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Colorado Mountain Bike Trail Guide

Colorado has a long history as an epicenter of mountain biking awesomeness, with amazing rides spread out through the entire state. The mountain biking in Colorado offers a great mix of technical trails, high alpine epics, and some of the best downhill mountain bike parks around.

There are great trails close to the major cities like Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs that offer Colorado mountain bikers easy access to fun riding. Up in the Rocky Mountains there is mile after mile of great singletrack. Towns like Crested Butte are a virtual paradise for riders who like to get out and explore the high alpine. Winter Park, meanwhile, has one of the best lift accessed bike parks in Colorado, with world-renown trails.

In addition to awesome riding in the foothills and the mountains of Colorado, the Western Slope offers desert riding that is legendary in the mountain biking world. Towns like Fruita and Grand Junction have become synonymous with this type of riding. The crazy ridgeline and cliffside desert trails here add great variety to the Colorado mountain biking offering. It’s this unreal selection of styles of trail, landscape, and riding that make Colorado one of the best mountain bike destinations in the United States.

Mountain Biking Areas in Colorado

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