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Black Diamond Open Space & Henry's Ridge
Mountain Bike Trail Guide

The Black Diamond Open Space (BDOS) mountain bike trails offer a bunch of fun cross country style trails close to Seattle and Tacoma, between the towns of Black Diamond and Maple Valley. The trails here at the BDOS offer Seattle and Tacoma area mountain bike riders some fun rides through the forest less than an hour from downtown. There are a ton of shorter trail in total that make up this area. Henry’s Ridge is connected to the BDOS trail system and located just to the north of the Black Diamond Open Space. Here there are even more trails to explore. With over 60 trails total, there are nearly endless options for loops and rides.
 Total  Trails 64 Difficulty Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
 Total Distance 09 miles Style XC, All-Mountain
Mountain biking at the Black Diamond Openspace

 Popular Trails & BDOS Trail Map

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Route 66
Beginner | 1.6 Miles | 136' Climb | 81' Descent

Route 66 is a forest road that connects the entire Black Diamond Open Space mountain bike trail system to Henry’s Ridge to the north, and Lake Sawyer to the south. It is an easy-riding road that accesses most of the BDOS trails.

Rock & Roll
Beginner | .67 Miles | 147' Climb | 140' Descent

Starting at the main parking lot, Rock & Roll is one of the easiest trails to find as well as one of the best beginner trails at the BDOS. The clockwise loop is full of fun, fast, and smooth machine-built features like berms and rollers. Rock & Roll is very family friendly, too, perfect for riders just getting a feel for mountain biking.

Intermediate | .47 Miles | 105' Climb | 95' Descent

Supercharger is one of the easternmost trails at the Black Diamond Open Space mountain bike trails. This intermediate rated trail forms an almost half-mile loop counterclockwise. There are some fun berms, root drops, and optional natural jumps. The trail then climbs back to the access road. The Crooshal trail splits off about three quarters of the way through to add .3 miles of downhill fun. Crooshal is full of rollers, tables tops, and flowy features.

Fresh Squeezed 
Intermediate | .75 Miles | 181' Climb | 161' Descent

Fresh Squeezed loops clockwise for .75 miles off of Route 66. The trails has both a flowy climb and descent, the best of both worlds. There are many berms, tables, and jumps along the descent. Advanced riders will enjoy this trail, too, with more technical and higher consequence jump options.

Intermediate | .93 Miles | 161' Climb | 171' Descent

Sasquatch is another fun loop off of Route 66. The loop rides clockwise and comes in just under a mile. Sasquatch is pretty mellow overall, with just a few tight turns and technical sections.

Master Link
Intermediate | .77 Miles | 161' Climb | 172' Descent 

Master Link and Remaster run south to north through the Black Diamond Open Space trails to the trails at Henry’s Ridge. Master Link is mostly old-school cross country style with lots of rocks and roots, the new sections of Remaster are more flowy and machine built with rollers and other features.

Gannonball Run
Expert Jump Trail

The Gannonball Run is the expert freeride jump trail at the Black Diamond Open Space. The trail features some of the biggest mountain bike jumps in Washington, and great flow throughout. The gaps are large, with both straight and hip style jumps. This trail is in the freeride park area of the BDOS trails, where there are more lines for intermediate and advanced riders.  

Henry's Ridge

Upper Beaver Tracks & Beaver trails
Intermediate| .81 Miles | 94' Climb | 163' Descent

Upper Beaver tracks is one of several beaver-named trail at Henry’s Ridge. Upper Beaver Tracks Can be ridden in either direction, but is typically ridden from the west end, at the end of Once Upon a Time, to the east end, Route 66. The trail mixes flowy downhill and switchbacking climbs. ‘Lil Beaver adds another .56 miles of intermediate riding. Big Beaver, meanwhile, is a .6 mile one-way trail with punchy climbs and fun descents. The final beaver trail, Beaver tracks, is on the east side of Route 66 is a 1.1 mile advanced trail that is rooty and technical. It is located near the snake trails.

Snake Trails - Snake, Viper, Anaconda, Python, & Sting’r
Intermediate/Advanced| 2.6 Miles Total

This system of snake-named trails offers a lot of technical singletrack riding, snaking through the Henry’s Ridge trail system. Anaconda is a good entry level technical trail with small roots and rocks throughout. This trail starts near the water tower, where there is some parking for the area. Python is the advanced snake trail, with super tight twisty turns and roots. Continuing in a clockwise loop from the end of Python, is Snake and Viper. Viper has a lot of fast ups and downs, it is more flowy than Anaconda and Python. That Snake trail can be ridden instead of Viper and continues the technical theme. Sting’r loops the snake trails back to Route 66 with on last rough stretch kicked of by a ladder bridge entrance.

Iron Brigade
Intermediate | 2.1 Miles | 272' Climb | 363' Descent

Iron Brigade is one of the longest trails at Henry’s ridge at 2.1 miles. This intermediate trail is made up of up and down singletrack with lots of technical sections. It can be ridden either direction and has one entrance north of the water tower, and one entrance on Southeast Maple Ridge Drive, near the end of Route 66.

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How to Get to the Black Diamond Open Space:
Parking & Directions

This system of trails is one of the largest mountain bike areas near Seattle and Tacoma, and only a 45 minute or 30 minute drive respectively. There are several parking options available for the Black Diamond Open Space mountain bike trails and Henry’s Ridge trails. The main parking lot for the BDOS is located off of Highway 169 (3rd Avenue). Henry’s can be accessed either by riding the Route 66 or Master Link trails from the BDOS, or parking nearby like the Gracie Hansen Center.
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Typical Weather & Riding Conditions

The Black Diamond Open Space and Henry’s Ridge are located at low elevations meaning that these mountain bike trails are accessible all year long. Trail work has improved the drainage on these trails, but it is still recommended to to wait a couple days after large rainstorms to ride here. Some trails definitely still get muddy, however.

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