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Green Mountain & Apex Park
Mountain Bike Trail Guide

Green Mountain and Apex Park are some of the most accessible mountain bike trail systems from the Denver Metro area. These area have great networks of trails, as well as some of the best trails in the Front Range, like Dakota Ridge and The Bear Creek Trail. The Green Mountain and Apex Park mountain bike trails are located just outside of Denver, right next to the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater, about a 20 minute drive from Downtown Denver. These areas also have the closest mountain bike trails to Lakewood, Golden, and Morrison.
 Total  Trails 36 DifficultyBeginner through Expert
 Total Distance 57 miles Style XC
Dakota Ridge mountain bike trail

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Green Mountain Loop
Intermediate | 8 Miles | 1,175 Climb/Descent

This ride is a full loop around several of the trails at the Green Mountain Open Space mountain bike trails. The loop can be ridden in either direction and is comprised of the Green Mountain, Summit Loop, Box-O-Rox, and Green Mountain Trails, in that order. The ride is primarily smooth singletrack with some fun climbing, descending, and nice views of the Denver Metro Area. There are a handful of other trails in the Green Mountain Open Space, to add variety to the ride. The loop is rated intermediate, but some of the trails are beginner friendly.

Dakota Ridge
Expert | 2.2 Miles | 384' Climb | 725' Descent (North to South)

Dakota Ridge is a very cool and technical trail that will remind mountain bikers of the exposed “rim” trails of Fruita and Moab, except 6 hours closer to Denver. The trail is actually fairly smooth as it descends down the ridgeline, the technicality comes from the handful of rock features, the exposure, and the abundance of fun side hits. Dakota Ridge trail is one of the best mountain bike descents close to Denver.  

Apex Trail
Advanced | 3 Mile | 1,343' Climb

Apex Trail is the backbone of the mountain bike trail system at Apex Park. The trail is directional depending on the day, and there are parking areas on either end. As a climb, Apex Trail is technical and difficult, as a descent, it’s a ton of fun. Apex is open east to west (climbing) on even numbered days.

Intermediate | 1 Miles | 146' Climb | 352' Descent

Grubstake is a really fun loop to ride in the clockwise, descending, direction. It starts with a small climb, then works into switchbacks the drop steeply. Grubstake pairs nicely with Pick ‘N Sledge to make a shorter ride and full loop.  

Enchanted Forest
Advanced | 1 Miles | 151' Climb | 605' Descent (East to West)

Enchanted Forest is one of the best mountain bike trails at Apex Park. It is uphill only on odd numbered days, and downhill only on even numbered days. The trail dives into the forest for a ripping fun technical descent, or a challenging technical climb.  

Lair 'O the bear - Bear Creek Trail
Intermediate | 5 Miles | 725' Climb | 1,474' Descent

Nearby to the Apex Park and Green Mountain Open Space trails is the super fun Bear Creek Trail. Located at the Lair ‘O the Bear Park, the trail has 5 miles of great singletrack. Bear Creek Trail has an awesome balance of flowy sections and more technical bits. The downhill, ridden south to north, is one of the best descents around. The trail can get crowded with mountain bikers riding in both directions, as well as hikers. Good longer rides from Morrison and Golden can be looped in with the Bear Creek Trail, although some road riding is required.  
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How to Get to Green Mountain, Apex Park, & Lair 'O The Bear:
Parking And Directions


There are tons of access point to this web of trails, each of which are about a 20 minute drive from Downtown Denver. The Florida and Utah parking lots at Green Mountain are the most common access point for the mountain bike trails, and are connected by an easy trail. These parking area are located on the West Alameda Parkway just east of Co 470. Dakota Ridge and the Red Rocks Trails can be accessed from either Red Rocks Park, or Matthews Winters Park, both are just off of CO 470. Lair ‘O the Bear Park and the Bear Creek Trail are located about 5 miles due west of Morrison on Highway 74. These trails are also accessible via public transit, the RTD bus route ES/EV line runs from Downtown Denver to the Park and Ride T Rex Lot.
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Typical Weather & Riding Conditions

Like most trails in the front range, the mountain bike trails at Green Mountain and Apex park are rideable all year long, depending on the recent weather. Winter snow, clouds, and cold temperatures will keep the trails muddy for longer. It’s recommended to stay off these trails for at least a couple days of warm sunshine to dry out after snow or rain. Many of these trails are popular with hikers, so make sure to be courteous of other trail users. Some of the Apex Park mountain bike trails are directional depending on the day.

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