionality as you're out in the elements. Detailed with inner leg vents, a stretch panel, and the two-way mechanical stretch throughout, comfort is the last thing getting in the way of your big mountain bliss. From the resort to the skin track, the Oyuki Goshiki YamaPro 3L Bibs won't miss a beat.

We love when a piece of gear achieves style through simplicity, and these bibs are a perfect example. They are undoubtedly some of the best-looking ski pants around, but they achieve their looks through clean, function-driven lines and high-performing materials. We can always count on our friends at Oyuki to provide high-quality gear that quickly becomes a new favorite.

InsulationConstruction/WaterproofingOriginal Price
Shell3L YamaPro$499.95

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Patagonia Powder Town Bibs

Patagonia Powder Town

You don't need a powder day to appreciate the new Patagonia Powder Town Bib Pants - you'll love their waterproof breathable H2No® weather protection in sleet, hail, graupel, or "snain" all the more. Built of 100% post-consumer recycled Polyester with a soft, brushed tricot mesh lining, and finished with HeiQ® Eco Dry PFC-free DWR to make the water bead away, the Powder Town Bib Pants prove you can overachieve without spending a ton of money.

A new offering from Patagonia, the Powder Town bibs provide a simple, entry-level option with full bib coverage that was previously missing from their lineup. And of course, we love that it’s done in Patagonia style. If you’re looking for a no-frills bib, and eco-friendly construction is a must, these awesome powder pants are the choice for you.

InsulationConstruction/WaterproofingOriginal Price
Shell2L H2No$299

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The North Face Ceptor Bibs

The North Face Ceptor

A burly bib designed for sustained use in any weather, The North Face Ceptor Bibs are better than ever. Built around TNF's DryVent™ 3L fabric with self-adjusting shoulder straps and just the right number of pockets, the Ceptor Bibs pay attention to the details that matter at a price point that leaves plenty left over for apres.

If you’re a nerd for gear like we are, you can’t deny that the design of that single-adjustment shoulder strap is cool. And we can confirm that it works well, providing easy self-equalizing fit adjustments on the go, making this a great option for riders who are constantly fiddling with their straps and have a hard time getting comfy in standard bibs.

InsulationConstruction/WaterproofingOriginal Price
Shell3L DryVent$399.95

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Dakine Stoker GORE-TEX 3L Bibs

Dakine Stoker GORE-TEX 3L

Hop on the bib train and experience the stoke of staying dry – even when it's absolutely nuking – with the Dakine Stoker GORE-TEX 3L Bibs. Simultaneously functional and fashionable, the Stoker Bibs boast a lightweight, yet extremely waterproof 3-layer GORE-TEX® shell with ample pocketing and a stretch back panel, plus silicon-gripped suspenders for unrestricted mobility. Whether you're snowboarding in bounds, skiing out of bounds, or any variation of the two, the Dakine Stoker GORE-TEX 3L Bibs won't miss a beat!

We just can’t make these lists without including at least one GORE-TEX option. But with so many to choose from, the top spot is a coveted one. For this season, we’re recommending the Stoker bib as our go-to GORE-TEX bib. It looks good, feels good, and performs up to the gold standard set by the household name in waterproof/ breathable membranes.

InsulationConstruction/WaterproofingOriginal Price
Shell3L GORE-TEX$479.95

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FW Manifest 2L Bibs

FW Manifest 2L

Get yourself waist-deep in a good time with a little help from the FW Manifest 2L Bibs and you'll stay dry and ready for the next lap. These waterproof bibs feature elastic Polartec® Powerstretch® Pro™ panels for great moisture-wicking and range of motion, with kick patches and boot gaiters for a sturdy and weatherproof riding experience.

If you like the added coverage of bibs, but don’t always like the technical look and feel, these are a great option. With time-tested performance features, you know they’ll keep the powder out, but we love the looser cut that adds a modern touch and plenty of easy mobility.

InsulationConstruction/WaterproofingOriginal Price
Shell2L Waterproof / Breathable$399.95

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Patagonia SnowDrifter Bibs

Patagonia SnowDrifter

The new Patagonia Snowdrifter Bibs score high on many counts. The super soft and stretchy fabric is softshell-like in feel and comfort, and the water resistance is top-notch. The tall bib and minimalist feature set are perfect for serious riders and serious days. Breathability is good, with a drop-seat zipper setup that's extremely effective at dumping heat. All in, this is an excellent choice for harsh weather and hard use at a very compelling price point.

Patagonia has seriously upped its bib game this year. The Snowdrifter bibs are awesome, lightweight, stretchy, and breathable, quickly earning them a spot as our go-to touring bibs. If you like high coverage and earning your turns, give these things a try.

InsulationConstruction/WaterproofingOriginal Price
Shell3L H2No$379

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Flylow Snowman Bibs

Flylow Snowman

The Flylow Snowman Bibs use the same tough construction and ski bum style that's made Flylow's shell bibs so popular and adds a bit of insulation for folks who run a bit colder. With just 40 grams of Spaceloft synthetic insulation, they maintain their low profile and clean lines but keep you warm enough to weather the wildest storms.

Most bibs on the market are built from a tradition of backcountry powder skiers, and so they tend to be shells meant for layering. But if you’re using your bibs every day of the season and ride mostly in the resort, that’s not always necessary. The Snowman bibs are our favorite insulation bib option, perfect for a wide range of riders who run on the chilly side.

InsulationConstruction/WaterproofingOriginal Price
40g Spaceloft Synthetic2L Intuitive$324.95

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Helly Hansen SOGN Bib Shell Pants

Helly Hansen SOGN

When you spend a lot of days each season chasing 35˚ pow (it happens a lot in the Pacific Northwest), you need a bomber bib pant like the Helly Hansen SOGN Bib Shell Pants. That's SOGN, Norwegian for "parish," not SOGGY. No way you're getting wet in these Helly Tech® Professional 20K / 20K 3L bibs with YKK® water resistant zippers. To top it off, the Helly Hansen SOGN Bibs include a versatile adjustable suspender system and a secure beacon pocket for the going gets really deep.

Another top choice for backcountry skiers, the Helly Hansen SOGN offers classic looks, a slim fit, and extremely high-quality construction in a low-top bib. If you’re looking for a middle ground between full-coverage bibs and regular pants, these are a great way to go.

InsulationConstruction/WaterproofingOriginal Price
Shell3L HellyTech Professional$350

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