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The 6 Best Kids' Skis of 2021-2022

In the good old days, kids’ skis weren't the greatest. They were generally dumbed-down, cheaply built, and quickly designed excuses for ski gear. For some reason, it took the industry a few years to realize that kids deserve the same level of gear as their parents. Luckily, that’s changed, with new constructions, youth-specific rocker profiles, shapes, and lighter materials that make initiating turns easier for smaller people.

So, while there might be a plethora of decade-old kids’ skis available at that yardsale down the street, your progeny would really appreciate it if you got them something more appropriate. Luckily, we’ve got just the list to help you get started. These are the best kids’ skis on the market today. They’re not just shrunk-down adult skis with juvenile graphics, instead, they’re custom-designed from the ground up for the needs of younger skiers. So make your kid’s winter, and get them a pair of new skis that will help push them to become an even better skier

Atomic Backland Girl

Best 2021-2022 kids skis

Atomic’s Backland series has long set the bar high for what a versatile all-mountain ski can be, and now the Backland Girl brings that legacy to a shorter, lighter package. The Backland Girl is a medium-width all-mountain ski with a lightweight foam core and a rocker/camber profile that helps it float in variable snow without giving up carving performance. It’s a great first ski for girls that are just starting to explore the whole mountain, their design encourages young skiers to carve turns, but won’t buck them if they need to shut down speed fast in weird snow.

If you’ve got a daughter who’s just starting to be ready to head off and ski with her friends, the Backland Girl is the best kids’ all mountain ski to help her build confidence and technique.

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Black Crows Junius - Boys'

Best 2021-2022 kids skis

Black Crows might be best known for their ripping big mountain skis, but the Junius is designed for young skiers who are just getting into freestyle skiing and want to ride the whole mountain, as well as the terrain park. The foam core makes them light and easy to maneuver in the air, while a rocker/camber/rocker profile means they’re a lot of fun in everything from deep fresh snow to icy groomers. The twinned tail makes it easy to learn how to ski switch, and the 85 mm waist is a versatile platform for a wide range of conditions.

If your kid is just starting to get into freestyle skiing and needs one ski that can handle their first spins and rails, along with black diamond powder day laps, the Black Crows Junius delivers and is one of the best kids’ twin tip skis.

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Rossignol Experience Pro ​+ Bindings - Boys'

Best 2021-2022 kids skis

The Rossignol Experience Pro is a great first package for young skiers just getting comfortable on the hill. The Experience Pro skis come with the Team 4 GripWalk binding that works well for youngsters and is relatively easy for lighter people to get in and out of. The skis have a subtle tip and tail rocker that makes it easier for kids to slide around and try different turn shapes while staying under control. The camber underfoot provides good bite in firmer snow, and the whole package is very light, they’ll be able to carry their gear from the lodge to the slopes on their own.

If you’re shopping for your child’s first ski setup, the Rossignol Experience Pro package has everything you need at a price that’s hard to beat.

Waist WidthBindings Original Price 
72mmTeam 4 GW$239.95

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Atomic Vantage Girl X ​+ Bindings

Best 2021-2022 kids skis

When Atomic studied younger skiers, they found that one of the biggest challenges for lightweight kids is flexing the skis into a turn. That’s why they built a special flex zone into the binding area of the Vantage Girl X skis. This allows even very light and young skiers to control the radius of their turns by flexing the skis. The system comes mounted with rails for C5 GW bindings that are lightweight and very adjustable, so the skis will work with a wide variety of boot sizes.

If you’ve got a lighter daughter that’s having trouble controlling her skis, the Atomic Vantage Girl X will give her the edge she needs to learn new techniques and progress, making it one of the best kids’ downhill skis.

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66-68 mmC5 GW Bindings$239.99

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Völkl Mantra Junior

Best 2021-2022 kids skis

The Mantra is one of Völkl’s most storied skis, so it’s no surprise that they’ve introduced the Junior version for younger rippers. The Mantra Junior takes Völkl’s proven formula and tweaks it to make it slightly more accessible for the youth. That doesn’t mean they’ve watered down its performance though. The Mantra Junior still has a full wood core, and ABS sidewalls, so it transfers power smoothly and efficiently from your boots to the snow. The Mantra also has tip and tail rocker to help it stay loose and fun in soft snow, without giving up carving performance.

If you’ve got a youngster on your hands who’s ready to rip up the whole mountain and needs a ski that can keep up, the Mantra Junior is one of the best junior skis to set them up with.

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K2 Luv Bug ​+ Bindings - Girls'

Best 2021-2022 kids skis

Every year more and more parents realize that they can get their kids started skiing earlier than ever before. The Luv Bug is designed to be a fun, easy-to-ride introduction for younger kids just starting out. The composite core makes them very light and predictable, while slight rocker in the tips and tails makes initiating sliding turns and hockey stops much easier. The Luv Bug also comes with a lightweight binding that’s specifically designed for lighter-weight skiers in smaller boots. This combination means the Luv Bug is very easy to use and makes it a great introductory setup.

If you think your child might be ready to start skiing this year and are looking for a very approachable, easy to ride, and fun setup to get them started, look no further than the K2 Luv Bug, one of the best youth skis.

Waist WidthBindings Original Price 
70mmFDT 4.5 Bindings$229.95

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