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Buffalo Creek
Mountain Bike Trail Guide

The mountain bike trails at Buffalo Creek have some of the most fun riding near Denver, and some of the coolest trails in all of the Front Range. There are miles of singletrack at Buffalo Creek, and at neighboring Indian Creek. These two mountain bike trail systems are connected by the first three segments of the Colorado Trail. Mountain biking at Buffalo Creek offers mellow climbs rewarded by fun flowy descents. There are possibilities to link up all kinds of rides, from short family friendly loops, to full day epics.
 Total  Trails 34 DifficultyIntermediate, Advanced
 Total Distance 150+ miles Style XC

Trails & Map

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evo's Favorite Trails

Nice Kitty
Intermediate | 4 Miles | 1,487' Climb | 535' Descent

Nice Kitty climbs up, somewhat relentlessly, from the Buffalo Creek parking lot towards the Colorado trail. The singletrack trail climbs up through forest fire burn. From the Colorado Trail, there are tons of great options for rides and loops at Buffalo Creek.

Colorado Trail Segment 3:
Little Scraggy to Wellington Lake Road
Intermediate | 14 Miles | 3,361' Climb | 2,180' Descent (East to West)

This segment of the Colorado Trail starts at the Little Scraggy Trailhead, at the top of the climb from the Nice Kitty trail at Buffalo Creek, and continues to Wellington Lake Road. It can be ridden as part of a ride at Buffalo Creek, or as a bigger Colorado Trail ride. From Little Scraggy, the trail features great rolling singletrack with nice climbs and descents.

Little Scraggy Loop
Intermediate/Advanced | 12 Miles | 2,050' Climb/Descent

MThis loop is really three trails, however, one flows into the next, making a great 12 mile ride. The trails themselves are some of the flowiest and most fun mountain bike trails at Buffalo Creek. There climbs are mellow, and the descents are fun. The loop is less technical than a lot of Front Range and Denver area mountain biking with some built berms, and lots of features to play on, or not. The loop is best ridden clockwise taking Little Scraggy to Little Scraggy West, then returning on CT Segment 3. The loop can be combined with the trails that lead to and from the main Buffalo Creek parking lot for a longer ride.  

Shingle Mill
Intermediate | 4 Miles | 329' Climb | 1,127' Descent

Shingle Mill is a fun trail to descend at Buffalo Creek, especially after climbing up Nice Kitty. It’s pretty typical of the area, with sandy, smooth singletrack and some good flow.  

Sandy Wash
Intermediate | 3 Miles | 158' Climb | 882' Descent

Sandy Wash is one of the most fun descending trails at Buffalo Creek. The trail is mostly smooth, and visibility is good, meaning the speed is high if you so choose. Sandy Wash is a good trail to descend back to the parking lot from the northern trails at the Buffalo Creek mountain bike area.  

Expert | 2 Miles | 465' Climb | 797' Descent

Blackjack is a super technical and challenging trail with unique and fun rock features. The big rock rolls, and tight lines through boulders are unlike anything else in the Front Range. Blackjack is definitely not for beginners, but advanced riders will love the challenge. The countless rock rolls, drops and tricky lines will keep riders on their toes, ride it clean and you’ll be stoked!  

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Common Routes and Rides

Intermediate Loop
 Total Distance 15 Miles DifficultyIntermediate
 Elevation Gain 1,894' Style XC, All-Mountain, & Enduro
 ClimbSouth Buffalo Creek Rd. → BaldyDescendMiller Gulch → Sandy Wash
Nice Kitty to Little Scraggy Loop
 Total Distance 24 Miles DifficultyIntermediate/Advanced
 Elevation Gain 3,455' Style XC, All-Mountain, & Enduro
 RouteNice Kitty → Buffalo Burn → Little Scraggy →
Little Scraggy West → CT Segment 3 → Shinglemill
Pine Lake Trailhead Loop
 Total Distance 20 Miles DifficultyIntermediate
 Elevation Gain 3,035' Style XC, All-Mountain, & Enduro
 RouteBuck Gulch → Skipper → Strawberry Jack →
Gashouse → Baldy →Strawberry Jack →
Charlie's Cut → Homestead →Buck Gulch

How to Get to Buffalo Creek: Parking & Directions

There are several access points to the mountain bike trails at Buffalo Creek, however the main Buffalo Creek parking lot is the most popular. It is conveniently labeled as “Buffalo Creek Mountain Bike Parking” on Google maps, too. From Denver, it is a 60 minute drive to reach the trails. Head south to Highway 285 and turn left onto Pine Valley Road about 7 miles past Conifer. The parking area is about 10 miles down this road. Other popular trailheads are Little Scraggy, and Pine Lake Trailhead.
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Typical Weather & Riding Conditions

Like most trails in the Front Range, the Buffalo Creek mountain bike trails are rideable all year long, depending on the recent weather. Winter snow, clouds, and cold temperatures will keep the trails muddy for longer. It’s recommended to stay off these trails for at least a couple days of warm sunshine to dry out after snow or rain.

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