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2021 Snowboard Gear Preview

Snowboards are more fun than they’ve ever been, with all sorts of new shapes and designs being explored in recent years. 2020 - 2021 snowboards continue the trend with directional freeride shapes getting the bulk of the attention. In addition to these shapes, camber is making a comeback, helping these boards rip both on and off piste. Aside from new snowboards, snowboard bindings take a leap for the 2021 winter, too, with many brands introducing new straps, heel cups, and new binding lines entirely. 


Bent Metal

Never Summer


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2021 Adidas Snowboard Boots

2021 Adidas snowboard boots carry the same theme into the new year - classic Adidas designs and current skate trends, with quality fit and finish. Boost midsole foam, borrowed from other Adidasfootwear, is featured throughout the line.

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2021 Arbor Snowboards & Snowboard Bindings

2021 Arbor Snowboards

Arbor’s 2021 snowboard lineup is as dialed as ever, with some new models, the addition of camber to some existing models, and perhaps one of the best graphics of the year. The Veda is a new pro model board for Marie France Roy, with a directional freeride shapes and great details throughout the board and graphic. The Relapse is Erik Leon’s pro model board with mini fenders and Grip Tech to make it more versatile. It also has matching Flux bindings and Airblaster outerwear. The Wasteland Camber is new with a “4 points” shape, from the boards contact points and Grip Tech, making it a sweet carvey freeride board. The Westmark Camber Frank April edition might be the best new graphic of 2021, featuring killer base art and a stiffer flex that makes it ideal for going big in the park.

  • New Veda - Marie France Roy pro model women’s freeride shape
  • New Wasteland Camber - carvey freeride board with “4 points” shape
  • Relapse with matching Flux Bindings and Airblaster outerwear
  • Stiffer Westmark Camber Frank April Edt.

2021 Bataleon Snowboards


2021 Bataleon Snowboards

Batleon has updated some favorites and introduced new directional models in the 2021 Camel 2, Party Wave+, and Thunder. The Camel 2 is a freeride powder shape that looks like a blast. The Party Wave+, meanwhile brings carbon to the Party Wave layup and a better base to the OG Party Wave. A bit stiffer, the Thunder drops the taper for a more traditional directional twin shape. The Thunder is based on the award winning women’s Bataleon Strom. The Bataleon Surfer and Surfer Ltd. (with it’s neoprene wrap) continue, as well.


  • New Camel 2 tapered freeride shape
  • New Party Wave+ - built on Party Wave platform with carbon layup and nicer base material
  • New Thunder - based on women’s storm, directional twin freeride shape

2021 Bent Metal Snowboard Bindings

2021 Burton Snowboards, Bindings & Boots

Burton is making some sweet moves, and some flashy ones for 2021. The 2021 Burton Family Tree lineup drops the gender binary - these are snowboards that rip, for all snowboarders. With this news 4 new boards join the lineup, the Straight Chuter, Big Gulp, Sensei, and Pow Wrench. The Straight Chuter stay true to its name, built for going fast and riding big lines. The Big Gulp is a former special edition board that comes into the line, featuring a big square nose and pintail shape. Meanwhile, the Sensei is a narrow Japanese-style pow board. Finally, the Pow Wrench, is a low-slow style pow board.

On the flashy side, there are some fun new boots with reflective colorways, the Ion and Limelight.

Burton has also updated some of their classic bindings in the Cartel and Lexa, both get a new “X” model, which is stiffer, with a better highback.

  • Family Tree line drops gender binary
  • New Burton Family Tree Straight Chuter
  • New Burton Family Tree Straight Chuter Big Gulp
  • New Burton Family Tree Sensei
  • New Burton Family Tree Straight Pow Wrench
  • Reflective colors in Ion and Limeline Step On
  • New Cartel X and Lexa X bindings

2021 CAPiTA Snowboards


2021 CAPiTA snowboards bring back the favorites and add some unique offerings. The 2021 CAPita DOA and Super DOA come back as good as ever, with new looks that are easy on the eyes. Meanwhile the Black Snowboard of Death gets a new shape for it’s 20th anniversary, and the Spring Break line gets some new shapes and construction throughout. The BSOD frame gets a bit wider overall, and the turn radius tightens slightly to keep the board up for anything at any time. The Spring Break Powder Twin is perhaps the standout of the bunch; a uniquely wide twin meant for ripping powder. The 2021 CAPiTA Navigator also gets an update, with camber added to the profile, and modified tip and tail shapes.

  • Black Snowboard of Death - new shape
  • Spring Break Powder Shapes - new shapes and construction (Skinless Core, ash topsheet)
  • New Spring Break Powder Twin - Uniquely wide twin powder board
  • New cambered Navigator shape

2021 Flow Snowboard Bindings

Flow has made some major updates to their 2021 snowboard binding lineup. With new straps for the XO frames. The iconic fabric straps have changed over to a sharp-looking lightweight EVA material. This will help provide a better feel, and keep snow from sticking to the straps.

2021 Giro Ski Goggles & Helmets

Giro has been on the forefront of safety for several years now, and is continuing the tradition with the incorporation of MIPS spherical technology into more helmet models. Over the years, they’ve made this feature pack down tighter to reduce the bulkiness of the helmet while still bringing the increase safety benefits over traditional MIPS.

On the goggle side, Giro has quietly stepped up their line with new models for both men and women’s. The Contour and Contact both come into the line with great peripheral vision and neat magnet lens attachment.

  • New Contour & Contact goggles
  • MIPS Spherical technology rolled out into more helmet models

2021 GNU Snowboards

2021 GNU Snowboards

GNU has a flurry of new models for 2021, from the short-wide Fun Guy to the GORP splitboard. One of the most exciting models is the 2021 GNU Gremlin, this green machine looks like a blast in soft snow, and even all over the mountain - it’s sure to be a rad carving, cambered, short-wide board. Other new models are the Barrett Christy pro model Barrett, and the RC C3, a cambered version of the Riders Choice.

  • New Fun Guy - Nicolas Muller short-wide C3 board
  • New Gremlin - Short-wide C3 board
  • New RC C3 - cambered Riders Choice
  • New Barrett - Barrett Christy pro model
  • New GORP splitboard

2021 Jones Snowboards & Splitboards

2021 Jones Snowboards

2021 Jones snowboards and splitboards are all updated with the 3D Base Contour, a subtle convexity that helps with float. Aside from this major updates, Jones introduces the Stratos a board with 10mm of taper built to straddle the line between freestyle and freeride. The 2021 Jones Solution Splitboard and Mountain Twin snowboard both get update shapes, too. Another fun addition to the 2021 Jones lineup is the Mountain Snowskate, which brings concepts from Jones snowboards down into the snowskate platform.

  • 3D Base Contour now featured on all snowboards & splits
  • Locking tip clips on all splitboards
  • New 2021 Jones Stratos "Freeride Confidence. Freestyle Finesse." 10mm taper, V-Core
  • New Mountain Twin Shape
  • New Mountain Snowskate with 10mm taper, CamRock, and 3D Base

2021 K2 Snowboards, Bindings & Boots

2021 K2 Snowboards


2021 K2 snowboards not only sport some killer graphics, but the board have some nice updates as well as some new shapes altogether. The fan-favorite Simple Pleasures gets a rad big brother in Yo Amagai’s pro model K2 Niseko Pleasures, with some tuned-up camber profile and softer flex. There’s a new shape in the men’s line, with the 2021 K2 Alchemist and Manifest Team. The former is a powerhouse of a board with a shape that’s still nimble and easy to throw around. A new women’s freeride board joins the line in the 20201 K2 Dreamsicle, a confidence-inspiring ride that’s poppy and lively. Another new women’s board is the 2021 K2 Spellcaster, an all-around park deck. K2 also has some of our favorite graphics for 2021 with the Realtree camo Afterblack, and trippy looking Broadcast.

  • New Yo Amagai pro model Niseko Pleasures
  • New 2021 K2 Alchemist men’s freeride shape
  • New women’s K2 Dreamsicle freeride board
  • New Women’s K2 Spellcaster park snowboard

2021 Lib Tech Snowboards

2021 Lib Tech Snowboards

Don’t worry, the Lib Tech Orca is back for 2021, along with some new and updated friends! Lib Tech describes the new Rasman as “Manboy Chris Rasman’s backcountry booter stick that rips everything,” and with that, we can’t wait to ride it. One of the most popular boards in recent years, Travis Rice’s 2021 Lib Tech Orca does get some small updates, with “Horsepower Construction,” meaning it’s lighter and smoother. A portion of proceeds from Orca snowboard sales will also go to the Orca Conservancy, a nonprofit dedicated to saving the native orca population.

Two Lost x Lib Tech boards are a highlight as well, with the squash tailed Quiver Killer, and the beautiful swallow-tailed Retro Ripper. One final treat in the 2021 Lib Tech lineup is the return of the Doughboy Shredder, an original oversized model with some modern updates and construction.

  • Updated Orca core construction
  • New Rasman backcountry board
  • New Lost x Lib Quiver Killer
  • New Lost x Lib Retro Ripper

2021 Never Summer Snowboards

2021 Never Summer Snowboards


For 2021 Never Summer is building on a classic. The best selling Never Summer Proto Type Two gets some siblings in the lineup in the form of the Proto Synthesis and Proto Ultra. The 2021 Proto Synthesis is a board inspired by Olympic snowboarder Chris Corning, so you know it will be able to rip in the park. The Proto Ultra, meanwhile, is a stiffer version of the classic Proto. The 2021 Never Summer Funslinger also joins the Proto Family with the new moniker of the Proto Slinger. These boards are replicated in the women’s lineup, too.

Combining two boards from years past, the Insta/Gator and Maverix, another new board joins the lineup in the Harpoon. The concept is a short and fat concept that is more versatile and can turn better.

  • New Never Summer Proto Type - Chris Corning inspired Park board
  • New Never Summer Proto Type Ultra - stiffer Proto
  • New Never Summer Harpoon - combines Insta/Gator and Maverix. Short fat shape that can turn

2021 Nidecker Snowboards

The Nidecker Mellow gets an all new shape for the 2020-2021 winter, but it still keeps its surf-inspired directional feel.

2021 Nitro Snowboards

2021 Nitro Snowboards

Wow, the Nitro quiver series looks awesome heading into 2021, with great graphics and some nice updates. The Quiver series graphics get more lively, and get a surfy vibe to go with their shapes. The 2021 Nitro Slash, gets a fresh fit, changing back towards the old shape, making it more versatile. This makes it a fun surf style pow board that’s sure to rip carves, too. New to the lineup entirely is the T3, billed as a transition slaying machine. True camber, a stiff flex, and a long sidecut help accomplish this in the true twin board. Women riders get a new option in the Nitro Victoria Pro, with upgraded dampening from the classic Victoria. Griff mountain edition has pretty flowers.

  • Redesigned Slash - older shape for more versatility
  • New Victoria Pro - tuned up Victoria with better dampening

2021 Now Bindings

2021 Oakley Goggles

Oakley is expanding its “Flight” lineup with a new goggle for 2021, the Flight Path XL. This goggle isn’t larger overall than the Flight Deck, but instead offers more peripheral vision vertically. Another new “Flight” goggle is the Flight Tracker, which will come in XL, XM, and XS sizes. In addition to the new frames, a new lens joins the Prizm lineup, Prizm Dark Grey a non-irdium (mirrored) lens found on the Stale Pro Line Miner.

  • New Oakley Flight Path XL
  • New Oakley Flight Tracker

2021 Ride Snowboards, Bindings & Boots

2021 Ride Snowboards

After building out the pig family over the last couple of years, Ride has poured their energy into revamping their binding lineup for 2021. The 2021 Ride Warpig, Twin Pig, and MTN Pig remain largely unchanged, with some fresh new graphics. Across the rest of the snowboard lineup, the Japanese influence is seen across the graphics. Additionally, the 2021 Ride Machete features an awesome artist collab graphic with snowboard olympian, rapper, and Gucci Ghost founder Trevor Andrew.

Back to the bindings, Ride is introducing two series, A & C. The Ride A series bindings will feature an aluminum heel cup, while the C series will feature a composite heel cup. Plus on the high-end models there will be a choice between metal or plastic discs.

  • Machete Gucci Ghost collab topsheet
  • New A & C bindings
  • New Lasso Pro boots

2021 Rome Snowboards & Snowboard Bindings

2021 Rome Snowboards 

Front and center of the 2021 Rome Snowboards line is the Stale Sandbech collection. Three unique shapes create “a quiver of pure Viking versatility. The Stalefish is a directional medium flex board built for soft snow. The Stale Crewzer is a retro-inspired all mountain shape that every type of rider should be able to enjoy with a directional twin shape and a combination of camber and rocker. Finally, the Stale Mod is a stiff and powerful podium popping slopestyle board.

Aside from Stale’s new boards, the Ravine gets a stiffer big brother in the Ravine Select, and a sister in the Women’s Ravine. The Service Dog joins also the powder party, with a deep sidecut and 20mm of taper for pure powder pillaging. Rome hasn’t forgotten about park board either, with the 2021 Rome Artifact getting an overhaul as well. It sports a new “Double Kick” in the nose and tail to increase pressability, camber for pop, and a new shape.

For bindings, Rome introduces the new FullWrap platform to contrast the AsyWrap, found on the new Cleaver, D.O.D. and 390 Boss bindings. The Cleaver is Rome’s most powerful and responsive binding to date, stocked with features including a new ankle strap and a D3O baseplate for impact absorption.

  • New Stale collection
  • New Ravine Select & Ravine Women’s
  • New Service Dog - directional tapered powder board
  • Updated Artifact - new shape, double kick tip and tail

2021 Rossignol Snowboards

2021 Rossignol Snowboards

Rossignol introduces three new boards for 2021, the Revenant, the Juggernaut, and the Women’s After Hours. The Revenant is a new all mountain directional twin. The Juggernaut is a very stiff twin board with camber, perfect for hitting the biggest jumps you can find. The After Hours designed with the help of Freeride World Tour champion Marion Haerty, is a directional big mountain comp board that can ride all mountain.

  • New Revenant - all mountain directional twin
  • New Juggernaut - stiff, cambered park board
  • New After Hours - women’s directional freeride board

2021 Salomon Snowboards, Bindings & Boots  

Salomon went in on their ladies lineup for 2021, with new boards, and lots of updates. The new 2021 Salomon No Drama introduces a women’s version of the popular Huck Knife, a poppy park board. The HPS Annie Boulanger is a nod to legacy Salomon snowboard shapes. It’s a tapered directional board with a moon tail, and powder camber. Desiree Melancon has some great additions to the 2021 Salomon lineup, too, with the Gypsy Pro and her promodel District binding, both of which feature her artwork. Meanwhile, the DanceHaul comes non-gendered and is a Dirksen Derby ripping machine! This board is short, fast, and fun. The 2021 Salomon Danchaul has a fat, tapered, directional shape for awesome agility and playfulness.

For boots, the women’s lineup gets a revamp. Fit to Ride technology has been integrated in key boots throughout the lineup to improve the way that the boots fit straight out of the box. The Kiana and Ivy are both new, with both lace and Boa options available.

  • New Salomon No Drama - women's Huck Knife
  • New Rumble Fish shape
  • New HPS Annie Boulanger - women's model in the Hillside Project Series
  • New DanceHaul - unisex all mountain turner
  • New women’s Ivy and Kiana boots with Fit to Ride technology

2021 Smith Helmets & Goggles

2021 Vans Snowboard Boots

2021 Vans snowboard boots

As expected, the 2021 Vans snowboard boot line looks great, with the skate-inspired looks that have won many fans. In addition to great styling Vans has added the new Hi-Country and Hell-Bound boots, high performance lace boots designed by Sam Taxwood. Aside from the true snowboard boots, the apres collection has some great styles as well in the Vans Standard MTE and Standard Mid MTE.

  • New Hi-Country & Hell-Bound -high performance lace boots designed by Sam Taxwood

2021 YES. Snowboards

2021 Yes, Snowboards

Sticking to the basics, and adding some new boards for 2021, the YES lineup is looking nice. The 420 family adds a member with the 2021 YES Pro20, a stiffer version of the 420. The more beginner-focused Dicey is a new park board, and the Hello is fun looking new women’s all mountain board. Also new is the Optisplitstic, YES’s first splitboard!

  • New Pro20 - stiffer 420
  • New Dicey park deck
  • New Hello Women’s all mountain shape

Whether you're buying your first snowboard or your 50th, these 2021 snowboards, boots, and bindings provide a ton of great options. From awesome variety of fun directional shapes, to the continued development of women's boards, there is truly a snowboard for every type of rider in 2021. These products are just a small preview of the 2020/2021 snowboard gear, too, with much more set to come through the pipeline over the spring, summer, and fall. Stay tuned here at to catch the new gear as it's released.

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