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Winter Park & Trestle Bike Park
 Mountain Bike Trail Guide

Winter Park is well known for its hundreds of miles of mountain bike trails, and two amazing bike parks.. Aside from the Trestle Bike Park and the Granby Ranch Bike Park, there are also awesome cross country and all-mountain rides in the area near Fraser and Granby. The huge mileage of mountain bike trails near winter park makes this Colorado mountain valley a super fun mountain bike destination.

Located at Winter Park ski and snowboard area, the Trestle Bike Park is one of the best chairlift served mountain bike parks in the United States. Trestle has a huge variety of trails, perfect for riders of all ability levels, from kids and beginners to professional downhill mountain bikers. Winter Park really goes all out to make the ski area mountain bike friendly in the summertime, from the well maintained trails to the huge assortments of bike related amenities. Season passes for the Trestle Bike Park at Winter Park can be bought here.

The cross country rides can bit a bit hard to navigate, with lots of dirt road and seemingly endless options, but the reward is fun singletrack. Look toward the Winter Park West trails in the Vasquez Creek area, and Winter Park East trails like Broken Thumb and Idlywild.
 Total  Trails50+ Difficulty Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
 Total Distance200+ miles Style Cross County, All-Mountain, Downhill

Trails & Map

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evo's Favorite Trails

The Boulevard
Advanced | 3 Miles  | 1,734' Descent

The Boulevard is a fun downhill mountain bike trail that has a little bit of everything, from rock gardens to tabletops and flow. The trail begins with a long rock garden, the more speed the better to clean this section. From here, The Boulevard gets smooth and flowy traversing the ski area. There are some berms, small drops and tabletops here, too. The lower section gets faster with bigger berms. Despite the advanced rating, the trail doesn’t have any particularly large or imposing features.

Advanced| 3.3 Miles | 1,202' Descent

Rainmaker is one of the most fun downhill mountain bike trails at the Trestle Bike Park, The top features a long mostly straight section with tons of fun tabletops. Great groomed berms and jump continue throughout the entire trail. The flow is all-time, with no pedaling necessary, and tons of airtime possible. All of the jumps on Rainmaker are tabletops or double roller style, so no mandatory gaps. The middle section has some of the biggest jumps. Big berms, more jumps, and a couple wooden features make up the lower section, on which there are some gaps.  

Green World
Beginner | 4.8 Miles | 1,377' Descent 

Green World is an awesome beginner downhill mountain bike trail, it’s one of many great beginner and family friendly trails in Winter Park. Green World features mostly smooth buffed out singletrack with built berms. While most of the trail is smooth, there are a couple technical features that will help beginners get a feel for this kind of riding, these are mostly small root drops and embedded rock sections.

Banana Peel - Pro Line
Expert | .3 Miles | 156' Descent

The Banana Peel is a freeride trail with some huge features, this is probably the gnarliest line at the Trestle Bike Park. The trail drops is with a massive banked wooden berm, dropping about 10’ on the exit. This sets the stage for more drops and gaps, some over 20’. This is a full on slopestyle trail. A special pass is needed to access the Pro Line features. The pass is free, given to riders after completing an orientation, a waiver, and watching a safety video.  

Trestle DH
Intermediate | 2.7 Miles | 900' Descent

Trestle DH is pretty quintessential bike park downhill, with a good mix of berms and technical features. The top starts out fairly mellow with some berms winding through the woods, then makes its way through some more tricky rocky sections. The trail is definitely more technical than flowy, with rocky sections throughout. The lower section does open up for a fun higher speed finish.  

Long Trail
Intermediate| 2.7 trails | 900' Descent

Long Trail is one of the most popular flow trails at Winter Park Resort’s Trestle Bike Park. Intermediate and advanced riders will love the huge berms and fun tabletop jumps spread throughout the trail. 
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How to Get to Winter Park & Trestle Bike Park:
Parking & Directions

From Denver, Winter Park and the Trestle Bike Park are a 90 minute drive taking I-70 and then heading north over Berthoud Pass. The mountain bike trails run down to the main village, with four chairlifts to bring riders to the top. The rest of the mountain bike trails are spread throughout the valley near the towns of Winter Park Fraser, and Granby.
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Typical Weather & Riding Conditions

Winter Park’s mountain bike trails are some of the first Colorado high country trails to melt out each spring in May or June. Trestle bike park is typically open from June until October. Opening and closing dates can vary depending on when the winter snow melts out, and when it picks back up again in the fall. While the trail crew do a great job of keeping the trails in good shape, a lot of riders come through during the summer month, which can mean duty trails and brake bumps when it hasn’t rained for a while.

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