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By: evo  |  Last Updated: August 29th, 2023

Snowboarding has been around for hundreds of years—check out the history of Petranboarders in Turkey if you’re skeptical—but aside from a few early hiccups there’s never been a drop in stoke.  There’s just something about it. No matter how long we’ve been riding, the elemental attraction to surfing snow is as strong as ever. Snowboarders are willing to endure all sorts of ridiculous conditions and monumental costs to get our fix. We have no qualms about the time, money, and energy incurred for just one more run. Another perfect chute, another lap to hit our favorite jump, hitting flat-out fifth gear on a groomer: we simply love this stuff!

To keep it all deep and philosophical, the time warp of product launches has us happily swirling in a vortex of calendar confusion. We’ve been having lucid dreams about neo-retro powstyle freeboards, early-rise camber profiles that are actually still awake from last night, and never-wallow swallowtails that only exist on a physics class chalkboard.

Lately, we've been able to get our mitts on some 2024 snowboard gear, and we’re stoked to share what the future holds. Here’s a hint: it’s as awesome as ever! Yesterday was great and tomorrow’s looking even better. There’s nothing new under the sun, but we’re over the moon about what’s to come. Snowboarding’s like ice cream that way, if you think about it. Everything is everything. Check out our 2024 Snowboard Gear Preview and prepare for launch!

Once you've gotten the lowdown on your favorite brands, head over to our Field Tested Reviews for a deep dive on 2024's most hotly anticipated gear.

2024 Arbor Snowboards & Bindings

2024 Arbor Snowboards
Arbor have some awesome designs for the 2023/2024 season, starting with the all-new Terra Twin and Terra Pin. These two additions to the lineup feature Arbor’s new Terra Tech three-dimensional shaping, which reflects their take on powder and mixed snow riding. The 3D shape creates a slot, which works like a channel on a surfboard. It gives the snow that naturally builds up in front of your board a way to quickly move under and away from your nose, reducing pressure and resistance for improved speed and performance in deeper snow. 

When it comes to pro-models, we’re looking forward to riding Marie-France Roy’s signature Veda, Erik Leon’s Relapse, and Mark Carter’s new Carter board. The Veda is an advanced freeride board built with Arbor’s System Camber platform and 1.5-degree uprise fenders for float, turn initiation, and edge hold. The Relapse features toned-down Grip Tech and Uprise fenders to complement a traditional shape and System Camber profile. This board is mindfully crafted to incorporate the Community Outreach Riding Equipment value system into its build, working to broaden accessibility and community. Last but not least is the Carter, whose wider platform displaces volume for stable float without sacrificing the energy transmission and reactive pop necessary for taking more tactical lines. The new Carter features a bit less tip and tail, which comes back to you as hardpack stability and a surfy board feel in powder.

In the binding world, look out for the new Hemlock. This freestyle-focused binding integrates the fully redesigned Hemlock 2 asymmetrical highback and Arbor’s System X baseplate for an intuitive board feel and better underfoot connectivity.  The Hemlock offers a softer, yet highly-responsive ride for comfort and confidence all over the mountain. On the technology front, check out Arbor’s new plant-based BioStrap on the Cypress and Sequoia bindings. This eco-friendly construction takes the place of harmful petroleum-based plastics, focusing on heel lock and secure fit, with comfortable curvature and a low profile fit. It’s stronger, lighter, more sustainable, and the first of its kind!

2024 Bataleon Snowboards & Bindings

Bataleon hit their 20 year anniversary this season, and they’ve added a ton of great boards to their lineup to celebrate.

First up is the all new Thunderstorm. This unisex board is a cross between the men’s Thunder Snowboard and the women’s Storm (get it?), a versatile, directional ripper built for demanding freeriders. This board thrives in powder, but won’t let you down when conditions are less than ideal. The Moodboard is a super fun women’s freestyle board, designed for the rider who likes to take a few laps around the mountain before sessioning the park with their crew. 

Bataleon’s ongoing collaboration with Beyond Medals crystalizes in a brand new board that takes some cues from the Goliath and Whatever boards. It pairs a stiff flex with a unique elongated nose and squared off tail for fast, aggressive riding. The 20Y board is a limited edition version of the Goliath that commemorates 20 years of Bataleon innovation. The topsheet showcases 400 iconic topsheets from the past, while the base features 400 eye-catching base graphics. 

Finally, look out for the Cruiser+, a new addition to Bataleon’s awesome + collection, and expanded size runs of Wallie and Whatever. Smaller sizing means that riders of all sizes and genders can get in on the action. Stoked! 

2024 Bent Metal Snowboard Bindings

From the fabrication specialists at Bent Metal Binding Works, the theme of 2023/2024 is “if it ain’t broke, don’t change it.” And with team riders from the likes of Jamie Lynn, Eric Jackson, Blake Paul, Austen Sweetin, Barrett Christy and beyond, you better believe their bindings are anything but broke! With their patented Flex Control Drive Plates providing dynamic board feel and their tool-free Revolutionary Cube forward lean adjuster, Bent Metal has quickly established themselves as a stalwart force in the world of snowboard bindings.

While the majority of the Bent Metal line remains unchanged year over year, there is one noteworthy callout for the 2024 winter lineup. The revamped high performance Cor-Pro Snowboard Bindings feature the brand’s new Cored Highback, made from Bent Metal’s Power Polymer nylon with an X-frame design for rigid response at a light weight. And as always with Bent Metal, look out for some awesome colorways, including one from Hannah Eddy on the new Stylist!

2024 Burton Snowboards, Boots & Bindings

This year Burton is focused on fleshing out lineups, bringing Step-On tech to the masses, gearing up your kids, and tweaking a few accessories for overall performance.

The Family Tree adds four more branches: the Short Stop, the Grill Master, the Grill Master Smalls, and the Power Wagon. The Short Stop is a pow focused board with a classic fishtail style, which means it's extra surfy and flotatious. Like many fishtail pow boards, the Short Stop is short, stout, and stiff. The Grill Master is a moderate flexing, cambered, directional freeride board inspired by rider Marko “Grilo” Grilik. The kids version is easy to ride and ready to charge as their skills improve. The Power Wagon is for steep and deep, Burton ambassador approved big mountain riding.  Meanwhile, the Mystery Hometown Hero features an “elevated mystery construction,” with mystery glass and a Dragonfly II™ core. 

Step On tech keeps on growing next year, with the introduction of Step On Split Bindings for backcountry riding. These uphill heroes feature a Spark R&D Basplate and a negative lean hi-back for the skin track. The groms can now enjoy Step On too, with Kids’ Step on RE:Flex Bindings and Grom Step On boots to match. Now they can strap in without your help! While we’re here, it’s worth mentioning this tech has become so popular that a full rental lineup will be available next season. Send it to the snowboard shop if you want to see what Step On is all about.

On the boot front, Burton add a wide version of the Felix Step On boots for women. We love to see brands expanding for different body types! While graphics aren’t a new feature per se, we love the look of the new Family Tree boards, the Blossom, Good Company, Yeasayer, and more. So enjoy some new friends and ogle the constantly changing world of snowboard graphic design.

2024 CAPiTA Snowboards & Splitboards

Capita is delivering the goods for 2023/2024 with several new boards. Whether your vibe is hard-charging luxury or all-mountain mischief, you’re in for an elevated ride.

Meet the Mega Death, Capita’s new tough-as-nails legacy board. This isn’t the noodle for jibbing and rails; the medium-stiff flex is enhanced by Pure Megacarbon sheet layers instead of fiberglass for the dampest, lightest rig you’ve ever strapped to your feet. Capita’s highest end sintered base material provides rocketship speed and a premium freeride experience on their oldest player. Unlike the other Legacy boards, the Mega Death skips the 3D core in favor of a classic FSC-Certified Thermopolymer Starship Core.

The Aeronaut joins Capita’s standard all-mountain freestyle lineup for 2023/2024. This gravity-defying board features a touch of setback for powder performance on a directional twin shape. Alpine V3 camber profile brings stability and snap to your airtime and artwork by Arthur Longo adds a whimsical feline touch that nicely juxtaposes the louder topsheets on the market. 

2024 Flow Snowboard Bindings

2024 Flow Bindings

Beloved for their ease of use and speedy rear-entry strap-in process as well as their all-day comfort, the upcoming 2023/2024 Flow Bindings lineup are largely unchanged aside from a few updates to their already cult following NX2 Series as well as the Fuse/Omni Series. With these updates, Flow is asserting that they’re not solely about ease of use, but also equally focused on top-level performance.

On the NX2 side, Flow has a fresh Area-241 collab model with pro snowboarder and visionary Mike Basich. They’ve expanded the use of their Slip-N-Grip technology – which allows your forefoot to easily slide into/out of the binding without compromising underfoot comfort – to be featured across all NX2 models (previously only in the NX2 Carbon and NX2 TM). The entire series also features new aluminum locking strap ratchets that are simultaneously lighter and stronger in addition to a revamped EVA support pad for improved comfort, grip, and shock absorption.

All the Fuse/Omni series bindings are also getting refreshed with Slip-N-Grip technology throughout the line. Plus they’re rolling out new Fuse-Carbon Fusion and Fuse-Carbon Hybrid alongside new Omni Fusion and Omni Hybrid models, which means that both Fusion Power Strap AND Hybrid Power Strap versions are now available on these higher end models too.

2024 GNU Snowboards

What’s GNU for 2024? First, the Frosting debuts as a new women’s directional camber hybrid board. Featuring a friendly flex for float and flow, the Frosting has GNU’s signature “Made in Washington,” eco friendly construction, a Glite2 core, and rips the whole mountain. Some other classics also get updates: the Headspace and AntiGravity get new shapes, and the Banked Country has new positive directional progressive Magne-Traction to complement its new flow.

On the binding front, Duplex ankle straps are new: flip the strap to change the flex in these ultra light and multifunctional ankle straps.

2024 Jones Snowboards & Splitboards

2024 Jones Snowboards

Building on 14 seasons of innovation, the new Hovercraft 2.0 series is“The evolution of a legend.” Three new models debut with an updated 3D shape, which includes 12 mm of bevel at the tip for run initiation and a 3D hull in the tail to help boost speed. Materials wise, the Hovercraft 2.0 and the Hovercraft Split 2.0 are both made with materials from recycled snowboards. The Hovercraft 2.0 is your classic pow shredding, all-mountain, crud bustin’ freeride board. The Ultralight Hovercraft Split 2.0 is designed for technical uphill missions, alpine expeditions, and generally days when you want to save as much weight as possible, while the Hovercraft Split 2.0 takes on day trips and tours where crunching grams isn’t the main concern.

If bombing past skiers or laying trenches into fresh cord is more your style, check out the new Freecarver series. Inspired by the hard-charging spirit of snowboard racing, freeriding, and boardercross, the Freecarver 6000 and Freecarver 9000 feature a tip-to-tail camber profile and tapered directional shape for fast and hard riding. The Freecarver 6000 has a 6m sidecut for treeriding and slalom turns, while the Freecarver 9000 has a 9m radius for letting it loose in big terrain.

Backcountry wise, the Ultralight Butterfly Split and Women’s Strato Split add a few more options for out-of-bounds adventurers. The Butterfly features a true camber profile and long affective edge, designed for variable high-alpine conditions and technical objectives. The Women’s Strato Split is an all conditions ripper that highlights creative riding and features a tapered, directional, and poppy camber profile.

There are a few new product distinctions to note as well. The Ultra Series splits in two, and The new Ultralight Series Splitboards now feature backcountry specific boards designed with high performance weight-saving constructions. Included in the new Ultralight lineup is the Ultralight Butterfly Split, Men’s Ultralight Project X, and the Men’s Ultralight Stratos Split. One Model For All introduces all new and redesigned models as unisex, with expanded size runs for more riders. The same materials and constructions will be used throughout a single series, with only the tune of the board changing to accommodate different sizes of riders.

On the binding front, say hello to three new womens and youth specific bindings. Aurora is great for freestyle, playful, and park riding. Equinox is more surfy, designed for all terrain slashing. And the Youth Asteroid helps them progress to slashing pow and ripping everything from the greens to the blacks.

2024 K2 Snowboards, Boots & Bindings

2024 K2 Snowboards

In recent seasons, K2 has been on a mission to revamp or replace old school classics. We’ll always mourn the Cool Bean but you can’t stop progress, so here’s some newness to get stoked about.

Two new snowboards enter the scene for the 2023/2024 season. The Hypnotist is sure to mesmerize in the park, with traditional camber and a medium-stiff flex that snaps and pops in all the right ways. Backcountry shredders get a new ride as well with the Isolator, a volume-shifted directional camber board with a slight swallowtail for chasing the deep stuff.

The Medium board gets more inclusive this year, with sizing as low as 141cm for smaller riders. The Afterblack sees a few tweaks as well, coming in a hair softer, narrower, and with a slightly smaller sidecut.

The 2023/2023 K2 bindings line is missing some familiar faces. Classic bindings like the Lien AT and Line Up will sing their swan song as K2 introduces the Path, Albany, and Network for women and the Program, Edition, and Bond unisex bindings. The majority of the new bindings are freestyle-inclined but the Path and the Program are ultra stiff and ready for freeride objectives.

Three more boots join K2’s lineup for men in 2023. The Kamas X HB is a new Clicker-compatible boot with three H4/M3 Focus BOAs® for total locked-in control. The Evasion boots join the hybrid club with customizable BOA® and lacing plus a durable lace cover and infinity strap. Riders looking for a more playful boot will dig the Overdraft boots, which feature customizable lacing and a supportive infinity strap for busting moves anywhere on the mountain.

2024 Lib Tech Snowboards & Splitboards

The Lib Tech lab rats have been at it again, performing feats of alchemy upon slabs of wood, metal, fiberglass, and resin. They welcome several new members into the fold in 2023/2024, starting with Austen Sweetin’s pro-model, the Lib Rig. If you’re not familiar with Sweetin’s all action style, his board will clue you right in. It’s a hybrid of the Dynamo and BRD shapes engineered for pedal-to-the-metal resort freeriding. C3 Camber combines with a little setback and a medium flex for boot-packin', rope-duckin', cliff huckin' good times.

The Off Ramp is a new board for the rail jam crowd. This freestyle jib stick is ideal for the rider delving into their box of tricks in the park and streets alike. It’s tough, durable, and begging to be thrashed on your favorite features. 

Matt Biolos’ surf inspired ripper, the Mayhem Rocket, pairs progressive elliptical sidecut with a powerful set back camber and stance for hard-carving groomer performance and surfy turns in fresh. Meanwhile, Travis Rice’s excellent Golden Orca gets the Apex treatment with an ultralight, ultra poppy layup. 

Last but not least is the Steely-D, an all new directional freeride board with a new 3D spoon nose engineered by Lib’s Experimental Division. This board thrives in pow but won’t let you down when things are firm. Look out for a 3D spoon nose update to Eric Jackson’s E-Jack Knife board, too.

2024 Never Summer Snowboards

2024 Never Summer Snowboards

As an independent manufacturer with a penchant for experimentation, Never Summer are no strangers to innovation. From the Rocker/Camber revolution of the 2000s to the Triple Camber Technology found on today’s boards, this Colorado crew doesn’t rest when it comes to pushing the envelope of snowboard design. 

New for this year is the Easy Rider, a mid flexing twin. Built on a symmetrical version of the Proto Type 2 shape with Proto carbon layup and flex, the Easy Rider is pressed with a Triple Camber twin profile for ultimate edge-hold, pop, and board control. This one will give you an upgraded take on the fun, easy ride you’ve always known with the Proto series.  

Next up is the Valhalla, which is built with Never Summer’s innovative Fusion Triple Camber profile. Tip to tail Recluse Carbon Web and a mid-stiff flex allow for a huge store of energy and stability in the most treacherous conditions, while 7mm of taper ensures great float and easy edge to edge transitions.  

The new Shapeshifter is an update to the infamous Shaper Twin – the board that Chris Corning pioneered the quad cork on. The flex, sidecut, and 10mm of taper remain the same, but the nose shape is upgraded with more volume for better versatility moving from park to pow.

Last but not least is an update to the Swift. With a new shape, new sizing (158, 163), an added 153 model, the Swift looks like the ultimate powder board, but it’s hardpack performance will have you grinning from ear to ear. Not just a quiver board, the Swift is a versatile daily driver.

2024 Nidecker Snowboards, Boots & Bindings 

It’s not often that something truly revolutionary comes along in the world of snowboard bindings, but Nidecker have done it with the Supermatic. This model is the first binding to feature their all new Drop In Technology, an innovative entry system that allows you to drop your boot in without bending down to adjust the straps and buckles.  

Getting in and out of the binding is super easy. As you recline the highback, the straps are actively lifted out of the way. When you step in, a heel pedal activates the closing mechanism to lock everything in place. When it’s time to go, hit the lever on the side to unlock and lift your boot right out. Simple! As well as being crazy convenient, the Supermatic offers a stiff flex and a responsive ride, making it a great choice for advanced riders looking to make life a little easier.

2024 Nitro Snowboards, Boots & Bindings

2024 Nitro Snowboards

Nitro launch into 2023/2024 with a few great looking new boards. The Quiver Series is one of the first things on our radar every season, and there’s no better place to start. The legendary Quiver Series started as a modest three-board offering: a freestyle, an all-mountain, and a powder snowboard. The collection has more than doubled since then, but the philosophy remains the same: trying to create the perfect ride for specific terrain, with a focus on making out-of-the-box outlier snowboarding even more fun. This year‘s Quiver Series has even more new sizes and models, including the all new Quiver Basher. Inspired by the friendly-freestyle ride of the Optisym, this board features an asymmetrical twin shape and 3D Twin Tech in the nose and tail. A blast to ride both in and out of pow, this one is perfect for the rider turning mellow terrain into their personal terrain park. 

Next up is the new Alternator. This board is the brainchild of all-mountain afficianados Jared Elston, Griffin Seibert, and Tommy Delago, designed to be the most capable backcountry freestyle snowboard on the market. Pairing full camber with slight taper and a setback stance, the Alternator is engineered for riders taking their moves from the resort to more natural terrain. Elsewhere, the Nitro Squash receives a new and improved swallowtail shape to allow for more float on those precious pow days. This award-winning board is a great choice for snowboarders looking to have more fun on a shaped board without sacrificing daily driver fundamentals.

On the boot front, Nitro are expanding their Step On® collection. Looks out for the new Nitro Darkseid BOA and Dynasty BOA Step On® boots. Combining all-mountain precision with unparalleled comfort and convenience, these boots are a great pick for riders using Step On® bindings.

2024 Ride Snowboards, Boots & Bindings

The big news from Ride is their all new directional freerider, the Deep Fake. This board pairs a slightly tapered shape with a setback stance and a stiffer flex. Ride have leaned heavily into unisex sizing in recent years, and the Deep Fake is no different. This one will be available in sizes ranging from 144cm to 165cm. Awesome! 

2024 Rome Snowboards & Bindings

Rome drop into 2024 with some fun new shapes. The all-new Rene-Gade snowboards is Rene Rinnekangas pro model, a high octane directional twin with a great mix of classic nose and tail shaping and modern construction. The new Agent Pro is a juiced up version of the classic Agent, featuring carbon rods for lightweight power.

The fan favorite Stalefish gets a refresh, moving the stance location up slightly, beefing up the nose flex, and overall making it a more capable board for more snow conditions. The Heist also gets a reshape to incorporate the freestyle focused Double Kick rocker in the nose and tail. This can also be seen on its new sister model, the entry level all mountain freestyle Hype. 

2024 Rossignol Snowboards & Splitboards

The 2024 Rossi Boards power into the season with updates on the classics and an expansion of their touring line. Among the boards to watch is a complete overhaul of the existing freestyle line, with construction updates to the Jugernaut, Jibsaw, Sawblade, and Jibluence.  The women's lineup sees the Mekari with a new construction. 

On the Touring side of things, the XV Split has a construction update and Rossi introduces the Escaper Split Binding, which is compatible with all their touring boards and features Voile components.
  • New XV Split
  • New Meraki
  • New Escaper Split Binding
  • New Juggernaut
  • New Jibsaw
  • New Sawblade
  • New Jibfluence

2024 Salomon Snowboards, Boots & Bindings

Salomon slide into 2024 with some key updates to their performance freestyle line. The Huck Knife, Huck Knife Pro, and No Drama snowboards all get new shapes based on feedback from Salamon's top competitive athletes. It's a similar story for the Dialogue and Kiana boots, and the Hologram bindings, which all feature brand new designs focused on precision, performance, and comfort.

Elsewhere, there's a new addition to Salomon's acclaimed Hillside Project Series. The HPS Taka EP ('Extended Play') is designed to be ridden much longer than your standard powder board. Available in 3 sizes – 159cm, 164cm, and 170cm – this board is soft and nimble with an extra long nose and tapered tail.

The excellent Dancehaul board adds a 154cm size, and a couple of favorites from last season get some awesome new graphics. The wild base graphic on the unisex Abstract board is created by artist Kaylie Kaitschuck, who creates artwork using textiles. If you look closely, the graphic was made using yarn! The Highpath is another beauty. This is the same all mountain charger, built with eco friendly materials and technology throughout. 
2024 Salomon Snowboards

2024 Season Snowboards, Splitboards, & Bindings

2023 Season Snowboards

Season launch a new snowboard binding in 2023/2024, the Universal snowboard bindings. Designed for riders of all ability levels and styles, this all-terrain binding is constructed with high-end materials, 2.5 degree canted footbeds, and asymmetric Nylon highbacks. Like all Season skis and snowboards, the Universal is engineered for durability and features gender-inclusive sizing. If you’re looking for a set-it-and-forget-it binding for your all-mountain setup, this is the one.

Elsewhere, Season stick with the same five snowboard lineup for 2023/2024. Their simple, focused line includes four solid boards for all occasions - the all-terrain Nexus, the swallowtail-shaped Forma, the powerful Aero, the freestyle-friendly Kin - along with the lightweight Pass splitboard. All snowboards come in full unisex size runs, which we can’t get enough of!

Season's commitment to timeless, long-lasting gear sees their signature black topsheets return across the product line. That means your Season snowboard will never look out of date or out of style because of an old topsheet. Not only that, evo has partnered with Season to offer a special lifetime service benefit, extending the life of your gear as long as possible. Learn more here.

If you haven't tried Season yet, now is the time!

2024 Union Snowboard Bindings

2024 Union Bindings

The big news at Union is a full redesign of their flagship all mountain Force and Trilogy bindings. The Force has been part of the Union lineup for the better part of two decades, with a well-earned reputation for versatility, durability, and performance. 

The third generation Force gets a complete overhaul, representing the next great leap forward in Union’s design and engineering philosophy. A new Stage 9 Duraflex ST Baseplate offers Union’s highest levels of strength and energy transmission to date, and an all new layered highback construction allows riders to achieve stronger edge to edge response while still maintaining torsional flexibility for a comfortable ride. There’s a new Molecular Bushing Suspension System for dampening and shock absorption, super comfortable Exoframe 6.0 Ankle Straps, and more. It’s new, it’s fresh, and it all looks fantastic! The women’s Trilogy gets all the same tech, which will help maintain its status as the go-to all mountain binding for demanding riders. 

For snowboarders who have relied on the tried and trusted performance of their second gen Force bindings, and who may or may not love change, Union has your back. Last year’s model will continue to be sold as the Force Classic. While we encourage you to check out that new new, you can’t go wrong with a classic and these bindings are still a great choice for most riders!

Elsewhere, the majority of Union’s lineup carries over with minor updates to existing models. Look out for new toe straps on the Falcor and Ultra, and new ratchets on the Strata and Legacy

2024 Vans Snowboard Boots

2024 Vans Snowboard Boots

While we’d love to ride pow in our Vans classic slip ons, their snowboard boot collection comes a close second. In 2023/2024 we have our eye on the latest One & Done Boot from Danny Kass. This medium-stiff flexing boot is ideal for all mountain freestyle riding, and comes with a zippered waterproof shroud that doubles as a stylish accent. Each One & Done boot only available for - you guessed it - one season, so we recommend acting fast! Elsewhere, keep an eye out for the glow in the dark Aura OG colorway (imagine night riding with this boot?!) and the awesome Hi-Standard OG design from Hanna Eddy.
  • New 2024 One & Done Danny Kass Snowboard Boots

2024 Weston Snowboards

Local to Colorado, Weston has made it their mission to continually break down the barriers of entry to the sport, and that mission is full of vitality as they move into the  2023/2024 season. With a plethora of gear awards under their belt, Weston is still turning to their community to see what we want and need to push further than we have before. 

Weston is introducing two carbon splitboards. The Carbon Ridgeline Splitboard and Carbon Riva Splitboard will continue to expand their line of lightweight touring options for those who are dedicated to exploring wild terrain and earning their turns. 

On the note of touring, Weston partnered with Pomoca to launch an all new line of Mohair Mix pre-cut and custom cut skins. The skins will feature a low profile interface using Pomoca’s Z-Hook attachment on the nose, and durable Weston Clips on the tail. Just to make things convenient, all skins moving forward will have the same Skin Attachment System. There’s no shortage of inspiration or passion within the Weston team, and it’s continuously contagious. Get in real close to see what’s new and what’s back again for another season of bliss. We think you’ll be stoked to see what they have in store for ya. 
  • New Carbon Ridgeline Splitboard
  • New Carbon Riva Splitboard
  • New Pomoca X Weston Mohair Mix Skins

2024 YES. Snowboards

2024 Yes Snowboards

We love a good collab, so we’re stoked to see YES. team up with surfing legends, Pyzel for a rad new shape. The YES. Pyzel is an all mountain freestyle board for advanced riders that could easily serve as a quiver of one. It has a tapered MidBite outline, slamback inserts for pow riding, and a directional twin shape capable of doing double duty in the park. 

The new All-In is based on the same shape, but drops in at a lower price point. This one has a less demanding construction than the Pyzel, making it a great choice for intermediate riders seeking a versatile all mountain freestyle board. 

Whether you're buying your first snowboard or your 50th, these 2024 snowboards, boots, and bindings provide a ton of great options. From awesome variety of fun directional shapes, to the continued development of women's boards, there is truly a snowboard for every type of rider in 2024. These products are just a small preview of the 2023/2024 snowboard gear, too, with much more set to come through the pipeline as Winter approaches. Stay tuned to catch all the new gear as it's released.

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