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The 7 Best Park Skis of 2020-2021 - Men's & Women's

It used to be that if you saw someone on the mountain with twin tips, it was guaranteed that they were a park skier, and you’d immediately bond over a shared love of booters and down rails. It also meant that there weren’t very many options to choose from - the best park skis were whatever you could get your hands on. These days, twin tips can be found on all kinds of skis, and there’s a huge range of park skis on the market, all catering to different skiing styles and preferences.

That bigger selection means it’s much easier to find a park ski that you love, but more options make it harder to choose, so we’ve put together this list of the best park skis on the market to help you with your search. What sets a park ski apart? There are a few undebatable attributes like durability, then the rest is all about matching the ski to your style. Are you a rail-only skier that is looking for predictability and low swing-weight? Maybe you’re inspired by “New Wave” skiing and want to perfect your nose butters? Or maybe you prefer a little bit of everything? With these different styles of skiing in mind, we’ve chosen a range of park skis with options for everyone from comp jocks to new wave swerve skiers.

Line Chronic

Best 2020-2021 park skis

The Chronic is Line’s all-around park ski, and it has been around for ages - it’s a true classic. It sits between the more competition-focused Tom Wallisch Pro, and the wider, more playful Blend. That means that a huge range of skiers will get along well with the Chronic. It’s got the width to venture outside the park looking for new hits, but is still snappy and stable on big jumps. If you’re just getting into park skiing, and aren’t sure what style of skiing you’re going to focus on, the Chronic gives you the flexibility to try a little bit of everything, plus the medium-soft flex is pretty forgiving. Similarly, if you’re looking for a consistent and versatile ski, the Chronic is one of the best all-around park skis from jumps to rails. On the durability front, Line specs rather beefy 2.5mm x 2.2mm edges and thicker bases that help them stand up to whatever you can throw at them.

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Faction Prodigy 2.0

Best 2020-2021 park skis

The Prodigy is Faction’s playful all-mountain series of skis. That means that the Prodigy 2.0 is a little more versatile than many of the other options on this list. It’s got a little more tip and tail rocker, and more tip taper to make it more agile and maneuverable in variable snow conditions outside the park. Sure, it’s no pow slayer, but if you ski mainly in the park, but like to ski the whole mountain as well, and want one ski to do it all, the Prodigy 2.0 hits the mark. The way that the flex ramps up from the softer tips and tails into the stiffer middle of the skis gives them nie pop, and makes them ski fast. This is a great feeling for jumps. Skiers who enjoy soft and buttery park skis may prefer some other options on the list, but for all-mountain skiers who focus on the park, the Prodigy 2.0 is a solid option.

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Line Honey Bee

Best 2020-2021 park skis

The Honey Bee is Line’s women’s park ski, and it’s designed to be light, snappy, and versatile. Line really went for the traditional definition of a park ski here, the Honey Bee can get you to the podium of slopestyle or halfpipe comps, but is also a great companion on urban rail missions or booter sessions. What really stands out while riding the Honey Bee is its light weight. It’s effortless to pop and spin, which makes bigger rotations, and switchups much easier. The Honey Bee is also one of the most affordable park skis, too, perfect for folks looking to get started in freestyle skiing. For ladies looking to mix it up in the park, pipe, or streets, the Honey Bee gets it done.

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Armada Bdog

Best 2020-2021 park skis

Armada’s Bdog has long been synonymous with boundary-pushing urban skiing. Its creator, Phi Casabon has been at the forefront of urban skiing for most of his career, and the Bdog reflects that dedication to the streets. They have enough rocker that it can handle some variable snow laps, and they can actually be quite fun outside the park, but they are still definitely jib-first skis. Casabon is renowned for his mind-bending butters, and the skis definitely reflect that. The signature “Circle Flex” combined with the wide tips and tails gives you a stable and intuitive platform. It also makes them great for learning butter tricks. Given their jib prowess, they are surprisingly stable and fun on jumps, too.

The tapered shape helps bring down the swing weight making spins and switchups easy, but the Bdog really shines outside of the resort, on urban features, where durability and consistency are key. Its thick bases and edges shrug off hits to concrete, and tapered tips and tails help keep it from catching on big butters. If you see urban skiing as the natural extension of everything you do in the park, and want to push yourself in the streets, the Bdog is the ski for you.

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Line Blend

Best 2020-2021 park skis

The Blend has always been synonymous with fun. Soft, jibby, poppy fun. The Blend is designed to make even the smallest parks, and the simplest tricks feel new and interesting. Their super soft flex, combined with a wider platform just makes you want to wheelie onto the tails and ride off into the sunset. Plus, they are actually pretty fun outside the park, too.

Unlike some park skis that try to strike a balance between lower speed jibbing, and icy competition performance, the Blend simply embraces the jib. With some of the softest tips and tails of any skis out there, the Blends are a buttery dream. This does make the sweet spot for landing without washing out a bit smaller, but the tradeoff is one of the most fun and unique parks skis out there. And sure, their swing weight is light enough that you can dial in your future spins, but really, that’s not the point. If your lap through the park involves buttering some knuckles, jibbing a random tree branch on the way through, and perfecting hippy tricks on that flat-down box, the Blend is one of the best park skis for you.

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Volkl Revolt 87

Best 2020-2021 park skis

On the other end of the spectrum from the Blend is the Revolt 87. While a lot of these more modern park skis feature softer flexes, taper, and rocker, the Revolts are traditionally shaped, stiff, and even sport full traditional camber - there’s no rocker to be found here. What this means is an aggressive, fast, and stable park ski. Volkl has a large team of some of the best competition freestyle skiers in the world, and this is their ski of choice in the halfpipe and on the slopestyle course - another indication of the inklings of these skis.

Given this somewhat old-school feeling construction, this means that the Revolt 87 is not a ski for everyone, but it can definitely be the best park ski for certain types of skiers. The stiff flex and traditional camber give a super stable and poppy platform for jumping - these skis will hold up to the biggest jumps and help you land just right to carry speed into the next feature. It also means they’re precise on the rails. The lack of rocker might make them more difficult to surface swap, but you’ll be able to lock in that scissor to pretzel your spins out. Their makeup also means that they can be fun carving turns on hard snow outside of the park, but the traditional camber and stiff flex mean they’re not the most forgiving or soft-snow friendly.

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Armada Edollo

Best 2020-2021 park skis

The Edollo is Armada’s counterpart to the Bdog. While the Bdog focuses on park and urban skiing, the Edollo hits the rest of that spectrum, from endless midwest rail laps, to side hits all over the hill. The Edollo’s tip rocker makes it easy to butter, while a wider waist adds stability in ungroomed snow. The Edollo’s creator, Henrik Harlaut is known for his range. He regularly takes X-Games podiums, but also likes to send all over the mountain, and the Edollo matches that range.

More traditional park skiers might find the Edollo to be too soft or rockered, it’s not a normal comp ski even though it’s made its way to more podiums than most, and it does have some camber underfoot still. Instead it’s more like the combination of skis like the Chronic and Blend. It’s not quite as stiff and snappy as the Chronic, or as soft as the Blend, instead it hits a middle ground that makes it perfect for skiers that want to try new tricks, on anything from a backyard rail to a 70 ft booter.

The tip rocker line is more subtle than some park skis, and that wider waist and tip rocker mean it holds up really well in fresh snow as well. Add to that Armada’s legendary durable construction and you’ve got a ski that can handle abuse, year after year. If you’re a park skier branching out to natural hits, and all-mountain laps, who still wants great performance on jumps and rails, the Edollo is a natural choice.

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