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2022 - 2023 Winter Ski Gear Preview

Skiing: the gift that keeps on giving. While the wider world continues to be anything but normal, the ski industry keeps the innovation coming thick and fast. Next year's skis, boots, and bindings are looking slick, and we're stoked to share a sneak preview of the latest and greatest gear coming to a ski shop near you.

Freeride skis continue to dominate the market in 2022 - 2023, along with a new generation of Freetour skis designed to excel in backcountry. Many brands are doubling down on their most popular products and expanding core lines, and there are whole new families to look forward to. If you have a lightweight touring boot in your future, you'll be happy to hear that the biggest names continue to diversify their boot offerings, with several exciting new options in the Fast and Light category. All in all, next season is shaping up to be a one for the books!

2023 Armada Skis


2023 Armada Skis

Armada have big things in the works for 2023, and we’re not just talking about the 133mm ARG II UL. First up is the Locator Series, an all new family of freetouring skis designed to perform in the full range of backcountry terrain and snow conditions. Available in four widths - 112mm, 104mm, 96mm, and 88mm - the Locators leave the 50/50 aspirations of the Tracer Series behind with a lightweight build that won’t let you down on the downhill. The Locator 112 weighs an impressive 1500g in a 180cm, leaving you more gas in the tank for the descent. Coming to a skin track near you!

While the Locators are directional in shape and personality, this is still Armada we’re talking about, so there’s plenty for more freestyle inclined skiers to look forward to. Chief among them is the new Whitewalker 121 from Sammy Carlson, which appears in Armada’s Zero Series. Available in only one length - 183cm - the Whitewalker 121 mirrors the design of the original Whitewalker while packing even more float and deep pow capability. Don't worry, the Whitewalker 116 is still around - it now appears in Armada's athlete driven Signature Series.

If 121mm isn’t enough for you, the aforementioned ARG II UL should do the trick. This 133mm behemoth is built to surf the very deepest pow, with a full reverse camber design from the annals of Armada history. Rounding out the new is a contender for best ski name of the year: the Short Pants Paradox. With a 112mm waist, 21.5m turn radius, and two lengths - 168 cm and 176mm - the SPP is a directional big mountain ski for smaller framed rippers. 
  • New Locator Series Freetour Skis
  • New Whitewalker 121 Skis
  • New ARG II UL Skis
  • New Short Pants Paradox Skis

2023 Atomic Skis, Boots & Bindings

2023 Bent (Chetler) Ski Family

Atomic hit the ground running in 2023 with continued development of their freeride lineup. The Bent family grows to seven skis, expanding into a full freeride offering for the whole fam. Curated by Chris Benchetler with design input from some of the best park, pipe, and freeride athletes around, the new lineup keeps the focus firmly on fun, progressive skiing. We’re particularly excited about the new Bent 110, a slimmed down take on the acclaimed Bent Chetler 120 designed to excel as a daily driver. The Bent family also showcases Chris’ most creative, visually arresting topsheet art to date. Stunning!

On the boot front, Atomic rolls out a refresh of their wide fit Hawx Magna boots. Featuring a re-designed last, all new hardware, and 3D Stretch Toebox Liners, the fit is better than ever. Elsewhere, several boots are updated with Atomic’s superb Mimic Liner.

Last but not least, Atomic has a new binding to look forward to. Available in 16, 13, and 11 DIN models, the new Atomic Strive binding provides best in class elastic travel and a super low center of gravity for incredible snow feedback and reactivity. The 13 DIN model weighs in at a featherweight 1960g - the lightest alpine binding on the market.
  • New Bent Family skis
  • Updated Hawx Magna boots
  • New Strive alpine ski binding

2023 Black Crows Skis

Info Coming Soon!

2023 Blizzard Skis


Blizzard brings even more freshies to the mountain this year with a new Unisex lineup, called Hustle. With a weight class and feel somewhere in between the Zero G and the beloved Sheeva and Rustler freeride series, Hustle bridges a gap in technology that brands are starting to see as an essential part of their offering: Freetour. On the table is a full size range from 157cm - 192cm, and the introduction of 3 widths - the Hustle 9 (94mm waist), Hustle 10 (102mm waist), and Hustle 11 (114mm waist). Their layup includes lightweight carbon and no metal, essentially mimicking the mold of the Rustler, but with new TrueBlend cores that feel super snappy and powerful for their weight. The Hustle line hits that sweet spot of performance to weight, and will function as fantastic touring skis for some, or as an everyday inbound setup for others.

Speaking of cores, Blizzard’s TrueBlend tech gets a much needed expansion this year with a total of 4 different layups across their lineup. Freeride skis will have a beech, poplar, and paulownia core, while their touring friends get a pared down with lightweight poplar and paulownia construction. Carving skis and all mountain options have beech and poplar cores of varying thickness.

Next on the docket is Zero G, which gets a construction tweak that aims to add some pop and play to your skin track slog. With Carbon Drive 3.0 - a full sheet of carbon that wraps wall to wall instead of cutting into the ski - and a layer of carbon swapped out for fiberglass, the unruly stiffness you’ve felt in the past is redistributed in a way that maintains the Zero G’s status as a skin track star, while encouraging a smoother downhill experience.

In fact, Blizzard is doubling down on the spandex reputation of the ZG’s by introducing the skinny and fast Zero G LT 80. This ski-mo race contender has the tech we mentioned above with a narrower-than-ever waist width for uphill fiends.

On the alpine side, the Brahma, Bonafide, and Black Pearl get construction updates, with a thinner core in the tip and tail to make them a touch more friendly and playful. Don’t worry,  Rustlers and Sheevas are still around, too, and they still rip!

  • New Unisex Hustle Touring Skis
  • New Zero G LT Touring Ski
  • Updated Zero G Touring Ski Layup
  • Updated Brahma, Bonafide, and Black Pearl
  • Updated TrueBlend Core Construction

2023 Coalition Snow Skis

Coalition Snow continues to smash the patriarchy out of the snow with their 22-23 lineup. Inspired by the topography of land and animals, the big news is the art on their La Nieve Backcountry ski, made by Indigenous Diné & Shawne artist Olethe Antonio. Rounding out the lineup is some small construction tweaks in the La Nieve and Rafiki powder skis, an updated core profile adds stability at speeds on these soft snow sticks, without sacrificing the pop and play you love. 

But Coalition is more than just a snow brand, they’re a growing community of woman identified riders that continue to have the tough conversations we need. In the upcoming season expect more focus and collaboration with Indigenous and POC outdoor organizations, plus continued hype for women and LGBTQ+ owned businesses. By supporting a brand that wholly promotes diversity and makes super solid skis, you’re helping bring ideas of outdoor equity and justice to the forefront of people’s minds. New products are cool, but we also love to see moves like these.
  • Updated Core Profile La Nieve Skis / Rafiki Skis
  • Native-made artwork on the La Nieve 

2023 Dalbello Ski Boots


Dalbello has a new boot on the scene and it sounds FAST. The Veloce is a mid volume, classic overlap alpine boot with a full flex selection ranging from 85 to 130. A Bi-injected shell features a stiffer lower and softer upper, for easier step in and less pinch on your instep. The added “Contour 5” design elements are raised, bumpy areas that highlight places you’ll commonly need a punch or other boot work.

Lower flexing Krypton and Chakra’s get bestowed with tech fittings and walk mode (we’re excited for this one) to match their stiffer counterparts, while the 1000 gram super light Quantum gets faster in both looks and performance. A buckle is moving down the cuff, and a velcro quick release is added to the top for easier transitions, plus memory foam in the liner helps provide better ankle hold and prevent pesky skin track blisters.

Otherwise, expect a few snazzy color changes in the Panterra and Lupo line, but nothing in the way of tech. We love Dalbello’s bold, bright style that makes it easier to find your friends on the mountain!

  • New Veloce Series
  • Updated Krypton AX Ti / Chakra AX Ti Boots
  • Updated Quantum Boots

2023 DPS Skis & Backcountry Gear

Coming Soon!

2023 Dynafit Skis, Ski Boots, and Bindings

Coming Soon!

2023 Dynastar Skis

2023 Dynastar M-Tour Skis

Dynastar’s 2023 additions expand upon their current lineup, providing more options for changing conditions. The new M-Free 90 combines progressive rocker and full cap sidewalls to create a junior freeride ski perfect for hitting park features or taking your young one through their first powder field. 

On the freeride side, the M-Pro collection gets a graphics update and a new 108mm width. Developed in Chamonix, this directional, titanal-reinforced ripper provides solid performance over variable snow, sneaky pow days, and through aggressive terrain.

For touring, the new M-Tour 90 adds a narrower width for setting skin tracks in sketchier conditions and ripping hot laps with your friends. Made with a lightweight paulownia wood core and full-cap sidewalls, this ski provides full confidence in variable backcountry terrain.

If you haven’t tried a Dynastar ski, there’s never been a better time to try one out. Like Elan and a few others, this traditional European brand continues to make its mark on the US market, and we’re stoked to hype them up! 
  • New  M-Free 90
  • New  M-Pro 108
  • New  M-Tour 90

2023 Elan Skis

It’s a universally accepted truth that everyone who skis Elan is fast, like REALLY fast. We’re excited to see what all those speedy skiers do when they get their hands on the new Ripstick Tour, a lightweight, backcountry focused take on the legendary Ripstick.

Although sizing options get increasingly limited as the waist width increases, the Ripstick Tour is targeted at all genders. For their debut year you can get your hands on three widths - 88mm, 94mm, and 104mm. The Ripstick Tour 88 runs from 156cm - 184cm, the 94 from 164cm - 185 cm, and rounding out the line is Glen Plake’s first pro model ski, the Ripstick Tour 104, available in lengths 173cm - 187 cm.

Made with a new mold inspired by the DNA of the OG Ripstick, they’re constructed with 360 Degree sidewalls to cut down on thickness, carbon rods for stability and weight reduction, and a traditional wood core. The clue is in the name, these sticks rip!
  • NewRipstick Tour Skis

2023 Faction Skis

2023 Faction Dancer Skis

As you may have heard, Faction and Candide Thovex have officially parted ways. Yeah, we're sad too, but every cloud has a silver lining. In Faction's case, it's rad new skis to look forward to!

Replacing the Candide line is the all new Mana series, and there's a new unisex freeride touring ski called La Machine. Constructed with dual carbon layers and a softer flex, the La Machines come with a lightweight paulownia wood core and deep rocker lines. This premium freetour ski was made for pivoting, smearing, and floating in the snow you have to work for. There are four widths in total - 91mm, 99mm, 109mm, and a pow-hungry 126mm. Pre-cut skins are available for each one, and did we mention there’s ZERO camber in these skis? Let that sink in, or not.

For everyday resort use, the Mana swings onto the scene as a lightweight, freeride, all mountain twin. Stand out features include durability boosters like strong edges and carbon-rubber stomp pads under the feet. Engineered with a sustainable, poppy wood core, the Manas are built to ride the big lines with your choice between 102mm, 112mm, and 119mm models.

With smaller but still notable changes, Faction is putting hype into The Dancer, formerly known as the Dictator. While the layup remains the same, this dual sheet metal twin gets a graphic update and a big boost as their signature Unisex ski. Look for local Washington ripper Sophia Rouches on these sticks at Mt Baker, as well as Freeride World Tour Overall Champion Elisabeth Gerritzen soaring down the impossibly steep face of Verbier’s Bec des Rosses.

We love that more brands are putting more energy into unisex and women’s models, and it's great to see the likes of Faction leading the way. We can't wait to see where they go next. Alexa, play 'Starry Night' by Peggy Gou.

  • NewMana Skis
  • New La Machine Freetouring Skis
  • Dictator Series becomes Dancer

2023 Fischer Skis


2023 Fischer Skis

Fischer premiers its all new Ranger series with a bang, highlighting solid color top sheets and a unisex options for shredders of all shapes, sizes, and styles. The Ranger flaunts itself as a jack-of-all-styles freeride ski that can be used on the skin track and in the resort, conditions depending of course.

All of the new Ranger skis feature what Fischer is calling “Shaped Ti,” two sheets of metal scaled to the ski. Narrower skis feature longer sheets of metal than their wider counterparts, and the 90mm and 96mm versions have significantly flatter tails to increase stability and response on firm snow. The wider models, from the 102mm to the 116mm, are more playful because they have less scaled metal and are designed to excel in softer snow where catching an edge is generally of less consequence.

Every model from the 90mm to the 102mm features 2 colorways, the vast majority of them neutral and in almost full size ranges, so you can pick what looks best with your kit. Fischer is also utilizing more eco-friendly materials in their production line, which we’re seeing across the board as climate change and issues with waste become prominent issues in the outdoor community. 

And for all you bright pink Ranger purists out there, never fear; the classic Ranger Pink is still available, this year in a narrower, 90mm waist.
  • New  Ranger Skis

2023 Head Skis

Info Coming Soon!

2023 K2 Skis & Ski Boots

2023 K2 Mindbender Boots

K2 are roaring back with a host of exciting developments for 2023. The big news is Dispatch - an all new line of touring skis and boots. Dispatch skis come in three different widths - 120mm, 110mm, and 101mm - and unisex sizing (heck yeah!). They’re differentiated from K2’s Wayback touring line with a longer turn radius and a burlier layup, including a Hex Beam Titanal laminate for added power. Although they’re not the lightest touring skis in the game, backcountry skiers who value downhill performance will find a lot to love.

The new Dispatch boots come with tech fittings, ISO 9523 Vibram rubber touring soles, and high quality Ultralon liners. The top end, 130 flex Dispatch Pro features an innovative BOA liner system for easy adjustment on and off the skin track. With an impressive range of motion and a mid-range weight around 1400-1500g, they’re a worthy alternative to the Mindbenders for skiers seeking better touring performance. 

That’s not all from K2 on the boot front. Full Tilt aficionados will be delighted to hear that the boots are set to continue under the K2 brand. Renamed K2 FLEX, the boots-formerly-known-as-Full-Tilt get a new look and updated model names, but the basic design philosophy remains the same. These are the smooth-flexing 3 piece cabrio boots you know and love! We even have an industry first to look forward to this season: the first ever women’s pro-model boot, the K2 FLEX Revolver Pro W from Taylor Brook Lundqvist.

Updates to the existing boot lineup include new 140 flex Recon Team, and 125 flex Anthem Team boots. Both models have tech fittings in the toe for short haul capability using hybrid touring bindings. Last but not least is a refresh of Mindbender skis. Mindbender Ti models get a little more tail rocker and a modified Y-Beam Titanal layer that delivers improved edging performance.
  • New Dispatch Skis and Boots
  • Full Tilt becomes K2 Flex
  • New Recon Team / Anthem Team Boots
  • UpdatedMindbender Skis

2023 Lange Ski Boots

On the heels of a successful XT3 Tour launch in 2022, the ladies are the ones getting the upgrades next season. The two new women's specific models - the XT3 Tour Pro and the XT3 Tour Sport - both have versatile 99mm lasts, and weigh in slightly above 1500 grams. For hard chargers, the Pro has a stiff 115 flex. For lighter folx and lovers of low angles, the Sport has a more moderate 95 flex. Lange know when they're on to a good thing, so not much else is changing save for some snazzy graphics updates.
  • New Women's  XT3 Tour Pro and XT3 Tour Sport
  • Updated  Graphics

2023 Lib Tech Skis

Coming Soon!


2023 Line Skis

2023 Line Blade Optic Skis

Line Skis are looking extra sharp, and it’s no surprise when each new release is more cutting edge and eyeball related than the last. The last few years have given us Visions, Blades, and now… Blade Optics! As the name suggests, the new Blade Optic line borrows elements from both the Vision (shape) and the Blade (construction) for a whole new take on freeride skiing. Available in four widths - 92mm, 96mm, 104mm, and 114mm - they come with Line’s Gas Pedal Metal Overdrive construction (featured on the middle ski in the Blade Optic photo) for power, stability, and chunder busting performance all over the mountain. 

The rest of the lineup carries over in typical Line style with some of the finest graphics in the game. We especially love the clean, simple color blocking art on the Pescado, Outline, and Sir Francis Bacon skis. 
  • NewBlade Optic Skis

2023 Look Ski Bindings

Info Coming Soon!

2023 Marker Ski Bindings


2023 Marker Bindings

Marker brings a small but important update to their Kingpin and Alpinist lineup in the 22/23 season. Their redesigned toe piece includes a Rubber ‘Easy Step’ bump stop, which makes it easier to line up the toe pins and be on your way. Marker also adds a slick ‘Desert Tan’ colorway to the Griffon and Jester selection, but otherwise leaves their much loved bindings alone. Look for more developments on the helmet and goggle side of things this year!
  • UpdatedKingpin / Alpinist Toepiece 

2023 Nordica Skis & Ski Boots


Nordica comes in on the heels of their Backcountry oriented-Unlimited launch with a new twin tip freeride ski, the Unleashed. Constructed with less rocker than the Enforcer series and a wood core, the Unleashed is a twin tip with a little metal that’s designed to ride buttery and smooth. They come in 3 widths, 108, 98 / 98W, and 90 / 90W for all you East Coast park riders.

Expect the much anticipated Enforcer and Santa Ana Unlimited series to grow further in the coming years, much to the backcountry community’s delight. Their early release in fall of 21 has brought in praise for their solid but lightweight feel that rips uphill and down. Enjoy updated graphics for the regular Enforcer and Santa Ana series, and the addition of a single layer of “terrain specific metal,” for the Santa Ana, which was previously parred down from the Enforcer to accommodate lighter weight riders. Hard charging women, this one’s for you. 

Carving fanatics, there’s something for you too. The New Wild Belle are a women’s all mountain system ski, which means they come with a binding and are made for the groomers.

We had some great ski lift conversations while testing the Unlimited series, and look forward to what Nordica is bringing to the table when it comes to diversifying the outdoor industry.
Their upcoming partnerships with SHEJumps, SOS Outreach, and IDEA Days align with evo’s values and prove that the gear industry really is listening to the communities they serve. Every step forward is important. Go Nordica Go!

  • New Unleashed Freeride Skis
  • New Wild Belle Women’s Frontside Skis
  • Updated Santa Ana Construction

2023 Rossignol Skis

Rossignol’s 2023 skis give the people what they want. New graphics, shapes, and separation between their freeride and all mountain lineup aim to simplify the overarching Black Ops theme of the past few years, while providing more options for skiers of different styles. 

First up, the Sender and Rallybird diverge from Black Ops to form their own freeride lineup. These have simplistic, solid color graphics that let the skis speak for themselves. On the men’s side, you can choose between the Sender 106 Ti Plus, Sender 104 Ti, Sender 94, and Sender 90 for firmer days. The women have the same number of options with slightly different specs to accommodate for shorter heights and lighter bodies. Check out the Rallybird 104Ti, Rallybird 102, Rallybird 92, and Rallybird 90. 

The Escaper also sets a new skin track this year as a lightweight free-touring ski that’s suitable for those looking for something lightweight on the uphill, or resort riders who don’t want the weight of a heavy, extra damp ski. You might notice they look similar to Rossi’s uber-popular 7 series, but make no mistake, these lightweight sticks have a different purpose than your favorite soft snow warrior. Nano Titanal, Basalt, and Carbon reinforcements, and the familiar Aero Tip you know and love provide enhanced stability and performance without doubling weight.  Available in a 97 Nano / W, 87 Nano / W, 87 / W, 80 / W, and 80 Pro, there’s a variety of choices for snow conditions and objectives.

Bringing it back to the OG Black Ops, these bright, enigmatic skis have new graphics that contrast their predecessors in the best ways. Their construction stays the same for the coming year but adds a narrow waisted sibling to this wider freeride collection. The new Black Ops 92 doubles as a park prowler and all mountain attacker. Watch out Chris Bentchetler, Rossi is coming for your crown. 

On the boot side of things, the High Speed (Mens) and Pure Boots (Women) are the talk of the town. Available in new 98mm (LV), 100mm (MV), and 102 (HV) last / width options with flexes ranging from 70 - 130, these boots are packed with adjustable features to dial in fit with the help of your friendly neighborhood bootfitter.
  • New  Sender and Rallybird Series 
  • New  Black Ops 92 Skis
  • New  Escaper Touring Skis
  • New  High Speed and Pure Boots

2023 Salomon Skis, Boots & Bindings

  2023 Salomon Boots

Celebrating 75 years of Salomon, the beloved QST line gets a major overall this year. On the heels of their wildly successful QST Blank launch last year, the QST 106 / Stella 106 and QST 92 / Lux 92 see the adoption of the same layup, affectionately called the “Baby Blanks,” by one Salomon obsessed Seattle ski associate. We think it's important to mention the construction of these skis remains functionally the same across the gender line, so don’t be afraid to switch it up if your body geometry favors a size or color. 

On the boot front, the low volume S/Pro Alpha replaces the S/Max. This is in part to streamline naming conventions which often befuddle everyone but the most experienced bootfitters. The new boot also introduces new tech, including a redesigned instep, buckles, and toe shape, which the regular S/Pro gets too.

In other boot news, evo ambassador, outdoor industry meme-lord, and Salomon legend, Cody Townsend, finally ponies up with a touring boot of his own. Well, let's say he had a hand in the R&D. The S/Lab MTN Summit Series comes in a regular, Pro, and Pure version, with the pure being the lightest of the three. The regular edition is unisex, while both the Pro and the Pure come in functionally identical mens and women's iterations with adaptable cuff heights for different body types. If you’ve followed Cody's adventures on The Fifty, you’ll know these boots aren’t for the spandex crew. They’re ideal for bushwacky approaches, sketchy ascents, and extended hangs on rain-soaked beaches. All aboard the struggle bus!

And on a final note, Salomon has subtly extended their sizing of pro models down to a 22.5, so all the hard rippers with small feet don't have to compromise. 

The kiddos have something to celebrate too, with 2 new junior freeride skis including the QST Team. Kids vs. Cody, lets go!

  • Updated QST 106 / Stella 106 Skis
  • Updated QST 92 / Lux 92 Skis
  • New S/Pro Alpha Boot
  • New S/Lab MTN Summit (Pro, and Pure)

2023 Tecnica Ski Boots

Tecnica Zero G Peak Carbon, Zero G Peak W, Zero G Peak

What more could Tecnica possibly do to improve upon their much loved Zero G line? Add more sizes and introduce an ultra lightweight option for the technical pursuits you say? Done and Done.

While we’ve lovingly watched Jimmy Chin Ski the Grand, Emily Harrington climb Cotopaxi, and Dan Corn get icy on Mt. St. Elias in their Zero G Pro’s, tech is evolving fast. The new Zero G Peak and Peak Carbon come in under 1000 grams and love a good climb. Made with a combination of grilamid plastic and a carbon cuff for the top-of-the-line option, they have Tecnica’s signature CAS liner and shell shape with an Overlap Shell Design & Gaiter glued from inside; making their skiability and fit ready for the long hauls. Add on a double blocking walk mechanism and women’s specific cuff sizing to include all body types, and you’ve got a super customizable boot with an affinity for the up.

Back to their siblings, the Zero G Scout / W finally gets a ‘true’ 22.5 size added to the lineup, meaning no more plug boots for all you small toed hard chargers. The Peak will see this addition next year, which means y’all can get the beta before deciding if they’re worth a try. The Pro and Scout models also have updated foam liners, but their classic shell remains the same. Tweens can make their foray into the backcountry too, with the addition of a softer and smaller Zero G Team boot. Fast kids are no longer stuck in the resort folks!

Last but not least, the Mach1 alpine series gets gripwalk added across the board, and the Expansion of T-Drive into all of Mach1 men’s and women's models except for the 95 HV.

  • New Zero G Peak Boots
  • Updated Mach1 Boots
  • UpdatedZero G Scout / Scout W and Tour Pro Boots

2023 Volkl Skis

  2023 Volkl Skis

100 years in business has nothing on Volkl, who celebrate the anniversary with a bunch of age-defying tweaks to their sticks. Beyond slapping a celebratory logo on skis and providing higher quality out-of-the-box tunes, they’re focusing on a dedicated touring ski, introducing a frontside carver, and melding together their freeride lineup for a more cohesive look.

The Kendo 88, Kenja 88, Secret 102, and Mantra 102 now feature the  Tailored Titanal Frame and Tailored Carbon Tips first introduced on the 21/22 Volkl M6 Mantra and Secret 96. Essentially, the taller the ski, the more metal it has. The Titanal layer is tailored to adequately support the height and weight of the skier, providing the right amount of stability, energy, and forgiveness on the hill. Sidecuts are tweaked slightly to accommodate new materials.

Make sure you also check out the Rise series if you like touring and the stiffer feel of Volkl’s all mountain skis, which offers lightweight options under 100mm underfoot. Previously the Blaze served as Volkl’s crossover ski, so we’re interested to see where this narrower and more uphill oriented collection takes them.

For the Carvers in your life, there’s even more stiff and fast options to choose from. The High performance Deacon gets 76mm and 72mm versions, Along with a high performance V-Works model. On the women’s side, there’s a whole range of frontside carvers under the Flair name. If you’re privy to those special first track tickets, just like to get up really early, or live in Europe where the corduroy calls more often than not, the Flair and Deacon are well worth a glance.

Last but not least, the Volkl Revolt gets some narrower park sticks added to its lineup, now available in 90mm and 84mm underfoot models. These skis are specifically aimed at rail sliders and Slvsh cup lovers who hit the park whenever they can.
  • NewFlair Frontside Carving Skis
  • NewDeacon 76 / 72, and V-Works Skis
  • NewRevolt 90 / Revolt 84 Skis
  • UpdatedKendo 88 / Kenja 88 Skis
  • UpdatedMantra 102 / Secret 102 Skis
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