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2025 Skis & Ski Boots


By: David Hewat, Sammi Bushman, and Jacob Smith  |  Last Updated: March 22nd, 2024


Every year we watch as hunks of wood, sheets of fiberglass, and slivers of carbon, flax, and metal are alchemized into mountain-ready tools that laugh in the face of gravity, and every year we are amazed. The class of 24/25 is no exception – we've had the privilege of testing the latest crop of skis, boots, and bindings, and we’re pleased to report that our favorite pastime is healthier than ever!

The 24/25 season is set to deliver significant innovations in design, technology, and sustainability. The core all mountain category is fighting fit with brand new versions of some old favorites (shoutout Black Pearl, Enforcer, and Santa Ana!), and our bootfitters are happy to see BOA click its way across the wider boot landscape. Whether you’re gearing up to huck cliffs, harvest corn, or hone your pizza pie, there’s something for every skier to look forward to.

So pour yourself a steaming mug of stoke and settle in to our 24/25 Ski Gear Preview to see what winter has in store for you. Once you've had your fill, head over to our Field Tested Reviews for a deep dive on the most hotly anticipated gear.

2025 Armada Skis

2025 Armada Skis

Armada drop into the new season with some red hot updates to their Declivity X skis. Developed in collaboration with the late, great Tof Henry, these freeride rippers are engineered for speed and stability in big mountain terrain. The Declivity X 115, 108, and 102 blend a powerful layup with long, low rocker lines that allow the skier to break the tails free to slash turns at will. Strong enough for cliff hucking runouts and loose enough to throw the odd 360, Declivity X skis are a great pick for everyday speed demons and aspiring freeride champs alike.

Next up are the all new ARV / ARW 112 and 106. These skis come in unisex sizing, although the ARV 112 gets a poplar wood core and an extra 192cm size, compared to the lighter caruba wood core and 165 - 185cm size run on the ARW 112. The 112 brings the Armada’s all mountain freestyle ethos to a wider platform, combining long, low rocker lines with plenty of energy, pop, and all mountain stability. These are the skis to reach for when it snows a foot overnight and you’re still hunting for pockets of fresh two days later. The ARV / ARW 106 feature the exact same construction, so you can just go ahead and pick whichever topsheet suits your style. This is a go anywhere, do anything twin capable of performing in the pow and park alike. If you want to be covered for every eventuality, the ARV / ARW 106 is the one.

Last but not least, Sammy Carlson’s Whitewalker 116 gets an extra size in a 175cm. Armada always bring the heat when it comes to graphics, and we love the retro-futuristic look of the ARV and ARW series, courtesy of artists David Alabo and Ada Zielińska. Aside from the subtle changes found on the 112, these skis are available in unisex sizing, so pick your favorite topsheet and get after it!
  • New Declivity X Skis
    • Declivity X 115 / 108 / 102
  • ​New ARV / ARW 112 & ARV / ARW 106 Skis
  • New Whitewalker 116 175cm size

2025 Atomic Skis, Boots & Bindings


Atomic puts the “fresh” in new gear next season, with a slough of updated products that’ll have you jumping for joy. Between skis, boots, and binders, you could easily make an entire setup out of that Atomic new new. 

It’s been a few years since Atomic has made any major changes to the best-selling Bent skis. That’s because people love them, and they work. But every few years, even fan-favorites need to innovate. The updated Bent Family will feature eco-friendly materials and a new freeride specific HRZN 3D tip and tail. In the new layup, the ski loses the carbon and titanal inlays, while keeping other materials relatively the same. The key is that Atomic is reducing the overall amount of each RAW material used. While the waist widths and purpose of the Bent Family remain the same, their updated construction is better for the environment.

Backland also gets a profile and eco-friendly materials update, creating a new category entitled ‘Backland FR’ which leans more towards freeride touring while staying firmly in a lighter weight class. The line is gendered, with 101 and 108 widths on the women’s side and 102 and 109 on the men’s. Widths and topsheets aside, the guts of these skis are exactly the same. Following the Bent, they get touring specific HRZN 3D tips. As the lightest of the three new tip profiles, it uses a perforated material to keep the weight down. Their construction features a poplar and caruba core, hardwood binding reinforcement, less fiberglass and resin, waste reducing sidewalls, and most noticeably: no metal. These updates distinguish the Backland from the narrower Backland and Backland UL classifications, which feature a skin clip at the tip and are more optimized for uphill use.

We demo’d the new Backland FRs on crusty pre-season snow (which is pretty similar to days in the backcountry where you really need the stability of a heavier ski) and felt like they did a great job of turning and holding an edge, while still being really fun to launch off things and play around with.

Elsewhere, Maven and Maverick continue to evolve in both construction and shape. The Maverick will be featured in a 105 CTI and 115 CTI, while the Maven gets a corresponding 103 CTI. All other models are upgraded with more eco-friendly and low impact materials. Their HRZN 3D tech is partial – it extends down both sides of the tip but does not wrap – for stability and smoothness. Inside, the new skis have less carbon, a burlier steel edge, and a directional, all-wood profile that encourages hard charging without being overwhelming. There is a misconception that “damp” or sturdier skis are inherently heavy and sometimes hard to drive. One purpose of the Maverick and Maven series is to rebut this, delivering a stable ski that is not overwhelming to the rider.

New for the 24/25 season is the Hawx Magna XTD, which brings the excellent XTD design to a higher volume boot. Because this is the debut year, Atomic is presenting a fairly limited offering with 130, 120, and 105W flex models. For now, there is no BOA and the size range is a little smaller than usual, with the 120 and 130 bottoming out at a 25.5 and the 105W at a 23.5. We’re very hopeful for the future of this boot and looking forward to a full lineup in seasons to come! Hawx Prime XTD is updated with BOA closure on all shell lowers, which means it has an updated mold and liner too. All Hawx Prime models – XTD and inbounds, men’s and women’s – have an AFS cuff, or spoiler, which provides extra space in the calf area when removed. Last but not least, the Hawx Ultra XTD 120 will feature BOA closure, putting it right in line with its friends.

Whew! That was a lot. Good for you, we’ve summarized everything and added pictures. Now go get that full setup!!
  • Updated Bent Family Skis
    • Bent 120 / 110 / 100 / 90 / 85
  • New Backland FR Skis
    • Backland FR 109 / 102 / 108W / 101W
  • New Maverick 105 CTI / 115 CTI Skis
  • New Maven 103 CTI Skis
  • New Hawx Magna XTD Boots
  • Updated Hawx Prime / Hawx Prime XTD Boots
  • Updated Hawx Ultra XTD Boots


2025 Black Crows Skis

On the tailwinds of a big freeride year, Black Crows is going back to their roots and revamping the ski that made them: the Corvus. 

Updates to the Corvus will bring it into the modern era of freeride skiing. Recent iterations have seen the Corvus rock up with reverse camber or flat camber, but in its place is an all new shape: classic camber, straight lines, two progressive rockers, and a sheet of titanal. The new model adds a few millimeters of width (starting at 110mm), a slight pintail shape which makes it easier to pivot and break out of turns, and comes in an expanded size range of 169 - 191cm. Designed for big mountains and ambitious pursuits, this french freerider is designed to ski fast and hard wherever you find yourself. Kaw!

On the front side, the all new Octo and Octo Birdie add to Black Crows’ growing carving lineup. The Octo draws heavy parallels to the Mirus Cor with the same core construction and a slightly slimmer 84mm waist width for front-side ripping, but no titanal layer (there is an aluminum tail insert). This makes the Octo a great option for people who love to carve but often feel overwhelmed by skis incorporating metal. It’s 200 grams lighter than the Mirus Cor, and features light tip rocker with classic camber underfoot for balance and stability. The Octo and Octo Birdie are available in sizes 167 - 185cm and 155 - 173cm respectively. The construction appears the same between the gendered lines, with a graphic and size range change to meet consumer demand.

Bold and colorful, Black Crows continue to literally stand out in the crowd. You can always tell when people are riding them, and the company has no plans to change the bold geometric designs and sidewall slander that lure people to these super fun skis. 
  • Revamped Corvus Skis
  • New Octo and Octo Birdie Skis

    2025 Black Diamond Skis

    Black Diamond are no strangers to backcountry performance, and they have a new collection of metal powered chargers for 2025. Available in both men’s and women’s versions, the all new Impulse Ti skis feature a titanal sheet in the layup for the best possible dampness, stability, and power transmission in backcountry terrain. 

    Outside of skis, keep an eye out for the new Traverse Pro ski poles and Cirque Series packs. The Traverse Pros are engineered with durable aluminum construction, FlickLock Pro adjustability, and innovative details, like centimeter markings starting at the grip for quick snow depth measurements on the move. The all new Cirque packs, meanwhile, are clean, simple, and purpose-built for technical ski mountaineering.
    • New Impulse Ti Skis

    2025 Blizzard Skis


    24/25 is the year of the all mountain ski, and for Blizzard that can mean only one thing – we’re getting a revamped Black Pearl to play with! Comprising some of the bestselling women’s skis over the last 12 years, Black Pearls have won countless fans – not to mention awards – for their consistent, confident performance and everyday versatility. Like all of Blizzard’s Women2Women products, the new Black Pearls are tailored to women’s bodies with a women’s specific Trueblend wood core, a recommended mount point shifted 1cm forward compared to men’s skis, and a sidecut and radius to match. Blizzard’s updated Women’s Fluxform Construction puts three Titanal sheets of varying size and width at two different levels in the layup for the ideal blend of damping, stability, and flex. Compared to the previous version, the skis are a little lighter with higher rocker and camber for a slightly more nimble, progressive feel. They’re just as powerful and confident as ever and easier to ski off-trail, which sounds great to us! The new Black Pearl comes in 94 / 88 / 84 width models. 

    On the men’s side, Blizzard has decided the time is right to say goodbye to the Cochise, Bonafide, and Brahma. Replacing them is a brand new line of all mountain rippers called Anomaly. Their construction will mirror the Black Pearl’s Titanal Fluxform Construction with one key difference: the number of titanal sheets sandwiched in between. The mens’ edition, features an additional edge-to-edge sheet of titanal for added beef, but the story is much the same. The new skis are a little more approachable than their predecessors, while lacking none of the power, stability, and energy. Be sure to check out the Anomaly 102 / 94 / 88 / 84 models at your nearest evo location when they land! 
    • Revamped Black Pearl Skis
      • Black Pearl 94 / 88 / 84
    • New Anomaly Skis
      • Anomaly 102 / 94 / 88 / 84


    2025 Coalition Snow Skis

    2025 Coalition Snow Skis

    Coalition Snow has put a heavy focus on community development over the past few seasons, and as a result their lineup of gear has remained pretty much the same inside. In previous gear previews, we’ve reported on partnerships with native artists, in-your-face marketing campaigns that demand attention, and the woman-centered business that is so different from most ski brands, it garners admiration and respect from riders seeking something that doesn’t adhere to the traditional tropes of ski-dom. 

    This season, we bring you a new ski, the Lil Honey Yum Yum Baby Cakes Nasty Snack (AKA Lil’ Nasty). A cross between two crowd favorites: the soft Powder oriented Rafiki and the hard-charging all mountain SOS, the Lil’ Nasty fills a gap in Coalition’s lineup with its all-mountain friendly 94 mm waist width. Lil Nasty takes the shorter turn radius of the Rafiki and the stability of the SOS, to deliver sticks that are fun to whip around on the hard stuff and not afraid of the bumps. They have an 18 mm turn radius and feature a directional twin design. For the debut season, the Lil’Nasty will be available in sizes 166 and 173.
    • New Lil Honey Yum Yum Baby Cakes Nasty Snack Skis

    2025 Dalbello Ski Boots


    Dalbello continues to innovate on their 3-piece design philosophy with a new line of Cabrio MV and Cabrio Max boots. The new boots replace their long-running Panterra line, introducing a more cohesive collection under the Cabrio name with low, mid, and high volume options. 

    The new Cabrio MV boots come in a 101mm last for average width feet, with all new 3D Wrap liners designed to take less time and energy to mold. These liners feature an innovative progressive tongue design for improved suspension and snow feel. Cabrio Max boots will have a comparable feature set in a wider 103mm last for high volume feet.

    On the touring side, look out for new Cabrio Free MV boots with a 101mm last, and the all new Quantum Space boots. These lightweight boots are a great pick for serious backcountry enthusiasts with wider feet, featuring a 110 flex and a high volume 102mm width fit.

    Elsewhere, Dalbello’s traditional 4-buckle boots get some snazzy 50mm Powerband elastic powerstraps added to Veloce 130 and Veloce 120 models.

    • New Cabrio MV & Cabrio Max boots
    • New Cabrio Free MV touring boots
    • New Quantum Space touring boots
    • Updated Veloce 130 & 120 boots

    2025 DPS Skis & Backcountry Gear

    2025 DPS Skis

    DPS are synonymous with performance backcountry skiing, and they drop into the new season with significant updates to their Carbon Pagoda Tour line. The secret sauce lies in an all new carbon and flax laminate (CFL), a high performance laminate featuring flax plant fibers embedded within a pure carbon construction. This layup reduces torsional chatter while retaining the lightweight energy and long-term durability of carbon. 

    Carbon Pagoda Tour CFL skis come in a waist widths ranging from 90mm to 112mm, including an all new model: the Carbon Pagoda Tour CFL 105. The 105 is engineered to be as well-rounded as possible – the kind of ski you can grab for any kind of tour, from hippy pow meadow skipping to steep, technical lines far from the trailhead.

    The new Carbon Wailer line is an homage to the skiers who have shaped DPS as a brand. The focus here is on maneuverability in the trees and easy planing in deeper snow. The Carbon Wailer 90, 100, and 107 all come with a snappy 15m turning radius, tapered shovels for optimal flotation in powder, and a versatile blend of rocker and camber. Hybrid laminate construction offers a balance of carbon response and a classic feel to your turns, and the layup incorporates a new blend of bio-based materials to boost their sustainability credentials.
    • New Carbon Pagoda Tour CFL Skis
      • Carbon Pagoda Tour CFL 90 / 94 / 100 / 105 / 112
    • Revamped Carbon Wailer Skis
      • Carbon Wailer 90 / 100 / 107

    2025 Dynafit Skis, Boots, and Bindings

    Details Coming Soon!

    2025 Dynastar Skis

    The M-Pro and M-Free lineups are the major story at Dynastar. Both lines feature Dyastar’s signature Hybrid Core 2.0, an evolved eco construction with wood and polyurethane in the core, along with wood grain arranged in three orientations for a stable, quiet, and powerful ride. 

    The M-Pro comes in 108Ti, 100Ti, 94Ti, and 85 models with unisex sizing, and 98, 92, and 85 “women’s” models with smaller sizing. Every model except the 108Ti features the updated construction. New M-Pro skis will receive a more modern tail shape and profile, a shorter turn radius that’s easier to initiate, better balance from tip to tail, and reduced weight. The overall goal is to create a ski that’s more fun and less demanding, while still providing plenty of power. You can find the 100Ti in sizes 162 - 186cm, the 94Ti in sizes 154 - 186cm, and the 85 in 154 - 185cm. You can find the M-Pro W 98 in sizes 154 - 178cm, 92 in sizes 146 - 178cm, and 85 in sizes 149 - 167cm.

    We know you’re wondering about the M-Pro “women”, so here’s the lowdown. While data shows that increasingly, people see through the marketing (and especially women researching a powerful ski like the M-Pro), shops still request gendered products, and people still buy them, so for now, the “W” designation stays. The skis themselves feature the same construction as their unisex counterparts. The size ranges are developed based on market research where women buy – hence the variance from Unisex models – but their function and makeup is exactly the same. 

    The Updated M-Free sees fewer changes than the M-Free, based on athlete feedback. You can find the M-Free in 112, 108, 99, and 90 models. The new version has a slightly stronger tail and more pop, a bit more stiffness, overall reduced weight, and more sizing across the board. The 112 is aimed squarely at power riders and only available in a 183 - 190cm, but the 108 and down are fully unisex, with the 108 available in sizes ranging from 162 - 192cm.

    Four women of different heights and ski styles switched these models amongst themselves and collectively felt they were all super solid skis. The M-Free skis more centered, is lighter, and is overall easier to ski longer, while the M-Pro is a bit more directional, chargey, heavy, and best skied at the classic ski shop length of “somewhere between your chin and forehead.” For long, hard groomers, the M-pro 94 will be a great choice for anyone looking for a sub-100 ski or who likes to go fast and hard, while the M-Free is for the friend always disappearing into the trees to find a side hit or two. 

    For the frontside inclined the M-Cross / E - Cross W get the Hybrid Core 2.0 construction, and for the park enthusiasts, the Menace has an all new construction, with a poplar core and cap construction sidewall.
    • New M-Pro
    • New M-Free 
    • Updated M-Cross / E - Cross W
    • New Menace

    2025 Elan Skis

    Details Coming Soon!

    2025 Faction Skis

    2025 Faction Skis

    Faction have fleshed out their line significantly over the last few years, and things are looking good in 2024/2025. Aside from the La Machine series, which is fully unisex, almost all Faction skis are available in men’s and women’s versions. While women’s ‘X’ skis are available in shorter lengths for smaller riders, the construction is exactly the same as the non ‘X’ versions. Pick the right length and get after it!

    The Prodigy Series is their best-selling series for a reason: the skis are just plain fun. The 24/25 Prodigy Series features nostalgic topsheet art celebrating the electronics of yesteryear, and there’s an all-new Prodigy “Capsule Series” to complement. These skis feature graphics by the artist and designer Elsa Grace, honoring three landmark regions of the United States: the American East Coast, the desert of the Southwest and the iconic forests of the Rockies.
    The Dancer Series blends power, stability, and lightweight, nimble handling for variable terrain. The 24/25 Dancer Series features captivating new topsheet art reminiscent of the arcs you paint while attacking the fall line. We love graphics that pop off the snow, and these skis deliver the goods!
    The Studio Series is crafted in close collaboration with Faction’s top athletes, comprising a family of premium twin-tips that blend high-speed, all-mountain freeski performance with free-flowing, freestyle spirit. Trusted by the likes of Olympic champion Eileen Gu, these skis are built to last, with reinforced wood cores, stomp pads for heavy landings and carbon for lightweight rigidity.
    The Agent Series is a free-touring family engineered for a bomber downhill experience. The physical contours of the Agent skis mirror that of the Dancer Series, model for model, so you get the same intuitive handling and effortless maneuverability, but with a lighter core. These can easily serve as a lightweight resort setup, or as a do-it-all rig mounted with a hybrid touring binding.
    The La Machine Series comprises Faction's lightest skis –  a true touring collection. With extended rocker and taper, these skis are designed to float like a boat above all types of snow. Perfect for longer tours, bell-to-bell days filled with backcountry laps, or multi-day mega-treks, Full carbon layers mean La Machine skis allow for maximum efficiency on the skin track without sacrificing performance when it comes time to point the tips downhill. The narrower 1 Micro and 2 Mini serve the needs of those seeking the lightest setup possible, while the 3 Mega, the 4 Massive and the 126mm 5 Max are built for those in search of softer snow.


    2025 Fischer Skis & Boots

    Details Coming Soon!

    2025 Head Skis & Boots

    Details Coming Soon!

    2025 K2 Skis & Boots

    K2 consistently delivers the goods and the 24/25 season is no exception. This year it’s Reckoner’s turn to get updated with several new models. The freshness comes in the form of the Reckoner 124, Reckoner 110 and 110W, and Reckoner 102W. Each ski combines an Aspen wood core with K2’s signature Spectral Braid technology for a super playful yet stable feel. The Reckoner 124 features unisex sizes ranging from 159 - 189cm, while 110W and 102W models feature the exact same construction as the men’s in smaller sizes. Nice!!

    And that’s not all… The Reckoner line gets a radical new addition from K2 athlete Karl Fostvedt – aka Crazy Karl. The Reckoner KF is a heavily rockered freestyle ripper that’s perfect for stomping big airs in deep snow. It drops in with a 114mm waist width and slightly softer flex than the rest of the Reckoner line to match Karl’s playful style to a tee. 

    Elsewhere, K2 launch a new line of freestyle twins to replace old favorites like the Poacher and Midnight. The new skis feature unisex sizing, and there’s something for newbies and podium chasers alike. The athlete approved Omen Team comes in with a 96mm waist, the Omen 90 offers a slimmer option with the same Triaxial Braid construction, and the Omen 85 is a durable, entry level pick for park rats working their way up.

    The BOA takeover continues apace with K2’s all new BFC BOA boots. The new boots pair the wide, high volume fit of the BFC line with BOA’s excellent shell wrapping abilities and an apres friendly walk mode. While you’ll still find traditional buckle options in lower flex models, the higher flexes are all BOA. If you’re in the market for a wider boot, ask your bootfitter about the BFC BOA 130/ 120 / 110 / 100 on the men’s side, and the 105W / 95W on the women’s.

    Hard chargers have reason to rejoice with the all new Recon 140 BOA and Anthem 125 BOA boots. These are some of the stiffest boots available on the recreational market, complete with BOA shells, BOA liners, tech toe fittings, and elastic cam power straps. The same features are replicated on the new Mindbender 140 BOA and 125W BOA boots, with the added bonus of Mindbender’s touring friendly design. 

    Last of all is the new K2 FL3X Revolve KF, a Karl Fostvedt pro-model to match his Reckoner KF skis. With a wrap liner and the stiffest tongue K2 can find, this is arguably the burliest 3-piece design available. Freeride huckers take note!!
    • New Reckoner 124 / 110 / 110W / 102W skis
    • New Reckoner KF Skis & FL3X Revolve KF boots - Karl Fostvedt pro-models
    • New Omen Skis
    • New BFC BOA Boots
    • New Recon 140 BOA & Anthem 125 BOA Boots
    • New Mindbender 140 BOA & Mindbender 125W BOA Boots

    2025 Lange Ski Boots

    There’s just a few updates this year for Lange, who saw great success with their Shadow series that debuted in the 23/24 season. The philosophy: fit and performance go hand and hand. Lange is all about pushing hard while feeling good on your feet.

    The big news is a brand new alpine model called RS Aero, which is a fusion of the classic RS and Z world cup series. It features lots of cool tech, including a microfiber race liner and redesigned shell that takes the best of a plug boot and puts it in a more approachable alpine model. On LV and MV models, the RS Aero feature a solid alpine sole design, and all models will have increased wall thickness and reinforcements in key zones to provide speed and power. The whole boot is designed with aerodynamics in mind, from the buckles to the shape. Lange even put it through a wind tunnel in testing! 

    One last feature, the Power Flex Insert, allows the user to pick their flex with material rather than adding or removing a screw. By switching between a carbon fiber and PU insert in the spine, you can maintain the structural integrity of your boot while accounting for conditions and flex needs. The RS Aero is available in a full range of flexes from 130 down, with the 110, 90, and 70 available in a true 21.5 size.

    Otherwise, the Shadow series carries forward, and it will now be available in some sizes in a true 22.5. The LX series gets cosmetic updates, and the XT3s get an updated liner with the same auxetic design as Shadow. 
    • New RS Aero boots
    • Updated XT3 boots

    2025 Lib Tech Skis

    Details Coming Soon!

    2025 Line Skis

    Over the last few years, Line has quietly expanded their collection into one of the most comprehensive freeride and freestyle lineups in the game. For 2025, the best-selling Pandora collection gets a full refresh with all new construction, shapes, and sizes. Long beloved by women for their everyday capability, the new skis come in full unisex size runs, with the widest Pandora 106 available in lengths ranging from 155cm to 189cm. A shift in waist width across the collection sees the Pandoras clock in at 106, 99, 92, and 85mm underfoot, with the new skis incorporating Line’s latest Bio Resin and Thick Cut Sidewall construction.

    The Vision collection is the next to get an update, with new shapes that closely mirror the metal infused Optic collection. Just like the Pandoras, the Vision 114, 104, and 96 come in unisex sizes, with the widest Vision 114 available in lengths ranging from 159cm to 189cm. This is great news for women and smaller skiers in search of a legit powder ski! An all new THC layup keeps the Visions light enough for uphill duty on the skin track, while remaining plenty stable for inbounds charging.

    After last season’s brand new Bacons and Chronics, Line’s All Mountain Freestyle collection remains largely unchanged for 2025 except for some funky new topsheets, but it’s impossible to ignore the all new Bacon 122. Launched midway through the 23/24 season with a limited Tom Wallisch Pro edition, these freestyle fatties are perfect for surfing, slashing, and stomping monster airs in hero snow. Huck yeah!

    2025 Look Ski Bindings


    2025 Look Pivot Bindings

    There’s a new Pivot on the market, and this one’s a doozy. “Blue Steel” Pivot 2.0 features some nice functional updates while maintaining its superior hard charging performance. 

    The new model features a re-engineered heel-piece that reduces the risk of finger pinch and is overall easier to operate and adjust. It comes with improved durability, a new hex adjustment screw, new arms, and a new 105mm brake width that will also carry over to the current Pivot 15. Perhaps the biggest perk of the new model is a 15mm adjustment range, which makes it easier to switch boots without having to remount your skis (the mount points are also slightly closer together). 

     The turntable heel, multi-directional release, long elastic travel, bombproof construction, and the overall functionality remain the same. As always, evo gets its own bright signature colorway. We’ve seen mock-ups and can’t give away much, but let’s just say, Barbie would be proud.
    • NEW Pivot 2.0 “Blue Steel”
    • NEW 105mm Pivot 15 Brake Width

    2025 Marker Ski Bindings

    Marker continues their expansion into the touring game with a small addition to the acclaimed Alpinist line. The new Alpinist Free bindings come with 105mm brakes and a wider base for improved power transfer on wider skis. Everything else in the Marker lineup carries over with some funky fresh new colorways on rider favorites like the Griffon 13 and Squire 11. Tag yourself – we’re team purple!
    • New Alpinist Free bindings

    2025 Nordica Skis & Boots


    Nordica drop into the 24/25 season with a slate of exciting updates to their core all mountain lineup. The headline belongs to their all new Enforcer and Santa Ana skis, which have been overhauled with new shapes, widths, rocker profiles, and construction.  Long revered for their all mountain prowess, the Enforcers and Santa Anas all get a brand new wood core incorporating a layer of rubber for improved damping, along with a fresh double layer Ti laminate. The new shapes deliver a smoother, more controlled ride, as well as unlocking the tail for a more nimble personality compared to previous versions. Overall, the new skis should be considerably more accessible to less experienced skiers, while still delivering the powerful, composed feel that experts have come to expect. The Enforcers will be available in waist widths of 104 / 99 / 94 / 89, with the Santa Anas coming in at 102 / 97 / 92 / 87.

    Elsewhere, the Unleashed line drops the slightly confusing ‘Ice/Tre’e men’s and women’s naming for a more unified unisex collection, and the Unlimited line drops ‘Enforcer’ from the name. 

    On the boot side of the equation, the all new Speed Machine 3 BOA boots represent Nordica’s entry into the world of BOA. The new boots feature a new lower mold construction specifically engineered for the BOA system. Men’s and women’s boots come in 130 / 120 / 110 / 105W / 95W flex models, pairing the classic Speed Machine fit with all the benefits of BOA closure.

    Also new are the HF Pro boots, which come in a lower volume 100m fit with a re-engineered aluminum-reinforced spine and closing mechanism. Available in both men’s and women’s versions in 130 / 110 / 105W / 95W flex models, these slick rear entry boots offer a genuine high performance option for those seeking easier entry. 

    2025 RMU Skis

    RMU welcomes two brand new skis to the lineup in 24/25 – the Professor 111 and the Zephyr 88.

    The Professor 111 is the skinnier, everyday version of the Professor 121. With a poplar wood core and mid-fat 111mm waist, this is your go-to ski for days when you just don't need 121mm underfoot (ie, most of them!) The Zephyr 88 hits the spot at the other end of the scale, a high performance 88mm ripper for laying trenches on corduroy. This one is perfect for tearing around groomed runs at the resort while you wait for the next big storm to roll in. Elsewhere, the ever popular Apostle 106 and 114 get an updated poplar wood core and tweaked flex profile for a more balanced feel. 
    • New Professor 111 skis 
    • New Zephyr 88 skis
    • Updated Apostle 106 & Apostle 114 skis

    2025 Rossignol Skis & Boots

    Rossignol consolidates the lineup and brings back an old fave for 24/25. We’ll see the departure of the Black-Ops name, and a full takeover of Rallybird and Sender in Rossi’s all-mountain freeride lineup. Under these two categories, there will be two stories. The wider skis, 118 and 110 widths, are progressive and freeride oriented, while the 102 and 92 are more directional. One of our favorites, the 110, will be moving to a pro model. The ski itself is great, but market research shows that the majority of people prefer a slightly lighter ski with less metal. 

    Within these two categories of Rallybird and Sender, we first have the return of an old friend. The Soul series is BACK. That’s right, Rossignol heard your ski shop tears, loving lift conversations, and all that online feedback. The Rallybird and Sender Soul will both be available in a 92 and a 102 model, featuring Twin Rocker, a poplar wood core with Line Control Tech (LCT), and that signature honeycomb tip, which is constructed with rubber and air. Much like the Souls of old, we found these skis incredibly easy to ski, so easy they almost do the skiing for you! They work very well at medium speeds and are a great choice for those who don’t need to barrel down the mountain at insane speed, but still want something that’s super capable and freeride oriented.

    Sender Free represents the wider freeride style skis, the 110 and 118. The 110 will be unisex, with a size range of 160 - 191cm, while the 118 will run from 176 - 186 in length. These are progressive, slightly more centered skis designed for skiing deeper snow and steeper lines, with speed in mind.  For more casual riders who don’t see themselves venturing off the trail but still want that easy-to-ski feel of a wider ski, the Rallybird and Sender soul pro will be available in full size runs with gendered color ways from 136 - 176

    On the front-side, the all-terrain Arcade ski takes over. Eventually this will replace the Experience line, providing affordable options for riders at all levels who enjoy hard snow sweet turns. The Arcade skis feature a quick turn radius, and with several different styles, you can pick what works for you. The 88 is super full gas, super g style and features a full sheet of metal, while the 85 comes in a super capable, entry-level package with bindings included. There’s no change to the Women’s Experience series, but like we mentioned, Arcade will take over in the next few seasons to streamline the lineup even more. 

    Rossignol’s new Vizion Boots are made for those with mobility issues, or anyone who just hates pulling on boots. Even if you aren’t a candidate for them right now, you probably know someone who is, and we think spotlighting accessible ski technology is an important callout. Taking the place of rear entry boots, Vizion features models up to a 120 flex. A double buckle on the second buckle engages a mechanism on the spine, which pulls apart the front and back of the cuff and to make stepping in easier than ever. Appearance wise, it looks quite similar to the walk mode on a Fischer Ranger with one big difference: this is NOT a touring boot. A metal bar goes all the way up the spine of the boot when it's locked, keeping the flex rigid and powerful. Just because your mobility has changed, doesn’t mean your skiing has to!
    • New Sender and Rallybird Soul Skis
    • New Sender Free Unisex Skis
    • New Arcade All-Terrain Skis
    • New Vizion Boots

    2025 Salomon Skis, Boots & Bindings


    Salomon leans into the 24/25 season with something you’ve been missing, something you’ve been craving, and something you’ve been (very) patiently waiting for. 

    For something you’ve been missing: the QST X debuts as an all new pow ski at an approachable 116mm waist width. The QST X is part of the newly formed “QST Laboratory,” which consists of the QST X, Blank, and Echo skis. Its directional freeride profile features plenty of tail rocker for a slashy, slavery good time, and a caruba and poplar wood core supported by Salomon’s signature cork, carbon, and double sidewalls. The QST X can be found in 3 sizes: 178, 184, and 192cm.

    Elsewhere, the Stance line adds a skinnier 80mm version and updates 84, 90, and 96, and Salomon drop a new S/Max line of powerful yet approachable on-piste ski with no metal.

    All salomon skis and boots feature an increasing amount of recycled materials, and we really dig the visual representation they chose for their eco-story. Look out for the rainbow sprinkles of ground up polyurethane and polypropylene in ski sidewalls – yum!

    For something you’ve been craving: The Shift Alpha BOA is a new hybrid touring boot for narrow feet. It features the same BOA Fit System as Salomon’s alpine boots, along with a revamped walk mode with something Salomon dub the FreeSpine™. This plastic bar links the cuff and lower shell, eliminating the break in energy transfer that occurs with many touring boots. As a result, the boot has greater power and control. You can find the Shift Alpha BOA boot in a 130, 120, 110, 115W, and 95W flex. All boots EXCEPT the 120 and 110 are available starting at a 22.5 size. The 120 and 110 are available in a 24.5 and above.

    As far as other boot developments go, the S/Pro Supra will come a non-BOA, four buckle version. This mid volume alpine boot will be available in 120, 110, 100, 90 GW, 90W, and 80W models. The new S/Pro Race is a burly race-style boot for skiers who want all the power and performance of a true race boot without having to actually bash gates. This speed demon comes in a snug 96mm last, and will be available in two models: 140 and 110.

    Next up is the much-anticipated Shift 2.0! The new incarnation of Salomon’s revolutionary hybrid touring binding doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it does feature several key updates that address concerns with the original binding. Perhaps most important is a re-engineered adjustable AFD plate. The new AFD features an all new design with an aluminum ‘Power Block’ insert that eliminates slippage within the mechanism, providing improved security and 30% better power transfer. The toe wings and locking lever have both been beefed up, and the brake mechanism has firmed up to eliminate the occasional skin track brake deployments that the first generation suffered from. All in all, Shift 2.0 combines a solid step forward in performance with the same hybrid functionality we loved the first time around. We’re fond of that snazzy pinky purple color, too!

    • New QST X Skis

    • New Shift Alpha BOA Alpine Touring Boots

    • New Shift 2.0 Bindings

    • New S/Pro Supra Boots

    • NEW S/Pro Race Boots 

    • New Stance 80 skis & updated Stance 84, 90 and 96


    2025 Season Skis

    Details Coming Soon!

    2025 Tecnica Ski Boots

    Tecnica has heard your boot-shop requests. This year's lineup focuses on performance and fit improvements, taking tried and true faves to the next level. The biggest updates come to the Zero G family, which just keeps getting better with age. The shell features a 1mm higher instep that’s easier to get into, a more anatomical foot shape, and a new shell / cuff design with an improved range of motion (approximately 60° overall ROM). As many of you who’ve visited a bootfitter may know, the low instep and narrow shape of the Zero G have been a defining fit feature for years, so this adjustment should accommodate a wider range of bodies. Other improvements include 1.5 degrees more forward lean to put you over your skis, ISO 9523 compliant soles, and a more progressive flex that goes easier on the shins. 

    The Zero G is a super solid touring boot and these adjustments bring it even further into that category (and away from the hybrid use-case that some of us have been trying to justify for years based on their great ski-ability). Case in point: the new boots are 100 grams lighter. 

    Elsewhere, Tecnica dip their toes into BOA with the new Mach Sport BOA boots. Designed with a high volume fit for skiers with wider feet, it comes in a 120 / 110 men’s flex and a 105 / 95 women’s. Functionally, this boot is like other BOA models on the market, providing improved shell wrapping around the forefoot. This is particularly relevant for skiers requiring a high volume fit, given that traditional buckle boots have a nasty habit of pushing down on the instep. If this sounds like you, check out the Mach Sport BOA for a better fit!

    Last but not least, ALL boots get a new CAS Liner that’s a bit comfier out of the box and has a better anatomical fit around the ankle, in addition to a new buckle design scattered across the line.
    • ​Revamped Zero G Alpine Touring Boots
    • New Mach Sport BOA Boots
    • New CAS Liners

    2025 Völkl Skis

    Details Coming Soon!

    2025 ZAG Skis

    These French freeriders have been making waves in the US market for a few years, and they’re back with a couple tasty additions to the lineup. 

    The SLAP 104 Lite brings the fun and playful ride of the twin tipped SLAP 104 to your next backcountry adventure with a lightweight, touring friendly build. A paulownia and poplar wood core is backed up with carbon for lightweight power, and there's a hole in the tail that for compatible skins to hook into. Bold, colorful topsheets courtesy of French street artist, Tommy Knuts, complete the package.

    Next up is the MATA Ti, a Titanal powered ripper built to lay serious trenches at the resort. Coming in at 90mm underfoot with a 14m radius, this one is right out of the new school of fun resort all mountain carvers like the Line Blade and Black Crows Mirus Cor. The MATA Ti will be a great choice if you’re looking for something a little different to keep the stoke high between storms.
    • New SLAP 104 Lite Skis
    • New MATA Ti Skis
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