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Tokul East & West Mountain Bike
Trail Guide

Tokul is a great mountain bike trail system located just outside of Seattle, between the city of Snoqualmie and Fall City. These trails are typically split into two areas, Tokul West, which is more XC oriented, and the more all-mountain trails of Tokul East. In general, the trails at Tokul East require climbing up logging roads to access fun, technical, and flowy descents. Conversely, Seattle mountain bikers looking for more singletrack and less logging road riding will love Tokul West. The trails at Tokul are located on private property, so a special permit is required for mountain bikers to use this system. Many of the trails climb from and descent to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. There are a ton of short trails and sections of logging road, so it can be easy to get lost, but it’s also easy to find new trails every time.
 Total  Trails 76 Difficulty Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
 Total Distance 39.2 miles Style XC, Enduro, All-Mountain

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Tokul West

Intermediate | .63 Miles | 339' Descent | 00:03:57 avg time

Bobsled is one of the westernmost trails at Tokul, making it a good place to start or end a loop. It can be ridden in either direction. It is mostly smooth singletrack with some roots.

Beaver Pond
Intermediate | .95 Miles | 84' Climb | 409' Descent | 00:04:14 avg time

The Beaver Pond mountain bike trail winds up and down from the SVT to one of the many logging roads at Tokul. The trail is singletrack style through mostly clearcut areas, with some very minor technical rocky sections. This is a fun intermediate trail to descend.

Tokyo Drift
Advanced| .5 Miles | 473' Descent | 00:04:03 avg time

Tokyo Drift is a super fun trail that is super fast and flowy, with some fun drops and features. An all-mountain style bike is recommended to deal with the bigger hits here, although it’s not required. There are lots of berms, steep sections and jumps, most of which can be rolled over or bypassed, however. The trail can be accessed numerous ways, from both access roads and the Small Fryes trail.  

Advanced | .67 Miles | 542' Descent | 00:06:09 avg time

Kamikaze a steep and fun mountain bike trail. The top section is windy and tight with berms and a couple root drops. The bottom section opens up a bit and has some fun jumps. Kamikaze is one of the steepest trails at Tokul West. Rainier is a .27 mile trail that splits off from Kamikaze about two thirds of the way down. Rainier has lots of drops, jumps, and technical features. To get to the Kamikaze and Rainier trails.

Beginner Trails:
Moonraker, Bon Bon, Bonhouse, Steak House, Upper Outback, & Feaster

2.1 Miles Total

This collection of trails is an awesome spot to learn new mountain biking skills, and for riders that are just getting started. These trails are located on the upper portion of the Tokul area and can be accessed by climbing Bobsled, and a combination of roads. There is a ton of variety here that can be ridden in any number of ways. Steak House has a great descent, too.

Outback & Outhouse
Intermediate | 1.4 Miles | 156' Climb | 577' descent

These two trails make a nice little 1.4 mile intermediate loop on the upper part of Tokul West. Outback is a fun descent starting at the northern end of the trail. Both trails are flowy singletrack, more natural than built and bermy. There are some roots and features, too, and hits more advanced riders can take as jumps.

Golden Spike
Intermediate | 2.4 Miles | 193' Climb | 00:28:07 avg time

The Golden Spike trail connects Tokul West to Tokul East. This mountain bike trail is made up of singletrack, doubletrack, and on small road segment. Golden Spike allows riders to combine the two sections of Tokul for longer rides, and more options. While most of Tokul drains fairly well, Golden Spike can get swampy and muddy in the winter. It isn’t the most action-packed trail at Tokul, but it is the longest.

Tokul East

Crazy Ivan’s
Advanced| .87 Miles | 87' Climb | 671' Descent | 00:08:12 avg time

Crazy Ivan’s is an advanced rated trail that is split into three main parts, the clearcut, upper, and lower. The upper portions of the trail lean more towards the technical side with roots and rocks. The lower section of crazy Ivan’s gets more flowy, but with plenty of small drops and jumps still thrown in the mix. Crazy Ivan’s is a classic Tokul East flow trail, fast and fun.   

Midtown & Hitching Post
Intermediate | 1.5 Miles | 156' Climb | 751' Descent | 00:18:51 AVG Time

Midtown is one of the longest trails at Tokul East, and is a ton of fun for Intermediate and advanced riders. The trail features a lot of tight switchbacks that are awesome for intermediate riders to get comfortable with before stepping up to the more difficult Crazy Ivan’s. There are three main sections to Midtown, upper, middle and lower. Due to damage from logging some of the parts of the trail may need to be bypassed, namely the middle, a combination of roads makes this easy to do however. Hitching Post branches off of Lower Midtown and can be ridden in either direction. Though it may require some walking in places, climbing up Hitching Post is a great way to access Crazy Ivan’s and Midtown. 

Advanced| .3 Miles | 320' Descent | 00:04:14 avg time

One of the newer trails at Tokul, Megawatt is a fun downhill-only singletrack trail. The trail features a bunch of fun bumps, jumps, and rollers. There are a couple optional gaps and stump drops, making the trail nice for varying skill levels. Megawatt is fun, and flowy with lots of features to play on, and an awesome addition to Tokul East.  

Advanced/Intermediate | 1 Miles | 120' Climb | 711' Descent | 00:06:35 avg time

OGDH is a fun trail that is split into three main section. The upper section is intermediate rated while the middle and lower sections are rated for advanced mountain bikers. The upper section is mostly smooth with some side jumps. The middle section definitely leans more technical than the more flowy trails elsewhere at Tokul East. The lower section bring some flow back in to cap off a fun downhill.

Advanced | .48 Miles | 123' Climb | 461' Descent | 00:04:31 avg time

Goose Chase is one of the steepest trails at Tokul East, second perhaps only to upper Ivan’s. The trail is super fun to descend with good flow and a nice mix of a little bit of tech, and some optional stump jumps. While there are certainly some trails at Tokul East that ride well soon after rain, the steepness of Goose Chase makes it pretty slick when wet. The Three Phase Power Trail can be ridden directly into Goosechase, too.

Flowtron 3000
Intermediate | .75 Miles | 123' Climb | 441' Descent | 00:05:36 avg time

Flowtron 3000 is the classic Tokul East trail, while it is only intermediate rated, all riders will love to cruise up and down the natural halfpipe that the trail is built in.The trail is mostly smooth and buffed out. Flowtron 3000 is best ridden between fall and spring, because it is the clearcut things can get slippery due to dry conditions and small rocks in the summer. The trail is accessed via the main Tokul East climbing road off of the SVT. 
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Common Routes and Rides

Tokul Full Loop
 Total Distance 9.7 Miles Difficulty Beginner & Intermediate
 Elevation Gain 1,203' Style XC
 ClimbSVT → Tokul East Climb (road) →
Climb to Flowtron (road) →  Golden Spike
 DescendOutback → Middle →
 Bobsled → SVT

Beginner Loop From Fall City Community Park
 Total Distance8.1 Miles DifficultyBeginner
 Elevation Gain1,369' Style XC, All-Mountain, & Enduro
 ClimbSE 39th Pl. → SVT → Bobsled
Middle →  Steakhouse/Bon House/Bon Bon
 DescendMoonraker →  Outhouse →
Poopy D → Beaver Pond →  SVT

How to Get to Tokul East & West:
Parking & Directions

The mountain biking trails at Tokul West and Tokul East are located about a 35 minute drive from Seattle. Heading east on I-90, take the exit for Preston and continue on the Preston Fall City Road to Highway 202. The main lot is located off of 256th Dr. SE, off of 202. From the parking lot, head east on the SVT to get to the main Tokul East climbing road, or west for Tokul West.
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Typical Weather & Riding Conditions

Tokul is one of the best year-round mountain bike riding locations close to Seattle, letting mountain bikers get out during the rainy winter. Most of the trails drain very well, however, some of the steeper trails will get very slick when wet. Conversely, some of the trails in clear cut areas can get slick in the dry summer as dust and “marbles” make the trails slippery.

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