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The 9 Best Women’s Snowboard Boots of 2021-2022

Your snowboard boots are probably the most important part of your setup - the right boot seems to disappear, leaving a seamless connection between you and your slashes and carves. The wrong boot is an obstacle, often leaving you uncomfortable and frustrated. Finding the right boot should be at the top of every rider’s list, and we are here to help you get the best women’s snowboard boots for your riding.

Designed around the specifics of women’s feet and physical dimensions, these boots are packed with both the latest tech and all of the best tried and true features. They have the latest heat-moldable liners for optimal fit and warm comfort. They feature lacing systems that simplify putting them on and taking them off and which also maximize power transfer and lock your heel down. Their shell construction is focused on durability, waterproofing, and fine-tuned flex. They are all built on midsoles and outsoles that work together to absorb all of the impacts that you might encounter on the mountain while also giving you dependable traction in an icy parking lot or a sketchy bootpack on the way to your favorite line.

Choosing the best women’s snowboard boots can be a bit of a quest, and we are here to guide you through the process. The rewards for finding a boot that truly works for your foot and your riding are hard to overstate. Riding in comfort, with warm feet and less fatigue is a true game changer. Read on for a list of some of our favorite options.

Burton Limelight Boa

Best 2021-2022 women's snowboard boots

The Burton Limelight Boa Snowboard Boots offer the mind-boggling comfort and all-mountain performance of the classic Limelight, along with the convenience of Boa® closure. This sleekly designed boot is easy to use and ultra with an Imprint™ 2 liner and 1:1 Medium Flex PowerUP Tongue for the utmost in all terrain versatility.

Lacing SystemFlex Original Price

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Salomon Ivy Boa SJ

The best 2021-2022 women's snowboard boots

The venerable Ivy keeps getting better and better. In its latest incarnation, the Salomon Ivy Boa SJ Snowboard Boots get a quick and convenient dual Boa® closure system with STR8JKT harness around the liner for vastly improved heel hold. Built as a medium-flexing freestyle boot, the Ivy Boa SJ is actually extremely versatile and thrives on the open mountain as well.

Lacing SystemFlex Original Price

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thirtytwo STW Double Boa

The best 2021-2022 women's snowboard boots

The thirtytwo STW Double Boa Snowboard Boots are a softer flexing option perfect for freestyle progression and ramping up the learning curve. They feature the thirtytwo Comfort Liner and harness system for all-day comfort and solid ankle hold plus a dual Boa® Fit System. That's a combination that enables convenient everyday usability and precision.

Lacing SystemFlex Original Price

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DC Mora Boa

The best women's snowboard boots

A boot made for the far reaches of the mountain, the DC Mora Boa Snowboard Boots prepare you for deep winter exploration. A stiff, responsive flex pairs keeps you in total control when the riding gets technical, while the premium Dual Boa closure and a Stormproof flap make adjustments quick, easy, and snow-free.

Lacing SystemFlex Original Price

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Vans Luna Ventana Pro

The best 2022 women's snowboard boots

When you want the best of all worlds, slip into the Vans Luna Ventana Pro Snowboard Boots. Combining the infinite customization of traditional laces with the convenience of Boa closure over the instep, these hybrid boots set a new standard for comfort, performance, and versatility in a package that's positively dripping with classic Vans style.

Lacing SystemFlex Original Price
Laces & BoaStiff$269.99

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K2 Kinsley

The best women's snowboard boots of 2021-2022

The K2 Kinsley Snowboard Boots are a mainstay of the women's lineup, and it's easy to see why. They offer solid mid-flexing performance that kills it in every type of conditions, along with a handy dual Boa® H4/M3 Zonal Fit System and K2's 3-Point Harness that dramatically improves ankle and heel fit. Add the heat moldable Intuition® Control Foam liner and you've got the everyday rider's dream boot.

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Ride Context

The best 2021-2022 womens snowboard boots

The Ride Context Snowboard Boots combine the best of two worlds, with a traditional lace system for the outer boot and a dial-up-the-tightness Boa® Tongue Tied™ liner to lock in the ankle and heel. This is a powerful women's freeride boot with versatility to burn, and put into the right context (i.e. between your bindings and feet) it's bound to bring you joy.

Lacing SystemFlex Original Price
Laces & BoaStiff$299.95

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thirtytwo Lashed Melancon

Best 2022 womens snowboard boots

Desiree Melancon throws down as hard as anyone, and the thirtytwo Lashed Melancon Snowboard Boots are what's on her feet when it's time to rip. This pro model is the time-tested full lace version, desiree-able for both the ability to fine tune the tightness and reliability. You get the Team Fit liner and harness system, Performance Backstay for support, and Evolution Foam underfoot cushioning. The guts to learn big tricks comes separately.

Lacing SystemFlex Original Price

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Vans Encore OG

Best 2022 womens snowboard boots

Simple, lightweight, and effective. The Vans Encore OG Snowboard Boots provide the durability and performance you need out of an all-mountain boot, but with a pared-down design that doesn't distract itself with all of the bells and whistles. The single Boa system will have you dialed in for a good time, and a forgiving flex and super comfortable liner will help you get the most out of any style of riding.

Lacing SystemFlex Original Price

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