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Denver Bike Rentals & Mountain Bike Demos

NOTICE: Online booking is temporarily disabled as we sell off our current bike rental fleet. Please call us @ (303) 831-7228 for rental bike availability.
evo offers full-service electric bike rentals, traditional bike rentals, and mountain bike rentals + mountain bike demos in Denver for easy exploration of the city and its surroundings. We are located blocks away from the heart of Denver and the Cherry Creek trail, and even offer optional bike dropoff and pickup from downtown hotels. Rent a bike for a half day for a city ride, a full day to explore trails outside of Denver, or several days for a longer adventure. All bike rentals include a helmet, bike lock, and a trail map. Book online, call, or visit us in-store today!

Want your rental bike(s) delivered? You're in luck!  At this time, evo Denver offers bike rental drop-off and/or pickup to hotels in the downtown Denver area (+$10 each direction).  Please call us to confirm availability. 

Denver Bike Rentals & Electric Bike Rentals

Whether you're just looking to cruise along the Cherry Creek Trail with friends and family, explore the city of Denver on an electric bike (aka ebike), or pump up the adrenaline on a mountain bike, evo Denver's extensive bike rental fleet is the best solution. Complete with cruiser bicycles, road bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, kids bikes and child carrier add-ons, we have something for everyone.

Please call us with any questions or to reserve a bike at  (303) 831-7228 or book online below.

*eBike & Child Carrier Rental Note: At this time electric bike rentals, kids tag along, and kids trailer rentals are no longer available until next Spring season.*

Bike Rental Menu

 Bike  Half Day Rental  Full Day Rental
Mountain Full Suspension $70 $90
Carbon Road $70 $90
Comfort Hybrid $30 $40
Cruiser $20 $30
Kids 24" Mountain $20 $30
Tandem $40 $50


Denver Mountain Bike Demos

Mountain bikes can be a very big investment, it's not uncommon to drive around Denver and see a $5,000 bike on top of a $2,000 car. That's why evo Denver has a great fleet of some of the nicest mountain bike demos available, so you can try before you buy. Our selection of demo mountain bikes come from top of the line brands like Devinci, Transition, Santa Cruz, Evil, and Juliana. Demos are the perfect solution if you're thinking about upgrading your old mountain bike, but you're not sure what style fits you best, or if all of the new mountain bike technology really makes a big difference. Come in to evo Denver and our knowledgeable staff will help you find the best bike for you to demo.

$125 / 1-2 Days

Notice: Up to 3 demo fees ($375) can be applied to the purchase of any full price mountain bike.

Please call us with any questions or to reserve a bike at  (303) 831-7228 or book online below.


Book Bike Rentals & Demos Online

NOTICE: Online booking is temporarily disabled as we sell off our current bike rental fleet. Please call us @ (303) 831-7228 for rental bike availability.


About evo Denver Bike Rentals:

Road Bikes

Colorado has some of the most beautiful road biking in the United States, with everything from endless flats, to grueling mountain climbs. Whether you are visiting on a business trip, or looking to give road biking a try, evo is Denver's go-to source for road bike rentals. Our fleet of rental road bikes is the perfect way to put in those miles exploring Denver and the surrounding area. We offer top of the line road bike rentals that are sure to give renters an awesome ride around Denver. 

Mountain Bikes

evo Denver is dedicated to getting mountain bikers out there and enjoying the amazing trails that Denver and Colorado have to offer. Our fleet of mountain bike rentals are a perfect way to give mountain biking a try without comitting to an expensive bike, or to get in some riding while visiting Denver. We offer both full suspension mountain bike rentals, and hardtail rentals. Our full suspension bike rentals are your ticket to conquering the mountain bike trails, while the hardtail rentals will have riders cruising on Denver's epic singletrack bike trails.

Electric Mountain Bikes

*eBike Rental Note: At this time, electric bike rentals are no longer available until next Spring season.*

Electric mountain bikes (also known as e mountain bikes) have only been around for a handful of years now, but are quickly rising in adoption and popularity. With the help of an electric-assist motor designed to amplify the power of each pedal stroke, our electric mountain bike rentals give riders the ability to go further, climb higher, and venture deeper into the backcountry. One important stipulation that comes with e mountain bikes, however, is that they're not approved for use on every mountain bike trail. Please consult the local trail authority before riding with an electric mountain bike rental.

Hybrid Bikes

Our hybrid bike rentals are perfect for riders looking to get out and explore the city of Denver. These Hybrid rental bikes offer great comfort for an awesome time cruising around the Cherry Creek trail or the city. Hybrid bikes are less aggressive and are more comfort oriented than our performance oriented road bike or mountain bike rentals. Denver is consistently ranked as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the United States, making evo's hybrid bike rentals the perfect way to explore the city.

Cruiser Bikes

As the name implies, our cruiser bike rentals are perfect for cruising around Denver. Our cruiser rental bikes are built for fun and comfort, rather than speed and performance. Renting a cruiser bike is a great way to explore the city of Denver and all of the great food, drinks, and scenery that the city has to offer. Denver sees over 300 days of sunshine a year, so throw on on your shades, rent a bike and check out Denver's awesome bicycle cafes and breweries. 

Electric Hybrid Bikes

*eBike Rental Note: At this time, electric bike rentals are no longer available until next Spring season.*

One of the best and most leisurely ways to explore a new city is via electric bikes (also known as e bikes or ebikes). As the name suggests, our electric hybrid bike rentals feature super quiet eletric pedal assist motors that make climbing hills and casual cruising effortless. How? Essentially, these electric bike motors work by amplifying the power of each pedal stroke. Yes, that means you'll still have to pedal but the effort you'll exert will be roughly half that of which you'd have exerted on a traditional bike (non-ebike). For folks who aren't regular bicyclists but still want to cover lots of ground, our electric bike rentals are the perfect solution.

Call to reserve: (303) 831-7228


About evo Denver Demo Mountain Bikes:

Devinci Demo Bikes

Devinci mountain bikes are known for their high quality construction and innovative technology. We offer two models of Devinci mountain bikes for demos at evo Denver, the all mountain Troy Carbon GX Eagle LT, and the Django Carbon 29 GX Eagle. These demo mountain bikes are all at the top of their class across a range of different riding styles and functions. This is your chance to experience some of the best all mountain and trail bikes around.

EVIL Demo Bikes

EVIL makes some of the most sought after mountain bikes on the market. Not sure if you buy the hype? Demoing is the perfect opportunity to swing your leg over an EVIL bike and form your own opinion. evo Denver has four different models of Evil bikes available for demos, which is perfect for finding out which style of mountain bike suits you best. The 130mm 27.5" wheeled Calling is an awesome do-it-all bike for the Colorado Front Range, the Wreckoning is built like a monster truck with its 29" wheels and 160mm of travel, the Following MB meanwhile keeps the big 29" wheels, but drops down to 12omm of travel for better cross-country performance, and finally, the 150mm travel Insurgent is an enduro and all mountain crusher.

Transition Demo Bikes

Rider founded and operated, Transition Bikes out of Bellingham, Washington is all about having a good time on any trail. Our fleet of Transition demo mountain bikes include the versatile Scout and Carbon Sentinel bikes. Regardless of your riding style, these demos are some of the raddest full suspension mountain bikes on the market.

Santa Cruz Demo Bikes

Santa Cruz has been building some of the best mountain bikes in the world for many years. We're stoked to have several different bikes for Denver area mountain bikers to test and compare, including both the Hightower 27.5+ and the new long-travel Hightower LT. Additionally, the versatile 5010, and more all-mountain Bronson are available to test, giving riders lots of different options.

Juliana Demo Bikes

Santa Cruz sister brand Juliana makes some of the best women's-specific mountain bikes on the market. Both the Rubion and Furtado models are available, giving ladies the chance to try these different 27.5" wheeled mountain bikes. The Rubion sports a burly 150mm of travel, while the Furtado offers a less-aggressive 120mm of travel. 
With all of these great options, riders of all types will be able to find the right mountain bike. If you're not sure where to start when looking for a mountain bike, check out our guide on how to choose a mountain bike and guide to mountain bike geometry & sizing. Looking for some trails in the Denver area? Check out our guide to mountain biking in Denver.

Call to Reserve: (303) 831-7228

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Denver Bike Resources

Denver is an amazing city to explore on two wheels, from the great bike paths, to the charming character of the city's various neighborhoods. In addition to the great access all year long, there are some great bike events in Denver every year. Whether you’re riding in Ride the Rockies, or watching the racers in the Colorado classic, we can get you set up with a bike to get out and enjoy the roads and trails.

Denver Bike Paths:

South Platte River Trail:
The 30 mile South Platte River Trail stretches 30 miles from Thornton in the north, through Denver, to Sheridan in the south. The portion of the Platte River Trail in Denver is about 18 miles long. It passes through the hip and thriving River North Art District then through LODO and Downtown Denver, passing both Coors Field and Sports Authority Field.

Cherry Creek Trail
The Cherry Creek trail offers Denver bikers 42 miles of paved bike path starting in Downtown Denver, working its way south around Cherry Creek Reservoir to Franktown. From Confluence Park in Downtown Denver, the Cherry Creek Bike Path runs through LODO, past the Denver Convention Center and the 16th Street Mall. evo Denver is just a couple short blocks from the bike path as it runs through Capitol Hill. Many Denver bike riders love the portion of the trail that circumnavigates the Cherry Creek Reservoir. Evo Denver also offers limited bike rentals at the Wharf at Cherry Creek Marina, on the Cherry Creek Trail.

Denver Moutain Bike Trails:
Not only is the capital city within striking distance of great trails all over the state, but there are also fun mountain bike trails close to Denver. These great trails spread throughout the foothills west of Denver, and high up into the Rocky Mountains. Check out our full guide to mountain biking in Denver.

Denver Bike Events:

Ride the Rockies:
Ride the Rockies gives road bikers from around the world the chance to complete a 6-7 day tour through Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. The route changes from year to year, showcasing the breathtaking (in more than one way) climbs, descents, and views. evo Denver offers a discounted week-long bike rental for Ride the Rockies. The tour happens every summer, and the proceeds of the ride go to Colorado non-profit groups. The 2017 edition featured 447 miles of riding with over 32,000’ of climbing.

Denver Century Ride:
The Denver Century Ride is another great fun-focused road bike ride. The ride weaves through the city streets and the surrounding Denver area. There are several different ride distances for cyclists that don’t want to complete the entire 100 mile Denver Century Ride course. This is a bike ride all about making biking in Denver safe and fun for everyone. The ride happens in every summer.

Denver Cruiser Ride:
A bike party to the fullest extent, the Denver Cruiser Ride is all about fun. Join a gaggle of other Denver cyclists and cruise the streets in costumed to meet the week’s theme. Just follow the Denver Cruiser Ride commandments like “thou shalt have fun” and you’re guaranteed to come back all summer long. Check out more about the ride, here.

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