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2019 - 2020 Winter Snowboard Gear Preview

Snowboard season is just hitting stride in North America and our mountain-commuting routines are finally starting to feel dialed. However with that said, the purests and gear-geeks among us are already chomping at the bit for next year's goods. Delivering on that desire, we checked in with some of the snowboard industry's movers and shakers to see what they're cooking up. In short, even the most dedicated skiers here at evo are hopping on the snowboard hype train! From rad new shapes and graphics to 3D snowboard constructions, to snow surfers, to continued strides in eco-friendly manufacturing, the snowboarding world is poised for a back-to-back bumper crop season. Scroll through to check out the hottest new products, biggest brand highlights and a comprehensive sneak peak of  2019-2020's best snowboards and snowboard gear.


Bent Metal

Lib Tech
Never Summer



2020 Adidas Snowboard Boots

Kicking things off, adidas 2020 snowboard boots are yet again bringing some of the flyest kicks we've seen. Although nothing is dramatically different in terms of tech or design, there's no doubt that adidas snowboard boots are (still) some of the best looking out there. With returning icons like the Samba ADV, Acerra ADV, and Tactical ADV plus the continuation of UltraBoost, the upcoming 2019-2020 boots appear to keep on keepin' on!

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2020 Aesmo (Äsmo) Snow Surfers

Based in the Austrian Alps, Aesmo (aka Äsmo) was started by Wolfgang Nyvelt and Stefan Gruber back in 2006 but has really taken stride over the last few years. As the pow surfing craze continues to spread amongst both skiers and snowboarders, these guys stand out as the premiere shapers and crafters. The 2019-2020 Aesmo pow surfers boast a unique 3-dimensional design inspired by skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. With well thought out contours, channels, and state-of-the-art construction methods, these bad boys deliver a snow surfing experience that's nothing short of "spiritual".


2020 Arbor Snowboards

2020 Arbor Snowboards 
Arbor’s 2019/2020 snowboards continue to bring classic wood veneer looks, and some great new shapes like Bryan Iguchi's Annex, some rad new Frank April edition jib decks, and the gorgeously designed Shiloh, amongst others. Perhaps what impresses us most about Arbor, however, is their continued commitment to making snowboarding sustainable -- read up on their awesome Returning Roots program to learn more.

  • Entropy Bio Resin -- new for 2020!
    • A replacement for traditional petroleum based resin that doesn't affect performance or usability.
      • Used in all Arbor's Powerply and R.A.P. Topless Tech boards.
  • NEW Annex Snowboard -- Bryan Iguchi's newest and most technical creation yet.
  • NEW Crosscut Snowboard -- built on the same chassis as the A-Frame, but with a more affordable layup.
  • NEW Shiloh Snowboard -- a versatile all-mountain twin available in both Rocker & Camber profiles.
  • NEW Frank April Editions
    • Westmark Camber Snowboard
    • Hemlock Bindings
  • NEW Cadence Snowboard - Women's
    • A super fun do-it-all board designed specifically for the ladies!

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2020 Bataleon Snowboards

 While one of the most defining features of 2019-2020 snowboards is undoubtedly 3D base constructions, the truth of the matter is that the guys at Bataleon have been doing this for years -- 17 years to be exact. They call it "3BT" and they've even enhanced it with the addition of "Sidekick", and while it may not be a new callout for the 2020 Bataleon Snowboards line up, the rest of the industry's copy-catting tech serves as proof that Bataleon was and is ahead of the game. Their new offerings may too be well ahead of the next wave:

  • Women’s graphics are less girly and feature more subdued colors, like dusty pink.
  • NEW Bataleon Surfer LTD Snowboard & regular Bataleon Surfer Snowboard
  • NEW Party Wave Snowboard -- "a short, fat shape designed for endless fun on and off piste"

2020 Bent Metal Snowboard Bindings

2019 Burton Snowboards and Boots
With their unique and bomber, USA-made Flex Control Drive Plates and an esteemed team of riders, the 2019-2020 line up of Bent Metal snowboard bindings continue to grab our attention. Although these guys have only been at it for a while, it's clear that the knowledge and expertise of Mervin MFG (the same minds behind Lib Tech and Gnu) is backing 'em. The new Cor-Pro and Metta bindings are definitely worth a look! 

  • USA-made Flex Control Drive Plates
    • Sandwhich construction footbeds with pressed advanced composites and fiberglass. The result? A highly curated flex pattern for a flex control advantage like no other.
  • NEW Cor-Pro Snowboard Bindings
  • NEW Metta Snowboard Bindings - Women's

2020 Burton Snowboards, Bindings & Boots

The 2020 Burton Snowboards line is aesthetically marked by lots of black/red/white colorways and quite frankly they look incredible! Beneath the hood, however, the Burton continues to make strides in sustainability with a pretty impressive callout of absolutely zero lacquer being used in any of their 2020 offerings. Additionally, every Burton snowboard core is Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) certified. In terms of boards, the Family Tree collection is receiving a pretty extensive revamp with several new models (see below), some of the most eco-friendly constructions out, and undoubtedly some of the highest quality finish details we've seen.

  • NEW Family Tree Backseat Driver (Pow Surfer)
    • Features 3D shaping for a true surf feel and effortless turn initiation in powder.
  • NEW Family Tree Hometown Hero Snowboard
  • NEW Family Tree Moon Buggy Snowboard
  • NEW Family Tree One Hitter Snowboard
  • NEW Family Tree Leader Board Snowboard 
  • NEW Step On Snowboard Boots: Ritual LTD Step On (Women's) & Swath Step On
    • Flex 5/10  | Dual Boa Lacing  |  Imprint™ 3 Liner
  • NEW Kendo Snowboard Boot
    • Flex 6/10  |  Traditional Lacing  |  Shrinkage™ Footprint Reduction 
  • NEW Malavita Leather Bindings
    • Flex 5-7  |  Leather Reactstrap™ Ankle Strap
  • Updated Women's Bindings - Scribe, Stiletto, Citizen

2020 CAPiTA Snowboards

  • NEW Equalizer Snowboard - Women's (Jess Kimura Pro Model)
  • NEW SUPERDOA Snowboard - available in 152, 154, 155W, 156, 158, 158W, 160, 161W
    • One of the most decorated snowboard designs in history gets supercharged! In other words, the Defenders of Awesome suped up with a 3D Hover Core, Amplitex and a super fast HyperDrive Base.
  • NEW Asymulator Snowboard - available in 152, 154, 156cm
    • A hard-carving, hard-charging weapon with twin park board versatility and tons of pop!
  • NEW Spring Break Powder Racers - available in 151, 154, 157cm
    • The same shape as last year's highly coveted 154 Snowcraft but with a more affordable construction so you can live the Spring Break dream without getting stuck eating Cup-O-Noodles all winter...

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2020 DC Snowboards + Boots

2020 DC Snowboards
Introducing the Shuksan Boot -- DC's all-new boot and their most technical, supportive, and responsive model to date! Strategically placed Carbitex in the Shuksan increases responsiveness and maximizes support while remaining lightweight. If you're a hard core Mt. Baker local and/or a big mountain connosieur, you'll want to give these bad boys a closer look.
  • NEW Shuksan Snowboard Boot
    • Flex 10/10
    • Dual Boa Closure System with H3 Coiler Dial
    • Vibram Outsole

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2020 Flow Snowboard Bindings

2020 Flow Snowboard Bindings

The 2019-2020 Flow Snowboard Bindings are marked by sleek, subdued colorways (think black on black) and the same super fast interface that allows you to strap in and ride faster than your skier friends can reach down and buckle their boots.


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2020 GNU Snowboards

2020 Gnu Snowboards
Yet another year of unreal snowboards from the pioneers of "unreal snowboarding". With an all-new directional shape in the Forest Bailey Series, a redesigned Billy Goat, Max Warbington's asymmetrical twin pro-model, and an all-new cambered directional women's board called the Whip, the lineup of 2020 GNU Snowboards looks poised to deliver another season of unreal fun.

  • NEW Forest Bailey 4 Snowboard
    • Directional Twin with C3 Camber
  • NEW Forest Bailey Head Space Snowboard
    • Asym Twin with C3 Camber
  • NEW Finest Snowboard -- available in 
    • Max Warbington pro model
  • NEW Billy Goat Snowboard
    • Temple Cummins' pro model
    • New Directional Twin Shape with C3 Camber
  • NEW Pro Choice Snowboard - Women's 
    • Jamie Anderson's all-new cambered, park-focused pro model
  • NEW Whip Snowboard - Women's
    • Directional freeride board with C3 Camber
  • GNU Antigravity x evo Snowboard

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2020 Jones Snowboards

With the 2019/2020 season ringing in Jones Snowboards' 10-year anniversary, their freeride force that is The Flagship Snowboard is receiving some exciting refinements with a layup construction that promises even better performance at the same time that it's becoming the pinnacle of Jones' sustainable snowboard manufacturing. Bolstered by several other new models like the Ultra Mind Expander and Hovercraft Split, the 2020 Jones Snowboards offerings are here and they're hot!

  • NEW Ultra Mind Expander Snowboard
  • NEW Hovercraft Splitboard - Women's
  • Updated Flagship Snowboard -- 10 years running!
    • New shape
    • New sizes: 151, 167cm
  • Updated Carbon Flagship Snowboard
    • Updated shape
  • Updated Flagship Snowboard - Women's

2020 K2 Snowboards, Bindings & Boots

2020 K2 Snowboards

With the Enjoyer Collection (pictured above) receiving a revamped look and a full redesign coming to the Party Platter, K2's 2019-2020 snowboards are delivering a nostalgic vibe with progressive shapes and promising design details. Beyond their signature series, the crew at K2 are rolling out an updated Manifest Snowboard that's being positioned as the brand's new all-mountain flagship model and a favorite amongst K2's pro team riders. What's more, the ladies are getting an ironically welcomed Cold Shoulder while Jake Kuzyk's high performance park board -- the Medium -- is becoming available to the masses!

  • NEW Party Platter Snowboard
    • Redesigned from the ground up with all-terrain enjoyment in mind.
    • Combination Camber  |  Ollie Bar  |  More Tail Volume  |  New Size: 138cm
  • Updated Manifest Snowboard
    • Tribute to Aaron Robinson -- the new all-mountain flagship model backed by K2's team riders.
  • NEW Cold Shoulder Snowboard - Women's
    • A serious do-it-all women's board.
  • NEW Medium Snowboard
    • Jake Kuzyk's new, high-end, high-performance park board.
  • NEW Raygun Snowboard / Raygun Pop Snowboard
    • New shape; a modern, directional take on a classic shape.
    • Raygun Pop = camber profile.

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2020 Lib Tech Snowboards

2020 Lib Tech Snowboards
The future is female and that's exactly why Lib Tech has launched an all new women's division -- "Women's Lib" -- to better cater to the evolving wants and desires of lady shredders. With a fresh line of women's specific snowboard models leveraging the same legendary construction techniques that Lib Tech has become renown for, the brand's 2019/2020 offerings are yet again some of the most anticipated in all of snowboarding.

  • Launch of Women's Lib
    • An all new line of women's specific boards.
  • NEW Dynamo Snowboard
    • A directional camber all-mountain/freeride board.
  • NEW MC Snake Kink Snowboard
    • Matt Cummins' latest experiMENTAL freeride creation for aggressive riding in all conditions.
  • NEW Litigator Snowboard
    • Re-issue of a retro shape.
  • NEW Magic BM Snowboard
    • Mike Olson's evolution of the Banana Magic. Dubbed "the best powder riding ice board in the world."
  • T. Rice Orca Snowboard
    • New sizes: 147, 159cm

2020 Lobster Snowboards

Ironically, right when everyone and seems to be rolling out 3D shaping of some sort or another, the core crew at Lobster are rolling out some of their first boards without the previously distinguishing 3BT™ tech. True to the core of snowboard, the guys and calls at Lobster continue to push the progression of snowboarding through just that, snowboarding. No excessive marketing or glittery gimmicks from these folks!

  • NEW Stomper Snowboard
    • A new-age directional twin perfect for cruising the mountain or hot lapping the park.
  • NEW Lucas Beaufort
    • A high-octane park board with Sidekick™ in the tip and tail to smooth out rough terrain.
  • NEW Shifter Snowboard
    • A traditional camber board with a soft flex... Contradicting? Think again!

2020 Never Summer Snowboards

2020 Never Summer Snowboards

Perhaps the most exciting emerger from Never Summer Snowboards is the all-new East Snowboard -- a super stiff, super damp high-performance board for the ultimate on-piste party. They're also rolling out a fun new women's board, for beginner/intermediate riders that's called the Shade Snowboard. Beyond that, the Never Summer team is rolling out some awesome new splitboards from the likes of the Lady West, Atom, and West Bound.

  • NEW West Bound Snowboard
    • ​New shape  |  Slight taper  |  Recluse Web Carbon Layup​
    • No longer in the Shaper Series
  • NEW East Snowboard
    • A super stiff, super damp carving machine that thrives on hardpack.
  • NEW Dipstick Snowboard
    • A true twin, soft flexing jib board with the Original Rocker Camber profile.
  • NEW Lady West Snowboard - Women's
    • A refreshed and revamped all-mountain weapon for women.
  • NEW Shade Snowboard - Women's
    • A fun, easy riding women's freestyle twin.
  • NEW Lady West Splitboard - Women's
    • A versatile, women's specific splitboard -- no shrink-and-pink here!
  • NEW Atom Splitboard
    • A high-performance splitboard with an affinity for pow!
  • NEW West Bound Splitboard
    • All the versatile performance of the new West Bound, plus splitboard functionality!

2020 Niche Snowboards

2020 Niche Snowboards
The 2019/2020 Niche Snowboards lineup expands from 8 boards to 10 with the addition of the Maelstrom, Crux and Wraith on the men's side of things and the all-new Nightshade model on the women's side. With some of the most intriguing graphics we've seen, the crew at Niche continues to carve out a much-desereved niche following!

  • Updated Story Snowboard -- newly updated shape!
  • NEW Maelstrom Snowboard
  • NEW Crux Snowboard
  • NEW Wraith Snowboard
  • NEW Nightshade Snowboard - Women's

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2020 Nitro Snowboards

2020 Nitro Snowboards

  • Quiver Series
    • NEW Cannon Snowboard -- now available in 173 and 203cm
    • NEW Banker Snowboard -- a 159cm banked slalom rocket engineered for speed.
    • NEW Fintwin Snowboard -- your new favorite short and stout friend.
  • NEW Mountain x Griff Snowboard
    • The tried and true Mountain Snowboard with Griffin Seibert's own art graphics.
  • NEW Santoku Snowboard
    • A brand new all-terrain twin designed in conjunction with Elias Elhardt.
  • NEW Cheap Thrills Snowboard
    • Nitro's latest freestyle board; Flat-Out Rocker, Whiplash Core, Railkiller Edges.
  • NEW Squash Splitboard
    • A directional swallowtail split to bring style into the backcountry.

2020 Oakley Accessories & Outerwear

2020 Nitro Snowboards

Keeping up with their steadfast reputation for producing some of the highest quality, well-thought out snowboard goggles and helmets, the 2020 Oakley lineup maintains it's prowess with a few minor shifts for the upcoming 2019/2020 winter season. Although their Prizm React lens technology isn't entirely new for this coming year, they do have a new rendition in the Prizm React Torch Iridium red-mirrored variant. This new lens will be featured in the 2019/2020 Oakley Fall Line XL Goggles. Beyond that, Oakley has simplified their helmet lineup in terms of aesthetic and is bringing forth a widely appealing clean and simple style. Last but not least, Oakley's 2019-2020 outerwear looks super rad with dusty pastel colorways at the helm and subdued yet distinguished colorblocking. Stay tuned as the kings of style, safety, and optics roll out their upcoming swag!

  • NEW Prizm React Torch Iridium Lens
    • Adapt to meet the full gammut of visibility conditions with the simple touch of a button -- from vertigo-inducing fog to full blown suns-out-guns-out bluebird! No lens swapping necessary.
    • Lens to be featured in the 2019/2020 Oakley Fall Line XL Goggles
  • Simplified Helmets
    • Less lines, less contours, just clean and simple style!

2020 Ride Snowboards

2020 Ride Snowboards 
The Chinses calendar may deem 2020 as the year of the rat, but for the folks over at Ride it's undoubtedly the year of the pig! With increasing hype surrounding Ride's ever popular Pig Series, they're rolling out an all-new Super Pig alongside the continued Warpig, MTN Pig, and Twin Pig. They're also rolling out a women's specific Pig-style model that's being dubbed as the Psychocandy.  On the women's side of things, there's also the highly anticipated Magic Stick Snowboard -- an all-mountain option that aims to cater to the demands of hard charging gals!

  • NEW Berzerker Snowboard
    • Jake Blauvelt's all-terrain vehicle; fully redesigned from the ground up.
  • NEW Super Pig Snowboard
  • NEW Psychocandy Snowboard - Women's
  • NEW Magic Stick Snowboard - Women's ?

2020 Rome Snowboards

2020 Rome Snowboards 

  • NEW Ravine Snowboard -- "the freestyle-minded all-mountain marauder"
    • Directional
  • NEW National Snowboard -- "work horse dependability, daily driver versatility"
    • Directional Twin
  • NEW Warden Snowboard -- "shred hills, not your bank account"
    • Directional Twin
  • NEW Agent Snowboard -- "it's baaaaack..."
    • True Twin
  • NEW Heist Snowboard - Women's -- a responsive and agile all-mountain vehicle
    • True Twin
  • NEW Royal Snowboard - Women's -- a fun, do-it-all board for beginners/intermediates
    • True Twin
  • NEW Black Label Bindings -- "Inspired by the lightweight chassis and explosive power of the Katana"

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2020 Rossignol Snowboards

2020 Rossignol Snowboards 
One of the most exciting new offerings from Rossignol Snowboards is their expansion and refinement of the increasingly popular XV Signature Series -- boards produced with three-time Freeride World Tour champion Xavier De Le Rue. Checkout the new Sushi LF Light, Sushi LG Splitboard, Sashimi LG, and Sashimi LG Light below! Not only do Rossignol's XV snowboards perform incredibly in deep conditions, but they also hold it down surprisingly well on groomers too. Plus, those graphics?! Arguably some of the best we've seen for the 2019-2020 season...

  • Expanded XV Signature Series
    • NEW XV Sushi LF Light
      • A 12mm narrower version of the Sushi for lighter weight riders.
    • NEW XV Sashimi LG
      • "Designed to schmear the lines between playful, progressive, and full-send modes"
    • NEW XV Sashimi LG Light
      • A narrower version for lighter weight riders.
    • NEW XV Sushi LG Split
      • A directional fish for the backcountry!

2020 Salomon Snowboards

2020 Salomon Snowboards  
The array of new offerings from Salomon Snowboards for 2020 are highlighted by their latest Hillside Project with Wolle Nyvelt which features a series of Salomon x Aesmo collaborations, an updated Super 8, and three new Women's snowboards. Plus Salomon's rolling out several new boots that feature a reduced weight, reduced footprint "FTR" design and true 1:1 lasting.

  • Hillside Project -- Wolle Nyvelt Dream Quiver
    • Salomon x Aesmo
      • 157 Snowboard
      • 159 Snowboard
      • PowSurf 
  • NEW Feel The Ride (FTR) Snowboard Boots
    • Reduced footprint, reduced weight, Ultralon foam, 1:1 lasting.
    • Featured Models: Dialogue Focus Boa, Launch Boa, Launch Lace Boa
  • Updated Super 8 Snowboard -- enhanced with C/FX Basalt
  • NEW/Updated Women's Snowboards
    • Bellevue Snowboard
    • Wonder Snowboard
    • Pillowtalk Snowboard

2020 Slash Snowboards

Gigi Ruf's Slash Snowboards continue to impress us from their aesthetic appearance to their actual on-snow performance. Their latest and greatest offerings for the 2019-2020 season are no different; a super fun looking new park board that they've conjured up is called the Spectrum, and their new Freeride Quiver Series designed for deep day dream turns are certainly stoking the pow hype -- check 'em out below.

  • NEW Spectrum Snowboard -- "soft yet cambered for symmetrical tricksters"
  • Freeride Quiver Line
    • NEW Floater Snowboard -- "the big storm surfer"
    • NEW Straight Snowboard -- "from straight lines to full circles"
    • NEW Portal Snowboard -- "freestyle powder plow"

2020 thirtytwo Snowboard Boots

2020 thirtytwo Snowboard Boots  
The 19/20 lineup from thirtytwo Snowboard Boots has some heavy hitters from the likes of the complete 3-piece Jeremy Jones series, to an all-new Nicolas Muller pro model that's being dubbed the Mullair. Beyond that, the team at thirtytwo is rolling out some minor tweaks and new colorways to their iconically versatile Lashed, Lashed Premium, and the more aggro TM-Two.

  • NEW Müllair Boots - Nicolas Müller's pro model boot!
    • thirtytwo's first boot to ever feature Cushion Cup tech, plus Energy Foam with Michelin Fiberlite outsole.
  •  Jeremy Jones Boot Series
    • Jones MTB Boots
    • Jones TM-2 XLT Boots
    • Jones Zephyr Boots

2020 Union Snowboard Bindings

2020 Union Snowboard Bindings  
What's the story with the 2019-2020 Union snowboard bindings you ask? Well, thankfully, the crew at Union opted not to try and reinvent the wheel this upcoming season -- afterall, they already make some of the most bomber, reliable, and high performing snowboard binders in the game -- but they did, however, roll out a couple of exciting new models. And as always they're colorways and highback design details are fully on point. In terms of what's new, Union is rolling out a fully redesigned Ultra -- a stiff and responsive binding with a Forged carbon highback. For reference, the Ultra is the go-to for big mountain rippers like Bryan Iguchi. Another new offering is the women's specific Legacy, which got also got a rework to make it a true equivalent to the everpopular Strata. Last but certainly not least, is the completely redesigned Expedition 2.0 Splitboard binding -- now fully dialed in for better touring functionality, smoother transitions, and even an improved riding connection. Check 'em out!

  • NEW Ultra Bindings -- fully redesigned!
  • NEW Legacy Bindings -- a true women's edition of the Strata binding.
  • NEW Expedition 2.0 Bindings -- completely redesigned for improved touring, changeover, and riding connection.
  • REVAMPED Union Strata Snowboard Bindings

2020 YES. Snowboards

The big story for Yes. Snowboards 2019-2020 line up is centered around the fully redesigned 20/20 model. Not only does the board get a futuristic, moon-man/aurora borealis look, but it's also unveiling some pretty rad new tech from the likes of Yes.'s refined 3-dimensional PowderHull 2.0 and CoreLess tech (which can also be found on the updated 420 board)!

  • NEW 20/20 Snowboard -- Features new CoreLess technology, MidBite and a completely redesigned PowderHull 2.0.
  • Updated 420 Snowboard -- recieves a CoreLess tech update.
  • NEW The Y Snowboard -- the Optimistic shape but with a budget-friendly construction.
  • NEW Hybrid Snowboard -- a hybrid of both the 420 and the PYL models.
Whether you're buying your first snowboard or your 50th, these 2020 snowboards, boots, and bindings provide a ton of great options. From the continuing development of backcountry splitboarding gear, to the amazing variety of shapes and sizes available, there is truly a snowboard for every type of rider in 2020. These products are just a small preview of the 2019/2020 snowboard gear, too, with much more set to come through the pipeline over the spring, summer, and fall. Stay tuned here at to catch the new gear as it's released.