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What's the best part about your job or working at evo?
The best part about working here is being around passionate people who love doing the things I love. This is also probably the most hilarious group of people on the planet.

What's your weapon of choice?
Rockered skis, fly rod, pickup truck and my grill.

Why are you so cool?
Not sure why exactly but I know I'm cool because my mom said so.

What kind of music do you like?
Punk rock, country, 80's, and anything with lots of yelling.

Why are you so stoked all the time?
Why are you so grumpy all the time? Is it ok to answer a question with a question?

How many daffys can you do in one air?

Most humorous name you've ever heard for a ski trick?
Inverted Toxic Tuna Lube (care of Ben Plehal)

Most important things in life?
Family, friends, and doing things that make me happy.