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Where are you from?
Washington born and raised.

What sports are you into?
Board sports are awesome! I love snowboarding and anything else that replicates those feelings of freedom, adventure, and exhilaration.

Where is your favorite place to ride?
Has to be Mt. Baker. I owe some of the most epic and memorable days of my life to Baker.

What drew you to evo?
I like to see how companies contribute to the broader community beyond simply being a business. evo participates with a wide variety of charitable organizations, non-profits, and really takes care of their employees; I think that's pretty amazing! Beyond that, how often does an opportunity arise blending extreme sports with technology? I couldn't pass up a chance to pursue my two greatest passions in life. Oh and the people. I've never met such a fun-loving, kind, and community-oriented group of people. In short.... EVERYTHING!!