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Beacon Hill & Camp Sekani
Mountain Bike Trail Guide

Beacon Hill is an awesome mountain bike trail system in Spokane, with a fun network of trails for riders of all styles. The trails at Beacon Hill provide some great riding a quick drive or pedal from the heart of the city, making the area a great place to ride before or after work. The variety of trails at Beacon Hill is awesome, too, with every style of trail from freeride jump lines to cross country. Some of the rock slabs and freeride features are among the largest in Washington state. These unique features and other well built trails make Beacon hill an awesome mountain bike trail system. In total, there are 60 trails, that give Spokane mountain bikers tons of options for fun rides and loops.
 Total  Trails  60  Difficulty  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
 Total Distance  27.6 miles  Style  XC, All-Mountain, Downhill, Freeride
Mountain biking at Beacon Hill in Spokane
Photo: Tony Roslund

Popular Trails & Beacon Hill Trail Map

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evo's Favorite Trails

Intermediate | 1.6 Miles | 49' Climb (West to East)| 583' Descent 

Esmeralda is a classic beacon Hill trail. It can be ridden in both directions and is mostly smooth with sweeping turns. Esmeralda is the main climbing alternative to the access road. Almost all cross country rides at the Beacon Hill mountain bike trails will involve this trail, as it accesses tons of other trails and is fun in its own right.

Intermediate | .9 Miles | 141' Climb (East to West) | 253' Descent

The Dan trail can be ridden in either direction and is a great cross country trail. It descends from the eastern Camp Sekani side of Beacon Hill towards the western side of the park. The Dan trail also access some of the most fun cross country and all mountain trails at Beacon Hill, Rabid Rabbit, and Simple Tools. Both of these trails descend towards the Camp Sekani Trailhead with great flow and buff trail.

Bomber & Blastoff (Downhill Courses)
Advanced| .65 Miles | 439' Descent

These are the classic downhill mountain bike trails at Beacon Hill. They have a nice combination of jumps, drops, and technical features. The jumps are all gaps, and some of the rock features are big and gnarly. The rock slabs are pretty unique for Washington, and have options for some seriously big hits.

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How to Get to Beacon Hill: Parking & Directions

There are two main parking areas for the two different sides of Beacon Hill park. One of the parking lots is at the bottom of the Esmeralda trail near Minnehaha Park and the Esmeralda Golf Course. Parking is also available at the Camp Sekani Trailhead. This is the best place to park for access to the downhill trails and dirt jumps at Beacon Hill, although some of the freeride trails are located on the Esmeralda side, too.
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Typical Weather & Riding Conditions

The mountain bike trails at Beacon Hill and Camp Sekani are rideable for most of the year. When it snows in Spokane, the trails will also be snowy, but the trails don’t get buried like those in the Cascades. In the middle of the summer, the trails at Beacon Hill and Camp Sekani can get pretty dusty and blown out as the weather dries up.

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