Ski Boot Maintenance, Drying and Storage

Ski Boot Maintenance, Drying and Storage
There are a few ways to keep your boots in tip top condition and prevent your toes from freezing.

 On the way to the slopes, keep your boots inside the car instead of the trunk so they are warm when you put them on.

After skiing bring your boots inside and dry them out completely. This is important, even if your boots seem dry, the salts and minerals from your sweat will break the liners down very quickly if left in a liquid state. Your ski boots are only as good as the quality of you liners. You can let them dry at room temperature or use a boot dryer.  Fires and heaters are usually bad ideas for drying your liners because they can get too hot.

Try removing your liners to help the drying process. Boot dryers are a great way to go for drying out your boots because you do not need to remove the liner from the shell which over time contributes the to breakdown of the liner.

If you leave your boots outside with the liners in, the liners will not only not dry, but the plastic shells will become stiff, making them extremely hard to get into, uncomfortable to ski in and in turn leaving your toes very, very cold. 

Store your boots in a dry place with the buckles buckled and straps strapped to help the plastic shell to retain its shape.