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how did you come to work at evo?
a few interviews, a little BS and boom, I got in the club.

why the Northwest? why Seattle?
i heart the northwest. oregon is my homeland, but this washington state has some pretty neat spots too.

what's the best part about your job or working at evo?
the people.

what's your weapon of choice?
i choose to slaypow with a board.

why don't you cut your hair?
i do cut my hair. i've just never paid for a hair cut. true story.

what brands/companies are killing it right now?
for the snow i like Lib, k2, arbor and burton. on the water i've got a slingshot. in the streets i like volcom and vans. when i'm hungry, it's usually the G&D. when i'm thirsty, i'm happy to be in the NW where the frosty beverage options seem endless.

kids huh?
it's true. that really happened.

remember evo's old black dodge pickup?
yep. that beast now sits in my driveway. hooray!