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18 Road Mountain Bike Trail Guide

With a great variety of super unique and fun trails, a stop at 18 Road is a necessity when planning a trip to Fruita, or passing through to or from Moab. Mountain bikers will love the short, fast, and smooth mountain bike trails at 18 Road. The trails here are famous for the great flow that snakes down open and exposed ridgelines. Making the trail system an even better destination is the campground located right in the middle of the mountain bike trails. This means riders can pedal straight from camp to the epic mountain bike trails at 18 Road. The trails are all pretty short, which makes it easy to get in a bunch of laps, checking each awesome trail off of your bucket list. Nearly all of the trails are downhill only, respect this directionality as downhill riders will not be expecting to see mountain bikers climbing the trails. Most riders will pedal up the road, 18 Road, to reach the upper parking area and the downhill trails. The Prime Cut trail can be used to climb to the trails rather than the road.
 Total  Trails 28 DifficultyBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
 Total Distance 75 miles Style XC, All-Mountain

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evo's Favorite Trails

Zippity Do Da
Advanced | 3 Miles | 418' Climb | 819' Descent

Zippity Do Da is one of the most famous trails at 18 Road, and a must ride for advanced riders visiting Fruita. Zippity is steep, smooth, and fast. Most of the downhills have nice long and smooth runouts, making high speeds feel easy and fearless. The difficulty of Zippity Do Da doesn’t come from technical sections, but from the fast and steep descents. Riders ready to get zooming will have an absolute blast. Zippity Do Da is downhill only.

Intermediate | 2 Miles | 48' Climb | 444' Descent

PBR is like one giant downhill pumptrack, as the long version of the name, Pumps Bumps & Rollers, suggests. Rather than the high exposed ridgelines of some of the other 18 Road mountain bike trails, PBR winds through a gully, with berms, rollers, and jumps galore. The trail is smooth and all of the features can be rolled over, making it approachable for riders of varying skill levels.

Kessel Run
Beginner/Intermediate | 2 Miles | 448' Descent

Kessel Run is one of the easier trails at 18 Road, but it’s still a good time. There are some ruts and rocks in the upper sections as the trail snakes through the trees. Advanced riders will have a good time checking out the side-hits and optional lines and everyone will love the classic 18 Road smooth high speed sections. The second half of Kessel run opens up and the turns get bigger berms, this part is way fun for riders of all ability levels. Kessel Run is downhill only.

Joe's Ridge
Intermediate | 1.9 Miles | 448' Descent

Joe’s ridge has a little bit of everything awesome that 18 Road has to offer, sweet ridgeline descents, flowy gully lines, and fun (optional) jumps. There are more jumps here than the other trails.  
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How to Get to 18 Road: Parking & Directions

The 18 Road mountain bike trails are located due north of the town of Fruita. Driving, it takes about 20 minutes from town. Navigation is fairly simple, as 18 Road runs right out of Fruita to the trailhead, campground, and trails. The North Fruita Desert Campground offers cheap camping for visiting mountain bikers with room for RV’s and trailers, too.
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Typical Weather & Riding Conditions

Because Fruita sees very little snow, the mountain bike trails at 18 Road are rideable for most of the year. Conditions can be windy and cold, however, and snowstorms can come through at any time. In the summer the trails can be very hot especially with the little shade available. Steep smooth descents means lots of brake bumps as the season continues.
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