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The 6 Best Men’s Snowboard Pants of 2020-2021

Do you remember that middle school nightmare where you’re giving a presentation when you suddenly realize you’re not wearing any pants? Well, unfortunately, you’ll never really grow out of it. Here at evo, our nightmares revolve around strapping into our snowboards, making it to the liftline only to realize that we forgot our snowboard pants. That’s ok though, in real life you’d never forget your pants for a day of snowboarding, right? But even if you remember your pants, you’re still going to have a rough day if they can’t kep you warm and dry. The best snowboard pants combine a few key features, comfort & fit, waterproofing & breathability, and of course, style. So, while we can’t really do anything about those nightmares, we can recommend your next, best pair of snowboard pants.


Best 2020-2021 men's snowboard pants

The “L” is one of Volcom’s premium snow pants, designed to combine the finest materials with advanced features and fit. It was designed in conjunction with their roster of pros, along with guides at the notorious Baldface Lodge to pack as much performance into a snowboard pant as possible. Do you need as much out of your pants as those guides do? Probably not, but nobody has ever complained about their snowboard pants being too nice. The GORE-TEX material ensures that you’ll stay warm and dry, even when it’s dumping out, and a wide range of pockets give you plenty of space to stash your gear and accessories.

But where the L really shines is the details, like its clever zipper interface that allows you to zip the pants to any Volcom jacket to create an impenetrable wall against snow. Or the integrated fit system that allows you to adjust the waist without needing a belt. The L is dialed, every detail has been thought through, so you can just focus on the ride.

MaterialWaterproof/Breathability RatingOriginal Price 

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The North Face Freedom

Best 2021 Snowboard Pants

The North Face’s Freedom pants are named for one simple reason: they are designed to keep you free from wet, cold base layers, thanks to their waterproof 2L design and 60g synthetic insulation. That’s because the North Face understands that not everyone wants a shell pant, some of us just run a little colder, and could really benefit from some extra warmth in that zone, especially when we’re riding frigid chairlifts first thing in the morning on a pow day. But when things warm up a little bit, the Freedom pants don't get too hot and stuffy. Instead, their unique “chimney vent” system allows you to quickly undo two zippers and let warm air funnel up and out.

Nothing ruins a great day of riding faster than a cold bum. But in the Freedom pants, you’ll be able to shred all day long, no matter the conditions. So grab a pair before the temperatures drop!

MaterialWaterproof/Breathability Rating Original Price 
DryVentNot Listed$399

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Patagonia Snowshot

The best men's snowboard pants of 2020-2021

Patagonia might be most famous for their high-end ski and snowboard gear, but that doesn’t mean they drop the ball when it comes to more affordable outerwear. In fact, their Snowshot pants offer one of the best price-to-performance ratios on the market, making them some of the best cheap snowboard pants. Patagonia takes everything they’ve learned from decades of making ski gear and trickles it down to the Snowshot. That means there’s a durable waterproof/breathable membrane, strategically placed pockets and vents, and an easy-to-use waist adjustment system.

And in typical Patagonia fashion, the Snowshot pants are super environmentally friendly, with 70% of their shell material coming from recycled sources. So if you care about keeping the planet healthy just as much as you care about keeping your legs warm and dry, give the Snowshot a...shot.

MaterialWaterproof/Breathability RatingOriginal Price 
2L H2NoNot listed$199

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Airblaster Elastic Boss

Best 2020-2021 men's snowboard pants

Airblaster keeps it simple with the Elastic Boss. They know that it doesn’t matter how many fancy features and materials your snowboard pants tout, if they suck at being pants, then there’s no real point. So the Elastic Boss is simple, stretchy, and reliable. They come with a built in belt so there’s no need to remember your own belt, or faff with velcro - they’re simple and easy to adjust. The cuffs are elastic, too, so they just pull over your boots and form a tight seal.

If you don’t feel like wading through a sea of acronyms and specs to pick your next snow pants, the Elastic Boss is your no-nonsense option. Put them on in the morning, go ride all day, take them off when you’re done. You’re the boss.

MaterialWaterproof/Breathability RatingOriginal Price 
2 Layer15k/10k$179.95

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Burton AK 2L GORE-TEX Cyclic

Best 2020-2021 snowboard pants

Burton’s AK line encompasses their top-end outerwear, their spare-no-expense best of the best. And the AK 2L Cyclic pant is the best. It’s designed to be as durable and waterproof as possible with a hefty face fabric and fully taped seams to keep the elements at bay. But underneath that hard exterior lies a soft, comfortable lining. Burton’s special “Living Lining” linter fabric is designed to breath with you, when you’re warm and sweaty it allows more airflow to cool you down, but when you’re freezing it tightens back up and helps trap warm air to keep you cozy. It’s the type of technology that works so seamlessly that you don’t even really notice it happening, you’re just more comfortable through your day.

No, these aren’t the pants for budget buy deal hunters. They’re top end pants at a reasonable price. If you spend a bunch of days on snow each year and want pants that can keep up and will feel comfortable no matter the conditions, go with the Cyclic.

MaterialWaterproof/Breathability RatingOriginal Price 
2L GORE-TEX28k/20k$349.95

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686 Smarty 3in1 Cargo

Best 2020-2021 men's snowboard pants

What’s better than getting a new pair of snowboard pants? Getting two pairs for the price of one! Yep, you heard that right, the 686 Smarty 3in1 Cargo comes with a bonus set of fleece liner pants. Pair the fleece liners with the waterproof shells to stay warm through the coldest days on the hill, ditch the liners for warm spring days, and hang out after riding in just the comfy fleece. Yep, that’s three uses in one affordable package!

On top of the bonus fleece liner, the 686 Smarty also comes with plenty of pocket space, an easily adjustable waist, and effective vents. So stop worrying about figuring out your leg layering system. Just go with the Smarty for a completely integrated system.

MaterialWaterproof/Breathability RatingOriginal Price 
infiDRY® Fabric + DWR20k/10k$219.95

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