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The 8 Best Park Snowboards of 2020-2021- Men's & Women's

Sharing the stoke with friends in the park has always been one of our favorite parts of snowboarding. Pushing and progressing our riding on the ever-changing rails, boxes, banks, wallrides, pyramids, booters, kickers, step-ups, step-downs, and other features is one of our favorite ways to allow our creativity to flow. In order to serve the specific demands of hitting these features, park snowboards have been a mainstay category for most brands for years. The best park snowboards are purpose-built to maximize durability and are designed to focus on a combination of pop and playfulness that will inspire and energize your ever-expanding bag of tricks.

This new 2021 crop of park snowboards brings the latest in evolutionary tech and design to your feet, and we’ve rounded up the best of what’s available - these boards will amp up your riding as you fly and glide from feature to feature. While softer flexes, deeper sidecuts, and flat or rocker shapes dominate the category, there are plenty of options that stiffen things up and throw at traditional camber into the mix for stability and boost on bigger jumps and for the most aggressive riders. Refined shaping has focused on versatility in recent years, too, with many riders finding the best park snowboards to be their favorite go-to rides outside the park as well as inside it.

Ride Twinpig

Best 2020-2021 park snowboards

If you already know about the varieties of piggy goodness that Ride has been bringing to market over the last several years, then join us in celebrating the little piggy that will be most at home on jibs and jumps. We love the playful feel of the shorter and wider designs of the pig series, and the Twinpig is the most park-focused of the bunch. With its asymmetrical quadratic sidecuts and true twin shape, it means that forward, switch, toeside, or heelside: we’re in piggy heaven.

The wide, short, and squared-off tip and tail will turbocharge your spins through reduced swing weight, with the topless topsheet construction, which has the graphics printed directly to the fiberglass, further lightening your ride. A sintered base and double impact plates are thrown into the mix to give you both the speed to blast off of features and the durability to handle the landings. Under the hood, the Twinpig has a mellow flex and a hybrid rocker with both a short camber section from binding to binding and rocker in the tip and tail. You’ll be locking into presses and butters for days while still loading up pop for your next moonshot. If you’re a rider that wants to thrash through the park with more of a skateboard-like feel without sacrificing turning, then the Ride Twinpig is for you. That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

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CAPiTA Horrorscope

The best 2020-2021 park snowboards

There are some boards that are the ultimate embodiment of purpose, zombielike in their dedication to a core concept. The CAPiTA Horrorscope is a standard-bearer for that cause. It is a board on a quest to turn us all into a mind-controlled, park pillaging, freestyle army. On the brighter side, it also has an FSC-certified wood core, Magic Bean resin, and production in CAPiTA’s 100% clean energy manufacturing facility, The Mothership.

CAPiTA’s emphasis on durability is more than welcome with the number of boxes and rails that you will throw this stick at. Bitter End Deflection Tuning means that the edges that wrap around the nose and tail are beveled, rounded, and less likely to catch or delam during impacts. The Superdrive base, which is essentially an extruded base manufactured at sintered base levels of hardness, lets you worry less about tuning and waxing while also standing up to a bucket of abuse.

The Horrorscope has a flex on the soft side of medium, key to locking into that press or landing that spin - whether you’re in the park or endlessly crushing side hits. With a flat to rocker Park V2 profile, true twin shape, and radial sidecut: the Horroscope focuses on the progressing beginner to intermediate park rider. If that describes you, or if you want a softer, more playful and easy to ride park board: the Horrorscope is the scary-good choice for you. For ladies or smaller riders looking for a similar board, CAPiTA has you covered with the Space Metal Fantasy, too.

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Bataleon Distortia - Women's

The best 2020-2021 women's park snowboards

We want you to embrace the flower power of the Bataleon Distortia. Flowers are the epitome of beauty, vibrancy, and growth – just what a progressing freestyle rider wants to see blossom in their growing abilities and bloom whether they’re hitting the park and the streets or exploring all that the mountain has to offer.

The Distortia has Bataleon’s twin 3BT, a three-dimensional shape to the nose and tail with a medium amount of Sidebase Uplift, this makes the board much less catchy in turns and onto boxes and rails. The cambered true twin shape retains some vibrant poppiness in conjunction with the carbon stringers and Super Tube construction in the otherwise softer flex of the core. Overall, we call the flex about a 4 out of 10, or relatively soft.

We recommend this mellow and forgiving park and street board as our first choice for beginner to intermediate women or for smaller-statured riders who want their growing freestyle riding to flourish. It’s petal-smooth edge to edge transitions are all about graceful ease and finding that botanical balance of silkiness and power that embodies truly beautiful style on a snowboard.

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Gnu FB Head Space Asym

The best park snowboards of 2021

Forest Bailey’s artful imagination turns the world around him into an exploration of colors, lines, shapes, and perspectives. The Gnu FB Head Space Asym is his signature park and street board – down to the art on the top sheet. It is a cherished tool of masterful freestyle expression. A key to unlock communication between the reality of the here and now and the fantasy of dreams.

The Head Space’s foundation is C3, Gnu’s most aggressive rocker and camber profile, which it couples with a true medium flex. Adding a layer of color to the board’s personality are the symmetrical sidecuts and flex, which support easier, more intuitive, and more expressive turning. With Gnu’s patented Magne-Traction edges, the temporary lines and slashes you create in the snow will be the record of your virtuosity. Eco-conscious materials and construction connect the Head Space’s purpose with its form and function.

We recommend the Gnu FB Head Space Asym as an aggressive park board for the advanced or expert park rider looking to leave their mark on all that the park and the mountain have to offer. If you’re looking to put your technique on display and create some masterpieces, the Head Space is one of the best park snowboards of 2021.

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Rome Artifact

The best 2021 park snowboards

Revisiting the classics can mean a rediscovery of function and a refocusing on the things that made us fall in love with snowboarding in the first place. A lack of gimmicks masquerading as innovation can be a central defining character of timelessness. If that’s what you’re looking for in a snowboard to take to the park or the street, then the Rome Artifact is the first board on our list.

The Artifact is a true twin - no embellishment needed. Ride it forward or switch and turn it toeside or heelside. It is predictable and true, and so is the feedback and edge hold from the true camber. Impact plates lend added durability to the 100% poplar core, and bamboo pop rods in the layup give you power in presses and butters and extra energy for ollies. The upgraded extruded base has better wax absorption than a standard extruded base while still retaining the ease of maintenance.

We recommend the Rome Artifact for the intermediate to advanced rider who is earning new tricks in the park or the street through repetition and hard work. It is honest and dependable. It is predictable and strong. That combination of the tried and true is the surprising recipe for unearthing something new and exciting in your own riding.

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Arbor Relapse

The best 2020-2021 park snowboards

Erik Leon has collaborated with Arbor to reimagined the Relapse, creating a unique, Erik-specific park and street application of Arbor’s technologies. The details are aimed at expressing Leon’s vision just as much as his curated graphics are. The mellowed Griptech and Uprise Fenders are combined with Arbor’s parabolic System camber in order to yield a mid-soft flexing board that has less catchiness than the snap in its profile might normally lead you to expect.

Eco-conscious refinement is a hallmark of the Arbor collective, and the Relapse’s recycled steel edges and an FSC certified 100% poplar Single Malt wood core are all on point and on-brand. There are also recycled ABS sidewalls and a bioplastic topsheet. Wend natural wax is the perfect finishing touch.

We think that this is an ideal park and street snowbboard for the rider who is focused on establishing a unique style as a core element of their progressing skillset. The Relapse’s boutique nature is particularly well-suited for the rider that wants something that leans away from the mainstream and off of the beaten path. If you are an inspired individual with a creative approach to freestyle expression, then this is the board for you.

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Gnu Asym Ladies Choice - Women's

Best 2021 women's park snowboards

This next swing around the dance floor is the Ladies Choice from Gnu. Think less Sadie Hawkins and more Jamie Anderson leaving the park begging for mercy in her wake. Gnu has been a favorite of ours for years, and there’s a certain magic in their C2x hybrid rocker profile that throws the power of camber and the playfulness of rocker into a blender so that we can all enjoy the sweet combo that results.

The Sarah King graphics are as beautifully detailed and intricate as the magical ensemble of asymmetrical sidecuts, running lengths, and the asymmetrically medium-flexing G3 Eco core. Gnu’s magne-traction edge hold and a sintered base will have you popping and sliding no matter what the conditions are, and Gnu keeps things eco-conscious in the construction, too.

This is the board for the intermediate to advanced women riders or other smaller-statured snowboarders who are starting to take their park prowess to the whole mountain, the Gnu Ladies Choice blurs the perceived boundary between park boards and all-mountain freestyle boards. There is a unique personality to this board, and it’s got character that will have you abandoning any other paramours in favor of a true partner, both whirling through the park and “disco”-vering the possibilities of what lies beyond. Package it all up, and this is one of the best women’s park snowboards of 2021.

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Salomon Huck Knife

Best 2021 park snowboards

It slices. It dices. It hucks and it jibs. This year’s Huck Knife from Salomon is the latest evolution of the classic, camber-dominant, twin-tip park board. If you’re a progressing intermediate to advanced rider, we think that this is the ideal board for you to take to the park. It steps up the precision and reactivity from more beginner-oriented boards without abandoning the forgiveness that will allow you to ride away from the occasional sketchy landing.

With the Huck Knife’s Slingshot sidewalls featuring carbon inserts for pop and rebound and its sintered base for speed, more and more options will open up for you. You will be ollieing onto features and stepping to the bigger kickers in the jump line. The freestyle edge bevel has factory-detuned edges at the tip and tail, with the bevel angle also increased in the middle of the sidecut to avoid edge catching during all manner of slides, so challenging yourself on boxes and rails is about to become a bigger part of your repertoire, too.

Dependable can also be exciting, and the Huck Knife is ready to show you how. As you focus on finding your style and flow in the park, your creativity needs to be built on solid fundamentals and strong riding. This is the board to help you do that.

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