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The 7 Best Men's Ski Boots of 2021-2022

Buying ski boots used to be pretty simple, you’d just try to find the stiffest pair that felt sort of comfortable on your feet and then dealt with whatever fit and performance downfalls as they came. Now though, ski boot technology has gotten a lot better, which means that there are more options to chose from than ever. And along with that comes new pitfalls. Ski media likes to paint things along the lines of “this is the BEST boot on the market” when actually, there is no one “best” boot, instead, there are different boots that are best for different people. And that’s where it gets challenging.

To find the best ski boots for you, you need to think about what you need from a ski boot. That’s where a boot fitter comes in. They can tell you about your foot shape and how that affects how boots will fit you, and they can help narrow down what flex you should be looking for. And that’s where this guide is helpful as well, it’s designed to narrow down your shopping list as you hunt for new boots so that you can find the one that works best, for you. What better place to start than our list of the best men’s ski boots of 2022.

Atomic Hawx Prime XTD 130

The best men's ski boots of 2022

Atomic realized that there are plenty of skiers who equally prioritize their time earning their turns in the backcountry and ripping in the resort, who want one boot that does both equally well. And that was their target market when they designed the Hawx Prime XTD. It’s a boot that’s equally comfortable in the lift line as it is on the skin track. The head moldable shell and Mimic liner make it easy to customize the boot to your foot, and the great walk mode and tech fittings make for efficient uphill travel.

Atomic also offers the Hawx XTD in a non-Prime version with a narrower last for folks who want a more precise fit on their lower volume feet. So if you’re looking for one boot that does it all, and keeps you comfortable the whole time, The Hawx Prime XTD is one of the best all mountain ski boots and a prime contender.

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Dalbello Panterra 120 ID GW

The best men's ski boots of 2021-2022

The Dalbello Panterra might just be the working man’s ski boot. It’s affordable but delivers top-end performance and reliability at that low price. And it offers a unique solution to the fit question. It’s got an extra buckle over the toe that allows you to adjust the width of the toe area yourself without need a fitter to punch the boot. Once you’ve got that toe buckle dialed it can stay shut as you use the other buckles to get the boot on and off.

The Panterra also has a walk mode to make negotiating boot packs and parking lots easier, and its three-piece design makes it very easy to get on and off, even if you mess up and leave your shells in the car overnight. The Panterra is a top choice for anyone looking for a simple, reliable, high-performing boot.

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K2 Mindbender 120

The most comfortable men's ski boots of 2022

K2’s Mindbender is their take on the do-it-all boot. It’s got the stiffness and precision of an inbounds boot, with the walk mode and weight of a 50/50 boot. What does that mean for the skier? It means it’s a very capable, very versatile boot. Headed out on a trip where you can take only one pair of boots for a mix of resort and backcountry days? Grab the Mindbender and be prepared for anything. The Mindbender’s 4 buckle design means it locks your foot in for solid power transmission and precise turns. Combine that with its 50° walk mode and you’ve got a recipe for easy skins up, and aggressive turns down.

It’s also fully heat moldable so it’s easy to customize to your foot. If you’re looking for one boot to rule them all, the Mindbender being one of the best backcountry ski boots should be high on your list.

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Nordica Promachine 120

The best ski boots of 2022

Nordica’s Promachine takes everything the brand has learned from their race boots and optimizes it for everyday skiers. The Promachine has a precise, low volume fit, with great ankle retention so you’ll never get heel lift which is why we consider it one of the best ski boots for narrow feet. But, it’s also got infrared moldable zones so you can easily stretch it out to fit your feet. The cork liner locks your foot in and won’t pack out so the fit stays perfect year after year, and Nordica has optimized the shell design for power transmission.

If you like to ski like your racing, even when you’re not, and enjoy blasting huge, high-speed turns everywhere you go, the Promachine is the boot for you. And even if you like going a little slower, but still want a precise, powerful boot, it fits the bill.

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Atomic Hawx Magna 110 S GW

The easiest ski boots to put on

For a long time, all ski boots were designed for one foot shape, and that foot shape was narrow with a low instep. And that was great if that’s what your foot looked like, but if it wasn’t you were out of luck. Now, that’s changing with boots like Atomic’s Hawx Magna that takes the same award-winning formula as their very popular inbounds Hawx boots and stretches it to accommodate wider taller feet. That means it’s still got the great memory fit heat-moldable liner and shell as the regular Hawx, but it starts with more space from the get-go. The 110 flex is accessible for smaller and newer skiers making it one of the best ski boots for intermediate skiers, and the Mimic liner doesn’t pack out so you get a precise fit for a long time.

If you’ve usually had to size up, or dealt with terrible foot pain for your entire life as a skier, the Hawx Magna is for you. It’s time folks with wider, taller feet got to experience comfortable but still high-performance ski boots, and this boot delivers exactly that.

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Tecnica Mach1 MV 120

The best ski boots of 2022

Tecnica realized that most boot plastics change stiffness depending on temperature. So on icy cold mornings, your 120 flex boot might be closer to a 140 flex, and on warm spring afternoons, it could soften to be more like a 100. That’s why they redesigned the Mach 120 to have a consistent flex regardless of temperature. The MV version strikes a nice balance between lower and higher volume feet, and with Tecnica’s shell technology, it’s easy to punch for wider feet.

If you want consistent performance in a race-inspired chassis, the Mach 120 MV was made for you. And if you’re just looking for a precise, powerful boot that’s easy to customize to your foot, it’s still got your back.

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Rossignol Track 110

The best ski boots of 2022

Rossignol might be better known for classic skis like the Soul 7, but they’ve been making good boots for a long time as well. The Track 110 is a wider boot that’s perfect for newer skiers who need comfort and forgiving flex. The 110 flex is easy to push into to drive your skis, and not as demanding as stiffer boots. And, at 104 mm, the last is wide enough that just about any foot should fit without scrunching up the toes. Rossignol’s new liner technology makes them easy to get on and off, and the walk mode makes navigating icy ski resort stairs a breeze.

If you’re just getting started and want an affordable, comfortable boot that will serve you well for years, slip into a pair of Track 110s and enjoy your time on the hill with one of the best ski boots for wide feet.

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