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The 10 Best Women’s Snowboard Boots of 2022-2023

By: Brittany Mellander: Assistant Snowboard Buyer | September 20, 2022


Buying new snowboard boots isn't always a top priority in making your snowboard setup complete, but it should be. Whether you're in the park, just getting started or an all mountain rider, having responsive women's snowboard boots will help you initiate each move more efficiently. Isolated lacing systems will allow you to create more response or more play wherever you need it. Heat moldable liners will make your boots fit just right for those first days on the hill. By having an array of options, you can find the boot that is right for you. Whether you prefer a double Boa that will lock you in with a twist and push or traditional lace boots with an ankle Boa to keep your heel locked down all day, the possibilities are endless, and the discomfort is absent.

New This Year:

Finding the best women’s snowboard boots for your feet that give you the best fit and flex with all the features you need, the rewards will be constant; less movement in your boot for better transition toe to heel, and most importantly comfort and support for an amazing day on the mountain.

  • Video Script
    Hi, I’m Tommy from evo with our picks for the best snowboard boots of 2023. A new Season of snowboarding boots is upon us. In this video we’ll discuss some of the best boots we think are worth checking out. Brands are adding more double boa boots to their lineup to meet rider demand for simple adjustment and easy mornings in the parking lot. Heat moldable liners are also pretty much standard in mid to high-end snowboard boots. We recommend visiting a boot fitter and getting the boots that fit you best. So hit that like button and let's get into it! The K2 Hanford Snowboard Boots bring atomic power to the slopes. They’re all about solid, all-mountain performance thats comfortable right out of the box. Constructed with a mid stiff flex and super customizable fit, your heel will stay locked in place allll day. Along with a dual zone boa, Liner laces provide a third point of customization so you can pressure your edges and lay out deep carves without your feet sliding around. All in all, the Hanford is a great everyday boot for those looking to get serious about their riding. According to our bootfitters, K2 tends to run wider in the toe box while fitting true to size in the heel. If this sounds like you, put these on your short list. Next on the list is the DC Transcend Snowboard Boots. They’re extra stiff and have the DC style you love, for aggressive everyday riding. Beyond its super tweakable double boa, the Transcend features a STORMPROOF™ Storm Flap, which zips over the top of your foot to keep out water. Vibram outsoles provide grip and SUPER FABRIC™ adds longevity for season after season of riding hard. Inside, 3M Thinsulate insulation provides warmth. Plus, a harness hugs your ankle and heel to provide support and lock you in. We recommend the DC Transcend Snowboard Boots for riders looking to push their limits. With a stiff flex, customizable liner, and double boa for a secure hold, these boots are one of our faves. The Vans Encore Pro Snowboard Boots are best-selling all-rounders that offer great fit out of the box. Their versatile performance for both freeriding and freestyle makes them the preferred choice for women who can do it all and do it well. Now with a Smartwool insulated UltraCush V2 liner and All-Trac rubber soles for warmth and security, the Encore Pros have the classic Vans look with all the performance you deserve. Salomon Echo Dual Boa Snowboard Boots Next up is the Salomon Echo Dual Boa Snowboard Boots. All new for the Twenty-Twenty three season, the Echo is a stiff, powerful boot for aggressive riders that want great response. They feature Mountain GOAT and Contagrip® outsoles that provide long-lasting durability and traction. Whether you’re an advanced rider looking to get the newest tech or just want a pair of boots that will last, the Salomon Echo Dual Boa is one to watch. Made with eco friendly materials and sleek neutral colors, these are awesome boots that anyone can get behind. The Thirty Two STW Double Boa Snowboard Boots connect you to your bindings with maximum comfort and minimal drama. We love this boot for how affordable it is, but also how it offers a performance fit for less experienced riders. A quick pull internal lacing system makes it easy to get on the mountain quickly, and a comfort harness keeps your feet securely in place while you’re honing your skills. With a soft flex, the STW is extra forgiving when you fall. We think everyone deserves a quality fit and sturdy boot no matter what their price point is. The Thirty Two STW Double Boa proves that good things do come in small packages! The K2 Trance Snowboard Boots are all about solid, all-mountain performance. They accomplish this task with a mid-stiff flex pattern and top-notch heel hold. K2 has placed a premium on durability, so this boot is built to last. For riders who go hard on their gear, this one’s for you! K2 put a tough rubber outsole on high stress areas like the toe, so you can kick snow off your board to your heart's content. Harshmellow™ dampening softens your ride underfoot. The Trance is perfect for intermediate to advanced riders who find themselves in need of repairs more than once a season. Do yourself a favor and Strap into the Trance, we think you’ll be hooked. Alright, those are the boots to look out for! Whether you’re ballin on a budget or looking for something that will last, our favorite snowboard brands are serving up the goods. If you need more help, our experts love talking about gear. Visit us online, book a boot-fitting appointment, or give us a call, we’re always happy to help. Hit the subscribe button to stay updated on the newest gear and drop any questions in the comments below. And remember, even the highest-end snowboard boots are still cheaper than most ski boots! Thanks for watching. See you in the mountains!

    Burton Limelight Boa Snowboard Boots - Women's 2023

    Burton Limelight Boa

    The Burton Limelight Boa Snowboard Boots offer the mind-boggling comfort and all-mountain performance of the classic Limelight, along with the convenience of Boa® closure. This sleekly designed boot is easy to use and ultra with an Imprint™ 2 liner and 1:1 Medium Flex PowerUP Tongue for the utmost in all terrain versatility.

    Fresh out of the box, Total Comfort Construction provides the ultimate fit with a women’s specific design that gives you a slim profile and B3 cushioning. The independent lacing zones keep you locked in while still enabling a great flex from the park to the trees.

    Lacing SystemFlexOriginal Price
    Dual BoaMedium$329.95

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    Ride Hera Snowboard Boots - Women's 2023

    Ride Hera

    Slipping into your favorite pair of shoes just hits different. But your favorite pair of snowboard boots? The Ride Hera Snowboard Boots are up to the task. Their heat moldable Intuition™ Support Liners deliver personalized comfort, along with a balanced medium flex that covers all the bases for your riding without leaving you wanting for more. For all-day comfort and performance, you can count on, the Ride Hera Snowboard Boots have you covered.

    If you want to avoid heel lift, these are the boots for you. Internal J bars hold your ankle in place, while the +SLIME midsole reduces heel drag. The integrated construction keeps your boots from packing out, while the mesh liner regulates your temperature.

    Lacing SystemFlexOriginal Price
    Dual BoaMedium$329.95

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    Salomon Ivy Boa SJ Boa Snowboard Boots - Women's 2023

    Salomon Ivy Boa SJ

    The Salomon Ivy Boa® SJ Snowboard Boots offer a tried-and-true fit and medium flex that's great for newer riders and advanced freestyle shredders alike. The double Boa® system with a STR8JKT Boa® Harness keeps your heel locked in and the Fit to Ride construction is streamlined for a slimmer profile. The Comfort Liner is great out of the box but can also be heat molded to your foot specifications too, so you'll never have boot woes again.

    A great boot for beginner to intermediate riders looking for an upgrade. Having upper and lower Boa reels provide independent support, while also having a forgiving and sustainable flex. The Salomon Ivy Boa will feel just as good the first day on hill as it will your last of the season.

    Lacing SystemFlexOriginal Price
    Dual BoaMedium$319.95

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    Vans Encore Pro Snowboard Boots - Women's 2023

    Vans Encore Pro

    The Vans Encore Pro Snowboard Boots are a best-selling all-rounder at evo that offer great fit out of the box, versatile performance for both freeriding and freestyle, and the speed and convenience of a Dual Boa system. Now with a Smartwool insulated UltraCush V2 liner and All-Trac rubber soles for warmth and security, the Encore Pros are worthy of a repeat performance.

    The Vans Encore Pro boots speak for themselves. One of the best out-of-the-box purchases you can make, X cage liner support allows for natural heel flex while looking and feeling like your favorite pair of shoes.

    Lacing SystemFlexOriginal Price
    Dual BoaMedium$289.99

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    Burton Supreme Snowboard Boots - Women's 2023

    Burton Supreme

    The Burton Supreme Snowboard Boots are ramping up for another season of ruling the freeride planet, with PowerUP Tongues for stiffness and response, DryRide lining and sleeping bag reflective foil to keep your tootsies warm and dry, and Speed Zone lacing for a precise fit that's infinitely adjustable and backed up with the super durable New England Ropes laces. Preferred by women who rip everywhere and anywhere, the Supreme is your key to stout performance all season long.

    Built for intermediate to advanced snowboarders who ride like mountain royalty, the Supreme delivers with no shortage of durable support. The articulated cuff and easily adjustable Speed Zone lacing system keep confidence and determination high all winter.

    Lacing SystemFlexOriginal Price
    Quick PullStiff$519.95

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    Vans One & Done Snowboard Boots - Women's 2023

    Vans One & Done

    Hana Beaman's riding has progressed during her long career and her boots have morphed, as well. The Vans One & Done Snowboard Boots are a collab project that reflects the direction of her riding toward bigger lines and more remote locations. A burly but smoothly progressive flex, 3/4 height gaiters, and a Hybrid Boa lace/coil system are just some of the high points, but there are many others. For the best in power, weather protection, and traction this is the boot to get.

    Versatility for the best female riders comes in the form of a traditional lacing system with Hybrid Boa for maximum ankle hold. Removable tongue stuffers allow you to change the stiffness of the boot with a push or a pull resulting in the highest level of customizable performance.

    Lacing SystemFlexOriginal Price
    Traditional, BoaStiff$319.99

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    DC Mora Snowboard Boots - Women's 2023

    DC Mora

    It's time to elevate your experience with the top-of-the-line DC Mora Snowboard Boots. Here with an improved Dual Zone BOA® Fit System for improved durability and an even more flawless fit, the Mora Snowboard Boots lend the performance needed to ride at the highest level. Stiff and responsive while simultaneously warm and comfortable thanks to DC's premium R2 liner and 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation, these futuristic snowboard kicks were made to handle harsh conditions and whatever terrain you throw their way.

    This vegan-friendly boot features Boa’s H4 coiler that allows you to tighten your boots on the fly. Articulated design with Impact-S insole technology provides dampening and absorbs any chunder you may meet on the mountain. Specs

    Lacing SystemFlexOriginal Price
    Dual BoaStiff$329.95

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    Ride Context Snowboard Boots - Women's 2023

    Ride Context

    You know what they say: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And laces sure as heck ain't broke. The Ride Context Snowboard Boots offer the best of both worlds. Traditional laces allow you to tweak the outer boot to perfection, while a dial-up-the-tightness Boa® Tongue Tied™ liner locks your ankle and heel in for the duration, no questions asked. Updated with an all-new Impacto™ Ultra Insole for improved comfort on heavy landings and chattery snow, this freeride boot will have you riding on cloud 9 all season long.

    Be in control of how you want your boots laced up with the Ride Context boots. This mid-flex boot will give you freedom and control, while the wrap liner keeps your feet in place for quick turns and boosting side hits.

    Lacing SystemFlexOriginal Price
    Traditional, BoaStiff$299.95

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    thirtytwo STW Double Boa Snowboard Boots - Women's 2023

    thirtytwo STW Double Boa

    The thirtytwo STW Double Boa Snowboard Boots give lighter and more freestyle-oriented riders a lighter, slightly softer-flexing option for an all-mountain boot, with a flex that runs to 3 out of 10, less reinforcing material overall, and the convenience of dual Boa® closure.

    Hate when your boots pack out but love a soft-flexing boot? Then these are the boots for you. With everything you love about thirtytwo boots, you’ll be comfortable all day without the stiffness and pressure points.

    Lacing SystemFlexOriginal Price
    Dual BoaSoft$279.95

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    K2 Trance Snowboard Boots - Women's 2023

    K2 Trance

    The K2 Trance Snowboard Boots are all about solid, all-mountain performance. They accomplish this task with a mid-stiff flex pattern, customizable fit, and top-notch heel hold. The boot uses a double reel Boa system on the outside and a quick-pull harness on the liner to keep your feet locked in place, letting you pressure your edges harder and lay out your carves deeper than ever before.

    The boot that can do it all without the extra material. K2’s ENDO 2.0 construction rebounds you back into any direction you want to be in. Whether you’re laying ruts on a fast groomer or charging pow, this boot gives you all the performance you are looking for.

    Lacing SystemFlexOriginal Price
    Dual BoaStiff$359.95

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    Brittany Mellander

    Hey everyone I’m the Assistant Snowboard Buyer here at evo! Like many in the industry, I've always been active. Growing up on the beaches of Southern California, skating and surfing were a part of my life, so when I picked a snow sport at the age of 8, snowboarding was a no-brainer! I always enjoyed boarding but really found my passion for it in college where I joined the ski & snowboard club spending most weekends and holidays going up to Big Bear and MT High. After college, I enjoyed the ski bum life for a year in Mammoth as a lift operator before an injury cut my time there short. Shortly after, I found myself with the opportunity to move up to Washington to be closer to the mountains and nature.

    About 7 years ago when I first moved up here I knew with my background that working in a ski and snowboard shop was the right move. I was a snowboard sales associate at a shop for about 3 years before joining the evo Seattle store. There I helped train snowboard department new hires and honed my bootfitting skills. I most recently joined the snowboard buying team last October and love that I’ve landed a career in snowboarding and still have the opportunity to get plenty of days on the hill!