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The 7 Best Beginner Ski Boots of 2022

So, you’ve been skiing a few times and you really like it. In fact, you love it, you’re saving for a season pass and can’t wait till winter. That’s awesome! Welcome to the club! Now comes the fun part. Maybe you’ve stuck to rental gear in the past, but now it’s time to buy your first pair of beginner ski boots. Looking at all the options can be a little terrifying, especially as a beginner who’s still learning how you want your gear to fit and perform. That’s alright though, we’re here to help sort through the best beginner ski boots.

When you’re shopping for new ski boots, fit is the most important factor by far. If your boots don’t fit well it doesn’t matter how many lessons you take or how nice the skis are that you buy, you won’t have as good of a time. So visit a ski boot fitter, and take their advice on what last width and volume to look for. From there, we’ve put together this list of some of the best boots for new skiers on the market. These are the comfortable, accessible boots that are easy to get on and off, and easy to get along with. So start checking the weather forecast, winter can’t come soon enough!

Atomic Hawx Magna 75 W - Women's

The best beginner ski boots of 2022

Atomic’s Magna series of boots are specially designed to fit the needs of skiers with bigger feet. They’re higher volume, so you won’t get weird pinch points and rubbing. And they’re affordable, priced for beginners who are also paying for lessons and lift tickets for the first time. The 75 flex is perfect for folks who are just getting comfortable flexing into their boots and driving the tips of their skis, and the women’s specific cuff is comfortable on a wide variety of calf shapes.

So if you’re looking for a super comfortable, super accessible boot made from quality materials that will last you season after season, give the Hawx Magna a shot. Your feet with thank you.

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Dalbello DS MX 75

The best beginner ski boots of 2022

Dalbello understands that it’s expensive to get into skiing, and with the DS MX 75 they do their best to lower that barrier. At just $199 these boots don’t cost much more than a lift ticket at some resorts and will keep your feet happy season after season. The 104 mm last has plenty of space to keep your toes happy through a long day, and the overlap design is easy to get on and off.

When cheap ski boots have the correct flex and fit for your foot shape they can sometimes be the perfect match for a beginner skier. If you’re on a budget, saving money on boots and spending it on more days on the hill makes sense. The Dalbello DS MX 75 allows you to do just that.

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Full Tilt Kicker

The best beginner ski boots of 2022

Full Tilt boots might be based on retro three-piece models, but they’ve been thoroughly updated for the 21st century with modern designs and materials. The Kicker is their entry-level boot, and while it does a great job of providing a comfortable, affordable starting place, the real magic is in its upgradeability. Most beginner ski boots have a soft flex in the 70 to 80 range, which is great as you learn how to drive your skis, but eventually, you’ll outgrow that and want stiffer boots. Full Tilt’s modular design means the boots can grow with you. Once you’ve outgrown the Kicker’s 70 flex tongue, it’s a cheap and easy upgrade to get a stiffer one, even up to a 120 flex. So the Kicker is a long-term investment that can grow with you.

So if you’re looking for a beginner-friendly boot that can adapt to your needs down the road, look no further than Full Tilt’s Kicker.

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Lange LX 70 W - Women's

The best beginner ski boots of 2022

Lange might be best known for their high-end race boots, but the LX 70 takes everything they’ve learned from decades of making performance boots and modifies it into a beginner-friendly package. The female-specific cuff means they interface comfortably with your calves and provide a snug and precise fit, and the liners have extra Thinsulate insulation to keep your toes warm.

The Lange LX 70 W is an accessible boot with an impressive pedigree. It’s a great starting place for a lifetime of skiing.

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Rossignol Evo 70

The best beginner ski boots of 2022

The Rossignol Evo 70 was explicitly designed as a counterpoint to uncomfortable rental boots. It’s got an accessible price point, wide last, and forgiving flex, with none of the uncomfortable, smelly downsides that can sometimes come with beginner boots. Rossignol uses a softer plastic over the instep to help accommodate bigger feet and make getting the boots on and off easier. Easy entry ski boots will definitely reduce your time getting ready. The grippy rubber soles make it easier to negotiate icy parking lots and a wide power strap helps ward off shin pain.

Just because the rental boots you started skiing in hurt doesn’t mean every ski boot you ever wear needs to. The Rossignol Evo 70 delivers comfort and performance without breaking the bank.

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Salomon X Access 60 W - Women's

The best beginner ski boots of 2022

It used to be that the number of buckles a boot had was a good indicator of who it was designed for, beginner boots had one or two buckles, expert boots had four or even more. That’s no longer the case. Salomon realized that everyone deserves a precise, adjustable fit, regardless of their skill level. They combine those four buckles with an adjustable cuff that can adapt to fit different cuff shapes and a very comfortable liner.

If you want a comfortable fit with plenty of room for adjustment, at an affordable price, the Salomon X Access 60 delivers.

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Tecnica Mach Sport HV 80

The best beginner ski boots of 2022

Technica’s Mach series of boots have long been a top choice for skiers who want race-level performance combined with all-mountain comfort. The Mach Sport 80 takes that ethos and combines it with a softer flex and higher volume fit to ensure that anyone can get along with these boots. And, Technica has designed the shell to be easy to punch and modify if you do need more space in problem areas.

It’s hard to beat the Technica Mach Sport HV’s mix of affordability, comfort, and performance, this is a boot that’s ready for anything you’ll run into on the hill.

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