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Mons Royale

MONS ROYALE - Merino Base Layers & Clothing

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About Mons Royale

Mons Royale creates versatile merino clothing with performance and style that action and outdoor lifestylers love to wear, every day. Since 2009, their mission has been to design garments that can be worn from the mountain to the city streets, from the bike tracks to the yoga mat, to enable people to do more with less. Mons Royale lets people segue from one activity to whatever is happening next, without a change of clothing.

They do this with merino wool because it is simply superior to anything else on the market. It is soft, warm, regulates your temperature, and doesn’t stink. From their home town of Lake Wanaka, New Zealand they've built a global fan base of people who know that merino can look as good on the street as it works on the hill.

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