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White Ranch
Mountain Bike Trail Guide

White Ranch Open Space has some fun mountain bike trails about 30 minutes outside of Denver, near Golden. The trails here are very typical Front Range Colorado trails, a bit sandy soil, some smooth parts, but also lots of embedded rocks and technical sections. There are a couple of  loops of mountain bike trails that gets ridden far more often than the other trails at the White Ranch Open Space. However, there are definitely ways to get creative to add mileage and get some diversity from the classic loops. Overall, White Ranch is technical and best suited to advanced riders, who are in good shape to climb hard.
 Total  Trails 17 DifficultyAdvanced
 Total Distance 20 miles Style XC

Trails & Map

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evo's Favorite Trails

Belcher Hill
Advanced | 4 Miles | 1,849' Climb | 527' Descent

Belcher Hill is a steep and technical trail that is the centerpiece of and gatekeeper to many rides at White Ranch. From the lower parking lot, Belcher Hill accesses the fun descending trails that are spread throughout the area. The trail climbs 1,849’ over its four mile length, it is certainly a test of fitness. The climb is pretty technical and rocky overall.

Advanced | 2.2 Miles | 348' Climb | 984' Descent

Mustang is one of the best technical descents in the Colorado Front Range. The trail is filled with embedded rocks, lots of small drops, and some tight turns. Throughout Mustang there are a handful of wood planked sections, too. Keep your eyes ahead and hang on for a fun ride down back to Belcher Hill.  

Advanced | 1 Mile | 107' Climb | 302' Descent

Maverick, once again, mixes technical rocky section with a couple high speed smooth portions of trail. It is best ridden from Belcher Hill to Longhorn. Some mountain bikers in the Denver area regard Mavericks to Longhorn as one of the best descents in the Front Range.

Advanced | 3 Miles | 768' Climb | 1,321' Descent

Longhorn starts smooth and drops into more technical descending. The upper smooth section has great speed and flow. The technical sections have lots of smaller rocks and drops. Near the bottom there is a larger drop that is about three feet, it can be ridden or walked. Longhorn is not shaded, making it pretty toasty in the summer. Get to White Ranch early in the morning for a cool and fun descent.  
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Common Routes and Rides

White Ranch Loop
 Total Distance 13.5 Miles DifficultyAdvanced
 Elevation Gain 2,800' Style XC, All-Mountain, & Enduro
 RouteBelcher Hill → Sawmill → Mustang → Belcher Hill→ 
Maverick → Longhorn

How to Get to White Ranch: Parking & Directions

The White Ranch Open Space is a 35 minute drive from Denver, just off of Highway 93. The mountain biking trail system is 4 miles north of Golden, a 10 minute drive, or 30 minutes and 18 miles south of Boulder. From Highway 93, turn onto W 56th Ave. the take a right at the T” in the road to get to the parking area and the start of the Belcher Hill Trail.
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Typical Weather & Riding Conditions

Like most trails in the front range, the mountain bike trails at White Ranch are rideable all year long, depending on the recent weather. Winter snow, clouds, and cold temperatures will keep the trails muddy for longer. It’s recommended to stay off these trails for at least a couple days of warm sunshine to dry out after snow or rain.

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