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2021-2022 Snowboard Gear Preview

If there has ever been a year to fix your gaze firmly on the horizon and get hyped about what comes next, this is it. Luckily, the snowboarding world refuses to stand still, and the gear landscape continues to expand and evolve for the better. Brands have kept the innovations coming thick and fast, meaning there are no shortage of things to look forward to in 2021-2022.

After a bumper season for backcountry riding there are a host of exciting developments coming to the world of splitboarding. Some of the biggest names in the biz are coming in hot with brand new split versions of their bestselling boards, and there’s even a rad looking approach ski system to get the backcountry stoke flowing for riders that can’t get enough of their favorite solid. Elsewhere, there are dreamy new pow shapes, innovative 3D contoured freeride decks, and a whole bunch of great entry level gear to help the newbie in your crew progress from zero to shred in no time. Keep reading for a comprehensive run through 2021-2022’s hottest gear. The future is bright!


Bent Metal

Never Summer


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2022 Arbor Snowboards & Snowboard Bindings

Arbor has some great snowboard stories to tell for the 2021-2022 winter. One of our favorites is evo ambassador Erik Leon’s pro model Relapse. This board is all about getting people into the sport, reducing barriers to entry, and inspiring more sustainable manufacturing - all part of Erik’s CORE initiative. Next up is the Shiloh, with its Draplin Design Co. collab topsheet. This year’s version is a real looker.

All new for this year is the 2022 Arbor Single. The design re-envisions how to provide more versatility from a pow board. It does this with a tapered-pintail design (like a single fin surfboard), a “Thunderhead Tip”, pow fenders, and Arbor’s Grip Tech.

  • Relapse evo Ambassador Erik Leon pro model, CORE initiative
  • New Single - versatile powder board, tapered pintail, Thunderhead Tip, Pow Fenders

2022 Bataleon Snowboards

Keeping the good times rolling, Bataleon continues to tweak their lineup, making their shapes more fun and versatile every year. We’ve got a whole host of new shapes in the lineup, highlighted by tweaks to the Fun.Kink, Whatever, and Feelbetter. Aside from the minor stuff, the new 2022 Thunder Bolt brings state of the art construction to the all mountain Thunder shape. It pairs Bataleon’s lightest core ever with carbon and a race base. A full premium, limited edition packages that even comes with a matching travel sleeve.

One of the most exciting additions to the 2022 Bataleon line is for the groms - the new Surfer Mini. This is a rad pow board for the youths. We can’t forget about the looks, too, the Party Wave, Evil Twin, and Disaster are rocking some nice new looks this year.

  • New Shapes - Fun.Kink, Whatever, Feelbetter
  • New Thunder Bolt - premium construction Thunder
  • New Surfer Mini - grom powder board

2022 Bent Metal Snowboard Bindings

Leading the line for Bent Metal in 2022 is the new BOLT binding, an easy flexing all mountain model with solid team-tested components and a wallet-friendly price tag that won't send you straight to the ramen aisle. Best of all, it comes in unisex sizing so everyone’s invited to the party! Elsewhere, look out for the awesome the new art from Forrest Bailey and Hannah Eddy, featured on their pro-model Axtion and Stylist bindings.
  • New  BOLT Binding

2022 Burton Snowboards, Bindings & Boots

2022 Burton Snowboards

The year may have thrown a lot of curveballs, but Burton hasn’t stepped off the gas, bringing a fresh new lineup and some new options to their 2022 snowboard lineup. We knew we were onto something fun when we collaborated with Burton on the Super Bueno board a few winters back, now that inspiration has trickled into the full lineup with the new 2022 Burton Cartographer. This is a fun and versatile shape ready for pow or whatever else you can throw at it.

Sticking to new boards, the Family Tree goes deeper on 3D models with the Deep Daze, Double Dogg, and Daily Driver. Three new boards also enter the Family Tree Lineup, with the Mystery Juice Wagon, Wave Tracer, and Show Stopper. In order, the Mystery Juice Wagon is a directional pow and all mountain board with camber - it brings high energy and precision. The Wave Tracer advertises the mullet combo of float in the front and power in the back, with a playful feel that still has some backbone. A directional shape with a Directional Flying V bend, this is sure to be a fun one. Finally, the 2022 Burton Show Stopper is the fat lady’s song, with an emphasis on fat. This is an extra-wide platform from tip to tail with a slightly directional shape and directional camber to match.

Over to boots and bindings, Burton continues to expand Step On with The new Kendo Step On boots, and two new bindings in the Genesis and Escapade Step On bindings. The popular Limelight boots get a new Double Boa configuration, too.

  • NewBurton Cartographer - based of evo-collab Super Bueno
  • New 3D models in the Family Tree line - Deep Daze, Double Dogg, and Daily Driver
  • New Burton Family Tree Mystery Juicy Wagon - directional powder/all mountain shape with camber. High energy & precision.
  • New Burton Family Tree Wave Tracer - float in the front, power in the back, directional shape with Flying V profile
  • New Burton Family Tree Show Stopper - extra-wide platform, slightly directional shape with camber profile to match
  • New Kendo Step On Boots
  • New Genesis & Escapade Step On Bindings
  • New Limelight Double Boa Boots

2022 CAPiTA Snowboards

2022 Capita Snowboards

2022 CAPiTA snowboards bring back the favorites and add some unique offerings. Like the Super DOA is to the DOA, the Mega Merc is to the Mercury. Stiffened up and amplified with carbon and a profiled topsheet, the Mega Merc is an incredibly versatile all-mountain deck you can really push your limits with.

The Indoor Survival gets a total makeover, retaining its resort freestyle flavor but with a wider footprint and modern twin shape, along with a titanal center stringer for a damp ride. This one will surely go down as a classic graphic!

Also new is the Pathfinder - this everyman/everywoman's board features a classic blunted shape that's fun, maneuverable, and priced just right. Available in both low rise camber and reverse camber versions!

In the Spring Break lineup, there's a new Ultralight Powder Displacement Snowcraft called the Powder Pill. At 158cm, it's the same length as the Powder Glider, but with a round tail and more volume in the tip. Also, for all the shorter riders out there, the Powder Racer now comes in a 149, and the Powder Twin comes in a 153.

  • New Mega Merc
  • New Indoor Survival
  • New Pathfinder and Pathfinder Rev
  • New Powder Pill and shorter sizes for Powder Racer and Powder Twin

2022 GNU Snowboards

The graphics game is on point for 2022 GNU snowboards, with Forest Bailey’s Headspace graphics and Hannah Eddy’s Ravish graphic topping our charts. While looks are fun to compare, when new boards drop, we still do want to know about what's under the hood - GNU isn’t slacking off here, either.

The 2022 GNU Banked Country is one of the coolest snowboard stories of the year, with what’s likely the first father and son promodel. Built up for Temple and Cannon Cummins, features the new progressive pro magne-traction tech, for the rest of the description, we’ll leave it to GNU - “The ultimate resort shred stick for advanced rippers who constantly watch the weather and score ridiculous amounts of pow but, rip every day regardless of the conditions.” For the ladies, the Ravish is a new approachable all mountain board that can take on some pow, too.

2022 Jones Snowboards & Splitboards

2022 Jones Snowboards

It should come as no surprise to hear that Jones are among the biggest movers and shakers in the coming year. These guys know how to get after it - there are new boards, new bindings, and for the first time ever, a new Jones outerwear line designed to perform in the most extreme alpine conditions.

Starting with the fun stuff, the new Mind Expander Twin is a hybrid Surf Series board that combines directional twin shaping with the easygoing feel of the OG Mind Expander for a supremely playful, jib-friendly ride. Those natural kickers, windlips, and sidehits you've been eyeing up won’t know what hit them. Next up is the Storm Wolf, which brings the shape and profile of the Storm Chaser and Lone Wolf boards together in unholy matrimony. Powerful, floaty, and slashy - this swallowtail slaps! Camber junkies with a penchant for rowdy riding will want to check out the new Aviator 2.0. This re-engineered version of an old favorite cuts the BS to go full camber and full send, coming Xavier de la Rue approved for your spicier resort endeavours. Meanwhile, after last year’s successful debut of the Stratos, ladies will be stoked to hear that there's a Women’s version sized for smaller riders arriving in 2022. Better late than never!

On the binding front, Jones update existing bindings with their new Power Spine straps, as well as dropping a brand new model - the Meteorite. This binding offers dynamic all-mountain freestyle performance with a super tweakable flex. Sounds like the perfect binding to pair with the Mind Expander Twin, if you ask us! As usual, Jones lead the way in sustainability and environmental responsibility, incorporating eco-friendly materials and practices into everything they produce, including their new technical outerwear line. Mother Earth sends her regards.

  • New Mind Expander Twin board
  • New Storm Wolf board
  • New Aviator 2.0 board
  • New Women’s Stratos board
  • New Meteorite binding
  • New JonesOuterwear Collection

2022 K2 Snowboards, Bindings & Boots

It’s been a weird year all round, but apparently no-one told K2. With some rad new shapes and characteristically bold graphics throughout the line, they're killing it as per usual! Carving connoisseurs will want to hop straight on the short, wide Excavator - a gutsy resort ripper with a deep sidecut and style for days. The pow-hungry should check out the new Special Effects - an evolution of the Cool Bean board with 3D nose contouring for boosted float and maneuverability in the deep. Rounding things out is the World Peace - a soft, jibby park deck with a message we can all get behind. 

On the boot front, the new Orton and Format boots look like a great option for riders who prefer a stiffer ride. They both come with a burly flex, grippy Vibram soles, and top end features to please the most demanding of freeriders. 

  • New Excavator Board
  • New Special Effects Board
  • New World Peace Board
  • New Orton Boots
  • New Format Boots

2022 Lib Tech Snowboards

2022 Lib Tech Snowboards

Not resting on their laurels 2022 Lib Tech snowboards bring things up a new notch. Just like the Puget Sound’s J Pod added a new Orca this year, Lib Tech adds to the Orca family. Building from the base, we get a new Orca graphic, the new Golden Orca, the new Apex Orca, and an Orca Split. The Lib Tech Golden Orca combines Firepower construction with the Orca DNA to give riders an all mountain freestyle version of the Orca. It's not as wide and has less setback, ride it 1-3cm shorter than a normal board and enjoy. The Apex Orca meanwhile lives up to its name - combining all the features of Travis Rice’s dreams into one top of the food chain board. It’s got his dream directional shape in dreamy carbon construction. Finally, for those backcountry mammals out there, the Lib Tech Orca Split rounds out the pod. Aside from Ocas, we get another all-new Travis Rice Shape in the T.Rice Pro. Here we get a new shape on the award-winning chassis.

  • New Golden Orca - all mountain freestyle
  • New Apex Orca - high-end carbon construction
  • New Orca Split
  • New T.Rice Pro - new shape

2022 Never Summer Snowboards

While the Proto line from Never Summer is a perennial favorite, that doesn't mean that there's no improvements to be made. For 2022 Never Summer brings us a new board, the Triple Camber Proto FR. As they put it, "we've taken our best selling board of all time, and turned it into the most versatile tool for the ride-everywhere freerider." The directional shape and triple camber profile are sure to make for an awesome ride.

This isn't the only new board joining the ranks. The ladies get their own version of the Harpoon, while the Ripper and Hammer are both new as well. Surfy, floaty, and funky, the Harpoon takes from the men's line and makes for a fun volume board. The Ripper, meanwhile, is an all mountain directional twin with a powerful flex for riders who like to charge. Finally, the Hammer. Traditional camber for retro all mountain performance. Slight setback and taper along with directional camber make this a fun and old-school inspired board. All in all, Never Summer brings some great 2022 snowboard options to the table.

  • New Triple Camber Proto FR
  • New Harpoon Women's
  • New Ripper all mountain directional twin
  • New Hammer traditional camber throwback

2022 Nidecker Snowboards

The big news at Nidecker in 2022 is their stunning new Instinct Series. Consisting of four new boards, a boot, and a set of bindings, this family takes its cues from nature in the form of Biomimicry. “What the heck is Biomimicry?”, we hear you cry. Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like - analyzing naturally evolved strategies and shapes, and mimicking them in the design process to achieve similar results on snow. That could mean learning from the structure of a bird’s wing in flight and applying the same principles to optimize lift and float in deep powder, or using the shape of a dolphin’s forebody as it cuts through water to inform the design of a snowboard’s nose. If it sounds super rad, that’s because it is! 

The new Alpha board blends all mountain freestyle with a loose and surfy feel, while the Beta board is built for freeride, with a notched swallowtail that allows for fantastic float in deep snow. Both boards incorporate design principles derived from Eagles, Penguins, and Dolphins, and come in ‘APX’ versions with a beefed up flex for more aggressive riders. The Instinct Series Helio APX boots and Kaon Plus bindings are similarly mindblowing, and packed with tech for all mountain riding. Be sure to check this new family out in 2022.

  • NewInstinct Series 
    • New Alpha / Alpha APX boards
    • New Beta / Beta APX boards
    • New Helio APX boots
    • New Kaon Plus bindings

2022 Nitro Snowboards

Nitro’s Quiver Series is one of the first things we look out for when the new year rolls around, and things are looking good for 2022. We’re big fans of the understated paint-splatter topsheets and colorful bases, and even more excited about the new Quiver Slash Splitboard. Arriving in the nick of time to save everyone’s favorite deck from the bandsaw, it brings all the surfy, freeride goodness of the resort version to the backcountry. Elsewhere, the Quiver Pow - a Nitro staple for almost a decade - gets an intriguing update with a redesigned winglet swallowtail shape. 

Away from the Quiver Series, there’s a sweet looking new asym twin called the Optisym. If you’re all about carving, buttering, and flatland tricking - this is your board! This playful deck features Nitro’s brand new Powerwall core technology for added strength and agility on the heelsde edge, and there's even the option of a Nitro x Drink Sexy collab topsheet.

  • New Quiver Slash Splitboard
  • UpdatedQuiver Pow shape
  • New Optisym Board

2022 Ride Snowboards, Bindings & Boots

Ride took a breather on the board developments last year, but it looks they were just saving up the goods for 2022. Starting with the Pig family (where else?), this stable of squeelers continues to evolve and we’re HERE for it. The Warpig is upgraded with some fresh internals, and is looking great - the new guts include Ride's all new Slim Wall technology that cuts weight and delivers more efficient energy transfer. The MTNpig gets an updated shape, keeping the best parts of the old design and adding a wild new split tail that promises more dynamic turn shapes and board flex. Don’t fret though, this is still the aggro shredder of the series built for speed demons and adrenaline junkies. If you didn’t catch this year’s late release of the all new Splitpig, don’t sleep on it in 2022. This split slices the Warpig shape in half, so y’already know it rips. 

Elsewhere, there’s the Smokescreen, a new directional all mountain deck capable of handling variable conditions, and the Benchwarmer, an aggressive twin shape suited for riders going big in the park. This board features Ride’s most pronounced camber profile, so expect it to have tons of energy and excellent hardpack performance. Rounding out the board news is the Zero, a do anything, shred anywhere board with unisex sizing, and some new men’s sizing in the Psychocandy. The future is unisex!

For bindings, Ride drop a couple new models aimed at expert riders - the A-9 and C-9. Built for aggressive freeriders seeking durability and response, these things are nice and stiff, and come with high end features like canted footbeds and nylon highbacks. 

  • Updated Warpig board 
  • Updated MTNpig board 
  • New Smokescreen board
  • NewBenchwarmer board
  • NewZero board 
  • New A-9 & C-9 bindings

2022 Rome Snowboards & Snowboard Bindings

2022 Rome Snowboards 

Rome launch into 2022 with some exciting new all mountain boards. First up is the Freaker, a super stable go anywhere, do anything deck with Triple Bamboo Omega HotRods in the layup for extra snap and response. This one comes with Rene Rinnekangas’ official seal of approval. The new women’s Muse board brings a similar no-limits vibe - responsive, playful, and ready to ride it all. Rome’s Stale collection gets some awesome new graphics and although they debuted last year, it’s worth re-iterating: these boards rip! 

On the binding front, Rome introduce a new lightweight womens's binding - the Brass. Designed for powerful riding with a light but highly capable build, these bindings are a great choice for confident ladies getting after it in every nook and cranny of the resort.

  • New Freaker Board
  • New Muse Board
  • NewBrass Bindings

2022 Rossignol Snowboards

Whether you’re a rider who’s earning your turns before work or on the weekends, you’ll be sure to enjoy the women’s After Hours splitboard, new from Rossignol this year. Available in 153cm and 156cm it takes cues from the regular After Hours from a ripping and versatile ride. Aside from the new split, the Men’s One and Women’s Dive board get shape updates, and the XV lineup that debuted last year comes back for more.

2022 Salomon Snowboards, Bindings & Boots  

2022 Salomon Snowboards

Salomon are back with some limited, but nice looking updates to their lineup. Designed in collaboration with legendary rider and shaper Wolle Nyvelt, the Hillside Project boards continue to demand our attention with their clean, understated aesthetic and refined powder performance. The HPS - Louif Paradis joins the crew this year, with a tapered directional shape built for freestyle antics in deep snow. Famed for his street skills, this board will satisfy riders who, like Louif, take a playful approach to the mountain but still want to rip big powder lines with ease. Elsewhere, changes are kept primarily to the topsheets, which is just fine when they look this good - check out the stunning Tom Hegen nature photography on the Super 8 and Bellevue boards. 

For boots, there are some key updates throughout the line, with Salomon extending their Fit to Ride technology to more models for improved out of the box fit and instant rideability. 

  • NewHPS - Louif Paradis board

2022 Union Snowboard Bindings

2022 Union Snowboard Bindings

Union introduce two new freestyle bindings for 2022, the Flite Pro and the Rosa. Designed from the ground up with brand new baseplates, toe straps, and highbacks inspired by Travis Rice’s pro model, the Falcor - Union claim that these are the lightest bindings on the market. We haven’t busted out the scales to check their homework, but it’s clear that these should be on the radar for riders looking to cut weight from their setup. Best yet, Union are offering both the Flite Pro and the Rosa at an entry level price point. Who said “ultralight” had to cost the earth?

Also new for 2022 is the Rover, an awesome looking approach ski that works in perfect harmony with the Union Explorer bindings, easily swapping out for your regular snowboard in seconds. Splitboarding is cool, but riding sick backcountry lines on your favorite solid is even better!

  • New Flite Pro Bindings
  • New Rosa Bindings
  • New Rover Approach Ski 

2022 Vans Snowboard Boots

2022 Vans snowboard boots

Things are looking great for Vans in 2022, with some great new boots, colorways, and everything positively dripping in Vans style. Arthur Longo drops in with a new pro model - the redesigned, reimagined Infuse. This boot not only looks great, it comes fully loaded with top-shelf tech and a go anywhere, shred anything personality. Year two of Sam Taxwood’s Hi-Country & Hell-Bound Boot looks rad, as does the new unisex colorway for the Hi-Standard OG. Inspired by non-binary pro-rider Kennedi Deck, this boot sends a message of inclusion, passion, and pure snowboarding stoke for all. Heck yeah!

Rounding things out is an awesome Vans x Public Snowboards collab. These two core heavyweights link up for a fresh looking apparel collection, including a unique Hi-Standard OG colorway with a popping translucent outsole. 

  • New Infuse boot - Arthur Longo pro-model
  • New Vans x Public Snowboards collab

2022 YES. Snowboards

2022 Yes, Snowboards

We know it’s not all about graphics, but Yes. does bring out some nice looking snowboards for 2022. Artist Mark Kowalchuk’s work is featured prominently across the lineup, appearing on the Hybrid, PYL, 420PH, and 20/20. Aside from those, we love the Hel. Yes graphic, too. Finishing off the graphics story is the UnInc. Collection, with special graphics on select boards. Under the topsheet, we’ve got a new women’s park board in the 2021 Yes. Rival. This board was designed by Juliette Pelchat for women riders who charge and want a responsive board that can keep up.

  • New Rival - Juliette Pelchat designed park board

Whether you're buying your first snowboard or your 50th, these 2022 snowboards, boots, and bindings provide a ton of great options. From awesome variety of fun directional shapes, to the continued development of women's boards, there is truly a snowboard for every type of rider in 2022. These products are just a small preview of the 2021/2022 snowboard gear, too, with much more set to come through the pipeline over the spring, summer, and fall. Stay tuned here at to catch the new gear as it's released.

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