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Where are you from?
'The Great Lakes State' also known as 'The Mitten' also also known as 'America's High Five' but officially known as Michigan - born and raised!

What do you do when you're not working?
travel, bike (mountain, road touring, commuting), snowboard, skateboard, climb, play soccer, wakeboard, wakesurf, waterski, hike, camp, backpack, hitchhike, cook delicious food and take photos. there is never a shortage of activities. follow me!

Weapon(s) of choice?
Nerf Gun, Coalition Snow Queen Bee Snowboard, Union Legacy Bindings, Polaroid SX-70, 1983 Trek 520, 2006 Honda Element

What other companies/organizations are killing it right now?
Coalition Snow, Protect Our Winters, Swift Industries, Mervin Manufacturing, Arbor, Patagonia (duh!), Circle of Blue, Bike Works, Outdoors for All

Favorite season:
No such thing! All four seasons are a must have for me.

Why evo?
There a lot of retail businesses (specifically online retailers) out there that are doing big things, taking smart risks, and churning profits. Those are things that we obviously need to survive in our competitive landscape but there's a difference in how you get there. We put community and people first by creating trusting and lasting relationships with our customers, our local communities, our vendors, our partners, evoathletes, and our employees. In doing so, we have created a foundation that is self sustaining. When our community is successful so are we and then we leverage our success to give back to the community that got us there. It's a beautiful thing and I am happy to be apart of it!

How in the world do you pronounce your name?
"eh-len" like "a lens" on a camera or rhyming with "a pen" or simply the letters "LN" or if you misunderstood, you can just call me "Aladdin". Please excuse my french (name).