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The 9 Best Skis for Intermediate Skiers of 2024

By: Jordan Berde: Ski Buyer | October 17, 2023

Shopping for skis as an intermediate skier can be a daunting task. It can be pretty obvious what you’re looking for when a beginner or an expert, but what will best serve your needs when progressing between the two? When considering which skis to purchase, it's important to consider your preferred terrain and the type of skiing you'll be doing. Intermediate skiers typically have a solid foundation of skills, a good level of control, and can handle various conditions, so it's essential to look for skis that can keep up with your progression.

New This Year:

The realm of intermediate skis in 2024 is marked by inclusivity and versatility. Brands are emphasizing unisex designs, ensuring that skiers of all genders can find the perfect fit without being limited by traditional categorizations. Additionally, the availability of extensive size ranges caters to skiers of varying heights and skill levels. Coupled with approachable shapes, these skis are crafted to boost confidence and enhance performance on the slopes. The emphasis is clear: it's all about ensuring every intermediate skier finds their ideal match for a seamless skiing experience.

Atomic Bent 100 Skis 2024

Atomic Bent 100

In a world bent on freeride fun, occasional park hijinks, and even (gasp) twin-tipped touring, the Atomic Bent 100 Skis have proven themselves time and time again. Doubters doubted when the Bent 100 debuted but the resounding thumbs up among those who ski them has been deafening. For pure creative fun, not much beats this ski, and you should check one out soon if you haven't already.

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Blizzard Black Pearl 82 Skis - Women's 2024

Blizzard Black Pearl 82 - Women's

The Blizzard Black Pearl 82 Skis occupy a unique niche in the ski world as an option with the ability to delight expert level skiers while not overwhelming newer followers of the sport. Calm and precise on edge, but without the unforgiving nature of some pure carving skis, the Black Pearl 82 is a winner for a wide range of front side skiers.

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Nordica Enforcer 94 Skis 2024

Nordica Enforcer 94

A crowd favorite at our groomer-zoomer on-snow demo site last spring, the Nordica Enforcer 94 Skis did just about everything well but thrived on hard carved, well-executed turns under a skilled pilot. They turn happily with less input than some other skis in this class, and deliver fantastic edgehold and control on firm snow. The Enforcer 94 has always been at the head of the class, and this year's version stands tall in this very competitive category.

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Line Skis Pandora 94 Skis - Women's 2024

Line Skis Pandora 94 - Women's

Consistently one of the best-selling skis at evo, the Line Skis Pandora 94 Skis are a light and lively alternative to ponderous metal-infused all-mountain skis that wear you out before lunch. With a light Aspen core enhanced by Carbon Magic Fingers to give the ski power and pop, the Pandora 94 will bring a smile to your face in any conditions.

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ZAG Slap 98 Skis 2024

ZAG Slap 98

The ZAG Slap 98 Skis cover all the bases from firm groomers to bumps and trees, and do it in style. Great edgehold in a ski that also pivots on a dime and doesn't lock you into any single style of skiing is a hard thing to find, and this is one of the best. Featuring ZAG's Heavy Duty Light Construction and a Semi Cap sideway design, the Slap 98 is the perfect choice for days when you don't know what conditions to expect.

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Season Nexus Skis 2024

Season Nexus

Skiers in snowy locales know the drill well. Powder is always on your mind, but reality often presents itself in the form of crud, mank, leftovers, frozen debris and the like. The Season Nexus Skis are designed and built to shine in any conditions reality lays down, from the sublime to the heinous, and make your day better because of it. With a mid-100s waist and an all-directions tip and tail rocker spec, the Nexus is surprisingly quick edge-to-edge and tracks very well on groomed snow so you won't be a washout if all else fails and snow doesn't arrive as hoped for. Pray for pow, but nail down your insurance policy in the form of the Nexus; you won't be disappointed.

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Dynastar M-Free 99 Skis 2024

Dynastar M-Free 99

A unique blend of power and playfulness that are at home in any conditions, the Dynastar M-Free 99 Skis excel in mixed conditions when the snow's not deep enough to warrant a 108mm waist but not firm or smooth enough to go all-in on a narrow groomer model. The perfect choice when there's a bit of everything on the menu and you want to sample it all, the M-Free 99 is a great example of the new breed of lighter freeride skis that shred hard in all conditions.

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Völkl Kendo 88 Skis 2024

Völkl Kendo 88

The Völkl Kendo 88 Skis have a long history of making smooth, firm snow come alive, and the current version with Tailored Titanal Frame and Tailored Carbon Tip technology is the best yet. For resort skiing when it hasn't snowed in a while and the grooming is top-notch, there isn't a better choice. Temper your aggression with a big stick like the Kendo and you'll find everything falls into place like magic.

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Faction Dancer 2 Skis 2024

Faction Dancer 2

A hard-charging freeride ski that goes from groomed to backcountry with ease, the Faction Dancer 2 Skis feature a versatile 96mm waist and Dual Span Titanal layers that give the ski uncommon power and dampness. A great choice for the freerider who loves to move fast and doesn't let some chop and chunder get in their way.

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Jordan Berde

Jordan (she/her) is a Ski Buyer at evo. Before working in this role, she worked at the evo Denver store for two years, where she began as a bootfitter and quickly moved into Store Lead and then Store Supervisor roles. Prior to evo, Jordan worked as a bootfitter at other shops, a mountain bike instructor for kiddos in Colorado, a ski patroller in Alaska, and a liftie in Taos. She's an avid backcountry skier and ski mountaineer and recently summited Mt. Baker as a fundraiser for SheJumps, a non-profit committed to getting more women involved in the outdoors.

She started sliding on snow later than most (in her late 20s), but now she’s the friend getting up at 4 am to make sure she can get a dawn patrol lap in before work! Jordan is passionate about diversity and inclusion and making outdoor activities more inclusive to all genders, races, and ability levels. When she's not skiing, Jordan is likely on her mountain bike exploring all that Colorado and Washington have to offer with her wife. Some say she never stops moving…