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Kettle Crest
Mountain Bike Trail Guide

The Kettle Crest mountain bike trail system contains an impressive 110+ miles of singletrack in eastern Washington, about a two hour drive from Spokane. These trails roll up and down the Kettle Crest almost all the way to the Canadian border. Cross country mountain bikers who want to get way out there and ride some adventurous singletrack will love the big views and long singletrack. There are tons of spur trails off of the 40 mile long Kettle Crest trail that allow for many different rides of various lengths. The huge mileage at Kettle Crest also makes the area a great place for bikepacking. The most popular portion of the Kettle Crest Trail itself is a 30 miles stretch that goes from Highway 20 to the Deer Creek Summit Campground. These are some of the best mountain bike trails in eastern Washington and the Spokane area, which is about a two hour drive to the south. An abundance of campgrounds makes Kettle Crest a great weekend mountain bike getaway, too.
 Total  Trails 12+ Difficulty Intermediate
 Total Distance 110+ miles Style XC, Bikepacking
Mountain biking the Kettle Crest Trail

Popular Trails & Kettle Crest Trail Map

Kettle Crest on

Sherman Peak loop
Intermediate| 4.4 Miles | 1,395' Climb/Descent

The Sherman Peak Loop is a nice, shorter day ride that circumnavigates Sherman Peak. This segment of the Kettle Crest area is one of the most accessible, located just off of Sherman Pass on Highway 20. The loop is best ridden clockwise. The 1.7 mile Snow Peak trail spurs off of the southern end of the loop to the Snow Peak Cabin. The Snow Peak descent is rocky and fun, but climbing back up can be kind of difficult. Visiting mountain bikers can stay in the Snow Peak Cabin, too.

Jungle Hill Loop
Intermediate| 14.2 Miles | 4,131' Climb/Descent

This is a nice loop on the Kettle Crest Trail that also begins at Sherman Pass on Highway 20. The loop begins by climbing up the North Kettle Crest Trail, then descends down the Jungle Hill Trail, and finally climbs back to the highway on the Sherman Tie Trail. The Jungle Hill Trail is mostly smooth and fast, a fun descent, that winds through forest and open fields. This loop can also be ridden from the Jungle Hill Campground.

Ryan’s Cabin and Stickpin Loop
Intermediate | 6 Miles | 1,750' Climb/Descent

Farther north from Sherman Pass, the Ryan’s Cabin loop has some fun climbing and descending. These trails have an awesome combination of views and lush forests that are uncommon in eastern Washington. The loop is best ridden counterclockwise, climbing Ryan’s Cabin Trail to the Kettle Crest North Trail, descending Stickpin. From Sherman Pass, the loop can be accessed from Highway 20 and ridden as an 18 mile lollipop.


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How to Get to The Kettle Crest Trail: Parking & Directions

Most rides at Kettle Crest start from Sherman Pass on Highway 20, 17 miles east of the city of Republic. Sherman Overlook Campground is a great place for visiting mountain bikers to stay the night and is a quick pedal to the trails. To get to the Ryan’s Cabin Trailhead, continue past the Sherman Overlook Campground the for about 4 miles to Albin Hill Road or NF 2030. Continue 10 miles down this road until the trailhead. Driving from Spokane, the trails at Kettle Crest are about two hours away.
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Typical Weather & Riding Conditions

The typical riding season at Kettle Crest is from May through October. The area sees plenty of snow in the winter and is a popular destination for backcountry skiing and snowmobiling. Once the trails melt out, they can get pretty dry and dusty in the summer.

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