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Splitboard & Binding Weight Chart


2022 Splitboard Weights

Whole board weights, no bindings
or hardware except as noted
YearSizeWeight (g)Source*
Arbor Splitboard Weights    
Arbor Veda20221522797evo
Arbor Veda 20221562835evo
Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro20221623443evo
Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro2022163MW3320evo
Burton Splitboard Weights    
Burton Hometown Hero (w. pucks)20221502540evo
Burton Hometown Hero (w. pucks)20221543584evo
Burton Hometown Hero (w. pucks)20221583970evo
Burton Hometown Hero (w. pucks)20221624041evo
Burton Hometown Hero (w. pucks)2022162W4140evo
Cardiff Splitboard Weights    
Cardiff Crane Enduro20221543060evo
Cardiff Crane Enduro20221623340evo
Cardiff Goat Enduro20221583200evo
Cardiff Goat Enduro20221623380evo
Cardiff Goat Enduro20221663640evo
Jones Splitboard Weights    
Jones Dreamcatcher20221452842evo
Jones Dreamcatcher20221482940evo
Jones Dreamcatcher20221513054evo
Jones Dreamcatcher20221543055evo
Jones Frontier2022158W3380evo
Jones Frontier20221593300evo
Jones Frontier2022161W3640evo
Jones Frontier20221623420evo
Jones Frontier2022164W3740evo
Jones Solution20221553024evo
Jones Solution (Mens)2022159W3340evo
Jones Solution (Mens)20221613240evo
Jones Solution (Mens)20221643283evo
Jones Solution (Mens)2022165W3600evo
Jones Solution (Womens)20221462716evo
Jones Solution (Womens)20221492790evo
Jones Solution (Womens)20221522940evo
Jones Solution (Womens)20221552980evo
Lib Tech Splitboard Weights    
Lib Tech Orca20221533140evo
Lib Tech Orca20221593440evo
Ride Splitboard Weights    
Ride Splitpig (w. pucks and skins)2022Small
Ride Splitpig (w. pucks and skins)2022Medium
Salomon Splitboard Weights    
Salomon Bellevue20221482686evo
Salomon Bellevue20221522758evo
Salomon Super 820221573014 evo
Salomon Super 8 20221603182evo
Season Splitboard Weights    
Season Pass20221482640evo
Season Pass20221532845evo
Season Pass20221583220evo
Season Pass20221633316evo
Union Splitboard Weights    
Union Rover Approach Skis20221002040evo


2022 Splitboard Binding Weights

Binding weights are for
a pair of bindings
Karakoram Binding Weights    
Karakoram Prime Connect2022Medium1700 (2140 w. plates/hardware)evo
Karakoram Prime Connect2022Large1700 (2160 w. plates/hardware)evo
Spark R&D Binding Weights    
Spark R&D Arc Women's2022M/L1240 
Union Binding Weights    
Union Explorer2022S1520 (1680 w.  discs/hardware)evo
Union Explorer2022M1600 (1760 w. discs/hardware)evo
Union Explorer2022L1760 (1920 w. discs/hardware)evo

*Weights with the source listed as "evo" were recorded with a MyWeigh 7001DX digital scale using an actual product sample. We pick a sample at random rather than weighing several boards and averaging the weights. These values may vary from the weights listed by manufacturers. We strive to provide you with accurate real-life information for your real-life use.

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