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The 8 Best Women's Fleece Jackets of 2024

By: Sarah Ziffer: Women's & Kid's Techwear Buyer | October 27, 2023


There’s hardly any occasion that isn’t the perfect time for the perfect fleece jacket. Okay, maybe a scorching beach, but you get what we mean. If the temps are anywhere from chilly to frigid, and you’re doing anything from sitting on the couch to summiting a glaciated mountain, there’s probably a fleece that is just right for the occasion. The ultimate versatile insulated layer is an ode to all things soft, insulating, breathable, and moisture-wicking. With newer grid styles allowing the fleece jacket to transcend from everyday staple to technical masterpiece, and good old fleeces continuing to be cozy, practical, and active, when we say that these are the best women’s fleeces around, you know they’ve got a high bar to measure up to.

New This Year:

Women's fleece jackets continue to be a popular choice for those seeking both warmth and style. These jackets, often characterized by their soft, plush feel, are ideal for layering in colder months or wearing alone during milder days. Their versatility and timeless appeal make them a staple in many wardrobes, with an array of colors and designs catering to every personal style. Whether you're hitting the trails or enjoying a casual day out, women's fleece jackets remains a trusted companion.

The North Face Summit FUTUREFLEECE™ Full Zip Hoodie - Women's

The North Face Summit FUTUREFLEECE™ Full Zip Hoodie

Less weight, more warmth, and easy to throw in your pack when you're on the go, The North Face Summit FUTUREFLEECE™ Full Zip Hoodie is a toasty addition to your baselayer when you need more warmth than you thought you would. Full loop construction lets FUTUREFLEECE™ trap more warmth with less material than ever before. This is one garment that deserves a spot in your pack any time you leave the trailhead.

ClosureMaterialOriginal Price
Full ZipFUTUREFLEECE™ – 55% Polyester / 45% Recycled Polyester$148.95 -$169.95

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Patagonia R1 Air Zip Neck Top - Women's

Patagonia R1 Air Zip Neck Top

The Patagonia R1 Air Zip Neck Top is difficult to categorize, which speaks to it's excellent versatility as a layering piece. It's lightweight, warm, breathable, and good looking, which means you wouldn't be wrong to use this as a heavy baselayer, a lightweight midlayer, or even an outerlayer for casual use around town. Which is a good thing for you, because that way you'll be able to find a reason to wear your new favorite fleece as often as is humanly possible.

ClosureMaterialOriginal Price
Half Zip5.7 Ounce 100% Recycled Polyester Jacquard fleece$129.00

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Volcom Costus Pullover Fleece - Women's

Volcom Costus Pullover Fleece

The Volcom Costus Pullover Fleece is a timelessly comfortable sweatshirt that you'll find yourself reaching for day after day, no matter what's in store.

ClosureMaterialOriginal Price
Pullover Hoodie320g Fleece – 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester$95.00

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Kari Traa Ane Pile Jacket - Women's

Kari Traa Ane Pile Jacket

Experience effortless style and unrivaled comfort with the Kari Traa Ane Pile Jacket - the perfect fusion of chic design and snug warmth. Embrace versatility as you conquer adventures or conquer your couch in this must-have wardrobe essential.

ClosureMaterialOriginal Price
Full Zip250 g/m² 100% Polyester Main Fabric, 88% Polyamide / 12% Elastane Contrast Fabric$100.00

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Burton AK Helium Grid Full-Zip Fleece - Women's

Burton AK Helium Grid Full-Zip Fleece

The Burton AK Helium Grid Full-Zip Fleece is your go-to companion for conquering the mountains in style. With its slim fit and stretch cuffs, this versatile fleece moves with you, offering a perfect fit for any adventure. The Polartec® Power Grid™ fleece blocking ensures optimal warmth and breathability, while the Polartec® Hardface® treatment provides extra protection against abrasion and moisture. Complete with zippered pockets and bluesign® approved materials, this fleece is the epitome of comfort, performance, and sustainability.

ClosureMaterialOriginal Price
Full ZipPolartec® Power Grid™ Fleece Blocking$229.95

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Patagonia R2® TechFace Jacket - Women's

Patagonia R2® TechFace Jacket

The Patagonia R2® TechFace Jacket is a versatile instant classic that will see more use than anything else in your closet. Stretchy, highly water resistant, and warm enough for all but full-on winter weather, the R2® TechFace Jacket will take a beating and still come out looking good and performing like a champ.

ClosureMaterialOriginal Price
Full Zip7.6-oz 94% Polyester (77% Recycled) / 6% Spandex Breathable Stretch$179.00

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Black Diamond Coefficient Fleece Hoodie - Women's

Black Diamond Coefficient Fleece Hoodie

Add heat instantly by donning the Black Diamond Coefficient Fleece Hoodie, or just keep it one hand in your pack just in case. Trim fitting and easy to pack, the Coefficient Hoodie is one of those must have items that proves its worth time and time again.

ClosureMaterialOriginal Price
Full ZipPolartec® Power Grid™ (180 gsm, 51% Polyester, 36% Nylon, 13% Elastane)$179.95

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Arc'teryx Kyanite Hoodie - Women's

Arc'teryx Kyanite Hoodie

Even when it's chilly, people who move fast usually need only a little bit of warmth. Enter the Arc'teryx Kyanite Hoodie, a trim and stretchy fleece hoodie that moves and breathes as well as you do. Trail running, backpacking, climbing, ski touring, you name it, the Kyanite adapts to the activity like a chameleon. Made of long lasting Polartec® Power Stretch™ Pro with a Scuba Hood™ and No Slip Zip™ main zipper, this is one hoodie you can't live without.

ClosureMaterialOriginal Price
Full ZipPolartec® Power Stretch® Pro | 53% Polyester / 38% Nylon / 9% Elastane$180.00

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