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2020 - 2021 Winter Ski Gear Preview

From wild-looking carving shapes, to new pro models, and entirely revamped lineups, the 2020-2021 winter is bringing lots of new skis to the market. Versatility is the name of the game, with skis built to perform in all conditions, or both inbounds and out. Brands continue to push lightweight to the next level, brining awesome downhill performance, too. New bindings will be seen out on the mountain, too, from burly to lightweight in the touring category, to the return of some classic designs. As for boots, more sizes and shapes are now available for different sizes and shapes of feet. All in all, the 2020-201 winter is shaping up to be a good one!

2021 Armada Skis

2021 Armada Skis

The 2021 lineup from Armada Skis is looking really sharp, with both completely new skis and updates to some old favorites. Perhaps most exciting is the new promodel ski for backcountry ripper Sammy Carlson, the Whitewalker. As a member of the Zero lineup, the ski will see limited in-store-only availability, but it’s sure to be fun. Stiffer than the ARV 116 JJ, the Whitewalker is built to smear and pivot, while still being able to handle drops, airs, and charging.

This isn’t it for new 2021 Armada skis, however. The Stranger joins the party as a 100mm wide light and playful ski with a fun wheelieable tail. It will come in 172cm and 180cm lengths.

Replacing the Invictus series of old, the Tof Henry inspired Declivity line represents Armadas 2021 big mountain and mountaineering lineup. The Declivity series will have three waist widths, 82mm, 92mm, and 102mm.

With a flurry of new skis, a couple of old classic got some tweaks. The 2021 Armada ARV 106 get a more all-mountain shape and Smeartech. These changes have been made to improve performance in all types of conditions and terrain. The VJJ also gets an update, moving to the UL core.

  • New Sammy Carlson promodel Whitewalker
  • New Declivity big mountain and mountaineering series - 82mm, 92mm, 102mm waist widths
  • New Stranger - 100mm waist width, playful and lightweight
  • Updated ARV 106 shape

2021 Atomic Skis, Boots & Bindings

2021 Atomic Skis

With the Atomic Bentchetler and the Shift making headlines over the past couple of seasons, Atomic are rounding out the lineup with updates to the Backland series, a new lower DIN Shift binding, and some updated boots. The Backland 117 gets some love after significant input from team rider Sage Cattabriga-Alosa (read: strong, playful and light), while the women’s Backland line sees the addition of new waist widths, with the 98 and 107 arriving in 2021.

Building off of the great success of the Shift, Atomic is introducing the new Shift 10. This is the same great binding with a lower 4-10 DIN range for lighter and less aggressive skiers.

On the boot side, Atomic introduces a new wider Atomic Hawx XTD Prime, with a 100mm last. After several years in development, Atomic are also rolling out new “Mimic” liners across their higher-end Hawx boots with new heat-molding technology promising greater comfort and a better, more customized fit throughout.

  • ‚ÄčNew Women’s Backland 98 & 107
  • New Shift 10 binding, same Shift with lower 4-10 DIN range
  • Updated Backland Series

2021 Black Crows Skis

The team at Black Crows is bringing a host of new skis and shapes into their 2021 lineup. With eyes on becoming the benchmark in touring, the Freebird line sees the addition of the Orb Freebird and the Corvus Freebird, joining the new Ferox from this year. The 2021 Corvus Freebird gets slightly more taper in the tip, and a longer turn radius.

Touring isn’t the only category that got updates in the 2021 Black Crows lineup, however, with some new all mountain and on-piste skis. The Black Crows Justis is a 100mm waisted ski with what looks to be a super fun shape. This is joined by the new Sora and Rivus on-piste skis, too.

The 2021 Black Crows Anima gets some updates as well, with less rocker splay, more camber, and a shorter turn radius. These tweaks separate it out from the more long and stable skis in the line, giving it a great playful feel.

  • New Anima - Less rocker splay and a bit more camber, shorter radius
  • New Sora and Rivus Piste skis
  • New Justis 100mm all mountain ripper
  • New Orb Freebird - a bit stiffer, more alpine and stable

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2021 Blizzard Skis

For 2021, Blizzard has made changes across much of their lineup, including the new Cochise 106, Bonafide 97, Brahma 88, Black Pearl 97, and Black Pearl 88. Some of the more consistent updates across models include a tighter turn radius throughout and more length options. This line will also see brand new core construction, with Blizzard using a variety of wood blends to create a smoother, rounder flex in each ski.

The Spur undergoes perhaps the most significant transformation, trading in the imposing and slightly intimidating big mountain personality for a more approachable and fun feel in 2021. Blizzard have explicitly re-designed this as the ultimate powder ski for all, including intermediate skiers. If you see powder in your future, you’ll want to keep an eye on this one!

  • New Cochise 106, Bonafide 97, Brahma 88, Spur, Black Pearl 97, Black Pearl 88
  • New Spur - intermediate/advanced easier to ski powder ski
  • Black Pearl 88 - more metal for added stability
  • Sidecuts tightened up a bit overall
  • More sizes available

2021 Dalbello Ski Boots

Dalbello’s entry into the lightweight touring boot category continues, with last years Lupo Air 130 being joined by the all new Quantum line. Weighing an astonishingly light 950g, the Quantum Asolo Factory is built with a carbon fiber infused Nylon shell, Quick Lace lower, a full Vibram rubber sole and huge 65° ROM. These are impressive features for any touring boot, let alone one that promises a stout flex and solid power transmission.

Other new developments include the DS Asolo, a four buckle boot in a high performance 98mm last aimed at recreational skiers. The DS Asolo features a specially designed liner promising easier entry and exit, a comfier toe-box and better support throughout.

After some major updates in 2020, Dalbello’s freeride boots remain largely unchanged except for color updates. Keep an eye out for the particularly fresh looking Il Moro.

  • New DS Asolo Boots - PU instead of Grilamid
  • New Lupo Pro HD - PU Lower and Injected Carbon Cuff
  • New Quantum Asolo Factory 980g - Fused half and half nylon boot with 9523 sole

2021 Dynafit Skis & Ski Boots

2021 Dynafit Skis

Dynafit goes into 2021 with significant updates throughout their ski, boot and binding lineup. The Beast line is updated with lighter weight models, and a new Rocker/Camber/Rocker profile in the Beast 108. The new lightweight Black Light series will pique the interest of any ski-mountaineer and Spring touring enthusiast, with the widest ski in the line coming in at 88mm underfoot.

Last years popular Hoji Free boot gets a sibling, with the addition of the Hoji Free 110 Ski Boot. This is set to be a great option for lighter weight skiers, or those who don’t quite need the power of the original.

Perhaps most exciting from Dynafit is their new Superlite 150 binding, weighing in at a feather-light 150g. Offering tons of adjustability along with stated release values of 4-13, this binding looks perfect for anyone trying to shed some grams in the backcountry.

  • New full touring packages - inclusing skis, bindings & skins
  • New Beast Skis Collection - Beast 108 gets rocker/camber/rocker profile instead of full rocker
  • New Superlite 150 bindings - 4-13 Release Value, tons of adjustability
  • New Hoji Free 110 Ski Boots

2021 Dynastar Skis

Dynastar is introducing an entirely new series to their 2021 ski lineup, with some exciting offerings. The M line is split between the hard charging M-Pro skis, the M-Free skis, and the lightweight M-Tour line, all ranging from 90 to 118mm in width, for all different types of skiing. We had the chance to ski prototypes of the M-Pro99 and were blown away by the energy of this all mountain ripper. The ski give you so much pop and power in and out of turns on firm snow, it’s a unique feeling. It can also pivot easily, whether on hard snow or soft, meaning it’s not a one trick pony. The M Free 118, meanwhile, replaces the Menace Proto, and the 108 waisted M Free 108 is a big mountain style ski with metal in it, yet it remains easily skiable. There are three women’s skis in the 2021 Dynastar M line, the M-Pro 99 W, the M-Pro 90 W, and the M-Pro 84 W.

  • New M-Pro 105, M-Pro 99, M-Pro 90, and M-Pro 84
  • New M-Free 118 and M-Free 108
  • New M-Tour 99 and M-Vertical 88
  • New M-Pro 99 W, M-Pro 90 W, and M-Pro 84 W

2021 Elan Skis

2021 Elan Skis

For 2021 Elan’s much loved Ripstick skis get an update, while the men’s Wingman series is replicated in the new women’s Wildcat line.

In the Ripsticks, Elan takes their asymmetrical design concept one step further with the addition of carbon rods and carbon reinforcement along the inside edge for extra power and rebound when the downhill ski is weighted. This reinforces the ethos of lightweight construction married to power and performance that has made the Ripstick series so popular in recent years.

The new Wildcat skis are aimed at confident frontside skiers, incorporating Elan’s amphibio technology in waist widths of 76, 82 and 86.

2021 Faction Skis

2021 Faction Skis

Faction skis are keeping their simple topsheets, and looking as clean as ever. Under the hood, the 2021 Candide 1.0 and 2.0 both get some construction updates with the addition of metal under the foot to reinforce the binding platform and increase durability. Completely new is the Agent 3.0, a flat-tailed stiff directional charger for women. With metal in the layup, this is a stout ski that’s sure to be stable and confidence inspiring.

  • New Agent 3.0 - 106mm women’s directional freeride ski with metal
  • Updated Candide 1.0 and 2.0 construction with metal for durability

2021 Fischer Skis & Ski Boots

Fischer roll into 2021 saying goodbye to gendered products. Recognizing that factors like height, weight and skiing ability/style determine ski choice more than gender, they now offer identical products to both women and men with the option of different colors to satisfy differing aesthetic tastes (Although the alternative colors are somewhat confusingly dubbed “Women’s Selection”). The upside of this is that the burly Ranger 92Ti and 99Ti are now available in lengths suitable for shorter skiers.

For their boots, Fischer introduces new lasts into a restructured boot lineup, the result of crunching the data from over 40,000 3D foot scans. The low volume Curv GT and high volume Curv One join the crew while Vacuum technology continues to be implemented across the line.

2021 Full Tilt Ski Boots

2021 Full Tilt Boots

2021 is a big year for Sammy Carlson, getting a pro model ski with Armada, and now a pro model boot with Full Tilt. The Sammy C is a tweaked version of the Ascendant, with a wrap liner, a cinch power strap, and a wider 102mm last. This boot incorporates a full PU shell for durability and performance. The Ascendant is updated with a new Pro Tour Tongue Intuition liner for a better experience on the skintrack, and a full Grilamid shell striking the right balance between weight and downhill performance.

Full Tilt First Chair’s get new Pro-Tongue Intuition Liners in 2021, and all models get slightly stiffer. Speaking of flex, all Full Tilt boots now come with “normal” flex ratings, great news for anyone trying to compare different brands and understand their unique 1-10 flex numbering system.

  • New flex rating system on all boots - similar to other brands
  • New Sammy C - full PU shell and 102mm last Ascendant
  • Intuition Pro Tongue liner in First Chair series
  • Intuition Pro Tour liner now included in Ascendant

2021 Giro Ski Goggles & Helmets

Giro has been on the forefront of safety for several years now, and is continuing the tradition with the incorporation of MIPS spherical technology into more helmet models. Over the years, they’ve made this feature pack down tighter to reduce the bulkiness of the helmet while still bringing the increase safety benefits over traditional MIPS.

On the goggle side, Giro has quietly stepped up their line with new models for both men and women’s. The Contour and Contact both come into the line with great peripheral vision and neat magnet lens attachment.

  • New Contour & Contact goggles
  • MIPS Spherical technology rolled out into more helmet models

2021 Icelantic Skis

Icelantic keep the changes relatively subtle for much of the lineup in 2021, although their new pro-model men’s Saba and women’s Nia skis offer more than enough to get excited. These skis come in 117 and 107 waist widths respectively, and incorporate a full rocker shape that exactly matches the sidecut profile. This complimentary rocker/sidecut promises smooth schmears and catch free performance whether you’re moving forwards, backwards, left, or right.

The women’s Maiden Lite joins the touring party on the skintrack with lightweight construction to match the men’s Nomad Lite, and the “Lite” lineup gets lighter across the board with a new core construction. The Nomad line remains the same aside from topsheet updates from the talented Travis Parr. The full rocker Nomad 125 does drop out, but we think the Saba 117 should be a very adequate replacement.

  • New team inspired Saba and Nia skis at 117mm waist and 107mm waist respectively
  • Lite series gets lighter with new core construction
  • New Maiden Lite

2021 K2 Skis & Ski Boots

2021 K2 Skis

With the new all mountain and big mountain Mindbender series breaking onto the scene in 2020, K2 has turned their attention to their freeride and freestyle skis for 2021. The 2021 K2 Reckoner series replaces the Marksman and the Catamaran, while adding another option as well. The Reckoner series has three waist width options,102mm, 112mm, and 122mm. The asymmetrical shapes give way to more traditional shapes that appear somewhat similar to the beloved old Kung Fujas shape, though the K2 team has assured us some modern takes. These skis are a bit stiffer than their predecessors, built to be playful, yet still able to withstand big hits and lines for skiers like K2 athlete Karl Fostvedt.

On the boot side, both the men's and women’s line get a burly new boot on the top end in the 140 flex Recon Pro and 120 flex Anthem pro. Kids also get a new boot option with a junior touring boot in the Mindbender boot series.

  • New Reckoner line in 102mm, 112mm, and 122mm waist widths
  • New Recon Pro 140 and Anthem Pro 120 boots
  • New junior Mindbender touring boot

2021 Lange Ski Boots

Since its introduction, the Lange Freetour XT has been a favorite for riders that want a solid boot that can tour reasonably well. For 2021, the Freetour XT gets even better touring capabilities thanks to a new cuff design, allowing for 13 more degrees of range of motion, 11 degrees forward and 2 degrees back, compared to the old models. It will still come in both a normal and LV (low volume) model with 100mm and 97mm lasts respectively. The boot also gets a new liner, and is about 30g per boot lighter, at 1740g in a 26 shell size. All models and flexes will have tech fittings.

2021 Liberty Skis 

Liberty is bringing out some new models to their lineup by expanding the Evolv series. They’s going both small and big in the waist widths with an Evolv 84 and Evolv 110. With an all mountain bent, the skinnier of the models would fit in great in areas like the East Coast, while the 110 would be a nice powder-focused daily driver for people out west and in snowier areas that prefer a more traditional shape of ski. On the women’s side the Evolv series get a new 84mm and 90mm waist width.

  • New Evolv 84 and 110
  • New women’s Evolv 84 and 90

2021 Lib Tech Skis

2021 Line Skis

2021 Line Skis

Line slide into 2021 with several notable updates, including wider models in the Pandora and Vision series. The Pandora 110 is a welcome addition for powder seeking ladies, and the lightweight Vision 118 looks to be the perfect option for a trip to Japan, or powder touring in general.

The ever present Blend gets an update to the shape, with wider tips and tails for easier buttering, a blunter tip shape, and a longer sidecut for quicker turns. Similarly, the Tom Wallisch Pro is refreshed with tweaks to the shape for better stability and quicker spins.

Of course it wouldn’t be Line if they didn’t drop something completely outlandish, and the all new Blade keeps the theme going. Coming in a 95mm underfoot with monster 153mm tips, the sidecut is tight and the feel is fast and carvey. Focused titanal construction across the width of the ski promises power and energy in a ski that looks set to lay some serious trenches in 2021.

  • New Pandora 110 - women’s powder ski
  • New Vision 118
  • New Blend shape - contact point moved up in tips and tails
  • New 2021 Line Blade - 153mm tips with 95mm waist and rearward mount point

2021 Look Ski Bindings

2021 brings about some awesome new bindings from Look. There are no major updates to the technology behind the pivot, and to many skiers, that is great news - they are one of the most beloved ski bindings ever. The big updates come in the form of some small updates. The 2021 Look Pivot 15 is new to the lineup, with the same all metal toe as the Pivot 18, giving lighter and less aggressive skiers a bombproof option. Additionally, the toepiece of the Pivot 15 and 18 is now Gripwalk compatible, making the entire Look 2021 line Gripwalk compatible. Longtime Look skiers will also notice the return of some colors from many years past, gold, “raw,” and a new “Forza” colorway.

  • New 2021 Look Pivot 15
  • Pivot 15 and Pivot 18 are now Gripwalk compatible
  • New colorways

2021 Marker Ski Bindings

2021 Marker Duke PT

The big news from Marker is the all new 2021 Marker Duke PT 16 & 12 bindings. Responding to the challenge laid down by the Salomon Shift, this 16 DIN binding promises reliable downhill performance with pin technology for the uphill. When skinning, the toepiece is flipped forward or removed entirely to reveal tech pins. Shedding the toe piece removes 300g from each foot, putting it in your pack for the climb. The lock and walk brake provides either 0° or 10° for climbing. Unashamedly burly, the Duke PT 16 weighs in at 1050g for the uphill, and 1350g going down. The Duke PT 12 is a little lighter with a DIN range of 4-12 suitable for most lighter weight riders. Elsewhere, Kingpins get new lightweight toes, a new Alpinist 8 joins the ultra-light lineup.

  • New Duke PT 16 & 12 - removable toe piece, tours with tech pins, 1350g
  • New Kingpins with more simple & lightweight M-Werks/Alpinist Toe
  • New Alpinist 8
  • New easier engagement heel and toe on all Royal Family bindings

2021 Nordica Skis & Ski Boots

2021 Nordica skis

Small tweaks are the name of the game in the 2021 Nordica skis lineup, with changes like new tip construction and a new carbon laminate to help smooth out your ride. There are some additions as well, with a new Enforcer 100 and 94, as well as bigger changes on the women’s side with the Santa Ana 110, 104 Free, and the Santa Ana 98, 93, and 88. Likewise, the women’s models now include less metal, for a softer and more differentiated flex pattern.

On the ski boot side of thing, Nordica hits us with a blast from the past with the new rear-entry HF 110 ski boot. This boot comes in a “heat” version with Nordica’s heated liner, and allows for hands-free entry. While it may not be for everyone, this is a great option for those who have trouble getting into traditional ski boots. Also new is the lightweight SpeedMachine Elite, and the Strider Elite 130, featuring the lower portion from the SpeedMachine family.

  • New Enforcer 100/94, Santa Ana 110, 104 Free, Santa Ana 98/93/88
  • New HF 110 rear-entry boot - twin pivot hinge point, totally new ski boot construction with hands-free in/out
  • New SpeedMachine Elite (lightweight Grilamid alpine boot)
  • New Strider Elite 130 - SpeedMachine lower shell

2021 Oakley Goggles

Oakley is expanding its “Flight” lineup with a new goggle for 2021, the Flight Path XL. This goggle isn’t larger overall than the Flight Deck, but instead offers more peripheral vision vertically. Another new “Flight” goggle is the Flight Tracker, which will come in XL, XM, and XS sizes. In addition to the new frames, a new lens joins the Prizm lineup, Prizm Dark Grey a non-irdium (mirrored) lens found on the Stale Pro Line Miner.

  • New Oakley Flight Path XL
  • New Oakley Flight Tracker

2021 Rossignol Skis & Ski Boots

2021 Rossignol ski


2021 Rossignol skis will look a whole lot different than the lineup from years past. Rossignol wave a fond farewell to the near-ubiquitous 7 series, which is taken over by an expanded Black Ops lineup. The much-loved 118 and 98 stay in the lineup as the Blackops Gamer and Blackops Holyshred. These are the hard-charging freestyle shapes skiers have grown to love over the last several seasons.

The 2021 Rossignol Blackops Sender with its 104mm waist is the shape most comparable to the Soul 7, however, it gets some major updates. The Sender has a more mellow rocker profile, a new tip shape, flatter tails, and a longer turn radius. Together this will make a better and more stable ski for more advanced skiers. There is also a Sender Ti with metal for added stiffness and stability, paired with the longer 17 meter turn radius should be a fun mid-fat option for skiers that like to go fast and ski hard. Across the Blackops line, the air tip has been shortened in the tip, to reduce the hingey feel, and the air core has been removed from the tails for more power and stability.

  • New Blackops Series
  • New Escaper - lightweight 94 waist skis above weight, playful & poppy
  • New Sender - replaces Soul 7, mellow rocker, new tip shape, flatter tails
  • New Sender TI - 106mm waist, metal layup

2021 Salomon Skis, Ski Boots & Bindings

Looking to charge hard all over the mountain? Salomon has the answer, with their new Stance lineup. With three mens shapes and two women’s shapes between 88 and 102 mm wide, the Salomon Stance skis feature a metal laminate construction that is built for power and precision.The Stance comes in 90mm, 96mm, and 102mm widths in the men’s line and 88mm and 94mm in the women’s line.

Building off the great success of the Shift, Salomon is introducing the new Shift 10, a lower-DIN version of the Shift. There is a small weight saving of about 10g, and a DIN range of 4-10, perfect for lighter skiers.

On the boot front, the Shift continues its influence with the all new 2021 Salomon Shift Pro Boot. The Shift Pro will in three stiffnesses for men, 130, 120, and 100, and 110 and 90 for women. All options have tech inserts. The Shift Pro 130 AT weighs a light 1670 grams! The S/Pro now also gets a high-volume companion the S/Pro HV. This is an awesome boot for skiers with a high-volume foot who are looking for high performance - the last is adjustable from 102-108mm with Salomon’s Custom Shell technology.

  • New Stance line - Stance 90, Stance 96, Stance 102, Stance W 88, and Stance W 94
  • New Shift 10 - 4-10 DIN, 10g lighter than Shift 13
  • New SPro HV - 102-108 last with Custom Shell
  • New Shift Boot - 1670 grams/boot, 130, 120, 100 flex for men, 110 90 flex for women

2021 Smith Ski Goggles & Helmets

2021 Tecnica Ski Boots

Tecnica has some exciting new technology for 2021. Instead of using the thickness and types of plastic in the ski boot to control stiffness, they’ve introduced the new T-Drive Cuff technology, where a backbone on the boot is responsible for the flex of the boot. This allows Tecnica to use more comfortable and lightweight softer plastics while still retaining stiffness. It also means less deformation as the boot flexes, meaning more comfortable and consistent flex. This is only available in the Mach 1 MV for now. Aside from that, the Cochise boots all get Gripwalk soles.

  • New T Drive Cuff Technology - Men's Mach 1 MV boots only
  • New MV Mach 1 and Mach Sport Models
  • All Cochise get GripWalk soles
  • Slightly updated MV last - tighter heel and a bit more open toe box

2021 Volkl Skis

Volkl is both sticking to the classics, and adding some new flavor for the 2020-2021 winter. Four new skis make up the Volkl Blaze series with men’s and women’s options available in 106mm and 94mm waist widths. These look like fun directional freeride or freetour skis, that will be just as comfortable inbounds or in the backcountry. The Revolt series expands with a mid-fat option, the new Revolt 104. The ski takes queues from the powder oriented Revolt 121 and the park oriented Revolt 95, blending them into one do it all ski. Back to the classics, the Katana returns to the lineup, with a 108mm waist and similar construction to the M5 Mantra. There will be a lightweight 2021 Volkl Katana V.Werks edition, too.

  • New Katana returns - 108 underfoot, with similar technology to the M5 Mantra
  • New Revolt 104 - freestyle, powder, and park ski
  • New Blaze Lineup - directional freeride/freetour skis in men’s and women’s 106mm and 94mm waist