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Going green:
Why be ignorant? Our world is full of amazing and beautiful places and we should consider their future when making choices. If there is an alternative that betters the environment and the conditions we live in, why wouldn't you opt for that solution? Look around, many companies are doing their share to make their offerings more accessible to the masses. Are you doing yours?

What other brands are unique and creative:
Oakley is brand I have had long ties with and will continue to rock. From the support of their extended family to the product designs that are leading the way, they are and will always be the coolest company on the planet. Atomic has made a huge push the past couple years and it has paid off. They built a super strong team, and then listened to them. The products are super fun and can’t wait to get out on mine. Austin Bryan and the crew behind Drink Water are examples of what positive things can come from the industry when you stand strongly behind what your beliefs. Even as a skier it's exciting to see how people are rallying behind these guys to support their message. Lastly, Nimbus Independent... Eric, Chris, and Pep along with a list of guest appearances, have made ski movie fun again. It's not about exotic locations or private shoots anymore. It's about having fun and showcasing the experience. We'll be able to look back at the footage and the edit's they have produced 5-10 years form know and say they still hold up... timeless!

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Cheers to your health:
I think for a long time I've taken for granted being healthy enough to participate at skiing and biking at a pretty high level. As I've gotten older, I have realized how important these things are, and that if I want to continue to do them at that same level I need to put some effort into making sure my body is up to the challenge by treating food as fuel. It's been insane how much quicker I bounce back from injuries with a little bit of research and effort into figuring out what my body needs.