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Spokane & Eastern Washington Mountain Bike Trail Guide

Eastern Washington and Spokane have some really fun mountain bike trails, with easy access from the city, as well as long and adventurous cross country epics. This variety of trails rounds out the myriad recreation options available in Spokane. The largest system of mountain bike trails in Spokane is the Beacon Hill Mountain Bike Park. The trails here offer awesome variety, from jump lines to cross country flow. Farther north, but still located in eastern Washington, is the Kettle Crest area, which offers more than 110 miles of singletrack mountain bike trails. Wondering where to mountain bike in eastern Washington and Spokane? Check out these two awesome areas.

Spokane Mountain Bike Trails Map

Mountain Biking Trails Near Spokane

Our Favorite Mountain Bikes for the Spokane Area
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Where to Ride eBikes in Spokane & Eastern Washington?

Ebikes are a great way to get out and cover a ton of trail, and are a ton of fun. However, before setting out on a ride, it's important to check the local rules and regulations regarding where to ride ebikes. Mountain bike trails are built on land under many different land managers. Each of these land managers likely has its own e-bike policy. It's important to know and follow these rules to help ensure continued trail access to mountain bikers and other trail users. Learn more about where to ride ebikes, and if you're curious about ebikes, read our guide to ebike classes, features & more.

Explores More Washington Mountain Bike Trails

Explore More Mountain Biking Trails

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